Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 548 – Eighth Grade Devil King

Chapter 548 – Eighth Grade Devil King

Chapter 548 – Eighth Grade Devil King


The ice cold wind was soughing, and the entire place was filled with gruesome devilish energy. The deafening devil roars could be heard from all directions, echoing throughout the entire sky above the valley, making one’s hair stand on end. Devils were charging out from the devil nest. Those who came out were mostly Devil Kings, but there was also a small amount of Combat Soul devils. However, when these Combat Soul devils arrived, they immediately distanced themselves from those Devil Kings and ran into the outer area of the first level.

Quietly and stealthily, Jiang Chen and his friends moved closer to the devil nest. They showed no interest in those Combat Soul devils that scurried away. Their target was the frightening Devil Kings. Only the devil souls of those Devil Kings could be sold at a good price. In the Divine Continent, reaching the Combat King realm was the basic requirement for survival, as only a Combat King had room to survive in this land. Even a Combat Emperor couldn’t be considered a strong power in this land. This was a magnificent world, a world with extremely dense natural Yuan energy. The Eastern Continent just had no way of comparing.

“There are so many devils here, I’ve already seen about nine Devil Kings in this place.”

Tan Lang said with a sigh.

“Hehe, let’s kill them all. Devils can multiply really fast, so if we don’t kill more of them, it won’t take long before the devils rise to power once more. Furthermore, when the number of devils reaches a number that can’t be contained by this Devil Realm, they will once again invade human territory. Therefore, we don’t have to feel guilty about killing these guys.”

Tyrant smiled in a malicious manner, revealing his true colors. He didn’t even include his symbolic ‘Amitabha’ in his words.

"Show no mercy, let's kill!"

Jiang Chen shouted, then dashed forward. At the same time, he took out the Heavenly Saint Sword which was now fully covered with a layer of fiery red flames. Impacted by this flame, all devilish energy began backing off.


A Devil King was startled upon seeing a human appear in its line of sight. Obviously, it didn’t expect there to be any humans with the courage to come to the heart of the first level. Shortly afterwards, the Devil King reacted. It immediately charged at Jiang Chen with its tremendous body.


Jiang Chen showed no mercy when he attacked. The scorching flame was dancing violently on the Heavenly Saint Sword as he swung it toward the Devil King’s head.


The Heavenly Saint Sword was extremely frightening, and it had become incredibly powerful after being further refined by Jiang Chen. At its current level, no King Weapon could compare with it. Even if it had to face ordinary Emperor Weapons, it would still be able to match up to their power.

The only flaw was that Jiang Chen had yet to find all parts of its original body. Up until now, he had only found three parts of it, while the remaining four were scarred across different places in the Saint Origin realm. Thus, even though Jiang Chen really wanted to gather all of them, he just had to take it slowly.

The Fourth Grade Devil King was sliced in half by Jiang Chen. Its body was incinerated by the raging flames which had turned into a sea of flames. A devil soul jumped out from its skill and fell into Jiang Chen’s palm.

On the other side, two formidable Devil Kings charged at Tyrant at the same time. Tyrant’s body was flas.h.i.+ng with a dazzling Buddhist aura. Without hesitating, he forcefully struck out his palm toward the two Devil King, unleas.h.i.+ng a huge Buddhist palm. Due to the huge gap between their cultivation, the two Devil Kings exploded from Tyrant’s palm before they could do anything.

"So weak."

Tyrant was filled with intense killing intent, and he no longer looked like a monk. He attacked fiercely, continuously launching deadly attacks. In the blink of an eye, he killed four Devil Kings. Not willing to be outdone, Jiang Chen also killed four Devil Kings. Tan Lang was slightly weaker than them, but he also killed one Fourth Grade Devil King. This was actually a quite good result, as it wasn’t easy for ordinary warriors to kill a Devil King of the same level.

In the blink of an eye, they had killed all the Devil Kings in this valley. However, none of these Devil Kings were overly powerful. The strongest were only Fifth Grade Devil Kings. For Jiang Chen and his friends, none of these devils could pose any real challenge or threat to them.

“There aren’t any strong Devil Kings here. If there was an Eighth Grade Devil King here, we brothers could fight hand in hand against it. That would be enjoyable.”

Tyrant said, unsatisfied.

“Let’s stay in this devil nest for the time being. From now onwards, we’ll kill every single devil coming out from it, not sparing a single one of them. I believe it won’t take long before we see a powerful Devil King emerging from the nest.”

Jiang Chen said with a smile.

After that, the trio entered a triangular formation; tightly surrounding the devil nest. Not to mention those devils with huge bodies, even a fly wouldn’t be able to escape from them.


Soon after, the vortex outside the devil nest began wobbling. Within a split second, more than a dozen devils squeezed out from the devil nest. However, these devils weren’t strong, as they were all Combat Soul devils.

Without saying anything, Jiang Chen opened his mouth and spat out a huge fireball. The fireball turned into an ocean of flames, shrouding every single devil. Painful cries instantly rang out, and in the blink of an eye, the devils were all incinerated by the flames, not leaving even ash. Their devil souls had also vanished. Jiang Chen had no interest in Combat Soul devil souls.

“Little Chen, what kind of flame is that? Why is it so strong? It seems like the natural predator of these devils.”

Tyrant couldn’t restrain his curiosity, and thus asked. He had seen Jiang Chen’s frightening flame earlier, but he didn’t have the chance to ask then.

“This is the True Lightning Flame I absorbed during Heavenly Tribulation. It’s the purest Yang existence underneath the heavens; the natural predator of all devils. My flame contains a strong suppressive effect. When facing me, these devils can’t even use more than half of their true strength.”

Jiang Chen said. The Dragon Transformation skill was his secret, and he didn’t want to let anyone know about it, that’s why he didn’t mentioned the True Dragon Flame. However, as many people knew he had gone through Heavenly Tribulation, there wasn’t any need to hide the True Lightning Flame.

“No wonder! You are one heaven-defying guy! Not only did you survive Heavenly Tribulation, you even absorbed the True Lightning Flame! You really make me feel jealous.”

Tyrant said.

“d.a.m.n you, a monk should be completely indifferent to worldly temptations, you’re just a fake monk!”

Jiang Chen glared at Tyrant.

“Look, I think a big guy has come!”

Tyrant suddenly said. A powerful existence then dashed out from the wobbling vortex. Judging from its aura, this was a Seventh Grade Devil King. Its devil soul was the most valuable.

"Let's attack together!"

Jiang Chen shouted as he swung his Heavenly Saint Sword. At the same time, Tyrant took the Buddhist beads around his neck and threw them onto the Devil King.


The pitiful Seventh Grade Devil King could only let out a miserable cry. It didn’t have the chance to see its enemy before it was killed. Its huge body was badly mutilated, and its devil soul had been taken away.

"Do you really have to do it like this?"

Tan Lang couldn’t help but roll his eyes. This Seventh Grade Devil King was actually weaker than the previous two they met, and either Jiang Chen or Tyrant would be enough to kill it with ease. However, they stilled attacked together, and not only that, they even attacked with their own King Weapon. They just didn’t want to show any mercy.

“It’s more enjoyable this way.”

Tyrant chuckled.

During the next few hours, the trio continued staying outside the devil nest. No matter what grade of devil poked their head out from the other side of the vortex, they would be instantly killed by the three men. No one could leave this valley alive and flee into the first level of the Devil Realm.

Jiang Chen’s harvest was tremendous. Up until now, he had gained a total of 150 Devil King’s devil souls, four of them being from Seventh Grade Devil Kings. If these devil souls were exchanged into Heavenly Yuan Pills, the amount would be unimaginable.

If Jiang Chen personally brought these devil souls and exchanged them with some devil clans, a First Grade devil soul could be exchanged for 100 Heavenly Yuan Pills, while Second Grade devil souls would be twice as much. The higher the grade, the more Heavenly Yuan Pills he would get.

Furthermore, exchanging devil souls for Heavenly Yuan Pills was much better than using Nine Solar Holy Water. This could easily be seen from the situation where he sold Nine Solar Holy Water to the Heavenly Tower. The temptation of Nine Solar Holy Water was too great, even a major sect like the Heavenly Sect was tempted, let alone those devil cultivators.

Therefore, under normal circ.u.mstances, it was better not to expose a treasure like the Nine Solar Holy Water to the public.


An ice-cold wind suddenly blew by as the vortex began wobbling violently. A vast amount of devilish energy burst out from the vortex. Imaginable, the Devil King making its way out must be a frightening existence.

“Little Chen, an Eighth Grade Devil King is coming.”

Tyrant’s eyes lit up.

"Let's prepare for battle!"

A look of excitement emerged on Jiang Chen’s face. They had spent the last few hours slaughtering devils, and finally, they had managed to attract a powerful one. Eighth Grade Devil Kings weren’t easy to deal with, so Jiang Chen and Tyrant planned to attack together. After they killed this Eighth Grade Devil King, they would leave here and search for another devil cave.

A ground shaking roar rang throughout the entire valley. The vortex seemed to have gone berserk as a black beam shot into the sky from the center of the vortex. A nearly 90 meter tall Devil King dashed out from the vortex. Its body was so huge that it looked like a small mountain. It was really ugly, and its face was ferocious enough to send a chill down to the back of nearly all those who could see it.

Upon arriving, the Eighth Grade Devil King immediately locked its eyes onto Jiang Chen and his friends. Its eyes burned with raging fury. It knew that these three d.a.m.n humans were the culprits, the ones who caused all the problems here. To make things worse, there was actually a monk among them!

The Eighth Grade Devil King fully unleashed its aura, spreading its devilish might throughout the entire place. It had a mouthful of sharp fangs, each being over a meter long, making it look extremely gruesome and frightening. The Eighth Grade Devil King waved both of its palms at the same time, aiming at both Jiang Chen and Tyrant. As for Tan Lang, it seemed that this Devil King could tell that he was the weakest amongst them, and thus didn’t take him seriously. As Tan Lang also knew his limits, he quickly backed off, keeping safe distance from the battle about to take place.