Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 562 – A Flawless Plan

Chapter 562 – A Flawless Plan

Chapter 562 - A Flawless Plan

Tyrant and Tan Lang had no clue what Jiang Chen wanted to do. They had the opinion that this was an impossible mission. After all, their target was the Ferghana Stallion, a Ninth Grade Demon King! When faced with an absolute difference in combat strength, all plots and approaches would become useless. Thus, they really had no idea how they were going to kill the Ferghana Stallion.

However, when they saw the confidence on Jiang Chen’s face, they suddenly had a feeling that Jiang Chen really could accomplish this daring feat. According to their understanding, Jiang Chen rarely did something he wasn’t confident in, let alone the fact that he was going this to save Big Yellow, so he wouldn’t allow any accidents to happen.

"Both of you look carefully."

After saying that, Jiang Chen gradually closed his eyes and began chanting an incantation that was hard to understand. He was waving his palms in the air, causing them to look like two dancing b.u.t.terflies. The two palms were flickering with bright lights, and runes could be seen hovering in these bright lights. And, upon leaving the light, they began dancing in the air. The entire scene looked like a fantasy. When Tyrant and Tan Lang glanced at those runes, they couldn’t help but feel indulged.

Following the emergence of these runes, the environment around them started transforming into a beautiful scene. The once desolate valley became a place br.i.m.m.i.n.g with life. Many flowers and gra.s.ses appeared everywhere, while b.u.t.terflies and bees could be seen flying above them. It looked like spring had come, and even though it was currently night, they felt a desire to shower in the sunlight’s warmth.

After that, as if the water in the pond had become alive, it began looking crystal clear. Right in the middle of the pond, there was a huge, milky white rock with the texture of jade. The scene in front of them had completely changed. Shocked, Tyrant and Tan Lang stared at their surroundings, feeling as if they had been transported into a completely different world.

A brand new world had completely emerged. The once desolate valley had now vanished. Tyrant and Tan Lang were immersed in the fantastic scenery, completely indulged in this brand new environment.

Right at this moment, Jiang Chen opened up his eyes. When he saw the look on Tyrant and Tan Lang’s face, he immediately shouted, “Ha!”

The shout was like a sudden clap of thunder that struck into the minds of the two men. With a sway of their bodies, they finally awoke, and they realized that the environment they saw had once again disappeared. The valley returned to its original look. However, when the two men tried focusing their minds again, they would once more enter the magnificent environment.

“This… What’s going on?”

“Little Chen… you… what did you just do? How did that happen?”

The two men were once again struck with astonishment. There was no way they could remain calm. Jiang Chen’s approaches were just too frightening. Of course, with their experience, they could easily tell that the beautiful environment was just an illusion. However, they couldn’t prevent themselves from being pulled into the illusion. If not for Jiang Chen’s loud shout, they wouldn’t have been able to pull themselves out.

Especially Tyrant, he was a disciple of Buddhism, which gave him an extraordinarily strong mind. However, even with that, he still failed to control himself, and was thus pulled into the illusion set up by Jiang Chen. The illusion looked so real, as if it was a real world.

Frightening, it was extremely frightening! The two men opened their eyes widely and stared at Jiang Chen. He just never stopped surprising them.

“I know an illusionary skill called the Illusion Heart Sutra. It allows me to create a Great Illusionary Realm. Just now, I used it to create an illusionary realm here. Of course, in order to deal with the Ferghana Stallion, just this illusion alone is far from enough. Putting up this illusionary realm is just to create a different environment, and is only the first step.”

After explaining to them, Jiang Chen’s hand moved once again. With a flip of his palm, a sea of flames suddenly emerged in front of him. After that, he took out a lot of herbs and rare natural resources, throwing them all into the sea of flames.

“This guy is concocting a pill. d.a.m.n it, he is even an alchemist! Oh right, he can concoct the Nine Solar Lightning-Dragon Pill… d.a.m.n it, what an abnormal being.”

Tyrant said in a gloomy manner.

In about ten minutes, two dazzling pills were formed within Jiang Chen’s palm. Each of them were as big as a human’s fist, and they shone brightly with a golden color. The pills were full of pure Yang aura, and with just one look, one could tell they were premium quality pills.

"What an amazing pill."

Tyrant and Tan Lang couldn’t help but praise.

“This is the Profound Nine Solar Pill, produced using Nine Solar Holy Water and some herbs. Although they don’t have a Firethorn Savage’s demon soul, they still are rare pills. Between these two pills, one of them is a genuine Profound Nine Solar Pills, and the other is injected with deadly poison. I’ll lure the Ferghana Stallion here, and once it eats the poison pill, it will be affected by it, which will reduce its overall strength. Moments later, I’ll setup two grand formations inside the illusionary realm, one for trapping, and the other one for killing. I’ll teach you how to activate them later. When the time comes, the three of us will attack the Ferghana Stallion together. Don’t you think it will be rather easy to handle a poisoned Ferghana Stallion?”

A cold grin appeared on Jiang Chen’s face. It could be said that everything was under his control. As it was impossible to kill the Ferghana Stallion in the Invincible Sect, he decided to lure it out here. Jiang Chen’s body contained many deadly poisons, making him possess the deadliest poison underneath the heavens. If he was to fight against the Ferghana Stallion face to face, with its incredible Ninth Grade Demon King strength, it would be rather difficult for him to poison it. Thus, Jiang Chen planned to use this pill and lure the Ferghana Stallion, and once it ate the pill, the deadly poison would enter its body, and it would take a lot of time before it could dispel it from its body. At that point of time, the Ferghana Stallion’s overall strength would be greatly reduced. And, with the killing formations set up by Jiang Chen, he was very confident he could kill the Ferghana Stallion.

Tyrant and Tan Lang were left speechless. The two men stared at Jiang Chen with eyes wide open. Deep in their minds, they felt that having this guy as the enemy must be incredibly frightening. This was an almost flawless plan, and if everything went accordingly, what awaited would be the Ferghana Stallion’s inevitable death.

“d.a.m.n it, he can attract Heavenly Tribulation, he knows how to concoct pills and set up formations, and he can even produce poison… is he still a human?”

Tyrant felt as if he was soon going to faint. Hanging around with an abnormal being like Jiang Chen brought him tremendous pressure. How could a man be an expert in so many areas? And even reach such a frightening stage in each one. No matter how formidable that Ninth Grade Demon King was, there was no way it could withstand Jiang Chen’s plots.

After that, under Tyrant and Tan Lang’s surprised glances, Jiang Chen set up two grand formations. Finally, he went to the pond and placed two pills above the illusionary milky white rock. Within the illusion it was a scene where the milky rock was emitting misty threads, while two mystical looking pills were hovering above it; carried by the misty threads. Both pills were emitting bright light, and anyone who saw this scene would immediately be attracted, thinking that the two pills are incredible things which had merged with the essence of nature. Also, the magnificent scene in this desolate valley would also give them an impression that it was caused by the pills. Thus, very few would be able to withstand the temptation.

It was worth mentioning that Jiang Chen’s plot was extremely sinister. Tyrant and Tan Lang exchanged glances, giving Jiang Chen a big thumbs up at the same time. When they gave the setup a second look, they had no doubts about whether or not Jiang Chen would be capable of killing the Ferghana Stallion. As long as the Ferghana Stallion fell into Jiang Chen’s trap, all that awaited it would be an inevitable death.

After completing everything, Jiang Chen took out two golden talismans and handed each to Tyrant and Tan Lang, “These two talismans will allow you to move through the illusion realm and the formations without being affects. Once I lure the Ferghana Stallion here tomorrow, listen to my commands, and we’ll kill it together.”

“Hehe… this is really exciting! This is the first time this monk has partic.i.p.ated in something like this. I can’t suppress my excitement!”

Tyrant began laughing in a sinister manner. He felt really excited upon thinking that they were going to trap a Ninth Grade Demon King Ferghana Stallion and kill it, as it was the first time he had done something like this.

“Little Chen, when you become sinister, you’re definitely the craftiest man I’ve ever met.”

Tan Lang clicked his tongue and said as he stared at Jiang Chen with admiration.

"Are you praising me or what?"

Jiang Chen rolled his eyes.

“However, if that Ferghana Stallion has followed the Sect Chief to Mount Luoxia, all our efforts here will have been for nothing.”

Tyrant said with a frown on his face.

“Don’t worry. The Invincible Sect isn’t the only one who went to Mount Luoxia. The other three major powers are there as well, and according to what I know, the leaders of the other three major powers didn’t bring along their rides. Since no one did that, the Invincible Sect’s Sect Chief wouldn’t do it either.”

Jiang Chen smiled. It seemed like no matter what kind of situation they faced, he would always wear the same confident expression.

“Alright. Then, you’ll have to be careful. Sneaking into the Invincible Sect won’t be something fun.”

Tan Lang reminded.

"Don't worry."

In a flash, Jiang Chen dissolved into the darkness of the night, leaving Tyrant and Tan Lang behind in the valley.

Changling City, a city located not far away from the Invincible Sect. Compared to the Hongyue City, it was much more prosperous. The City Lord was a Sixth Grade Combat King. He had three sons, the youngest one being Ruan Hao. At his young age, he had reached the Third Grade Combat King realm, and was a disciple of the Invincible Sect who received good treatment. Tonight, Ruan Hao had just come back from the Invincible Sect, and was staying in the City Lord Mansion.

Jiang Chen had learned all of this before he acted. Late at night, he snuck into the City Lord’s Mansion, and using the Great Soul Derivation Skill, he quickly found Ruan Hao’s residence.

Right at this moment, Ruan Hao was sitting with his legs folded in a luxurious room. He was in a calm state of cultivation. With Jiang Chen’s ability, he was able to walk around in this City Lord Mansion leisurely without being noticed by anyone. Just like now, he had appeared in Ruan Hao’s room without being discovered by him.

"Young City Lord, it looks like you're pretty serious with your cultivation."

Jiang Chen arrived in front of Ruan Hao and spoke with an indifferent voice.


Ruan Hao suddenly opened his eyes and looked at Jiang Chen, shock visible on his face, as he hadn’t noticed that there was an uninvited guest in his room.