Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 538 – Leaving

Chapter 538 – Leaving

Chapter 538 - Leaving


With a sway of his body, Jiang Chen left Greenlotus Mountain. The Fire Dragon Seal in his hand had completely formed up, and it was extremely heavy. A large Fire Dragon could be seen within the seal, and it was as if it would come alive at any time.


Jiang Chen shouted as the Fire Dragon Seal left his hand and rammed into a desolate mountain not far from him.


The seal that was roughly 30 meters in diameter forcefully rammed into the mountain, instantly shattering it. Even the Greenlotus Mountain was violently shaking. Countless rock fragments shot out in all directions, but were met with a vast ocean of flames, and vanished instantly because of the scorching flames.

The scorching flames soared up into the sky. A mountain had just been destroyed by this seal alone, leaving behind a huge and deep crater on the ground, raging flames dancing violently inside. Half of the mountain had been turned to ash because of the flames, while the other half had shattered into countless fragments that had scattered across the place. The scene was like that of the end of the world; extremely frightening!

Great Master Ran Feng who was in the middle of secluded cultivation suddenly opened his eyes. With a thought, he immediately found out what had just happened, as the image of the entire Greenlotus Mountain appeared in his mind. A look of astonishment appeared on his face.

“Such a powerful Combat Seal! It just leveled a mountain! With the strength of this attack, I think even a Seventh Grade Combat King would be killed on the spot, and it’s capable of taking on Eighth Grade Combat Kings. He is indeed a peerless genius. At the peak of the Fourth Grade Combat King realm, he is able of unleas.h.i.+ng an attack with power than can normally only be shown by an Eighth Grade Combat King, what a genius!”

Great Master Ran Feng couldn’t restrain his shock. If Tyrant was a genius, then Jiang Chen was a monster who completely went beyond the boundaries of genius. Since Greenlotus Mountain and Jiang Chen had a friendly relations.h.i.+p now, it made Great Master Ran Feng see a light of hope. Perhaps relying on Jiang Chen was much better than relying on the Great Leiyin Temple.

As for the mountain that Jiang Chen had just destroyed, Great Master Ran Feng wasn’t bothered by it at all. He knew Jiang Chen was cultivating a combat skill. Thus, even if Jiang Chen destroyed all the desolate mountains in this area, he wouldn’t mind at all. All these desolate mountains were there for decoration, and the destruction of them wouldn’t affect the foundations of the Greenlotus Mountain at all.

Hovering high up in the sky, Jiang Chen looked down into the raging ocean of flames underneath him. He waved his arm, tearing a huge crack in s.p.a.ce that sucked all the flames into the void. With that, peace once again returned to Greenlotus Mountain. A faint smile could be seen on Jiang Chen’s face; he was very happy with the strength of the Fire Dragon Seal.

“The Five Elements Combat Dragon Seal is really frightening, the strength of this Fire Dragon Seal alone can easily match the power of the last step of Azure Dragon’s Five Steps, and it will grow even stronger as I continue walking on this path of cultivation. Not only that, the Five Elements Combat Dragon Seals are mutually reinforcing each other, and with this characteristic, I’m sure this skill will become even stronger in the future. It looks like I need to look for things related to the Spirit of the Five Elements, so that I can cultivate the other four seals as well.”

Jiang Chen really liked this Five Elements Combat Dragon Seal. It was such a frightening combat skill, and it was really suitable for someone like him who was cultivating the Dragon Transformation skill. It was extremely powerful. After Jiang Chen broke through to the Fourth Grade Combat King realm, he became able to perfectly unleash the last step of the Azure Dragon’s Five Steps. However, the Azure Dragon’s Five Steps was only an offensive combat skill, but on the other side, not only did the Fire Dragon Seal come with a lot of power, it also came with the ability of elemental restraint. It was very simple, if an enemy was cultivating a water or ice elemental skill fought with Jiang Chen, the Fire Dragon Soul would be able to greatly restrain his enemy.

Not only this, the Fire Dragon Seal was also great against all devils, as devils leaned more toward the Yin side. Hence, they would fear someone like Jiang Chen who possessed the purest Yang energy. This was also the reason why Buddhists were rivals of all devils. All Buddhist skills possessed pure Yang characteristics; the existence hated the most by devils.

Most importantly, the Five Elements Combat Dragon Seals was not just a simple combat skill, cultivating it would also bring tremendous benefits to Jiang Chen. In order to cultivate this skill to perfection, he would have to find genuine spirits of the Five Elements; the most frightening ones of the Five Elements under the heavens. Imaginable, if Jiang Chen really absorbed all of them; what level would he really achieve?

What were Spirits of the Five Elements? Heaven and Earth’s Dark Gold, Tree of Life, Heaven and Earth’s True Water, World’s True Earth. As for the fire element, Jiang Chen’s True Dragon Flame and True Lightning Flame were the kings of all flames, hence, they could be considered as Spirits of Flame. The other four Elemental Spirits would be Jiang Chen’s targets from now on. However, it was destined for this to take a lot of time, as these spirits were extremely rare and hard to find. No one knew where they existed. He could only depend on his own luck.

For the time after that, Jiang Chen didn’t continue cultivating, but instead took his time to enjoy the scenery in the Western Region; adjusting his mood and preparing himself for his return to the Xuan Region.

The next day, with the help of the Nine Solar Lightning-Dragon Pill, Tyrant successfully broke through to the Sixth Grade Combat King realm, and managed to reach the peak of the Sixth Grade in one go. He was just one step away from the Seventh Grade. With his strong foundations that came from the sarira and Nine Solar Lightning-Dragon Pill, he could break through to the Seventh Grade Combat King realm at any time.

As planned, Great Master Ran Feng brought Tyrant to the Great Leiyin Temple. Jiang Chen didn’t follow them, as he wasn’t interested in the Great Leiyin Temple at the moment. Tan Lang hadn’t come out of secluded cultivation yet. His condition was pretty bad, so it wouldn’t be an easy task for him to fully recover, even with the help of the Nine Solar Lightning-Dragon Pill. It would take him at least three days to absorb the Nine Solar Lightning-Dragon Pill.

Later that day, Great Master Ran Feng brought Tyrant back from the Great Leiyin Temple. Both of them wore smiles.

"Great Master, how was it?"

Jiang Chen asked. Although Great Master Ran Feng had yet to break through to the Great Saint realm after absorbing the pill, his transformation was obvious. He seemed full of vigor right now, and if he kept his momentum going, he would sooner or later break through.

“It’s just as Little Chen said. In regards to my master taking the initiative to visit them, the Great Leiyin Temple expressed great surprise. Even their Great Saint Buddhist came out to welcome us. I’m not a disciple of the Great Leiyin Temple, but we have a deal with them. I’m only a disciple in name, and I will temporarily not be cultivating there. In fact, many disciples of the Great Leiyin Temple are training outside the temple, so it’s perfectly normal.”

Tyrant said.

“This is the best outcome. Once Tan Lang awakens, we’ll return to the Xuan Region.”

Jiang Chen said.

"Alright. This time we must wreak havoc, wakaka..."

Tyrant heartily laughed out. It looked like he was a guy who craved to see the world plunged into chaos. No matter where he went; he wouldn’t settle for peace. In fact, from how he became the strongest Pirate Lord, one could easily tell what kind of person Tyrant was.

“Little friend Jiang Chen, I’ll have no worries if my disciple follows you. Here, take this talisman. I hope it can provide you some aid during a critical moment.”

Great Master Ran Feng took out a golden talisman fully covered with Sanskrit and placed it on top of Jiang Chen’s palm.

“Little Chen, you’re better than me. When I last left this place, master didn’t even give me a hair.”

Tyrant jealously said. However, he knew his master was trying to train him. During this training, he wouldn’t receive any aid from his master.

"Thank you, Great Master."

Jiang Chen cupped his fist and thanked Great Master Ran Feng. Others might not recognize this talisman, but Jiang Chen could. It was a Source of Combat Strength Talisman, formed from a thread of Great Master Ran Feng’s divine sense. This divine sense wasn’t an ordinary divine sense, it cost a huge amount of spirit and energy of the cultivator to make. Even a Great Saint would rarely produce such a talisman. Also, the value of this talisman was unimaginable. When it was activated, it would unleash a full strength attack of a Ninth Grade Minor Saint. An attack like this could destroy the entire Asura Palace in one go.

Therefore, Jiang Chen didn’t reject the gift. He had too many enemies, and with a life-saving trump card like this, it made him feel more confident. Of course, Jiang Chen wouldn’t use this Source of Combat Strength Talisman unless he was at a most critical moment. It was his life-saving trump card, so he would naturally only use it at the most critical moment.

During the next two days, Great Master Ran Feng used Buddhist healing techniques to help treat Tan Lang. Soon, when the third day arrived, Tan Lang had finally fully recovered. Not only was he completely healed, his const.i.tution had experienced a tremendous transformation, and his cultivation had skyrocketed. He was now a Fourth Grade Combat King, the same as Jiang Chen. This was a typical example of a blessing coming disguised as a misfortune.

The current Tan Lang was also very frightening now. After his const.i.tution transformed, his talent could easily make him the number one genius of the Asura Palace. Even the Great Tyc.o.o.n Xiao Nanfeng couldn’t be compared with him.

"Thank you, brother Jiang. Thank you, Great Master."

Tan Lang bowed deeply toward Jiang Chen and Great Master Ran Feng, expressing his sincerity. Without Jiang Chen and Great Master Ran Feng, he wouldn’t have been able to recover in such a short period of time, and would never have been able to find a Nine Solar Lightning-Dragon Pill; a heaven-defying pill that allowed him to break through to the Fourth Grade Combat King realm.

Late in the evening, outside Greenlotus Mountain, Jiang Chen, Tan Lang and Tyrant were saying their farewells to Great Master Ran Feng.

“Master, we’re leaving now. Don’t stay locked up on this mountain, when you have free time, go look for those eminent monks of the Great Leiyin Temple and have a chat with them. Don’t get yourself killed by the devil called boredom.”

Tyrant said.

The old monk glared at Tyrant. Sometime, he felt really speechless when it came to this disciple of his.

"Great Master, we're leaving now."

Jiang Chen cupped his fist toward Great Master Ran Feng, then turned around and left with Tyrant and Tan Lang. His trip to the Western Region had been fruitful. Not only had his cultivation improved hugely, he had also met the successors of Ancestor Greenlotus.