Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 561 – A Plot for the Ferghana Stallion

Chapter 561 – A Plot for the Ferghana Stallion

Chapter 561 - A Plot for the Ferghana Stallion

Jiang Chen was incredibly fast. Carried by the Spatial s.h.i.+ft, Tyrant and Tan Lang were following Jiang Chen through the void, using none of their own strength. If they were to escape by themselves, they would be unable to escape from the two Ninth Grade Combat Kings.

While traveling through the void, Tyrant and Tan Lang were completely shocked by what they experienced. Jiang Chen knew too many tricks, and each of them were incredibly strong. Putting aside the amazing Heavenly Saint Sword, he even knew such a superb movement technique. They had only been escaping for a very short amount of time, and they were nearly unable to sense the auras of the two Ninth Grade Combat Kings who were chasing them. If they kept going at this speed, Jiang Chen would be able to completely ditch both Ninth Grade Combat Kings in just a few minutes. It was incredible, a Fifth Grade Combat King ditching two Ninth Grade Combat Kings who were chasing after him. If they weren’t experiencing this for themselves, they would have a hard time believing it to be true.

A few minutes later, the two Ninth Grade Combat Kings appeared above a wilderness. The two men wore the same unsightly expressions, because they had just completely lost trace of Jiang Chen’s aura. This also meant that two Ninth Grade Combat Kings had completely failed to chase after a Fifth Grade Combat King. It was humiliation to these two Ninth Grade Combat Kings, and at the same time, it was also a helpless situation.

"We've lost him."

One of the elders said with a gloomy expression.

“d.a.m.n it, how can that guys possess such great speed? What kind of movement technique is that? It actually allows a Fifth Grade Combat King to escape with such incredible speed.”

Elder Liu felt gloomy as well.

"What should we do? Shall we continue the pursuit?"

The Elder asked.

“Pursue? How? We can’t even see the dust they’re leaving us in!”

Elder Liu glared at the other Elder. In such a situation, it was meaningless to continue pursuing, as they had no idea which direction Jiang Chen was headed, and they had no clue where his destination was. They would be idiots if they continued to pursue.

“Many disciples of the Asura Palace were killed by him, so we can’t just let him go. Why don’t we go inform the Palace Chief and let him capture this guy as soon as possible? This guy is growing too fast, in just a few months, he has reached a stage where he can kill an Eighth Grade Combat King.”

The Elder worriedly said. Although the Asura Palace didn’t have to worry about him with his current strength, the speed of his growth was truly frightening. In just a few months, he had grown from a mere First Grade Combat King to a Fifth Grade Combat King, and was capable of killing an Eighth Grade Combat King. Speed like this was worth fearing. If they allowed him to continue growing, sooner or later, even a Ninth Grade Combat King would be unable to defeat him, and he would eventually bring a calamity to the Asura Palace.

“No, the trip to Mount Luoxia is very important for the Palace Chief. He wants to help the Great Tyc.o.o.n seize the t.i.tle of number one genius in the Liang Province, and fighting with the three geniuses from the other three major powers can help him greatly with breaking through to the Combat Emperor realm. If he manages to seize the number one t.i.tle, he will most likely be taken in by a superpower of the Xuan Region. At that point of time, our Asura Palace will have a huge backing. As for that Jiang Chen, he won’t become too strong in just two days.”

Elder Liu said. Although killing Jiang Chen was important, the compet.i.tion on Mount Luoxia was even more important, as it concerned the glory of the Asura Palace.

In the end, left with no other alternative, the two elders returned to where they came from.

Deep within a valley, the trio emerged from the void and descended into the valley from the skies. It wasn’t a huge valley, but it wasn’t small either. Though, it looked rather desolate. Aside from a small pond, the valley was filled with rocks that were scattered about.

“Little Chen, what king of movement skill are you using? It’s really frightening, even the Ninth Grade Combat Kings were unable to catch up!”

Unable to hold his curiosity, Tyrant asked.

“And it was under the situation where you had to carry both of us as well. If you were alone, doesn’t that mean you can travel even faster?”

Tan Lang said with a sigh. Following Jiang Chen was a journey full of surprises.

“The skill I used is called the Spatial s.h.i.+ft. As long as I want to run away, no Ninth Grade Combat Kings will be able to catch up with me. However, it’s really strange. After causing such a huge commotion, why didn’t Li Tianyang or Xiao Nanfeng show up? If my memory serves me correct, the Asura Palace has two Combat Emperors. Also, Li Tianyang and Xiao Nanfeng both have a strong desire to kill me, and since they know I’ve returned, shouldn’t they come here themselves, instead of sending those two old fools after me?”

Jiang Chen furrowed his brows, feeling that something was amiss. If Li Tianyang and the Great Elder hadn’t gone to Mount Luoxia together with Xiao Nanfeng, they would have showed up immediately. Jiang Chen was rather impulsive today. If Li Tianyang had come personally, he would be trapped in a nasty situation once again. Apparently, luck was on Jiang Chen’s side.

“When you were slaughtering those disciples, I heard something from the crowd. It seems like all the Combat Emperors of the four major powers brought their number one genius to Mount Luoxia. They are having a compet.i.tion among each other, fighting for the t.i.tle of the Liang Province’s number one genius. It looks like Li Tianyang and the other Combat Emperor of the Asura Palace brought Xiao Nanfeng to Mount Luoxia. If not for that, I’m sure they all would have come here.”

Tyrant said as he recalled the conversation he overheard back on the Heavenhawk Island. He hadn’t been paying too much attention to it previously, but since they didn’t see Li Tianyang today, it made him think of it.

“Mount Luoxia is a remote place, located far away from all four major powers. If this is true, the Asura Palace will have no Combat Emperors before Li Tianyang returns! That’s why we were only greeted with two Ninth Grade Combat Kings.”

Tan Lang said.

“I see. What’s the point of fighting for the t.i.tle of number one genius of the Liang Province? Compared to those peerless geniuses from the Pure Land, not to mention the small Liang Province, even the best geniuses from the Xuan Region are nothing.”

Jiang Chen smiled. He truly thought there wasn’t any need to fight for the t.i.tle of Liang Province’s number one genius. However, it was rather good for Jiang Chen that all the formidable figures had gone to Mount Luoxia. At least, the incident on the Heavenhawk Island had ended in satisfactory way.

Suddenly, Jiang Chen’s eyes lit up, and he said, “Since the four major powers’ Combat Emperors have all gone to Mount Luoxia, doesn’t that mean that there are no Combat Emperors residing in the Invincible Sect right now?”

“That’s for sure. If my guess is correct, the four major powers’ Combat Emperors have all brought their number one geniuses to Mount Luoxia, so the Invincible Sect should be in the same state as the Asura Palace; having no Combat Emperors residing in their sect. Little Chen, why are you asking this?"

Tan Lang looked at Jiang Chen with curiosity. He had no idea why Jiang Chen suddenly mentioned the Invincible Sect.

“Back then, the Invincible Sect was also one of the powers hunting after me and Tyrant, and we also killed a lot of their geniuses. If the Invincible Sect finds out I’ve returned, I’m sure they’ll look for a way to kill us. Daddy here doesn’t have a good impression of this sect. Do you remember? You told me the Sect Chief owns a ride, a rare Ferghana Stallion. Since there aren’t any Combat Emperors there, this is the best opportunity for us to find this Ferghana Stallion. Big Yellow needs the blood essence and demon soul of this Ferghana Stallion to recover.”

Jiang Chen explained. Killing this Ferghana Stallion was one of the main objectives for his return, and he needed to wake Big Yellow up as soon as possible. However, since the Ferghana Stallion always followed the Invincible Sect’s Sect Chief, it was incredibly difficult for them to kill it. Now, they were presented with a golden opportunity. Thus, Jiang Chen would never want to miss this chance.


Hearing what he said, Tan Lang instantly cried out in shock. He stared at Jiang Chen in amazement, thinking that this guy was indeed a brave man. Although there weren’t any Combat Emperors in the Invincible Sect at the moment, there were still many Ninth Grade Combat Kings. The Ferghana Stallion was also a Ninth Grade Demon King, and with its formidable and rare demon bloodline, it was much stronger than ordinary Ninth Grade Combat Kings. Even if it just stood in front of them, there was no way they could kill it.

“Little Chen, I know you’re eager to save Big Yellow, but don’t you think this is a dangerous idea? Don’t tell me you’re going to attack the Invincible Sect directly? Although there aren’t any Combat Emperors there at the moment, there still are a lot of Ninth Grade Combat Kings, and that Ferghana Stallion is also a Ninth Grade Demon King, so it won’t be easy to deal with.”

Tan Lang said.

“Obviously, I won’t directly attack the Invincible Sect. We’ll have to find a strategy to deal with this Ferghana Stallion. I have way to deal with it. This is the only chance for us to capture this Ferghana Stallion, so we have to make Big Yellow wake up as soon as possible.”

Jiang Chen said. The relations.h.i.+p between him and Big Yellow wasn’t something any ordinary man could understand. For the sake of Big Yellow, not to mention the scores he had to settle with the Invincible Sect, even if there weren’t any resentment between them, he would still kill that Ferghana Stallion without hesitation. For the sake of his brother, even if he had to offend the entire world, he wouldn’t mind doing so at all.

"What is your plan?"

Tyrant asked. He showed support in regards to Jiang Chen’s idea. Although he hadn’t known Jiang Chen for a very long time, he understood him well. Jiang Chen was a controversial person, and he treated his friends and brothers wholeheartedly. From how Big Yellow risked his life to save Jiang Chen, one could tell what kind of relations.h.i.+p they had. If Tyrant was in Jiang Chen’s shoes, he would also try his best to wake Big Yellow.

“I’ll pay a visit to the Invincible Sect and find a way to lure that Ferghana Stallion out. I rather like this place, so I’ll lure it here. At that point of time, we’ll work together and kill it.”

Jiang Chen said.

“The Ferghana Stallion is a Ninth Grade Demon King, and it also has a rare bloodline. Even if we attack it together, I don’t think we’ll be a match for it. And, even if you lure it to this place, I don’t think that will help much either?”

Tyrant said as he furrowed his brows. In his mind, it was still rather early for them to try and deal with this Ferghana Stallion.

“Don’t worry, I have a way. You just wait and see. Once I’ve lured that Ferghana Stallion here, I guarantee we’ll be able to kill it without much effort.”

A sinister smile emerged on Jiang Chen’s face. He ran his eyes across the surroundings, thoroughly examining the terrain and environment. Finally, his eyes landed on the pond. Now, he had an idea on how to deal with that Fergana Stallion, who was a Ninth Grade Demon King.