Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 558 – Killing a Man With Every Three Steps, Swinging The Sword Mercilessly

Chapter 558 – Killing a Man With Every Three Steps, Swinging The Sword Mercilessly

Chapter 558 - Killing a Man With Every Three Steps, Swinging The Sword Mercilessly

Jiang Chen moved. With the Heavenly Saint Sword in hand, he strode forward.


With just one step, the s.p.a.ce had shattered, producing a ground-shaking explosive sound. Like a sudden clap of thunder, the loud boom spread across dozens of miles, allowing everyone within this region to hear it loud and clear; shaking their hearts. A towering killing intent burst out from Jiang Chen’s body, transforming into a blood red beam that shot into the clouds; brightening the entire night sky.

Some people who stayed the closest to the Heavenhawk Island had arrived and witnessed this. Many people then laid their eyes on Jiang Cen’s face, some even recognizing him. At this moment, Jiang Chen was no longer disguised.

“Look, it’s Jiang Chen! He really has returned! The rumor about him returning and wanting to bathe the Heavenhawk Island in blood is real!”

“What a powerful aura, he is so much stronger than he was a few months ago! He looks like a G.o.d of war now!”

“He’s doing this for the sake the Island Master. The Asura Palace has gone too far in this matter.”

“The Heavenhawk Island has been quiet for quite some time now, and it’s going to become lively again today. The devil incarnate, Jiang Chen has returned, together with that shameless monk. I’m afraid the Liang Province is going to be in chaos again. I just wonder if the Jiang Chen can deal with the Second Tyc.o.o.n. After all, Zhang Liang is an Eighth Grade Combat King!”


Jiang Chen’s aura was just too strong, and upon returning, he immediately caused such a huge ruckus. No one were able to remain calm after knowing where he was going.

Under the eyes of countless people, Jiang Chen moved toward the Heavenhawk Island step by step. With every step he took, his killing intent would become stronger; striking terror into people’s hearts.

"Who is that? How dare you?!"

Right at this moment, a loud shut rang out from the Heavenhawk Island. After that, a few figures flew out from the island. The leading man was a First Grade Combat King, while the rest were all Peak Combat Soul warriors. Each of them wore the same proud and arrogant expression that was unique to disciples from major sects, while portraying a look saying they were going to rip the invader into pieces. Currently, the Heavenhawk Island was the Asura Palace’s stronghold in the Chaotic Ocean, and it was designated by the Great Tyc.o.o.n. Throughout the entire Liang Province, who would dare be disrespectful to the Asura Palace? As that was no different from courting death.


The disciple from the Asura Palace was met with a dazzling sword beam. It was a sword beam that emitted a dazzling golden light, and it illuminated the sky as it ripped through s.p.a.ce, charging toward the disciple.


The disciples cried out in shock; the last sound he ever left in this world. The sword sliced from top to bottom, cutting his body in half, killing him on the spot. When faced with this sword beam, a First Grade Combat King wouldn’t have the chance to fight back.

This scene greatly terrified the remaining Combat Soul disciples. Their faces immediately turned pale, and their hearts were filled with terror. They stared at the uninvited guest in disbelief, unable to believe that there was someone who dared to kill a man from the Asura Palace. This was one brave man.

“I’m Jiang Chen. I’m not dead, and I’ve returned.”

Although Jiang Chen’s voice wasn’t loud, it was sent out with a strong soundwave, so it was heard clearly by every single person in this area. He, Jiang Chen, hadn’t died, and he had returned.

“Jiang Chen, he’s that Jiang Chen! He really hasn’t died, and he has returned!”

“He has become even stronger! Hurry up, we need to inform the Second Tyc.o.o.n right away! Otherwise, none of us will be able to stop this Jiang Chen!”


The disciples of the Asura Palace were extremely shocked. Previously, whenever they thought about the injuries Jiang Chen had been inflicted, they thought he had most likely died. But surprisingly, Jiang Chen had returned, and he had even killed a Combat King upon returning.

At this moment, the entire Heavenhawk Island was brought into a chaotic situation. The death of that First Grade Combat King made the Combat Soul disciples unable to control themselves, causing them to begin backing off. Their eyes laid on the sword in Jiang Chen’s hand, fearing that Jiang Chen might attack them as well.

Jiang Chen didn’t look at these disciples, but once again moved his glance over to Zhuang Fan’s corpse in the sky. He roughly estimated the distance between them, then said with an indifferent tone, “Kill a man with every three steps. Brother Zhuang Fan, watch this, I’ll use the blood of these men to wash away the grief in your soul.”

Jiang Chen moved again. He took another three steps forward at a very slow pace, then he was his sword, slicing another disciple in half.

Based on Jiang Chen’s calculations, if he continued walking like this, it would take him one hundred steps to reach Zhuang Fan. There were around thirty men on the Heavenhawk Island right now, and he decided to kill one man with every three steps so that when he finally reached Zhuang Fan, every Asura Palace disciple on the island would have been killed. He would use their deaths to console Zhuang Fan’s soul.

With the third strike, another man was killed. No one could dodge Jiang Chen’s sword. It was a life claiming sword. As long as you were picked by it, death was inevitable. There was no way you could escape from it. Whenever the Heavenly Saint Sword was swung through the air, a man would die, and he wouldn’t even be able to make a cry before dying.

“We need help quickly! Jiang Chen has returned!”

The remaining disciples were greatly terrified as they furiously roared out.

“This is absurd! Jiang Chen, it’s surprising to see that you’re still alive, and even more that you have the guts to come here. It looks like the Great Tyc.o.o.n’s prediction was correct. However, since you were brave enough to reveal yourself today, I’ll make today the anniversary of your death!”

Right at this moment, a young man flew out from the Heavenhawk Island. It was a man with an extremely tyrannical bearing. The aura surrounding his body was so powerful that no one could stare right into his face. He was one of the Thirteen Tyc.o.o.ns, a Sixth Grade Combat King! In a place like the Liang Province, this was considered extremely frightening.

Upon seeing the arrival of this man, it was as if those Combat Soul disciples had found their backbone. Each of them were immediately excited. A Sixth Grade Combat King arrived, and he would for sure stop, or even kill Jiang Chen; avenging their fellow disciples who had been killed by Jiang Chen.


But unfortunately, the Tyc.o.o.n was greeted with the same sword as the rest; a sword strike that looked rather simple. Although it was apparently just a simple sword beam, the Tyc.o.o.n felt that there was no way he could dodge it, and could only helplessly watch as the sword beam approached him. However, he was after all a Sixth Grade Combat King who owned a bag full of incredible tricks, he managed to launch a counter-attack with all his strength at the most critical moment.

Unfortunately, although he had tried his best to put up a fight, there was no way he could be a match for the Heavenly Saint Sword. Compared to the others, he was slightly better off, because he could actually let out a miserable shriek as his body was sliced in half by the Heavenly Saint Sword!

“What?! Killing a Sixth Grade Combat King with just one attack?! Heavens! How strong is this Jiang Chen really? He only disappeared for a few months, but that allowed him to grow to such an incredible level?!"

“If my judgment is correct, Jiang Chen is a Fifth Grade Combat King now. When he was still a First Grade Combat King, he had the ability to kill Fourth Grade Combat Kings. And now that he has become a Fifth Grade Combat King, it is only natural that he can kill a Sixth Grade Combat King like it is nothing. It looks like only the Second Tyc.o.o.n has a chance of defeating this Jiang Chen now.”

“A Sixth Grade Combat King has just been killed, and the Asura Palace has lost one more Tyc.o.o.n now. Jiang Chen is too strong, and looking at how he is behaving, I think he’s going to kill every single man from the Asura Palace that are on the Heavenhawk Island today.”


More and more people were arriving at this place. Jiang Chen killing a Sixth Grade Combat King with just a single strike had amazed countless people. The incredible display could even be compare to when Great Master Ran Feng killed a Ninth Grade Combat King with a single look.

Tap, tap, tap!

Showing no mercy, Jiang Chen took another three steps forward. Then, he raised the sword in his hand high up into the air, locked down on a man with his eyes, and forcefully swing his sword.

All the disciples were so terrified they nearly p.i.s.sed their pants. Even a Sixth Grade Combat King was killed, how could they still have any desire to fight this man? Without hesitating, they quickly turned around and flurried back to the Heavenhawk Island.


Another miserable shriek rang through the air, as another man was sliced in half and died on the spot. It proved that whoever Jiang Chen wished to kill would not be able to escape.

Argh! Arghh! Arghhh!

Jiang Chen moved at a quicker pace, and he had soon taken another thirty steps. Without any accidents, he killed a man with every three steps he took. The entire sky was filled with blood, the blood of the Asura Palace’s disciples. Right at this moment, the Heavenhawk Island was like h.e.l.l on earth, while Jiang Chen was the devil wielding a sword of doom; restlessly harvesting all life he came into contact with.

All the spectators outside the Heavenhawk Island were filled with great terror just from watching the scene. Thus, it was even worse for those disciple of the Asura Palace who were trapped inside.


Another miserable shriek was heard. It came from a Fifth Grade Combat King as he died. Now, more than half of the disciples form the Asura Palace present had died. All Sixth and Fifth Grade Combat Kings were dead, and no one had the courage to step up and fight this evil.

“Quick, go get the Second Tyc.o.o.n! Only he can stop this ferocious guy!”

Someone shouted out loudly. As they Second Tyc.o.o.n didn’t have much to do when he was here, he usually spent his time in secluded cultivation.

However, since the Heavenhawk Island was in such a messy situation, even if he was in deep secluded cultivation, he would have been alerted by now. Finally, an extremely powerful aura rose into the skies from the inner area of the Heavenhawk Island. A young man wearing white clothes showed himself. He looked to be in his early thirties, and had a burly body, which seemed comparable to Nangong Wentian’s.

After this young man arrived, he immediately took out a razor sharp golden blade. He smelled the pungent smell of blood, and saw the corpses of the Asura Palace’s disciples. Each of them were sliced in half, no exceptions.


The man was instantly enraged. As one of the four major powers of the Liang Province, the Asura Palace had not once suffered such a great loss, and n.o.body had ever dared kill those from the Asura Palace. A scene like this was unimaginable.

“Second Tyc.o.o.n, that’s him, he is Jiang Chen! He hasn’t died, and he just killed many of our people!”

Upon seeing the arrival of the Second Tyc.o.o.n, all those disciples who were scared to the point of their souls nearly leaving their bodies immediately sighed out in relief. Some even pointed at Jiang Chen and shouted. They believed that with the Second Tyc.o.o.n’s strength, he could definitely capture Jiang Chen. There would no longer be any accidents; their lives were now safe.