Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 544 – First Level

Chapter 544 – First Level

Chapter 544 - First Level

"So weak!"

Young master Qi said in a prideful manner after killing the First Grade Devil King in less than a second. After that, he threw his glance over to the restless spatial barrier in front of him.

“How dare this mere First Grade Devil King show off in front of senior disciple Qi? It was just courting death!”

“Of course it is! Senior disciple Qi is an Eighth Grade Combat King, a man with countless mighty abilities. In the first level of the Devil Realm, he is an invincible existence that’s able to defeat every single Devil King within!”


Those disciples of the Heavenly Sect would never miss any opportunity to flatter their senior disciple Qi. In their minds, young master Qi was the greatest existence. Also, due to his position in the Heavenly Sect, if they could maintain a good relations.h.i.+p with him, their futures in the Heavenly Sect would be bright.

“d.a.m.n it, their hypocrisy really makes me sick. Killing a First Grade Devil King is also an easy job for them, but they’re saying it like it’s a very big deal!”

The monk couldn’t hold it in any longer. Although he spoke with a low voice, everyone here were powerful warriors with incredible abilities, and their hearing was much better than that of ordinary people. Thus, his words were heard clearly by everyone.

“Bald monk, what did you just say? Are you courting death?”

The disciples of the Heavenly Sect were provoked by the monk’s words and yelled out loudly. Meanwhile, a Sixth Grade Combat King disappeared and reappeared in front of Tyrant, looking like he was about to attack.

"Come back here."

Young master Qi shouted in a cold manner, then slowly said, “They are special guests Great Master asked me to take good care of, you shouldn’t be rude to them."

A smile with unknown meaning appeared on young master Qi’s face. However, Jiang Chen and Tyrant could clearly sense the killing intent from his eyes. Connecting it with the Great and Second Manager’s behavior, the two men seemed to realize something.

Jiang Chen and Tyrant looked at each, both smiling in a cold manner as well. Apparently, this young master Qi was going to kill them in this Devil Realm. However, that would only bring him misfortune.

“d.a.m.n it, this monk is such an idiot! How dare he say something impolite about disciples of the Heavenly Sect? I can tell that many of them are angry.”

“Not only are they angry, I can tell that young master Qi is angry as well. I’m guessing that these three will suffer once we’re in the Devil Realm, especially that monk.”

“Once we’re inside, let’s keep some distance from them. It’ll spare us some trouble.”

The group who came with Jiang Chen from the Heavenly Tower quickly kept distance from Jiang Chen and his friends. The monk simply looking at them with disdain, as he was never interested in this group.

“The first grade devil soul just now can be exchanged for 10 Heavenly Yuan Pills in the Heavenly Tower. The higher the devil soul’s grade, the more Heavenly Yuan Pills you can get. Therefore, once we’re inside the Devil Realm later, do your best to find devil souls. Those will all be worth a lot later on.”

Young master Qi said.

Jiang Chen shook his head. This Heavenly Tower really knew how to do business. If he sold devil souls to other devil clans, one first grade devil soul would be worth at least 100 Heavenly Yuan Pills, but the Heavenly Tower only gave them 10 Heavenly Yuan Pills. Thus, it wasn’t difficult to see how much profit the Heavenly Tower earned from selling devil souls to those devil clans.

However, no one seemed to say anything about that. After all, they took this mission from the Heavenly Tower, thus, they had to accept the conditions set by the Heavenly Tower. They also came here with the disciples of the Heavenly Sect, meaning they were under the protection of these disciples. These people also didn’t have the qualifications to trade with people of the devil clans.

No man from any of the devil clans was kindhearted, and many of them were extremely cruel and brutal. One would have to undertake a huge risk just by exchanging treasures with them. With the strength of these men, those from the devil clans might just rob them, as the devil path cultivators were all lawless people. At that point of time, not only would they not get a single Heavenly Yuan Pill, they might even die.

As a result, although they knew the Heavenly Tower was squeezing them for profit, they couldn’t do anything about it.

After briefing everyone, young master Qi pulled out a talisman. Under his control, the talisman transformed into a golden sword. With the sword in hand, young master Qi swung it, slicing the s.p.a.ce in front of him, causing a large crack in s.p.a.ce to be revealed, which shortly afterwards turned into a black gateway.

This talisman was clearly made by a powerful figure of the Heavenly Sect, and was specifically used to open a path to the Devil Realm.

"Let's go!"

Young master Qi shouted, and then entered the gateway, disappearing from sight. After him came the geniuses of the Heavenly Sect. Each entered one by one, following young master Qi into the Devil Realm.

After them came the men from the Heavenly Tower; Jiang Chen and his friends going last. After everyone had entered the gateway, it vanished into thin air.


Upon entering the Devil Realm, ferocious and savage roars instantly entered everyone’s ears. The Devil Realm was a place sunlight could not reach, and the air was filled with ice-cold devilish energy, bringing a corrosive effect. No ordinary cultivators would be able to withstand such corrosive devilish energy. If a Divine Core warrior came here by accident, without even being attack by a devil, he would be killed by the harsh environment.


Fighting sounds could be heard in the distance. They should be caused by warriors of other powers who came here before them. These warriors had the same goal as Jiang Chen; they wanted to train here by fighting devils. The high price of devil souls in the Western Region was also one of the reasons why these people were here.

“I’ll give each of you a talisman. Once you encounter any dangerous situation or devils that you can’t handle, just crush the talisman, and I’ll rush over to save you.”

Young master Q waved his hand, taking out a stack of golden talismans. As if these talismans were some sentient beings, they automatically flew into the hands of every single person.

Every seemed agitated as they quickly grabbed the talisman, as if it was a treasure that could save their lives at a most critical moment.

"Thank you, young master Qi!"

"Thank you, senior disciple Qi!"

The guys who accepted the Heavenly Tower’s mission and the disciples of the Heavenly Sect quickly expressed their grat.i.tude. Indeed, having the protection of an Eighth Grade Combat King could really guarantee their safety.

Jiang Chen, Tyrant and Tan Lang were also given talismans. However, when Jiang Chen looked at the talisman given to him, he instantly felt something wrong about it. Young master Qi had left his divine sense on the talisman, so that he could find their exact location at any time.

According to logic, this was a measure to ensure everyone’s safety, and there was nothing to be said against it. However, when it came to Jiang Chen, it was a completely different story. He hated the feeling of being watched all the time.

“Alright, let’s move. From now onwards, you can choose to go solo, or work in a group. The mission’s duration is three days. Three days later, you’ll receive a summon from me, and we’ll meet at this place.”

Young master Qi left after saying that.

After that, the disciples of the Heavenly Sect and the rogue cultivators who came here for the mission split into two groups. As the disciples of the Heavenly Sect regarded themselves as superior beings, they simply looked down on the rogue cultivators, and thus wouldn’t move with them.

Although this was only the first level of the Devil Realm, no one dared to lower their vigilance, and no one dared to underestimate those fierce and savage devils. Therefore, most of them chose to move in groups. If they moved alone, the risk would increase significantly, as they might b.u.mp into a few devils together, or even a swarm of devils. If that really happened, even if they crushed the talisman given to them, they mighty die before young master Qi could arrive.

Different groups quickly formed, and they all began flying into different directions. During this process, no one even looked at Jiang Chen. Even if they did, they would look at him with contempt and mockery. No one wanted to team up with Jiang Chen. Firstly, Jiang Chen and his friends looked really young, and they were rogues cultivators, so they couldn’t be strong. Having them in their team might become a huge burden. Secondly, these three guys had offended young master Qi, so only those with messed up brains would choose to team up with them.

The people quickly disappeared, going on their way to hunt for devils in this first level of the Devil Realm. The emptied place was left with Jiang Chen and his friends.

"d.a.m.n it, they’re looking down on us!"

Tan Lang couldn’t help but curse.

“Grandpa Monk will let them know the consequences of doing that! I have made up my mind, starting from tomorrow, I’ll start hunting! I think I’m called the number one Pirate Lord of the Chaotic Ocean, but it seems I never did something that pirates usually do.”

A cunning smile emerged on Tyrant’s face. It looked like this guy was about to enter his pirate mode.

“That’s exactly what I was thinking about doing. However, I think it would be best if we wait until the day after tomorrow. At that point of time, they should have found quite a lot of devil souls, hehe.”

Jiang Chen let out a mischievous laughter. Tyrant’s idea fit perfectly with his own, and he would never show any mercy when it came to robbing those Heavenly Sect disciples.

Big Yellow was also a big fan of this. Unfortunately, he was now lying inside Jiang Chen’s Qi Sea, sleeping. Otherwise, just he and Tyrant alone would definitely wreak havoc in this first level of the Devil Realm.

“Let’s go, we shouldn’t waste our time. Since we’re here, we need to profit from our time spent.”

Jiang Chen began flying toward the inner area of the Devil Realm. Tyrant and Tan Lang followed closely after.

“The Devil Realm is divided into three level. We’re currently at the first level, and the devils here aren’t too strong. In fact, the devil race isn’t in a good spot right now. Most of them are hiding on the second and third level, conserving their energy. Once any powerful devils comes to the first level, it will be greatly suppressed and attacked by the Great Leiyin Temple. However, we can’t lower our guards. There are many devils in this first level, and there are some extremely powerful ones among them. If we’re unlucky enough to b.u.mp into a Ninth Grade Devil King, it would be a huge disaster. Of course, the chance of b.u.mping into such a devil is really low. As long as we don’t get too close to the border between the first and second level, we normally won’t encounter any Ninth Grade Devil Kings. Of course, that’s unless our luck is at the bottom of the fortune wheel.”

The monk explained the Devil Realm’s situation to Jiang Chen and Tan Lang. As a follower of the Buddhist Path, he understood the Devil Realm clearly.


While they were talking, a wild devil’s roar could be heard from their front. It was a devil that stood more than 30 meters tall. After it discovered the existence of humans, it looked like it had just found the most delicious foot. It immediately leapt toward the group in a ferocious manner.