Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 549 – Earth Jail Appears Again

Chapter 549 – Earth Jail Appears Again

Chapter 549 - Earth Jail Appears Again

An Eighth Grade Devil King was incredibly strong, the devilish energy unleashed from its body had blanketed the entire place, flooding several kilometres with raging devilish flames. The devil’s enormous body stood like a small mountain as its two gigantic palms appeared above Jiang Chen and Tyrant at the same time.

Jiang Chen and Tyrant’s expression changed immediately. Faced with such an enormous devil, even though they possessed abilities that greatly suppressed devils, and were confident in themselves, they still did not dare show any neglect.

"Fire Dragon Seal!"

"Fudo Seal!"

Jiang Chen and Tyrant both roared out at the same time. A huge Fire Dragon charged out like a real dragon, ramming into the Devil King’s palm. Tyrant showed no hesitation either, and countered with the Fudo Seal. This time, both men attacked with everything they had, unleas.h.i.+ng attacks a few times stronger than their previous ones.


The entire sky was filled with raging flames and glorious Buddhist lights. The two attacks suppressed the Devil King greatly, as they were the natural predators of devils. So, even though it was an Eighth Grade Devil King, it would still have to face elemental suppression, and thus couldn’t fight at full strength. Although Jiang Chen was just a Fourth Grade Combat King, he was able to kill Seventh Grade Devil Kings with ease. Thus, even if he had to face an Eighth Grade Devil King alone, he would have no fear. Tyrant was as strong as him, and he was now a peak Sixth Grade Combat King, so killing a peak Seventh Grade Devil King was also a piece of cake for him. And, with the suppressive effects brought by his Buddhist skills, he possessed the ability to fight equally against an Eighth Grade Devil King by himself.

Currently, by attacking together, Jiang Chen and Tyrant were able to unleash an even greater power. In this first exchange, not only were they not harmed by the Devil King, their attacks instead sent the Devil King a few steps back; causing large craters to appear on the ground.

"This is satisfying!"

Tyrant shouted. His body was emanating a golden light, making him look like a living Buddha. After gaining the upper hand during the first exchange, he turned into a trail of golden light and shot himself in front of the Devil King. Without saying anything, he unleashed another Fudo Seal. As one of the supreme Buddhist seals, it wasn’t easy to completely master this seal. Thus, Tyrant wanted to make use of the continuous battles with powerful Devil Kings to cultivate his Fudo Seal, making him master the skill faster and better.

Of course, Jiang Chen didn’t hesitate either, and he showed no mercy toward this Eighth Grade Devil King. The mighty Fire Dragon Seal was once again unleashed by him. This was an extremely formidable combat skill which could be compared with the fifth step of the Azure Dragon’s Five Steps. However, in fights against devils, it would no doubt be more effective than the Azure Dragon’s Five Steps.


The Eighth Grade Devil King furiously roared out. It repeatedly slammed its chest with both hands, trying to vent the anger stuck in its heart. However, its heart was filled with more shock than anger. In its mind, the humans in front of it was just a Sixth Grade Combat King and a mere Fourth Grade Combat King, and killing them should be as easy as pinching two tiny ants. However, out of its expectations, these two humans who it regarded as two tiny ants were so formidable that it was knocked back by their attacks.

The Eighth Grade Devil King moved. A black devil seal was formed between its palms, and a gruesome skull was seen on top of it. This attack represented brutality and terror; h.e.l.l and death. Once it was released, it would claim someone’s life. Even if an Eighth Grade Combat King had to face this attack, he would either die or be severely injured.

But unfortunately, this Devil King was facing two abnormal monsters today. The Fire Dragon Seal and the Fudo Seal could greatly suppress the devilish elements.


The gigantic devil seal and the two seals filled with pure Yang energy collided, producing a tremendous explosion that shook the entire area. The dense devil energy was blown away by the impact, while the devastating force of collision ripped a huge crack in s.p.a.ce, causing ice-cold air to blow out from the void.

Although this Eighth Grade Devil King had attacked with a mighty devil seal, it still wasn’t a match for Jiang Chen and Tyrant. These two humans were two abnormal monsters with incredibly powerful foundations. Once again, the Eighth Grade Devil King was knocked back. Many of its hard scales fell off its body, while blood burst out from its wounds.


The Eighth Grade Devil King went completely berserk. It couldn’t believe what had just happened. With its mighty strength, it was actually unable to defeat these two tiny humans. However, what made it really shocked was the attacks unleashed by these humans, as they suppressed it greatly. However, this only strengthened the Devil King’s decision to kill both men. Otherwise, they would definitely become a great threat to devils in the future.

The Eighth Grade Devil King was indeed a mighty existence. As it became enraged, the strength of its aura actually increased, and it was much stronger than it previously was. At the same time, a huge Devil Weapon that was nearly 30 meters long appeared in its hand. It was a gruesome Devil Weapon, and it looked extremely sharp. Numerous spikes were erected on the back of this weapon. The devilish energy hovering around the blade turned into some frightening skulls and began flying around.

"What an amazing Devil Weapon."

Jiang Chen couldn’t help but praise. Among all King Weapons, the Devil Weapon held by the Devil King in front of them could be considered one of the most supreme weapons, as it was able to provide power that was only weaker than Emperor Weapons.

Weapons had always been a weakness for devils. They didn’t know how to craft combat weapons, and it was extremely difficult for them to find themselves a Devil Weapon. Even for those formidable Devil Kings, a King Weapons was a rare commodity. Devils’ combat weapons were usually all Natal Devil Weapons belonging to themselves. However, just like a Natal Combat Weapon, Natal Devil Weapons weren’t easy to craft either.

If he was able to seize this Devil Weapon and bring it to a devil clan, he had no doubt it would cause a major battle between all Devil Kings of those devil clans.

“Monk, this Devil King is really amazing, it has formed its own Natal Devil Weapon. Looks like the real fight is beginning now.”

Jiang Chen took out his Heavenly Saint Sword. This Eighth Grade Devil King was much stronger than he had expected. It looked like they would have to show some more strength if they really wanted to kill it.


Tyrant unhurriedly took down the Buddhist beads hanging around his neck. Under his control, each Buddhist Bead began emanating dazzling golden lights and began growing bigger.

“Wu la ba ha…”

Incomprehensible devil words were spewed out from the mouth of this Eighth Grade Devil King. Although no one understood the devils’ language, they knew what those words mean. It told Jiang Chen and Tyrant to go to h.e.l.l.

The Eighth Grade Devil King injected all its devil energy into the Devil Weapon, then swung it toward Jiang Chen and Tyrant; tearing a large crack in s.p.a.ce as it flew through the air. It was easy to imagine that this strike could easily slice a huge mountain in half.

Jiang Chen’s dark hair was violently fluttering in the strong wind. Although Tyrant didn’t have any hair, the nine circular scars on top of his head were emitting dazzling light. The Heavenly Saint Sword was swung by Jiang Chen, and it wasn’t any weaker than the Devil King’s Devil Weapon. Meanwhile, Tyrant’s Buddhist beads were also showing incredible power. The two King Weapons were charging toward the Devil Weapon before finally colliding.


The impact was so incredible that both heaven and earth shook. The entire valley was nearly destroyed as well. The force of this devastating collision was just too powerful; just the shockwave alone was more than enough to rip an ordinary Combat King apart. Watching the battle from afar, Tan Lang could only shake his head in silence. Although he was also a rare genius, when compared to Jiang Chen and Tyrant, the gap between them was very obvious.

One man was gifted with insane innate abilities, while the other had the inheritance of Ancestor Greenlotus. The combination of these two could allow them to defeat any enemies that got in their way.

The suppressive effects were too powerful, causing the Eighth Grade Devil King to feel depressed whenever it tried fighting back against the two men. It was greatly suppressed in all aspects, and couldn’t fight with all its strength.

After the Devil King took out its mighty Devil Weapon, the duo had once again crushed its attack with their combined might.


The two men joyfully laughed out as if they had been injected with stimulants, then launched more attacks at the Eighth Grade Devil King. A chaotic battle took place in this valley; destroying all surrounding mountain peaks, while causing the ground to sink.

The battle continued for another dozen minutes, and was far from ending. Jiang Chen was surprised by this Devil King’s strong resistance. Although its body was riddled with injuries, it still fought as aggressively as before. Together with the mighty power brought by its Devil Weapon, it looked like it would be impossible to kill this Eighth Grade Devil King in a short period of time. Furthermore, if this Eighth Grade Devil King chose to flee, it could definitely escape without being interrupted.

Jiang Chen’s eyes lit up. Currently, as long as he absorbed one or two Seventh Grade devil souls, he would break through to the Fifth Grade Combat King realm. At that point of time, killing this Eighth Grade Devil King would be a piece of cake. However, Jiang Chen had no intention of breaking through now; he wanted to temper himself further.

But Jiang Chen did still have another method he could use; the Earth Jail! The Devil King was now standing on the ground, and the Earth Jail was the perfect technique to launch a surprise attack. As long as he and Tyrant cooperated well, it wouldn’t be difficult to kill this Devil King.

“Tyrant, I’ll launch a surprise attack later on. Take that opportunity to kill it with a single strike.”

Jiang Chen said to Tyrant.

“How are you going to do that?”

Tyrant looked at Jiang Chen and asked. He had no idea what other methods Jiang Chen had, as it wasn’t easy to launch a surprise attack against an Eighth Grade Devil King.

"Just wait and see."

After saying that, Jiang Chen immediately unleashed the Earth Jail. Incorporeal ripples burst out from the ground, transforming into an invisible jail and covered the Eighth Grade Devil King’s entire body in an instant.


Caught by surprise, the Devil King was forced to kneel down on the ground. The incorporeal Power of Earth was simply tremendous, even an Eighth Grade Devil King would suffer from it.

Earth Jail was also one of the innate abilities which would become stronger with Jiang Chen.

Tyrant’s eyes lit up upon seeing this. He had no idea how Jiang Chen did it, but he wasn’t willing to let go of this golden opportunity. Without hesitating, he waved the Buddhist Beads and attacked the Devil King.