Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 542 – Men Who Are Never Content Are Like Snakes Trying to Swallow Elephants

Chapter 542 – Men Who Are Never Content Are Like Snakes Trying to Swallow Elephants

Chapter 542 – Men Who Are Never Content Are Like Snakes Trying to Swallow Elephants

“Why? Do I have to tell you the origin of my treasures if I want to do business with the Heavenly Tower?”

Jiang Chen smiled.

“Of course not, I was just simply asking. Here are ten million Heavenly Yuan Pills. Please have a look, brother Jiang.”

While saying that, the Great Manager waved his hand and took out a storage ring, then handed it over to Jiang Chen. With a thought in his mind, Jiang Chen opened up the storage ring and sent his divine sense into it. What he saw was a huge amount of pills that piled up like a small hill; each of them being a 100% effectiveness Heavenly Yuan Pill, and the amount was exactly ten million.

The Heavenly Tower was indeed filthy rich, as they were able to take out ten million Heavenly Restoration Pills without too much trouble. If it was any other ordinary power, they wouldn’t be able to achieve this in such a short amount of time.

"It was nice doing business with you. I'll take my leave now."

After saying that, Jiang Chen stood up and walked toward the exit of the main hall.

“Hold on, brother Jiang.”

Upon seeing Jiang Chen above to leave in such a hurry, the Great Manager quickly stopped him.

"Great Manager, is there anything else?"

Jiang Chen turned around and asked.

“I wonder if brother Jiang has any extra Nine Solar Holy Water? You can sell it all to use, I can give you a better price for it.”

Great Manager said.

“No, I don’t. That’s all I had with me. I’m in urgent need of Heavenly Yuan Pills. If I did have any more, I would definitely exchange it for what I need.”

Jiang Chen smiled. What he said was correct. The Nine Solar Holy Water in that jade bottle was all he had. After all, although he could use the Nine Solar Energies to draw out as much Nine Solar Holy Water as he wanted, it would still take him some time to do it. It didn’t mean he had an unlimited supply of Nine Solar Holy Water, and could get it any time he wanted. In fact, after finding the third part of the Heavenly Saint Sword, he had been drawing Nine Solar Holy Water at a constant pace. However, as he had used up quite a lot of it while he was concocting the Nine Solar Lightning-Dragon Pills, those 100 drops were all that remained, and he had exchanged them all for Heavenly Yuan Pills.

Of course, if Jiang Chen still wanted to exchange more Nine Solar Holy Water for Heavenly Yuan Pills, it was rather easy for him to do so. As long as he was given two more days, he could stay in the Heavenly Tower and focus on drawing out Nine Solar Holy Water, then he would be able to get more.

But he obviously couldn’t do this, as he didn’t want to risk anybody finding out his secret. Furthermore, the greedy looks leaking out from the eyes of these two managers disgusted him, which also gave him a bad impression of this Heavenly Tower.

“Since brother Jiang needs a large amount of Heavenly Yuan Pills, I wonder if brother Jiang has any interest in the Devil Realm?”

The Great Manager changed his topic; a crafty look emerging in his eyes.

"Devil Realm?"

Jiang Chen was startled. When he heard those words, he became lost in memories. The Devil Realm was the home of devils, and it was located right next to the Western Region; an isolated realm by itself. Many years ago, when the devils tried to invade the Divine Continent, they were suppressed by the Buddhists of the Western Region, and Jiang Chen even ventured into this Devil Realm alone, killing many Devil Lords, bringing unimaginable damage to the devils, causing them to completely retreat back to the Devil Realm. After that, no devil dared invade the Divine Continent again. He never thought he would today hear that name again.

“The Devil Realm is the heart of devils. Those devils are extreme savage and fierce, thus making this an extremely dangerous place. Why did Great Manager mention the Devil Realm?”

Tyrant stood up from his chair and asked.

“Frankly speaking, the disciples of the Heavenly Sect are going to enter this Devil Realm tomorrow in order to train, and the Heavenly Tower will also gather a group of people and send them there. Our Heavenly Tower has business relations.h.i.+ps with many devil sects in various regions, so if brother Jiang is interested, you can follow our men; sneak into the Devil Realm and slaughter some devils. You can then sell the devil souls you’ve found to us, which we’ll buy from you with Heavenly Yuan Pills. We’ll definitely give you a good price.

[TL: Humans cultivating devil arts have devil cores (魔丹) while real devils have devil souls (魔靈)

Great Manager said.

Jiang Chen’s eyes lit up upon hearing this. He was a man who embraced challenges, and there weren’t any places in this world he did not dare venture into.

“Little Chen, this old man speaks the truth. The Heavenly Tower has a lot of businesses, and it goes beyond the boundaries of the Western Region. Although the Heavenly Sect can’t compare with the Great Leiyin Temple, they are also one of the superpowers in the Western Region. It’s very common for geniuses and cultivators of the Western Region to train in the Devil Realm, slaughtering some devils and selling their devil souls in exchange for pills and treasures they need. As for those devil souls, the Heavenly Tower will sell them to Devil path cultivators in other major regions for high prices. In the Divine Continent, there are many superpowers made up from devil path cultivators, and they exist in nearly every single major region. For instance, the Heavenly Devil Palace, although not a superpower, they exist in the Liang Province. The Western Region is the only region without a devil power, as no devil cultivators dare to train in the Western Region. This land is the forbidden land of Buddhism, the place all devil cultivators fear. Therefore, in order to purchase devil souls, those devil clans and devil cultivators have to establish business relations.h.i.+ps with conglomerates of the Western Region.”

Tyrant explained to Jiang Chen through his divine sense. In fact, Jiang Chen had known about this for a long time. Devil souls were useless for ordinary cultivators. At most, they were used to craft combat weapons. However, for devil path cultivators, they brought significant benefits. Therefore, it was only natural that the Heavenly Tower had relations.h.i.+ps with the devil clans. Meanwhile, the Devil Realm was a perfect place for training. In the Western Region, from time to time, disciples of the major powers or ordinary cultivators will group up and venture into the Devil Realm and temper themselves by slaughtering devils.

In regards to this situation, the Great Leiyin Temple had a welcoming att.i.tude. Even the disciples of the Great Leiyin Temple would visit the Devil Realm on a regular basis. After all, devils were natural enemies of the human race.

“Brother Jiang, please consider my suggestion thoroughly.”

Noticing that Jiang Chen was showing interest, the Great Manager tried encouraging him some more.

“Since that’s the case, I don’t mind paying a visit to the Devil Realm.”

Jiang Chen nodded his head, agreeing with the suggestion. Even if he returned to the Liang Province now, with his current strength, there was no way he could take on the four major powers. So, paying a visit to the Devil Realm was a rather good choice. Furthermore, Jiang Chen had his own plans as well. It was highly possible that he would be able to break through to the Fifth Grade Combat King realm in the Devil Realm. Once he had a stronger foundation, he would bring a tremendous storm to the Liang Province. Not only that, he was also interested in devil souls. Of course, he wouldn’t exchange the devil souls with the Heavenly Tower, it would be better if he could find those devil clans and do business with them directly. Perhaps he might be able to use the Heavenly Devil Palace upon returning to the Liang Province.

“Alright. Liu Hong, arrange a premium guest room for brother Jiang at once. He will enter the Devil Realm tomorrow with the disciples of the Heavenly Sect.”

Great Manager was happy, and quickly ordered Liu Hong. However, Liu Hong felt puzzled regarding this development, because he had no idea why Great Manager had suddenly become so happy. Jiang Chen had no more Nine Solar Holy Water, so there was no need for Great Manager to treat him like this. Even if the Heavenly Tower needed a lot of devil souls, receiving Jiang Chen’s help didn’t mean they would get a lot of them. How many devils could a Fourth Grade Combat King kill? Let alone those higher level devil soul.

All Liu Hong could do was obey the Great Manager’s words. He made a welcoming gesture and said, “This way please, young master Jiang.”


Jiang Chen nodded his head and left the main hall.

“Manager, it’s a beautiful day with pleasant surroundings. Why don’t you find a girl to discuss life with this monk?”

Tyrant said to Liu Hong. Before he managed to finish speaking, Jiang Chen and Tan Lang had instantly disappeared from his line of sight; hastily distancing themselves from this monk.

“Rest a.s.sured, Great Master, I guarantee you’ll be satisfied with my arrangements.”

Liu Hong chuckled, showing an understanding expression.

After Jiang Chen and his friends left, the Great Manager’s face instantly changed. Although a smile still existed on his face, it was now a sinister smile.

“Great Elder, I’m sure that guy has extra Nine Solar Holy Water with him. He’s just a young man, so why does he have so much Nine Solar Holy Water?”

The Second Elder who had a scar on his face said.

“If it was you, would you take out so much Nine Solar Holy Water and exchange it for Heavenly Yuan Pills?”

Great Manager asked.

“Of course not! Nine Solar Holy Water is precious and rare, who would simply take it out like that? Let alone in such huge amounts!”

The Second Manager shook his head.

“However, this man just took out so much Nine Solar Holy Water and exchanged it for ten million Heavenly Yuan Pills. This tells us one thing; Nine Solar Holy Water doesn’t hold much value to him, and he has more of it. Even if he doesn’t have it now, he also knows where to find more of it. That’s why I had to find a way to make him stay behind.”

Great Manager said.

“Nine Solar Holy Water is a true treasure. If we can get it in huge amounts, it will surely bring unimaginable benefits to the Heavenly Sect. Great Manager, you actually don’t have to make him stay behind, we should just capture him and force him to give us all his Nine Solar Holy Water.”

The Second Elder said in an extremely sinister manner.

“Bulls.h.i.+t, the Heavenly Tower has a very good reputation, and we never do something like this. If we did that and news leaked out, who would want to do business with us in the future?”

Great Manager scolded.

“Why don’t I just go and kill them? No one would know that it was done by us.”

The Second Elder moved his hands across his neck, making a killing gesture.

“No, the Heavenly Tower will never do something like this. If the Heavenly Tower’s reputation takes a hit, you won’t be able to bear the responsibilities.”

Great Manager immediately rejected the idea.

“Since that’s the case, Great Manager asked him to stay behind, and even invited him to partic.i.p.ate in the trip to the Devil Realm. I’m sure you have a plan in mind.”

The Second Manager looked at the Great Manager. He had known the Great Manager for long, and he knew he was a smart man. Otherwise, he wouldn’t have been given his current position.

“Of course, we won’t do this ourselves, we’ll let the disciples of the Heavenly Sect do it. Once they’re in the Devil Realm, anything that happens there will have nothing to do with the Heavenly Tower. Amongst those who are going to train in the Devil Realm, there are some formidable Combat King geniuses. We’ll just let them handle Jiang Chen and his Nine Solar Holy Water.”

A faint smile emerged on the Great Manager’s face. In his eyes, Jiang Chen was just a mere Fourth Grade Combat King, nothing to worry about. As long as Jiang Chen venture into the Devil Realm with the disciples of the Heavenly Sect, he would end up in the hands of those disciples.

“Brilliant, Great Master’s plan is truly amazing. Let our disciples handle this guy, then it will have nothing to do with the Heavenly Tower! At that point of time, not only can we get all the Nine Solar Holy Water this man has, we can also force him to tell us where he got it. This is brilliant!”

The Second Manager’s smile became even more sinister.