Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 545 – The Monk Never Lies

Chapter 545 – The Monk Never Lies

Chapter 545 - The Monk Never Lies

It was a devil emanating a formidable aura, an existence that was least a Third Grade Devil King. All devils were cruel and fierce by nature, and since they were in the Devil Realm, which was an environment extremely beneficial to them, a powerful Third Grade Devil King could easily fight an ordinary Fourth Grade Combat King human.

Of course, since it had b.u.mped into Jiang Chen and Tyrant, it was destined for this Third Grade Devil King to face a miserable ending.

"Haha, let me try my new strength first!"

Tan Lang joyfully laughed out. After absorbing the Nine Solar Lightning-Dragon Pill, not only had he gone through a tremendous transformation, he had also broken through to the Fourth Grade Combat King realm. Therefore, upon meeting their first devil, he was eager to check out his new strength, wanting to evaluate his current strength.


With incredible speed, Tan Lang arrived in front of the devil in the blink of an eye while unleas.h.i.+ng his Fourth Grade Combat King energy. The devil was instantly dumbstruck.

As it had reached the Third Grade Devil King realm, it possessed intelligence that wasn’t any less than that of humans. This devil was not an idiot; it knew it wasn’t a match for this human. Although it was able to defeat ordinary Fourth Grade Combat Kings, this young man in front of it was clearly no ordinary Fourth Grade Combat King.


The devil opened its mouth and let out a furious roar, spraying Devil Yin energy into Tan Lang’s face. After that, it simply turned around and fled.

"Haha, want to run away? It's too late!"

Tan Lang joyfully laughed out. His body was covered in a dazzling golden glow. After being tempered by Heavenly Lightning, and having his const.i.tution modified and improved by the Nine Solar Lightning-Dragon Pill, his body was now full of pure Yang energy. Hence, he had no fear of the devil energy in this place.

The golden glow that hovered around Tan Lang’s body instantly destroyed the devil energy unleashed by the devil. After that, he moved at top speed and caught up with the fleeing devil.

"Die now!"

Tan Lang waved his hand and unleashed a powerful seal. The seal was fully covered with mystical runes, and it carried a tremendous force as it rammed into the devil’s head from above.


With all its strength, the Third Grade Devil King tried to defend against the seal. However, it was not a match for Tan Lang. It let out a miserable shriek, as half of its body had been badly mutilated by Tan Lang’s seal.

A look of satisfaction appeared on Tan Lang’s face. He took a step forward, arriving in front of the devil, then punched out; destroying the devil’s head. An ice-cold devil soul jumped out from the destroyed head, and was picked up by Tan Lang.

"Haha, brother Tan, you're really amazing!"

Jiang Chen joyfully laughed out as he spoke, not forgetting to give Tan Lang a big thumbs up. Judging from how Tan Lang attack just now, it wasn’t difficult to tell that he had completely changed.

“Don’t tease me, brother Jiang. Take this devil soul, it has no use for me, and I don’t need Heavenly Yuan Pills either.”

Tan Lang casually tossed the devil soul to Jiang Chen. The devil soul was indeed useless to him. Not only could he not absorb it, he couldn’t trade with those people from the devil clans, and most importantly, he didn’t need any extra Heavenly Yuan Pills.

After all, not everyone was like Jiang Chen, who needed an astronomical figure of pills for his consumption.

Jiang Chen smiled and stored away the devil soul. It wasn’t necessary for him to be courteous with Tan Lang. For others, this devil soul might be useless, but for Jiang Chen, it was completely different. Putting aside the fact that he could exchange it for Heavenly Yuan Pills, he could also absorb it with the Dragon Transformation skill’s help.

After that, the trio continued onwards, slaughtering all devils in their path. In their eyes, these devils were just too weak. Throughout the entire journey, no devil could last more than a single strike from Tyrant. The group spent half a day in the first level of the Devil Realm, killing at least a few dozen Devil Kings, the strongest one being a Fifth Grade Devil King. It was a lucrative trip for them.

“Little Chen, our speed of slaughtering devils is too slow, this isn’t fun.”

Tyrant said.

"Do you have a better idea?"

Jiang Chen asked with a smile.

“The first level of the Devil Realm covers a vast area. The deeper we go, the stronger those devils will be. Furthermore, there are also devil nests where we can find a huge amount of devils. Why don’t we go seek out a devil nest?”

The Monk suggested.

A devil nest would usually make people faint out of fear, and usually, visiting those devil nests in the depths of the first level was no different from seeking death.

"I like this idea."

Jiang Chen nodded his head, agreeing with Tyrant’s suggestion. Without hesitating, the three men continued their journey, flying deeper into the area at top speed.

“Little Chen, when do you think that young master Qi will do something to us?”

Tyrant curiously asked.

“I’m guessing he’ll attack me on the last day, as we can labor for him freely during these few days; finding more devil souls for him. However, I still don’t want to be disturbed, as it’ll bring no good to our plan. Give me the talisman he gave you.”

Jiang Chen said.

Tyrant and Tan Lang took out their talisman and handed them to Jiang Chen.

"What are you trying to do?"

Tyrant asked.

“That young master Qi left his divine sense in the talismans so that he can learn our exact location at any time. I really hate this kind of feeling, so I’ll destroy his divine sense now.”

Jiang Chen coldly harrumphed. Using his Great Soul Derivation skill, he sent out his soul energy like a razor sharp sword into the talisman, destroying the divine sense within.

At the same time, at another location in the first level of the Devil Realm, young master Qi’s body suddenly sway. A look of anger emerged on his face.

“d.a.m.n it, that b.a.s.t.a.r.d destroyed my divine sense! Humph! Does he really think he can escape from my grasp just by doing that? So naïve and childis.h.!.+ I’ll let you live happily for another two days, then I’ll teach you a good lesson on the third day!”

Young master Qi said in a sinister manner. Although he no longer knew where Jiang Chen and his friends were, everything was still under his control. As long as he had the intention, he could kill Jiang Chen and his friends at any time.

On the other side, Jiang Chen casually tossed the broken talismans away, then continued their journey toward the deeper areas of the Devil Realm.

Not long after they resumed their journey, they b.u.mped into four men. The four men were all wearing the same uniform; they were all disciples of the Heavenly Sect.

Right when Jiang Chen saw these men, the disciples saw Jiang Chen as well. In an instant, they changed their direction and flew toward Jiang Chen and his friends.


The leading man said with a cold voice. He was emanating a powerful aura, showing that he was a Fifth Grade Combat King. The other three also had strong auras.

"d.a.m.n it, what a small world!"

Tyrant cursed. His mood became really bad upon seeing this guy. This was the guy who tried to attack Tyrant before entering the Devil Realm.

The four men were all grinning as they blocked Jiang Chen’s path. With a cold voice, the leading man said, “Bald donkey, being impolite to senior disciple Qi and the rest of our disciples is no different from courting death. Also, you two, do you really think you’re distinguished guests of the Heavenly Tower? You have no idea what your own status is! Now, I’ll give you all a chance to stay alive. Give me all your devils souls.”

Upon hearing his words, Tyrant chuckled. Even Tan Lang was shaking his head, smiling. This guy really wanted to rob the number one Pirate Lord of the Chaotic Ocean? As well as the man who was stronger than the number one Pirate Lord? This was no different from courting death!

“Bald donkey, why are you laughing? Do you think we’re joking?”

One of the disciples pointed his finger at Tyrant’s nose and scolded.

“Since you called me a bald donkey, grandpa monk will rescue your soul from purgatory today!”

After saying that, Tyrant forcefully stretched out his arm, unleas.h.i.+ng a golden palm that completely covered the disciple.

The disciple was a Second Grade Combat King. The gap between him and Tyrant was not just small.

With all his strength, the disciple fought back and tried to destroy the huge palm unleashed by Tyrant. However, to his shock, although he was using all his strength, the huge palm was like the strongest cage; unable to be moved!

"Stop it! You daring monk!"

The Fifth Grade Combat King became extremely angry. He never expected this monk to have the guts to attack a disciple of the Heavenly Sect.

“Buddha once said that it’s better to save one life than to build a seven-story tall paG.o.da. Releasing your soul from purgatory brings the same meaning. Let me release your soul now."

With intense killing intent, Tyrant clenched the palm with a tremendous amount of force. A miserable shriek rang through the scene, as the disciple was crushed into a b.l.o.o.d.y mist, dying on the spot.

"Why did you kill him?"

Jiang Chen glared at Tyrant speechlessly. This guy just didn’t know how to control his strength. No matter what, this disciple was a Second Grade Combat King, so he should have a lot of things worth robbing.

“A monk never lies. Since I said I wanted to rescue his soul from purgatory, I had to do it.”

Tyrant said in a righteous manner.

The three remaining disciples instantly unleashed their auras, preparing themselves to face their enemies. They had underestimated this monk. Initially, they thought this monk would only attack the disciples of the Heavenly Sect, but they never expected him to kill the guy.


Jiang Chen shouted with a cold voice. With a sway of his body, he charged into the Fifth Grade Combat King, delivering him a powerful punch. At the same time, Tyrant and Tan Lang launched attacks against the other two disciples. The three men were all attacking with the same method; a simple, yet powerful punch.

"How dare you!"

The Fifth Grade Combat King furiously roared out. He threw a punch toward Jiang Chen’s fist.

Bam, bam, bam!

Argh, argh, argh!

Three punching sounds were immediately followed by three miserable shrieks. All three Heavenly Sect disciples were knocked back at least 30 meters. Their faces covered with pain. Jiang Chen and his friends had pulled their punches. Otherwise, Jiang Chen could easily turn the Fifth Grade Combat King into powder with just a single punch.

"Impossible, this is absolutely impossible!"

The Fifth Grade Combat King couldn’t believe what had just happened. Apparently, these three guys had fooled them all, as each of them was extremely strong. He was a Fifth Grade Combat King, but when faced with these guys, he didn’t even have the chance to fight back.


A mischievous smile was visible on Tyrant’s face as the trio surrounded the Heavenly Sect disciples.

“Hand over all your belongings. If you dare keep even a single thing, I will kill you in an instant. Don’t think I’m joking, and don’t think I won’t do it just because you’re disciples of the Heavenly Sect. I believe you’ve all seen your friend’s ending.”

Jiang Chen said in a casual manner as he pointed at the Second Grade Combat King who had been shattered into powder by Tyrant.