Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 539 – Heavenly Tower

Chapter 539 – Heavenly Tower

Chapter 539 – Heavenly Tower

Outside Greenlotus Mountain, three men were flying by in the sky. Filled with mixed emotions, Tan Lang said, “It feels like ages has pa.s.sed.”

It was rather natural for Tan Lang to have such feelings, and it wasn’t an overstatement. The day he was thrown in the Freezing h.e.l.l Jail, he believed that his life was gone, and that he had no future other than death in the Freezing h.e.l.l Jail. He never expected that he would come to the Western Region, safe and sound.

“Soon, we’ll go back to the Liang Province. We have to get back what we’ve lost. No enemy of me will have a good ending.”

Jiang Chen’s words were arrogant and unruly; not taking the Liang Province seriously. No matter how small the Liang Province was, there were still Combat Emperors residing within. If any other Fourth Grade Combat King had spoken those words, people would think that he is joking. However, since it came from Jiang Chen’s mouth, Tan Lang and Tyrant had no doubts at all, as they knew how frightening Jiang Chen was. In Jiang Chen’s mind, the Liang Province truly did not mean anything. Sooner or later, his name would be heard by the entire Divine Continent.

“It’s a pity that Big Yellow is still in a coma. If not for him saving us at the most critical moment, we might all be dead by now."

Tan Lang said. His heart was filled with grat.i.tude whenever he thought of Big Yellow.

“Little Chen, you’ve given Big Yellow your blood and a Nine Solar Lightning-Dragon Pill, he should’ve waken up by now, so why is he still showing no signs of waking up? This is really making me worry.”

Tyrant worriedly said.

“Big Yellow’s condition is different from mine. His condition is largely caused by the backlashes he suffered, that’s why normal healing pills won’t work for him. The only way to wake him up is by awakening his sleeping bloodline. Big Yellow has the bloodline of the Divine Beast Dragon Horse, so we need to find a similar bloodline and use it to wake him up. For example, a unique beast such as the Flaming Stallion. As long as Big Yellow is fed with its blood essence and demon soul, he will awaken. Also, reawakening his bloodline will cause him to be tempered because of the life and death experience, which will cause it to evolve; bringing Big Yellow tremendous benefits.”

Jiang Chen explained. When they were in the Southern Continent, Big Yellow had absorbed the bloodline and demon soul of a Flaming Stallion. Unfortunately, a unique beast like the Flaming Stallion was incredibly rare. What Big Yellow needed right now was a bloodline like that, and it was the only thing capable of waking him up.

"Flaming Stallion."

Tan Lang’s eyes flickered, “The Sect Chief of the Invincible Sect owns a ride. It isn’t a Flaming Stallion, but a Ferghana Stallion. Will that be of any help to Big Yellow?”

“Yes, of course, it helps! The Ferghana Stallion and Flaming Stallion belongs to the unique Combat Stallion species, they are both extremely rare and unique beasts. The Ferghana Stallion’s body is solid crimson, and its bloodline is extremely pure. If Big Yellow is given the blood essence and demon soul of the Ferghana Stallion, he will definitely recover.”

A look of surprise appeared on Jiang Chen’s face. He knew the solution to helping Big Yellow, but he just couldn’t find the suitable items. Now, by knowing about the existence of a Ferghana Stallion, it also meant he had a clear target. For Big Yellow, the benefits brought by a Ferghana Stallion were much better than the benefits brought by a Flaming Stallion. Big Yellow had already absorbed a Flaming Stallion before, so he already had its bloodline in his body. Thus, the effects would be much weaker from absorbing another one. However, if it was a Ferghana Stallion, it would be a completely different story. The pure bloodline of a Ferghana Stallion could definitely help wake up Big Yellow’s bloodline, allowing him to stand at the pinnacle.

“Then what are we waiting for? The Invincible Sect isn’t a good power either, they were also hunting for us. Once we make our comeback, we’ll treat them like we’re going to treat the Asura Palace; show no mercy! So what if it’s the ride of the Invincible Sect’s Sect Chief? We won’t be polite!”

Tyrant quickly voiced out his opinion. It looked like there wasn’t anybody or any powers in this world he wouldn’t dare offend.

“However, that Ferghana Stallion has never left the Sect Chief, so it’ll be difficult for us to find an opportunity to capture it. Also, I heard that it’s an Eighth Grade Demon King, or perhaps even a Ninth Grade Demon King. With our overall strength, I don’t think it’ll be easy for us to capture it.”

Tan Lang said with a frown on his face.

“Don’t worry. Since it’s my prey, I will definitely capture it sooner or later. After all, Big Yellow is in a stable condition right now.”

Jiang Chen said with a smile. For him, the stronger the enemy, the happier he was. He loved challenges. Putting aside his hostile relations.h.i.+p with the Invincible Sect, even if there wasn’t anything between them; as long as it was related to Big Yellow’s survival, Jiang Chen would capture that Ferghana Stallion no matter what. He would do it for his brother; even if it ended up placing him against the entire world, Jiang Chen wouldn’t even frown.

“Since that’s the case, are we going back to the Liang Province now?”

Tan Lang asked.

“We’re not in a rush. Before we return to the Liang Province, I need to prepare something. I need a huge amount of Heavenly Yuan Pills. Monk, do you know where we can get a lot of Heavenly Yuan Pills?”

Jiang Chen turned to Tyrant and asked. What he needed now wasn’t Spirits of the Five Elements, but pills that could provide him Yuan energy, Heavenly Yuan Pills. His previous breakthroughs had depleted his savings, and he didn’t have enough pills to break through to the Fifth Grade Combat King realm. Jiang Chen’s was currently at the peak Fourth Grade Combat King realm, and he had just faced Heavenly Tribulation and experienced the third transformation of the Dragon Transformation skill; both making his foundation even stronger. Therefore, as long as he had enough energy from demon souls or other sources, he could break through to the Fifth Grade Combat King realm at any time. At that point of time, without the support of a huge amount of Heavenly Yuan Pills, the situation would become incredibly awkward. Therefore, he had to stockpile a huge amount of Heavenly Yuan Pills. Not only for breaking through to the Fifth Grade Combat King realm, but also for breaking through to the Combat Emperor realm.

“A lot of Heavenly Yuan Pills? I know a famous place in the Western Region called the Heavenly Tower, a big chamber of commerce. Their main business is trading of treasures, and they occasionally hold major scale auctions. If you need a lot of Heavenly Yuan Pills, this Heavenly Tower is definitely the right choice. However, the Heavenly Tower is also one of the major powers of the Western Region, and they are protected by at least a Minor Saint. No one dares to mess around with them. So, if you need a lot of Heavenly Yuan Pills, you’ll need to buy them with sufficient treasures.”

Tyrant said.

“Alright, we’ll go to this Heavenly Tower. Once I have the Heavenly Yuan Pills I need, we’ll return to the Xuan Region.”

Jiang Chen said.


Tyrant nodded his head, then began flying in another direction. Although the Western Region was a small region compared to the other major regions, it was still very big. From their current position, it would still take them some time to reach the Heavenly Tower.

“Little Chen, how many Heavenly Yuan Pills do you need? I still have some with me.”

Tyrant asked.

"About ten million."

Jiang Chen casually estimated and gave out a number. It was a conservative estimation. If he wanted to break through to the Combat Emperor realm from the Fourth Grade Combat King realm, this amount was the basic requirement. Jiang Chen didn’t want to waste his time later on searching for Heavenly Yuan Pills, so he wanted to get all he needed from the Heavenly Tower in one go.


Tyrant and Tan Lang simultaneously cried out in shock. Both of them staggered in the air, nearly falling down. Ten million Heavenly Yuan Pills! Not Earth Yuan Pills or Mortal Yuan Pills! A single Heavenly Yuan Pill was equal to 10,000 Earth Yuan Pills! Ten million Heavenly Yuan Pills, was Jiang Chen going to eat them like candy? Even if that was the case, he wouldn’t be able to finish them at all!

“It’s merely ten million Heavenly Yuan Pills, do you guys really have to be so shocked?”

Jiang Chen speechlessly rolled his eyes.

Merely ten million.

The two men nearly fainted. Did this guy know the true value of ten million Heavenly Yuan Pills? And he even said ‘merely’? Was he nuts or what?

“d.a.m.n it, I really want to know what kind of treasure you’re going to use in exchange for ten million Heavenly Yuan Pills. Don’t tell me you still have a Nine Solar Lightning-Dragon Pill?”

Tyrant looked at Jiang Chen in shock.

“What a joke, I’ll be courting dead if I take out one of this. Let’s go, I do have some treasures to exchange.”

Jiang Chen responded with a smile. He did still have two Nine Solar Lightning-Dragon Pills, but a pill like this could never be shown to the public, as it might bring him a fatal disaster. No matter how reputable the Heavenly Tower was, when faced with a treasure like the Nine Solar Lightning-Dragon Pill, no one would be able to suppress their greed.

“Oh right, monk, is this Heavenly Tower run by monks as well?”

Tan Lang curiously asked.

“You idiot, don’t tell me you really think that the Western Region only has monks? The Western Region is famous for Buddhism, but it doesn’t mean that there are only monks here. This is a large region, and if we only had monks here, it would bring huge trouble. There are many big powers established by ordinary humans, there are even kingdoms and dynasties. The Heavenly Tower is just one of them, it’s the power underneath the Heavenly Sect.

Tyrant glared at Tan Lang and explained.

“I did think that there were only monks in the Western Region.”

Tan Lang laughed. If Tyrant hadn’t explained this to him, he really would have thought that there were only Buddhists in the Western Region. In fact, it wasn’t just Tan Lang. Many people believed that the Western Region was a region belonging to Buddhists, and that aside from Buddhists, no other powers existed in this place.

The Heavenly City; the only city existing in the heart of the Western Region! It was a prosperous city, yet also a big and ancient city. The reason why it was called the Heavenly City was solely because of the Heavenly Tower. A big and domineering force could easily change everything.

It was midnight when they arrived in the Heavenly City. But, for a prosperous city like this, there basically wasn’t any difference between day and night. Even though it was midnight at the moment, the entire city was bright lit up like it was broad daylight.

“Let’s land here and enter the city by foot. Only Combat Emperors are allowed to fly in this place, so we shouldn’t get ourselves into unnecessary trouble.”

Tyrant reminded everyone.

Jiang Chen nodded his head and descended from the sky. His main purpose here was to find Heavenly Yuan Pills, and he didn’t want to get involved with unnecessary trouble. Also, with his current cultivation, it was rather difficult for him to deal with the four major powers of the Liang Province, let alone this Heavenly Tower.

The three men smoothly entered the city and found the Heavenly Tower. It was a chamber of commerce covering a large area of land; a tall golden tower in the center of the city, brightly illuminated. Even at this hour of the day, it was still packed with people who came for business.