Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 540 – The Miserable Guard

Chapter 540 – The Miserable Guard

Chapter 540 - The Miserable Guard

In front of the Heavenly Tower’s main entrance, two extremely burly men could be seen standing; one on each side. They were both Combat Soul warriors. Upon seeing Jiang Chen and the other two approaching the entrance, one of the two burly men stretched out his arm and stopped them.

"Come tomorrow if you're here to trade."

The burly man said in an impolite manner. Although he knew that the three people in front of him were Combat Kings, he still behaved arrogantly. This showed how strong the Heavenly Tower’s foundation was. In this Heavenly City, no one ever dared to cause trouble; even a Combat Emperor would have to suppress his pride in this place.

“Why can they enter, but I, your father cannot?”

The monk couldn’t accept such treatment. He clearly saw other people entering the Heavenly Tower just now, but when it came to their turn, they were asked to come the next day. Wasn’t this discrimination?

“They’re all distinguished guests of the Heavenly Tower, that’s why they can come at any time. But, you’re not, so hurry up and leave this place, come back at daytime.”

The burly man said in a rude manner.

Tyrant was immediately enraged, and it looked like he was about the give the burly man two slaps. However, he was pulled back by Jiang Chen before he could do anything. This monk knew no control to his strength, and if he killed this man with his slap, they would be in a bad situation.

Jiang Chen strode up to the burly man. He narrowed his eyes which were emitting an ice-cold glow and stared at the man, causing the man to feel a chill running down his back. The man couldn’t help but gulp, then move his eyes away as he lost the courage to stare at Jiang Chen.

“Tell your manager that there’s a big customer here; ask him to come out and greet us.”

Jiang Chen placed his hands behind his back and portrayed an imposing image.

“Kid, let me warn you; you better not show you arrogance in this place. Open your eyes and look around before you talk. Who are you? You’re not worth the time of our manager! What a joke!”

The other guard shouted at Jiang Chen. They had been working as guards of the Heavenly Tower for many years, but they had never seen such an arrogant young man. Asking their manager to welcome him personally? He really had no idea what his own status was.


Right after the burly man’s words left his mouth, a strong palm slapped his face, forcing him to spin around three times before coming to a stop. Half of his face instantly became swollen.

"You... you dare slap me?"

The burly man pointed his finger at Jiang Chen and said in a furious manner. Outrageous, this was completely insane! Who gave this young man the audacity to slap a guard of the Heavenly Tower?! This was ridiculous! This young man was done for, there was no way he could leave the Heavenly Tower alive today!


Jiang Chen replied with yet another slap. The two slaps turned his face into a pig’s face. This was the result of Jiang Chen showing mercy. Otherwise, he could have easily destroyed this burly man’s head with a single slap.

“What an insect! f.u.c.k!”

Tyrant strode over while cursing, then delivered a powerful kick to the guard’s stomach, sending him flying away. The burly man felt extremely depressed. Not only had he been slapped twice, he now had to withstand a kick as well. These two guys were simply lawless, as they the courage to beat up someone at the entrance of the Heavenly Tower.

Tan Lang shook his head and laughed. This monk was truly amazing, he didn’t look like an eminent monk at all, but instead a hooligan wearing a kasaya.

The other burly man had been frightened by Jiang Chen’s gaze, and after witnessing his partner’s face turning into a pig’s face, he was so scared that he didn’t even have the courage to speak. He could only clench his jaw tightly in anger. Working for the Heavenly Tower had always been something he was proud about, but now someone actually beat up the Heavenly Tower’s people. This was simply an act of not showing any respect to the Heavenly Tower.

“Hand this thing to your manager, let him come here and welcome us at once. We’ll only wait for three minutes, if he doesn’t show himself by then, we’ll leave after that.”

Jiang Chen casually waved his arm, tossing a small jade bottle over. It was golden jade bottle emitting a faint golden light. The burly man grabbed the bottle. Upon holding it, he found out that it was really heavy, and he could sense threads of pure Yang energy coming out from it. It looked like there was a really valuable treasure inside the bottle.

"You,- you guys wait here."

After saying that, the burly man turned around and entered the Heavenly Tower, not forgetting to murmur, “d.a.m.n it, how dare you beat a man of the Heavenly Tower?! I’ll tell the manager about this, he will chop you all into pieces for sure!”

On the Heavenly Tower’s top floor, inside a s.p.a.cious meeting hall, an old man in a gray robe was sitting comfortably in a rattan chair. He was holding a cup of hot tea in his hand; looking relaxed.

He was one of the Heavenly Tower’s managers, and could only be considered a lowest rank manager. He was a Fifth Grade Combat King, not someone who could easily be offended.

Right at this moment, the burly man came into the meeting hall in a flurried manner.

“Why do you look so panicked? Don’t you know the rules? Is this a place you can come into?!”

The old man scolded the burly man.

“Manager Liu, there are three lunatics at our entrance. They’ve beaten the other guard, and even asked you to welcome them personally.”

The burly man explained what happened at the entrance to the old man.

“Hmph! What a bunch of reckless rascals; how dare they act lawlessly in the Heavenly Tower, do they not know what this place is?!”

Manager Liu coldly harrumphed with an angry expression on his face. Although the guards weren’t important personnel, they still belonged to the Heavenly Tower. So, having their guards beaten was like having the Heavenly Tower’s face beaten.

“That kid also asked me to show you this. He said if you don’t personally greet him within three minutes, he’ll leave right away.”

The burly man handed the jade bottle to manager Liu. When manager Liu opened up the jade bottle, he instantly sensed a pure Yang energy leaking out from it. Without hesitating, he sent out his divine sense. Upon realizing what was contained inside the jade bottle, his expression changed dramatically. He stood up from his chair immediately and asked the burly man with a loud voice, “Where is this man?!”

"He is still at the entrance."

The burly man was startled. He never expected to see Manager Liu react in such a way. Could the contents within the jade bottle be something extremely valuable?

Indeed, it was a priceless treasure. What was contained within the jade bottle was a drop of genuine Nine Solar Holy Water. This Nine Solar Holy Water was a rare treasure; a true holy object underneath the heavens. Just a single drop was more than enough to strength a person’ const.i.tution. This, describing it as a peerless treasure was natural and right.


Right after the burly man finished speaking, Manager Liu vanished from where he was. The burly man shuddered, realizing that he might run into huge trouble as he had offended someone he shouldn’t have. He was well aware of what kind of person Manager Liu was, and someone who could make him react like this must be someone with an uncommon background.

Outside the Heavenly Tower, Jiang Chen stood leisurely with a confident expression on his face. As long as the people in the Heavenly Tower weren’t idiots, they would definitely send someone to greet him upon seeing the Nine Solar Holy Water. If the Heavenly Tower rejected this offer, there would still be plenty of people who would want to do business with Jiang Chen.

Jiang Chen was well aware of how precious Nine Solar Holy Water was. But for him, it was nothing. Back in the days, with just a broken part of the Heavenly Saint Sword, the Nangong Family was able to produce a lot of Nine Solar Holy Water. Now, Jiang Chen possessed three parts of the Heavenly Saint Sword, and he could easily draw out any amount of Nine Solar Holy Water he wanted.

“Little Chen, what is the thing you gave them? Will it work?”

Tyrant whispered.

“Don’t worry, nothing works better than this.”

Jiang Chen said with utmost confidence.

Tyrant and Tan Lang were still in doubt. They had beaten someone here, and if Jiang Chen couldn’t take out a treasure the Heavenly Tower would be interested in, they would be in trouble.

Not long after that, a figure suddenly appeared outside the entrance in a ghostly manner. It was Manager Liu.

“Manager Liu, these are the ones who beat me!”

The pig faced guard looked at Manager Liu like he was looking at his savior. Without hesitating, he pointed his finger at Jiang Chen.

"Get lost!"

Without saying anything else, Manager Liu simply delivered another slap to the guard’s face. The guard let out a miserable shriek as he was thrown onto the ground; his two front teeth being broken by the slap. He felt really depressed now, as he thought his savior had arrived, but instead, the savior had teamed up with the enemy to slap him another time. He felt like killing himself right now.

Manager Liu moved his glance over to Jiang Chen. After seeing that Jiang Chen was a Fourth Grade Combat King, he cupped his fist and said, “My name is Liu Hong, a junior manager of this place. Young master, please follow me.”

A Fourth Grade Combat King, even if he was a young Fourth Grade Combat King genius, the Heavenly Tower would pay no attention to him. However, there was no way the Heavenly Tower would pay no attention to Nine Solar Holy Water. The Heavenly Tower was in for business, and a big trade like this was something they dreamt of.


Jiang Chen placed both hands behind his back and walked into the Heavenly Tower in an imposing manner. Tyrant and Tan Lang looked at each other, and couldn’t help but give Jiang Chen a big thumbs up. This guy was really amazing; he could even alert the manager of the Heavenly Tower, causing him to come out and welcome him personally.

"Both of you, please follow me too."

Li Hong made a welcoming gesture to Tyrant and Tan Lang as well. When his eyes landed on Tyrant’s face, he couldn’t help but feel startled for a brief moment. He could tell with just one look that although this monk was really young, he was already a Sixth Grade Combat King. Throughout the entire Western Region, perhaps only the Great Leiyin Temple could cultivate such a genius. Thus, he didn’t dare show any neglect.

Following Jiang Chen, Tyrant and Tan Lang entered the Heavenly Tower, and they immediately b.u.mped into the guard who pa.s.sed on the message earlier.

"Guard the entrance properly! You better sharpen your judgment!"

Liu Hong scolded the burly man. The burly man instantly broke into a cold sweat, blaming himself for his misjudgment. He was just wondering what kind of treasure was inside that jade bottle.

“Little Chen, stop making us guess. What kind of treasure was in that jade bottle?”

Tyrant couldn’t restrain his curiosity any longer.

"A drop of Nine Solar Holy Water."

Jiang Chen casually shrugged his shoulder and answered.

Tyrant and Tan Lang exchanged glances once more. No wonder the Heavenly Tower treated them so well. It was obvious that the Heavenly Tower had a huge demand for Nine Solar Holy Water. In regards to why Jiang Chen could take out Nine Solar Holy Water, both men should feel really surprised. However, they seemed calm, not surprised at all. After all, Jiang Chen was able to take Nine Solar Lightning-Dragon Pills, so taking out Nine Solar Holy Water didn’t mean much.