Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 546 – Seventh Grade Devil Kings

Chapter 546 – Seventh Grade Devil Kings

Chapter 546 - Seventh Grade Devil Kings

The three disciples of the Heavenly Sect nearly p.i.s.sed their pants. As they were able to cultivate to their current level, none of them were idiots. At this point of time, even if they were idiots, they also knew that those three men weren’t someone that could easily be trifled with, and that the three men had never taken them seriously. That monk had killed one of their disciples just now, and it seemed that killing another three wouldn’t mean much either

“You,- you, how daring are you?! All of you came here to complete the Heavenly Tower’s mission, but you just killed a disciple of the Heavenly Sect? You’re courting death!”

Not willing to accept defeat, the Fifth Grade Combat King used the Heavenly Sect as his weapon to threaten these guys. The path of cultivation was a path full of consumption, and as a Combat King, they required a lot of resources to aid their cultivation. If all their resources were robbed by these men, not only would it be a great loss for them, they would also bring shame to the Heavenly Sect, and would be looked down on by others.

“You, strip of all your clothes. If you say another word, I’ll even rob your body parts.”

Jiang Chen pointed his finger at the Fifth Grade Combat King.

Tyrant rolled his eyes, “Amitabha. Don’t you think it’s a bit much to rob their clothes?”

Although Tyrant said that, his eyes were still examining the Fifth Grade Combat King, murmuring to himself, “Although, it is rather rare to see a Fifth Grade Combat King running around naked.”

The Fifth Grade Combat King’s face turned pale in an instant. He felt like bad luck had truly struck him today, causing him to b.u.mp into these two psychotic malefics. If he had to run around naked in this Devil Realm and it came to be known by others, there was no way for him to face anyone in the future, as he would be a laughingstock wherever he went.

“No, please don’t! I’ll give you everything I have!”

The disciple no longer dared to be stubborn. Without hesitating, he quickly took all his belongings out from his Qi Sea. He could always earn back fortune, but once his life was gone, everything would be over.

The other two disciples dared not hesitate and hastily took out all their treasures. Aside from a huge amount of Earth and Heavenly Yuan Pills, there were also some other pills; most of them used to treat wounds. Jiang Chen simply ignored those. There were also some demon souls which Jiang Chen quickly put away. There were also some black devil souls, which were obviously their harvests today. But unfortunately, it was like drawing water with a sieve; not only could they not keep these devil souls, they also lost everything else they had.

There weren’t any cultivation or combat skill in these disciples’ Qi Sea. Of course, even if there were, Jiang Chen wouldn’t be interested at all. After reaching the Combat King realm, one could easily memorize any cultivation or combat skill with just a scan of their divine sense. Thus, aside from some incredible skills which required one to carefully study them, no one would bring any sort of cultivation or combat skill with them.

Finally, Jiang Chen and his friends strode away without looking back, leaving behind the three gloomy disciples of the Heavenly Sect. Eventually, the Fifth Grade Combat King failed to escape his misfortune, and was stripped naked. He was currently using his Yuan energy to cover his body, waiting for Jiang Chen and his friends to be completely out of sight.

Noticing that Jiang Chen and his friends had finally disappeared from their line of sight, the Fifth Grade Combat King hastily took out another set of clothes and put them on his body. His expression was extremely unsightly, and with a fierce voice, he told the other two disciples, “Listen, if any of you tell anyone what happened just now to another person, I will skin you alive!”

“Rest a.s.sured, senior disciple. We’ll definitely keep our mouths shut; we won’t tell anyone about this.”

The two men quickly a.s.sured their senior disciple.

“Senior disciple, those three guys are swollen with arrogance. Not only did they rob us, they even killed one of our disciples. Are we really going to let this matter off so easily?”

One of the disciples said.

“Hmph! They are really daring, they actually dare kill a disciple of the Heavenly Sect! Let’s go to senior disciple Qi and tell him about this. With his help, I guarantee they will die without a proper burial ground, and we’ll get back twice what we lost!”

The Fifth Grade Combat King said in a sinister manner.

On the other side, Jiang Chen and his friends continued their journey in the first level of the Devil Realm, slaughtering every single devil they found on their way and harvesting their devil souls.

“I think, from now onwards, aside from hunting devils, we should also do something else.”

Tyrant said.

"Do what?"

Tan Lang asked.

“Rob everyone we see!”

Jiang Chen said, a cunning smile visible on his face.

“Kindred spirits!”

Tyrant gave Jiang Chen a big thumbs up. He felt that fighting alongside Jiang Chen was something enjoyable, as he could act without any restraint; not bothered by the world’s opinion.


Tan Lang also began laughing. The time he had spent with Jiang Chen was the happiest time in his entire life, and it had also changed how he handled things in his life. In his mind, Jiang Chen was a controversial person; a man who intervened with anything he disliked, and did all things his own way without being restrained by the world’s opinions. He was merciless to his enemies, yet treated his friends hundreds of times better than anyone else; he was a man who did things according to his own conscience. Jiang Chen was a man with true courage, always radiating an invisible charm, making it so that those who follows him can’t help but feel attracted.

As for the suggestion to rob everyone they came across, Tan Lang didn’t see anything wrong with it. This place was a chaotic environment, perhaps even worse than the Chaotic Ocean. Furthermore, since those disciples of the Heavenly Sect were trying to rob them, should they still be kind with them?

“However, I still think we should visit the depths of the Devil Realm first and kill some stronger devils, and only start robbing on the third day. We won’t get as much out of it if we begin robbing people now.”

Jiang Chen said.

“Since that’s the case, we’ll make anyone who tries to rob us run around completely naked. And on the third day, we’ll make everyone run around naked!”

The Monk said in a serious manner.

Jiang Chen and Tan Lang felt speechless. Was this guy really a monk?

The trio continued flew a few thousand Li further, and the devils they encountered became stronger as well, which eventually brought them pretty good loot. Finally, they arrived in the sky above a serene valley.

“Something isn’t right, the devilish energy in this region is strong, so we should see a lot of devils. So, why can’t I see a single one of them?”

Tan Lang said while furrowing his brows. This was the first time they had encountered such a bizarre situation.

“If my guess is correct, there should be a rather powerful Devil King hiding in this valley, that’s why no other Devil Kings dare stay close to here.”

Jiang Chen said.

“That’s right, I’m sure it’s as you said. We better be extra careful.”

Tyrant nodded his head.


Right after Tyrant finished speaking, a roar loud enough to shake the ground rung through the air. However, it didn’t sound right, as there was another overlapping voice. It was actually two roars! In the following second, two black beams suddenly shot up from the valley and soared in the sky. The large amount of devilish energy transformed into devilish flames and began violently burning in the sky. It looked like s.p.a.ce itself was going to be burnt to ashes.

Two enormous creatures revealed themselves. Their bodies were fully covered with black scales, making them look frightening. Judging from their appearance, these two devils stood at least sixty meters tall; so tall they looked like two small hills.

"Seventh Grade Devil Kings."

Two bright beams shot out from Tyrant’s eyes.

“Two Seventh Grade Devil Kings, and they both at the peak of the Seventh Grade. Hehe, monk, looks like it’s time for you to show us your true strength.”

Jiang Chen leisurely smiled. Although they were facing two Seventh Grade Devil Kings, he still looked calm and relaxed. No signs of nervousness could be found on his face.

“Although Seventh Grade Devil Kings are strong, the Buddhist skill that I cultivate is the natural predator of all devils. So, even though they are peak existences among the Seventh Grade, I’ll still kill them as easily as cutting through b.u.t.ter. However, Little Chen, you’re only a peak Fourth Grade Combat King, can you handle a Seventh Grade Devil King?”

Tyrant was a little worried about Jiang Chen. After all, there was a three grade difference between Jiang Chen and the devils. Tyrant was a Sixth Grade Combat King, so he had no fear of these two Seventh Grade Devil Kings.

“Don’t worry, my suppression toward devils is much greater than your Buddhist skill. We each take one devil, let’s see who kills the target first.”

A strong will to fight burst out from Jiang Chen. In fact, he was quite disappointed that they only b.u.mped into Seventh Grade Devil Kings. He was br.i.m.m.i.n.g with Yang energy thanks to the Dragon Transformation skill, while the True Dragon Flame and True Lightning Flame were also natural predators of devils. Thus, he had a tremendous advantage when faced with any devil. He was confident he could even fight an Eighth Grade Devil King.

No matter what, these two Devil Kings in front of them were also pretty strong. Both of them were peak Seventh Grade Devil Kings, just a single step away from the Eighth Grade. Powerful devils like these usually only existed in the depths of the first level. The current location of Jiang Chen and friends was somewhere many humans did not dare venture into.

Meanwhile, Tan Lang took the initiative to back off from the battlefield. When faced with a battle like this, he could only be a bystander, as he didn’t have enough power to join them.


The two Devil Kings had long ago seen the trio. Otherwise, they wouldn’t have shown themselves in front of them. The two devils started moving toward Jiang Chen and Tyrant. Although it looked like they were moving slowly, each of their steps covered a large distance, and every time their feet stomped on the ground, the mountains and valleys in this region would shake violently.

“Being able to fight with existences of such high level, I feel really excited just by thinking about it.”

Tyrant licked his lips as he spoke. He had become a Sixth Grade Combat King not long ago, and he had done so by breaking through many stages continuously. Thus, he was eager to test his combat strength by fighting a powerful enemy. These two Seventh Grade Devil Kings were perfect candidates for him to evaluate himself.

All Devil Kings had strong bodies and ferocious approaches; they were difficult to handle. A team of two peak Seventh Grade Devil Kings, even young master Qi, who was an Eighth Grade Combat King would have to be extra cautious when dealing with them. After all, he wasn’t someone like Jiang Chen or Tyrant, who possessed abilities capable of greatly suppressing these devils.


Two golden waves of energy burst out from Jiang Chen and Tyrant’s bodies at the same time. Their energy was no weaker than that of the two devils.

The two devils were startled, and as if they had sensed the two humans’ provocation, they were immediately angered and let out some deafening roars. In their minds, these two tiny humans should throw themselves onto the group upon meeting these two mighty Devil Kings. However, not only did they not run away, they instead challenged them. This was plain provocation, and these Devil Kings couldn’t take it. The wanted to rip these two humans into pieces, and furthermore, they really hate monks.