Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 557 – Bloodbath on Heavenhawk Island

Chapter 557 – Bloodbath on Heavenhawk Island

Chapter 557 - Bloodbath on Heavenhawk Island

The Chaotic Ocean was a place with no rules present. Those who had the guts to make their living here were all people with bad temper. While this group of men were excitedly chatting with each other, someone actually came and blocked them. This no doubt stirred their temper.

“I’m Jiang Chen. What happened at Heavenhawk Island? Tell me everything in detail.”

Two sharp beams escaped from Jiang Chen’s eyes. As if those beams could pierce through a man’s heart, the man felt his soul trembling underneath Jiang Chen’s cold gaze. It was a fear that came from the very bottom of his heart. He had no doubts that as long as he said a single ‘no’ to this man, he would immediately be greeted with death.

"Jiang... Jiang Chen! You… you're not dead?"

The man stammered. This was a name that could make anyone frightened just from hearing it. A man who could attract Heavenly Tribulation; a man who could destroy the Freezing h.e.l.l Jail, Jiang Chen had left his awe-inspiring reputation in the Chaotic Ocean and Liang Province both. Nearly everyone knew his name. However, everything thought he was dead. Unexpectedly, after Jiang Chen disappeared for a few months, he had actually reappeared in the Chaotic Ocean.

“Tell us quickly, otherwise, I’ll release your soul from purgatory.

Tyrant arrived in front of the cultivators as well. In a flash, he removed his disguise, revealing his true self. Seeing the monk’s face, these cultivators immediately began trembling. This monk was easy to recognize, as he had a very special ident.i.ty; the number one Pirate Lord of the Chaotic Ocean! During the incident where a treasure at emerged at Heavenhawk Island, this monk had killed numerous disciples from all four major powers, and they had been hunting for him all this time. Now that this monk had appeared, the men were able to confirm that this was the real Jiang Chen as well.

“Young Master Jiang, Great Master, not longer after you disappeared from the Liang Province, the Asura Palace launched an attack. Xiao Nanfeng personally came to the Heavenhawk Island, and surprisingly, the Island Master didn’t run away, but instead chose to hide on the island. Someone who saw what happened that day said that once the Island Master saw Xiao Nanfeng, he went insane and began roaring at him. He didn’t escape, and was killed on the spot by Xiao Nanfeng. After that, his body was hung in the sky above the Heavenhawk Island. Later, when Xiao Nanfeng learned about the relations.h.i.+p between you and the Island Master, he made someone spread the news about the Island Master’s death, trying to lure you out. However, there weren’t any news from you.”

Without hesitating or hiding anything, the man quickly told Jiang Chen about what had happened on Heavenhawk Island. His friends were nodding their heads as he told the story, approving the authentication of the man’s words.

"d.a.m.n it!"

A ruthless glow flashed in Jiang Chen’s eyes. After listening to the man’s word, for some unknown reason, he felt as if a needle had been stabbed into his heart, and he couldn’t wait to pull it out. He felt incredible angry and grieved at this moment. He had promised to help Zhuang Fan get revenge, but in the end, Zhuang Fan was killed before the score could be settled.

Especially when he heard how Zhuang Fan had gone insane on the spot, Jiang Chen could easily imagine how much hatred Zhuang Fan had toward Xiao Nanfeng. Zhuang Fan was unable to control his emotions upon meeting again with his greatest enemy. He didn’t run away, because he knew it was meaningless to do that. He only had one more year to live, so it would be impossible for him to personally take revenge, thus he put all his hopes on Jiang Chen. However, as no one could tell whether or not Jiang Chen was still alive, it looked like he couldn’t depend on Jiang Chen either. Thus, with all hope gone, he only wanted to die.

Zhuang Fan went insane. Perhaps the last line of defense in Zhuang Fan’s heart was broken upon seeing Xiao Nanfeng, as it would bring up memories of his wife and son who were miserably killed.

At that moment, despair, hatred, helplessness, darkness, all kinds of negative emotions flooded his entire soul. He went insane. That was the last image he left in this world; insanity. This was a tragedy. He was a true man, a man who endured all the pain and transformed himself into a demon, just how much of an impact did Xiao Nanfeng have on him, to make him go insane upon seeing him?

Everything was caused by Xiao Nanfeng, the Great Tyc.o.o.n who pretended to be a person of high morals. He was the guy who destroyed a family; who completely destroyed a man.

“f.u.c.k, I can’t stand this anymore!”

Tyrant cursed. Although he was a monk on the Path of Buddhism, he was also a man who held true to his emotions. Zhuang Fan’s misfortune made him really angry. That Xiao Nanfeng should be punished by being sliced into a thousand pieces!

“That sc.u.m! I really regret considering him my idol in the past!”

Tan Lang was furious as well. Up until now, from Xiao Nanfeng’s actions, anyone with a proper sense could easily tell that Zhuang Fan’s words were true.

"He is Tan Lang, he also didn't die!"

When the group saw Tan Lang, they were immediately able to recognize him as well. Tan Lang from the Asura Palace was also considered a famous man of the younger generation. However, he had been imprisoned in the Freezing h.e.l.l Jail, and had later disappeared with Jiang Chen. Many people believed Tan Lang to be dead as well. However, not only had he not died, he had reappeared, much stronger than he previously was.

“Is Xiao Nanfeng still on Heavenhawk Island now?”

Jiang Chen asked. He had decided to do what he hadn’t done previously. Zhuang Fan was dead, but Jiang Chen still wanted to get revenge for him. Not only did he want to settle this score, he wanted it to be settled in a proper manner. Zhuang Fan couldn’t die in vain, Jiang Chen had made a promise to him.

“No, he isn’t there. After receiving no news from you, Xiao Nanfeng left. I heard he’s in the middle of breaking through to the Combat Emperor realm, and is near success. Nevertheless, the Heavenhawk Island has been occupied by the Asura Palace. There are at least thirty disciples stationed in the island, three of them being tyc.o.o.ns. The man leading them is the Second Tyc.o.o.n, Zhang Liang. He is an Eighth Grade Combat King; a very powerful man.”

The man said. Although Xiao Nanfeng had left, the Heavenhawk Island was still occupied by the Asura Palace, and Zhuang Fan’s corpse was still hanging there; exposed to the sun and rain. It seemed like the Asura Palace wasn’t willing to guess whether or not Jiang Chen was still alive, and was thus trying to use Zhuang Fan to lure him out.

“Little Chen, what is your plan?”

Tyrant asked

“I have to let Zhuang Fan’s body rest in peace. Tonight, we’ll bring a storm to the Chaotic Ocean and bathe the Heavenhawk Island with blood. I want no survivors of the Asura Palace on that island.”

Jiang Chen’s killing intent soared up to the sky as he flew straight toward the Heavenhawk Island. Tyrant and Tan Lang looked at each other. Both of them knew Jiang Chen well. Jiang Chen was angry today, and once this man became angry, the consequences would be devastating. Imaginable, tonight, there would be no peace in the Chaotic Ocean. Tonight, the Heavenhawk Island would be painted in red.

In fact, it wasn’t just Jiang Chen; Tyrant and Tan Lang were extremely angry as well. They followed Jiang Chen to the Heavenhawk Island.

The Second Tyc.o.o.n, an Eighth Grade Combat King. It was in the past, none of them would be a match for him. However, it was different now. Jiang Chen could kill Young Master Qi with ease, who was also an Eighth Grade Combat King. Thus, killing this Second Tyc.o.o.n would be a piece of cake.

Staring into the direction those three men had disappeared into, the cultivators here were left with stunned expressions. In the next moment, a commotion broke out among them, and their expressions changed dramatically.

“Did you guys hear what he just said? Jiang Chen is going to kill those people on the Heavenhawk Island, he wants that island to be bathed in blood!”

“This is truly frightening! Not only is Jiang Chen not dead, he has returned in such a mighty manner. He’s going to save the Island Master. It looks like they really did have a close relations.h.i.+p.”

“However, the Second Tyc.o.o.n, Zhang Liang is a formidable Eighth Grade Combat King. Even though Jiang Chen is stronger than before, I don’t think he will be a match for an Eighth Grade Combat King. Nevertheless, he is a man who can attract Heavenly Tribulation, so I suppose he has some cards up his sleeves.”

“Let’s go. We’ll follow them and see what happens. I’m sure tonight will be a restless night for the Chaotic Ocean.”


These cultivators were shocked by the recent events. Without hesitating, they quickly began flying toward the Heavenhawk Island. There would a big show waiting for them tonight.

Whenever they pa.s.sed by others, they would tell them all about Jiang Chen’s return. The news quickly swept across the entire Chaotic Ocean like a raging tornado; incredibly fast. During the last few months, the entire Liang Province, especially the Chaotic Ocean, had been filled with conversations related to Jiang Chen. Now, with Jiang Chen having returned, a ma.s.sive commotion broke out all over the place.

At this moment, huge groups of humans and sea demons were all seen flying toward the Heavenhawk Island. Once again, the still and quiet Heavenhawk Island had become the center of attention.

It was already nighttime, but the ocean wasn’t completely dark. Moonlight could be seen rippling through the surface of the water, making it look like silvery sand; refres.h.i.+ng and beautiful. However, at this moment, Jiang Chen had no mood to appreciate the ocean’s splendid scenery. Bringing Tyrant and Tan Lang along with him, they arrived outside the Heavenhawk Island. Even from afar, he could see a corpse hanging high up in the sky.

It was a corpse with a hawk’s head and a human’s body. It was supposed to be a burly body, but now, it looked extremely skinny and thin. All blood in the body had been drained, and numerous scary looking scares could be seen all over the body. The body was also covered in bloodstains that had long since dried up.

This was the corpse of Zhuang Fan. His eyes were tightly shut, and he had a serene look on his face. Perhaps death was a true release for him. That was why Jiang Chen hadn’t helped prolong his life in the past. But now, although he had been released from the painful torture of life, he had died with regret.

“I’ll compensate your regret. That grudge of yours, I, Jiang Chen will definitely settle it for you. One day, I’ll make Xiao Nanfeng kneel down before your grave, and I’ll offer his blood to the souls of you and your family.”

While looking at the corpse in the distance, Jiang Chen said in a cold and detached manner. At the same time, a bright light flickered within his palm as the Heavenly Saint Sword appeared. It was a dazzling and mystical dragon’s sword. Its body was filled with dragon marks, and there even a dragon’s head that nearly taken shape at its handle. It was a marvelous sword.


This was also a sword of slaughtering. The Heavenly Saint Sword and Jiang Chen’s bloodline were interconnected. And, as if it had sensed the killing intent emanating from Jiang Chen’s body, the sword began trembling violently, producing a deafening noise. The sword’s body began glowing in a red light; a sign of its thirst for blood. It would claim someone’s life the moment it was used in the upcoming fight.

It was rare for Jiang Chen to use the Heavenly Saint Sword right off the bat. But today, he was truly angry. He wanted to kill someone without any delayed; he wanted to let the Heavenly Saint Sword drink blood.

“Monk, Tan Lang, you two guard the borders of the island. Today, I’ll bathe the entire Heavenhawk Island with blood, and I will leave no survivors.”

Jiang Chen said to the two men with an extremely cold voice.