Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 559 – Leaving No Survivors

Chapter 559 – Leaving No Survivors

Chapter 559 - Leaving No Survivors

The Second Tyc.o.o.n Zhang Liang had finally shown up. His gaze was so cold it could even kill an elephant. He had locked down on Jiang Chen who has standing right opposite of him, and his killing intent was gradually rising.

“Are you the one who did all this?”

Zhang Liang already knew the answer to his own question, but he still asked. He had no idea where Jiang Chen had found the corage to make him come to a stronghold of the Asura Palace and kill so many disciples. This was unprecedented in the entire Liang Province, and throughout the entire Liang Province, perhaps Jiang Chen was the only person with such courage.

“The Sect Tyc.o.o.n has finally shown up. I wonder if he can kill Jiang Chen.”

“Let’s just wait and see; the real show has just begun. If the Second Tyc.o.o.n fails to kill Jiang Chen, the Heavenhawk Island will become a burial ground for all these disciples of the Asura Palace today.”

Jiang Chen is too ruthless and fierce. He and the Asura Palace have become irreconcilable enemies, he won’t even blink when killing anyone from the Asura Palace. That’s just as it should be, because if he is captured by those disciple of the Asura Palace, he won’t be facing any good consequences.”


More and more people were gathering around the Heavenhawk Island. Although the Chaotic Ocean was always in a chaotic state, a chaotic situation in the middle of the night was still a rare incident. The dark and windy night made it a perfect time for slaughter.

“I’ll only need to swing my sword once to kill you.”

Jiang Chen raised the Heavenly Saint Sword. The sword’s body was filled with dragon mark, and the handle had even transformed into a ferocious looking dragon’s head. However, this dragon head wasn’t corporeal, and had only appeared there because of the Dragon Transformation skill. There was still a huge room for improvement for the Heavenly Saint Sword, as it was being constantly tempered by the Dragon Transformation skill. If Jiang Chen could find the remaining four pieces of the Heavenly Saint Sword, it would become a truly mystical weapon.

"What shameless boasting!"

The Second Tyc.o.o.n shouted out. He too raised his weapon high up into the air, then he took a step forward and forcefully swung it from top to bottom. The frightening King Weapon immediately ripped apart the surrounding s.p.a.ce. If this strike hit its target, the consequences would be devastating.

However, faced with this Second Tyc.o.o.n’s strike, Jiang Chen’s expression didn’t even change a bit. With his current strength, An Eighth Grade Combat King could no longer pose any threat to him. When he was in the Devil Realm, even that Young Master Qi was killed by him. Now, he had taken out the frightening Heavenly Saint Sword, and his Dragon Transformation skill was circulating at an insane speed. He was confident that with a full force strike of his, he would be able to kill Zhang Liang in an instant.


A powerful golden energy burst out from Jiang Chen’s body, and his tremendous aura transformed into a vast golden ocean; lighting up the entire night sky brightly. A thick blood red dragon also shot out from Jiang Chen’s head, it was completely formed from his qi and blood. The blood dragon jumped into the Heavenly Saint Sword, causing it to let out a loud cry and tremble.

Right at this moment, Jiang Chen’s Dragon Transformation skill was circulating at top speed. One after another, all the Dragon Marks in his body began issuing cries. As the greatest Saint underneath the heavens, Jiang Chen’s skill with the sword was unparalleled. He had no completely synchronized himself with the Heavenly Saint Sword, bringing himself and the sword to a perfect state.

Everyone were shocked by this scene, even Tyrant and Tan Lang were struck with great awe. Jiang Chen’s weapon was incredibly powerful, and it was a perfect match for Jiang Chen. Compared to when Jiang Chen fought Young Master Qi in the Devil Realm, his aura was now much stronger. The formidable Young Master Qi couldn’t even withstand a single strike from Jiang Chen then. Thus, Tyrant had no doubts that a single strike from Jiang Chen would definitely kill Zhang Liang.


A dragon’s roar could be heard from the Heavenly Saint Sword. It was so loud that both heaven and earth was shaking. The roar rippled through the night sky, startling all those who heard it. Under countless terrified eyes, the Heavenly Saint Sword sliced through the sky.


The Second Tyc.o.o.n’s weapon collided with the Heavenly Saint Sword, revealing a scene that no one present could ever forget. In any case, the Second Tyc.o.o.n’s saber was a powerful King Weapon, and it was used by an Eighth Grade Combat King, so it was only natural that it carried a devastating force. However, what happened in front of everyone was not what they had expected. When the frightening King Weapon collided with the Heavenly Saint Sword, it instantly shattered into two pieces; unable to withstand even a single blow!


Zhang Liang cried out in shock as his body was. .h.i.t by a tremendous backlash, causing him to be knocked by dozens of steps. A mouthful of blood was forced out from his mouth as well.

Shocking, it was extremely shocking! He couldn’t what had just happened. His shocked was even stronger than Young Master Qi’s in the Devil Realm. Zhang Liang was well aware of his powerful his saber was, but it had been instantly destroyed by his enemy. This was like a nightmare for him, he had no idea how much force was required to destroy his King Weapon so easily.


Zhang Liang’s weapon was destroyed, but the Heavenly Saint Sword didn’t slow down at all. It transformed into a dazzling trail of light, and appeared above Zhang Liang’s head in the blink of an eye.


Zhang Liang let out a heartbreaking shriek. He sensed an unprecedented danger; a threat to his very own life. Right at this moment, he could feel death looming above him. He knew that in this current situation, even if he was to put up a fight with all his strength, he would still be unable to escape from death. There was no way he could dodge this sword; it was too late for him to escape.



This was the end. Zhang Liang didn’t have too much time to ponder. He let out one last miserable shriek before he was killed by the Heavenly Saint Sword. He faced the same ending as all the other disciples of the Asura Palace; having his body sliced in half. Blood filled the air, and the pungent smell of blood lingering in the air became stronger.

There was something stronger than the smell of blood; the atmosphere of panic and terror. Everyone from the Asura Palace were stupefied by what they saw, and their mouths were wide open, not knowing how to react. The Second Tyc.o.o.n, an Eighth Grade Combat King had been killed, just like that. Nothing could be more shocking than this.

“Heavens! What happened just now? Can someone tell me this isn’t real?”

“What kind of sword is he holding?! It can easily be compare with an Emperor Weapon! The King Weapon used by an Eighth Grade Combat King was just destroyed by it; it’s too powerful! Though, it’s a pity that a King Weapon was destroyed just like that.”

“Is he really just a Fifth Grade Combat King? Can a Fifth Grade Combat King really be this strong? Killing an Eighth Grade Combat King in just seconds, slicing him in half… is he really a human?”

“He is indeed a peerless genius. He is a manor who can attract Heavenly Tribulation at the Combat King realm, so it’s only natural that is an extremely abnormal monster. We can’t use normal standards to judge this man.”


Everyone were greatly terrified, there was no way they could remain calm. The scene had truly shaken the hearts of everyone present.

Tyrant and Tan Lang’s eyes were glued to the sword in Jiang Chen’s hand. They had seen Jiang Chen use it in the Devil Realm before, and had even seen him using it when they first met in the Chaotic Ocean. However, they never thought this sword could be so frightening.

“The Natal Combat Weapon is just as abnormal as its master. From head to toe, this guy is a complete monster!”

Tyrant said with a sigh, while Tan Lang only shook his head with a smile. When Jiang Chen was fighting the Demon King Palace in the Southern Continent, Tan Lang had already witnessed the frightening abilities of this monster.

After killing Zhang Liang with a single swing of his sword, Jiang Chen took another three steps forward. Tiny spatial cracks could be seen spreading underneath his feet. He turned his eyes to Zhuang Fan’s body, his heart filled with fury.

Only now did the remaining disciples of the Asura Palace wake up from their shock. Their faces were extremely pale, and their bodies were trembling violently. They could do nothing but stare at this devil in front of them. No one could imagine what kind of fate was waiting for them.

Jiang Chen wasn’t bothered by all of this. He was very angry now, and only wanted to offer the blood of these people to Zhuang Fan’s soul. The Heavenly Saint Sword moved once more, and another man was sliced in half.


"Inform the elders about this!"

Someone suddenly shouted out. The remaining disciples dared not hesitate, and they all crazily began fleeing in all directions. They knew that if they all chose the same direction, none of them would be able to escape.

If they fled in different directions, they would still have a chance to survive. After all, no matter how strong Jiang Chen was, he was all alone. He might be able to catch up to some of them, but the rest would not have time to run away.

But unfortunately, they had completely forgotten about Tyrant and Tan Lang who were standing outside the Heavenhawk Island. Their fates had been decided since the beginning. Even without Tyrant and Tan Lang, no man Jiang Chen wanted to kill could ever escape from him.

Jiang Chen continued onwards while swinging the sword in his hand. Each swing would always claim the life of someone. Even those Combat Kings who had managed to escape into the voice were unable to escape their fates; it was impossible for them to escape.

Outside the Heavenhawk Island, a man was intercepted by Tyrant when he had just left the island. The disciple was instantly struck with despair, and was killed by Tyrant with just a single palm strike. The same thing happened to the other man. Before he could feel relief from escaping, he was intercepted by Tan Lang. This disciple was a First Grade Combat King.

He was startled upon seeing Tan Lang, but shortly afterwards, he was able to recognize him.

“Tan Lang… no, senior disciple Tan, you’re still alive! This is great! Since we’re from the same sect, please let me go!”

The disciple’s body was trembling violently as he talked. He was greatly terrified. As long as he could stay alive, he wouldn’t even mind kneeling down before Tan Lang.

“I’m no longer a disciple of the Asura Palace, so there isn’t any relations.h.i.+p between us. Also, you and I are supposed to be enemies. I can still remember how you bullied me back in the days.”

A cold smile emerged on Tan Lang’s face. Without hesitating, he mercilessly struck the disciple with his palm, killing him on the spot. Ever since the day he was thrown into the Freezing h.e.l.l Jail, the relations.h.i.+p between him and the Asura Palace had come to an end. All the sentiment he had toward this sect had vanished, and was completely replaced with a deep and profound hatred. In fact, he came back with the intention of retaliation. Now, by personal killing an old enemy of his, he could finally vent a little bit of the resentment stuck in his heart.

In just a few minutes, peace had once again returned to the Heavenhawk Island. Without exception, all of the disciples stationed on this island were killed.