Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 541 – Two Senior Managers

Chapter 541 – Two Senior Managers

Chapter 541 - Two Senior Managers

The Heavenly Tower’s main hall was splendidly decorated and looked magnificent. Two sweet looking girls wearing revealing outfits had been waiting at the entrance of the main hall. When they saw Manager Liu bringing Jiang Chen and the other two men over, they quickly bowed down. This was treatment that only a distinguished guest could enjoy.

Of course, Jiang Chen couldn’t be interested in girls like these. He simply walked away after looking at them once. Although he didn’t show any interest in these girls, it didn’t mean that others were like him.

“Aiyo! You’re pretty good looking, little girl! If you can make me happy, I’ll reward you handsomely!”

The monk stared at one of the girl’s chest with his l.u.s.tful eyes, not forgetting to take the opportunity to stroke her silky smooth face.

d.a.m.n you! Jiang Chen rolled his eyes on the spot. This too shameful, if the monk hadn’t followed him in here, he would definitely tell others that he didn’t know this monk. No matter what, he had to pretend he didn’t know this monk. At least, he wasn’t a goof friend of this l.u.s.tful monk.

f.u.c.k! This place is the Western Region; the heart of Buddhism! You’re wearing a kasaya and a string of Buddhist beads around your neck, there’s even nine scars on your head! Can’t you at least give some face to other Buddhists?! Even if you don’t want to give face, you shouldn’t work to remove theirs! Even Tan Lang was left speechless. Tan Lang knew that Tyrant was a shameless monk, but he never expected him to be a l.u.s.tful monk.

The young girl who had her face touched by the monk was startled as well. Apparently, even she didn’t expect this. The other two men didn’t show any interest in her, but instead, a monk did. Nevertheless, this was a handsome monk.

Manager Liu’s face twitched violently. At this very moment, he knew that this monk wasn’t any genius from the Great Leiyin Temple, and perhaps he might be a fake monk. How could a Buddhist Monk say such l.u.s.tful words and touch a girl like this? This was something only a hooligan would do!

In fact, Manager Liu called upon these two girls to serve Jiang Chen and Tan Lang, he never prepared one for the monk. If he knew about this earlier, he would ordered three girls to come here instead.

“Great Master, you’re a follower of Buddhism, I never thought you’d be interested in girls.”

Manager Liu said.

“Amitabha. Mister, what you said is rather inaccurate. For us monks, Buddha lives in our hearts. My mentality has long ago reached the pinnacle of Buddhism. Hence, I won’t be distracted by these worldly matters.”

The monk said in a serious manner.


Jiang Chen coughed a few times, then simply turned his head away from the monk.

“Haha, do whatever one pleases! Great Master, you’re a man with true nature! Why are you both still standing there? Quickly, serve tea to our distinguished guests!”

Manager Liu turned to the two girls and said. After that, he showed a welcoming gesture to Jiang Chen, “Young master, please have a seat.”

Manager Liu was a smart man. As a business man, the most important quality he had was his judgment. Just now when they were at the main entrance, he had seen that this young man in white was the actual leader of this trio, although his cultivation wasn’t as strong as the monk’s.

Jiang Chen accepted the invitation and sat down on a rattan chair, and Tan Lang sat down on the chair beside him. An exquisitely made crystal table was placed between them. Meanwhile, Tyrant was sitting alone opposite of Jiang Chen and Tan Lang, his l.u.s.tful eyes still lingering on the chest of that young girl.

Both girls flipped their palms. Like a magic trick, they took out an exquisite tea set and placed them on top of the table between Jiang Chen and Tan Lang.

“Young master, this is the Heavenly Tower’s best quality tea. Only our distinguished guests have the privilege of enjoying this.”

Manager Liu said with a smile.

Jiang Chen grabbed the cup of tea and took a sip. The tea’s fragrance followed the liquid into his mouth, making him feel refreshed. It was indeed a good tea. However, before Jiang Chen could gulp down the tea, it all burst out from his mouth because of what Tyrant said.

"Do you have wine here?"

The monk asked in a serious manner.


Tan Lang also began coughing. Manager Liu nearly fainted. He once again gave the monk a thorough look. Could this guy really be a monk?

Jiang Chen had an impulse to leave this place immediately, but he still restrained the impulse because of the Heavenly Yuan Pills. This monk was worse than Big Yellow; he was just too cheap.

“Wine and meat pa.s.ses through the intestines, while Buddha remains in the heart. Drinking tea is too boorish, how can it be compared with the regalness of drinking wine?”

The monk said with a serious expression, as if it was perfectly normal for a monk like him to come to the Heavenly Tower and ask for wine.

“Hurry up, serve the best wine to our Great Master

Manager Liu was considered a straightforward man. He didn’t care whether or not this was a real monk, and he didn’t care whether or not a monk could drink wine. What he needed to do now was fulfill the request of his distinguished guest; satisfy them.

Like magic, the young girl once again pulled out a crystal jade bottle that contained the Heavenly Tower’s best wine, then she handed it over to the monk. The monk wasted no time and immediately opened up the bottle. A strong and fragrant smell instantly sprayed into his face. The monk threw his head back and gulped down a few mouthfuls of wine, making him look like a chivalrous knight; not forgetting to praise the wine loudly afterwards.

Jiang Chen held his forehead with his palm. He couldn’t stand this any longer.

“Manager Liu, the reason why I came here is to exchange for some Heavenly Yuan Pills. Can we discuss this?”

Jiang Chen quickly changed the topic to his purpose here. He really didn’t want to watch the monk drinking wine.

Hearing this, Liu Hong’s eyes instantly lit up. He had been waiting for Jiang Chen to start the conversation. Since this young man could take out a drop of Nine Solar Holy Water, he must have some more with him. A treasure like this was rare even for the Heavenly Tower.

Also, Jiang Chen was looking for Heavenly Yuan Pills, not some rare and precious treasures. In fact, the Heavenly Tower never ran out of Heavenly Yuan Pills. In his mind, exchanging Nine Solar Holy Water for Heavenly Yuan Pills was something only an idiot would do. Of course, Liu Hong would never say that in front of Jiang Chen, unless he first turned into an idiot.

“Heavenly Yuan Pills? No problem, I can take care of that. Oh right, may I know your name?”

Liu Hong asked.

"Jiang Chen."

Jiang Chen told him his name.

“May I know how many drops of Nine Solar Holy Water young master Jiang has? I can make the decision on anything related to Heavenly Yuan Pills.”

Liu Hong said. He was only interested in Nine Solar Holy Water now.

“How many Heavenly Restoration Pills can I get for one drop of Nine Solar Holy Water?”

Jiang Chen asked.

Liu Hong pondered for a brief moment, then he continued, “I can tell that young master is a straightforward man. We, the Heavenly Tower does business in a straightforward manner as well. We’ll give 100,000 Heavenly Yuan Pills per drop. What does young master Jiang think about this price?”

Hearing this, Jiang Chen nodded his head and said, “That’s a fair price. I need ten million Heavenly Yuan Pills.”

Nine Solar Holy Water didn’t hold much value for him. Furthermore, the exchange ratio was quite fair.

"What?! Ten million?"

Liu Hong exclaimed, "You really have that much Nine Solar Holy Water?"

Liu Hong never expected Jiang Chen to straightforwardly ask for ten million Heavenly Yuan Pills, which was equal to one hundred drops of Nine Solar Holy Water. Where did this young man find so many drops? Since when did a precious treasure like the Nine Solar Holy Water become so common?

“I have enough Nine Solar Holy Water. I’m running out of time, so I don’t want to waste more time here. The Nine Solar Holy Water here is enough for ten million Heavenly Yuan Pills.”

Jiang Chen casually pulled out a small pot filled with Nine Solar Holy Water; one hundred drops.

“d.a.m.n it! Why does this guy have so much Nine Solar Holy Water! So insane!”

The wine in Tyrant’s mouth nearly burst out. Initially, he thought that Jiang Chen was just joking about needing ten million Heavenly Yuan Pills. He never expected Jiang Chen to actually be serious, and even take out so many drops of Nine Solar Holy Water.

Seeing this huge amount of Nine Solar Holy Water, Liu Hong became extremely agitated. With this amount of Nine Solar Holy Water, the Heavenly Sect would be able to produce more geniuses. However, the price for it was not a small amount, and because he was just a junior manager, he couldn’t make a decision right now.

“Young master Jiang, ten million is a huge sum, and you’re asking for Heavenly Yuan Pills, not Earth Yuan Pills. I need to seek approval from my superiors.”

Liu Hong told Jiang Chen.

“Don’t let me wait for too long, my patience is limited. If the Heavenly Tower doesn’t want this trade, I believe that there are many others who will happily deal with me.”

Jiang Chen said.

"Of course, I won't let young master wait for too long."

After saying that, with a sway of his body, Liu Hong immediately disappeared.

Within the main hall, Jiang Chen was enjoying the tea by himself, while the monk continue drinking his wine and flirting with the young girl. Jiang Chen and Tan Lang both pretended they weren’t close with the monk.

Not long after that, Liu Hong returned to the main hall. Together with him were two old men. Both men were powerful, far beyond Liu Hong. One of them looked slightly fatter; he was wearing luxurious clothes, and was a Ninth Grade Combat King. The other was an old man with a white beard, and there was a ferocious looking scar visible on his face. One would think he was a kind man from the first look, he was an Eighth Grade Combat King. Although he had just broken through to the Eighth Grade Combat King realm recently, he was still a formidable warriors.

“Great Elder, Second Elder, this is young master Jiang Chen.”

Liu Hong continued with introductions, “Young master Jiang, these two are the Great Manager and Second Manager of the Heavenly Tower.”

“I heard that young master Jiang wishes to exchange Nine Solar Holy Water for ten million Heavenly Yuan Pills. May I have a look at the Nine Solar Holy Water?”

Great Manager said with a smile, showing a very friendly expression to Jiang Chen, this was a big customer, so he obviously had to be friendly.

"Of course."

Jiang Chen casually tossed the jade pot toward the Great Manager. Since the Heavenly Tower was able to survive in the Western Region, there shouldn’t be any problems with their reputation. Thus, Jiang Chen wasn’t afraid they would play some dirty tricks.

Great Manager took the jade pot and opened it up. A strong pure Yang aura instantly emerged, causing the natural Yuan energy in the main hall to instantly become restless.

"This is indeed Nine Solar Holy Water!"

The Second Manager exclaimed. He stared at the Nine Solar Holy Water, a vague greedy expression visible in the bottom of his eyes. Jiang Chen saw it, and immediately felt disgusted.

“Brother Jiang, can you tell us where you found so much Nine Solar Holy Water?”

Great Manager curiously asked. After all, a treasure like Nine Solar Holy Water was extremely rare, and one could be considered extremely lucky by finding one or two drops. The Heavenly Tower had existed for a long time, and they had obtained Nine Solar Holy Water before, but never this much. Under normal circ.u.mstances, whenever they found Nine Solar Holy Water, the Heavenly Tower would send it to the Heavenly Sect at once, and use it to cultivate the geniuses of the Heavenly Sect.