Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 547 – Devil Nest

Chapter 547 – Devil Nest

Chapter 547 - Devil Nest

The humans most hated by all devils were Buddhists. Normally, when a devil saw a human, its first response would be to eat the human. However, once they saw a human monk, it would want to rip him into pieces before eating him. The reasons why devils had fallen into such decay, to the point where they could only hide inside the Devil Realm was mostly because they were being suppressed by Buddhists.


The two Seventh Grade Devil Kings quickly arrived not far from Jiang Chen and Tyrant. While violently roaring, they unleashed attacks toward Jiang Chen and Tyrant at the same time. A vast amount of devilish energy instantly spread out and weaved into a gigantic web made entirely from devilish energy, shrouding toward them.


With a sway of his body, Jiang Chen forcefully punched out. Flames threads could be seen on his fist. The flame contained powerful Yang energy, as it was formed from the True Dragon Flame and True Lightning Flame merged together; the natural predators of devils. Jiang Chen was greatly interested in these two Devil Kings, as there were two Seventh Grade devil souls. Putting aside how many Heavenly Yuan Pills he could get if he sold them, Jiang Chen would be able to break through to the Fifth Grade Combat King realm if he absorbed them. Once he became a Fifth Grade Combat King, that young master Qi would no longer be a threat to him.

Currently, there were 27,500 Dragon Marks in Jiang Chen’s body, and he only needed another 500 in order to break through to the Fifth Grade Combat King realm. These two Seventh Grade devil souls were more than enough for him to achieve that.

Jiang Chen’s fist pierced through the web formed from devilish energies, and the raging flames spread across the air, burning all devilish energy it came into contact with. The devilish energy was like mice seeing a cat coming towards it upon seeing Jiang Chen’s flame, and it quickly tried to dodge.


Jiang Chen’s fist clashed with the Seventh Grade Devil King’s gigantic fist. The strength brought by 27,500 Dragon Marks was absolutely terrifying. Even when faced with a peak Seventh Grade Devil King, Jiang Chen showed no signs of inferiority. With this fist alone, which only contained the pure strength of his muscles, he forced the Devil King to take a few steps back. Furthermore, the flame leaking out from his fist had covered the Devil King’s fist, causing it to make a sizzling sound as it burned through its skin. No matter how it tried to shake it off, it just kept clinging on tightly.


The Devil King was extremely furious. It quickly circulated the source of its devil energy, finally removing the flame on its fist. Within its fierce eyes, aside from anger, it also showed some fear as it looked at Jiang Chen. Perhaps it wasn’t afraid of Jiang Chen, but rather, afraid of the flame. The flame was too powerful, as it brought a suppressive effect even stronger than the purest Buddhist lights. It seemed to be a weapon that could be used specifically against devils.

On the other side, Tyrant was attacking aggressively. He unleashed the Fudo Seal right when the battle started. The gigantic seal immediately transformed into a Buddha, and rammed into the Devil King with tremendous force. The Devil King let out a miserable cry as its body was sent flying.

As Tyrant was a Sixth Grade Combat King, with the natural suppressive effects of his skills, handling a Seventh Grade Devil King was simply a piece of cake for Tyrant. The Devil King just couldn’t defend itself against Tyrant’s attack.

However, as all devils were ruthless existences with savage instincts, it immediately charged toward Tyrant with its gigantic body after being knocked away.

“This monk is going to release your soul from purgatory.”

Tyrant unleashed his energy, followed by a dazzling Buddhist aura. He was one again going to release someone’s soul from purgatory. The Buddhist light that burst out from his body was pure gold in color, and countless faint Sanskrit could be seen hovering on top of this golden light. All devilish energy would automatically be repelled upon meeting this Buddhist light, as if having seen the most frightening natural predator.


Tyrant unleashed the Fudo Seal once again. This seal was one of the three Great Buddhist Seals. However, as Tyrant hadn’t completely mastered the essence of this seal, he still couldn’t unleash its full powers. The three great seals had long ago been lost, and only Ancestor Greenlotus knew how to use them. The reason why the Great Leiyin Temple kept inviting Great Master Ran Feng was all because of the Ancient Sutra and the three Great Buddhist Seals.

Although Tyrant had only learned one of the three great seals, that alone gave him incredible combat strength. Imaginable, once he learned the other two seals, the Lion Seal and the Holy Seal, his power would be even greater.

The power of this second Fudo Seal was much greater than the first one, and the Seventh Grade Devil King was completely unable to defend against it. It was sent flying straightaway, and the scales on its body were sent flying all over the place, accompanied by its blood. Tyrant didn’t stop there, he once again leapt forward and launched another attack. If he kept fighting like this, it wouldn’t take much time before the Devil King was killed by him.

On the other side, upon seeing Tyrant fighting in such a fierce manner and nearly killing the Devil King with just a few attacks, Jiang Chen decided not to waste any more time. He unleashed his aura completely as well. His body was surrounded by numerous illusionary dragons. Dragon cries rang through the air, making him look extremely mystical. Dragon scales began appeared on both his hands, turning his hands into two dragon claws. After that, a red flame began dancing happily on his palm.

"Today, I'll try my Fire Dragon Seal on you!"

Jiang Chen shouted as he unleashed an enormous Fire Dragon from between his palm, forming it into a huge Fire Dragon Seal which then arrived in front of the Devil King at great speed.


The roar of a dragon rang throughout the scene. When the Fire Dragon Seal hit the Devil King’s body, it once again transformed back into a Fire Dragon. It was a huge Fire Dragon dozens of meters llong. It then turned into an ocean of flame; trapping the Devil King right in the center of it.


The Devil King endlessly roared out painfully as it felt its body being burned by the millions of fire dragons at the same time. It tried blocking the flame with its devilish energy, but since the flame was the natural predator that greatly suppressed devilish energy, the energy was instantly destroyed by the flames upon leaving its body.

The suppressive effects brought by the flame was all because of the elemental differences, but the most frightening part of the Fire Dragon Seal was its mighty offensive power, as it had instantly destroyed half of the Devil King’s body.


Jiang Chen shouted, then waved his hand, unleas.h.i.+ng the True Dragon Palm. The palm grabbed hold of the Devil King tightly. In the following second, the Seventh Grade Devil King’s skull shattered, and a devil soul was taken out by Jiang Chen.

Tyrant rolled his eyes upon seeing this happen. Previously, he was worried for Jiang Chen, but he never expected to see such a brutal performance from Jiang Chen, as Jiang Chen killed a Seventh Grade Devil King with just one strike. He was dumbstruck by this.

“This d.a.m.n abnormal… he really is ahead of me.”

Tyrant couldn’t help but feel slightly depressed. However, the Devil King he was fighting wasn’t in any good shape either; it was now like a spent force. Once again, Tyrant waved his arm and unleashed the Fudo Seal. The Devil King could no longer defend itself against it, so its huge body ended up exploding, and its devil soul was taken away by Tyrant.

"Two abnormals!"

Watching the battle from afar, Tan Lang helplessly sighed. He thought he would see a battle of well-matched strength, but never expected it to send too quickly. He could accept Tyrant’s result. After all, Tyrant was a Sixth Grade Combat King, and his abilities greatly suppressed devils, so it wasn’t surprising to see him kill a Seventh Grade Devil King. However, Jiang Chen was only a Fourth Grade Combat King!

However, Tan Lang could also tell that the main reason why Jiang Chen and Tyrant could defeat the two Seventh Grade Devil Kings so fast was because their abilities greatly suppressed devils. Especially Jiang Chen; his flames were incredible, as the devil was greatly suppressed by it. According to such suppressive power, Jiang Chen even kill an Eighth Grade Devil King.

If it was any other ordinary human, he would need to at least be a peak Eighth Grade Combat King to kill a Seventh Grade Devil King in such an easy manner.

This was their advantage; the advantage brought by the suppressive effects of the different elements. What could one do? When these devils b.u.mped into Jiang Chen and Tyrant, they were destined to face a miserable ending.

"I haven't had enough fun."

Jiang Chen shook his head.

“Fixing that is simple. Come, let go find some devil nests!”

Tyrant casually tossed his devil soul to Jiang Chen, then strode away toward the deeper area of the Devil Realm.

Jiang Chen smiled as he put away the devil soul. He knew that this thing was useless to both Tan Lang and Tyrant. Therefore, they gave him all the devil souls they found in the devil realm. This was a big fortune; he could absorb the higher grade devil souls, while selling the rest of them for Heavenly Yuan Pills. Both were needed by Jiang Chen.

Later, the trio arrived at the deepest area of the first level. The devilish energy in this place was much denser than any place they had been to before. Even Jiang Chen and Tyrant would have to be extra careful in this place. With their strength, they could still deal with an Eighth Grade Devil King, but if they b.u.mped into a Ninth Grade Devil King, their only option was to flee for their lives.

However, Jiang Chen still kept a trump care himself. He wanted to challenge the limits of his own combat strength, that’s why he hadn’t absorbed any devil souls. However, if they really b.u.mped into any irresistible existences, he would absorb the Seventh Grade devil soul in his hand instantly, breaking through to the Fifth Grade Combat King realm.

A black hill could be seen not far from them. It was difficult to tell its exact shape from afar, because the entire outer perimeter of this hill was blanketed by a thick layer of devilish energy, making it so that no one could see its original shape.


Roars continuously echoed out from the foot of this hill, sending chills down the spines of those who heard it.

“If my guess is correct, that’s a devil nest in front of us. Let’s go there and slaughter some devils. Once we’ve gotten ourselves some devil souls, we’ll run away and find another devil nest.”

Tyrant said.

“Why do it like that? Can’t we just focus on one devil nest?”

Tan Lang said.

“You know nothing. If we focus on a single devil nest, it’s highly possible that we’ll attract some powerful devils. At that point of time, if a Ninth Grade Devil King is attracted, there is no way any of us can fight it. Of course, we can still run away from a Ninth Grade Devil King. However, if we’re lucky enough to attract a Devil Emperor, it’ll be the end of our days. Each devil nest is connected to the second level of the Devil Realm, and that place is full of powerful devils. We’re doomed if any of those powerful devils are attracted.”

Tyrant explained.

“What Tyrant said is right, we can’t focus on just one devil nest.”

Jiang Chen nodded his head, agreeing with what Tyrant said. With their current overall strength, if a Devil Emperor was attracted to them, they would be killed without question, and running away would be impossible.

The trio carefully proceeded further, and soon arrived at the inner area of the hill. They saw a devil energy vortex at the foot of the hill, and from time to time, some devils would dash out from the vortex. The vortex was a genuine devil nest, and it could bring forth an endless amount of devils.