Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 535 – A Painful Topic

Chapter 535 – A Painful Topic

Chapter 535 - A Painful Topic

Great Master Ran Feng couldn’t keep calm. Anyone who knew about the Nine Solar Lightning-Dragon Pill would become extremely agitated. The requirements to concoct this pill were too severe. First, Nine Solar Holy Water, which was a rare ingredient, and hard to obtain. The second part; the most critical one, the alchemist himself had to concoct this pill while facing Heavenly Tribulation. Throughout the entire Divine Continent, there had never been an alchemist capable of achieving this.

However, this young man in front of him had accomplished this seemingly impossible tasked. This caused Great Master Ran Feng’s already high impression of Jiang Chen to reach new levels. This was a true abnormal monster.

“Little friend, you’re really an amazing man.”

Great Master Ren Feng said, his tone filled with mixed emotions.

After feeding Big Yellow the Nine Solar Lightning-Dragon Pill, Jiang Chen finally felt somewhat relaxed. It wasn’t until now that he ran his eyes across the s.p.a.cious hall. While examining his surroundings, he saw a state placed in the front of the hall. When he saw the face of the statue, his expression instantly changed.

"Ancestor Greenlotus!"

Jiang Chen cried out in shock. In his previous life, he had very few friends, and Ancestor Greenlotus was definitely one of them. Furthermore, Ancestor Greenlotus had once saved his life, so although he had only met him a few times, their relations.h.i.+p was quite deep.

Jiang Chen’s reaction startled Great Master Ran Feng and Tyrant. Ancestor Greenlotus was a man who existed hundreds of years ago, but Jiang Chen could actually recognize him. Buddhists rarely interacted with the outside world, let alone a mighty existence like Ancestor Greenlotus.

“Little friend, you know my master?”

Great Master Ran Feng was surprised by Jiang Chen’s response.

Jiang Chen realized now that he had lost his cool and called out Ancestor Greenlotus’s name. Now he had to find a way to explain his reaction. However, he couldn’t just tell them the fact that he was reincarnated, as it was a fake that would shake this entire world. Being reincarnated and the Dragon Transformation skill, those were his biggest secrets. For an old monster who had lived two lives like him, he knew that such secrets could only be known by himself, and no one else. Otherwise, it had potential to cause a tremendous commotion.

After recognizing Ancestor Greenlotus, Jiang Chen finally remembered this old monk. When Ancestor Greenlotus met Jiang Chen many years, a juvenile monk was following him. Ancestor Greenlotus told him that the juvenile monk was his disciple. However, Jiang Chen didn’t pay much attention to that young monk, and never asked him for his name. He didn’t expect that that young monk had now grown into an old monk, and was standing right in front of him. This junior from many years ago had now become his senior.

Jiang Chen also finally understood why Tyrant knew the Fudo Seal. His judgment back in the Chaotic Ocean was correct, Tyrant did indeed have a relations.h.i.+p with Ancestor Greenlotus.

Without changing his expression, Jiang Chen said, “Ancestor Greenlotus is the greatest Buddhist Saint. Many years ago, he saved my ancestors life, causing my ancestor to owe him a debt of grat.i.tude. Therefore, Ancestor Greenlotus is the savior of my Jiang family. We have a drawing of Ancestor Greenlotus at our home, that’s why I was able to recognize him.”

“Amitabha, good, good. I never expected little friend’s ancestor to have connection with my master. This is destiny.”

Great Master Ran Feng did not doubt Jiang Chen’s words. He was well aware of what kind of person Ancestor Greenlotus was. Ancestor Greenlotus had traveled the entire Saint Origin realm throughout his life, and had saved many people. A n.o.body like Jiang Chen’s ancestor would surely hang up a portrait of Ancestor Greenlotus and wors.h.i.+p it. Perhaps the ancestor of Jiang Chen’s family would never have imagined that he would have such a heaven-defying descendant.

Great Master Ran Feng was very happy. He was happy to know a genius like Jiang Chen, and now, to learn that his master had once saved Jiang Chen’s ancestor, he was even happier.

“More than one hundred years ago, the greatest Saint underneath the heavens used his sword to cut open the gateway to the Realm of Immortals; creating a new path for all Saints in the Saint Origin realm. With Ancestor Greenlotus’s cultivation base, I’m certain he has ascended into the Realm of Immortals.”

Jiang Chen carefully probed.

“That’s for sure. Ancestor Master was a man with mighty strength and a formidable cultivation base. After the greatest Saint fell on the Saint Cliff, he was the first man to rush over to that place, and also the first person to ascend.”

It was Tyrant who answered the question. His words carried a prideful undertone. Having such a formidable Ancestor Master, Tyrant would naturally feel proud about it.

Great Master Ran Feng placed his palms together in a devour manner and bowed toward Ancestor Greenlotus’s statue. However, Jiang Chen could clearly see a vague sadness from Great Master Ran Feng’s expression, and there was even slight anger mixed in. This was abnormal; an eminent monk like Great Master Ran Feng would never easily show his emotions, and would not easily become angry. However, upon mentioning Ancestor Greenlotus’s ascension, his expression immediately became uneasy.

What did this tell Jiang Chen? It meant that something wasn’t right about Ancestor Greenlotus’s ascension.

“Could it be that Greenlotus hasn’t ascended?”

Jiang Chen couldn’t help but furrow his brows. Other people might not know anything about Ancestor Greenlotus’s strength, but he was well aware. Ancestor Greenlotus was worthy of being called the stronger Buddhist. As the greatest Saint himself, Jiang Chen had never admired anyone but Ancestor Greenlotus. He had always felt that if he and Ancestor Greenlotus were to fight, his odds of winning would only be 60%. If they had to find out who the second strongest Saint underneath the heavens was, it would definitely be Ancestor Greenlotus.

Furthermore, there was one thing that puzzled Jiang Chen. Just now, he had used the Great Soul Derivation skill to scan the entire mountain. Throughout the entire mountain, there was only Great Master Ran Feng and his disciple. After Tyrant left, Great Master Ran Feng was the only one remaining in this place.

This situation troubled Jiang Chen’s mind. With Ancestor Greenlotus’s status, his descendants should be enjoying good treatment in the Western Region. How could the Great Leiyin Temple make them stay on such a lousy mountain? Even if taking Ancestor Greenlotus out of the equation, Great Master Ran Feng himself was a Ninth Grade Minor Saint, and a man with such strength should have a supreme position in the Great Leiyin Temple.

Jiang Chen came to the conclusion that Great Master Ran Feng must have hidden something from Tyrant. Jiang Chen had no idea what had happened after he died at the Saint Cliff. Over a hundred years had pa.s.sed since then, and now, the entire structure of the Saint Origin Realm had experience a tremendous change. Most of the mighty warriors from his era had ascended into the Immortal Realm.

Jiang Chen really wished to ask what happened to Ancestor Greenlotus. However, since Great Master Ran Feng had even hidden it from Tyrant, it must be a painful topic to touch, so he would most likely not tell Jiang Chen either. Perhaps Great Master Ran Feng felt that the time to expose the secret was not right. He was waiting for Tyrant to mature. In fact, with Jiang Chen and Tyrant’s current strength, even if they knew the truth, there was nothing they could do, as they were simply too weak.

“Great Master, my ancestor owes a debt of grat.i.tude to Ancestor Greenlotus, and you’ve saved my life. In the future, if there is anything you need my help with, I, Jiang Chen will definitely do it wholeheartedly.”

Jiang Chen didn’t continue asking about Ancestor Greenlotus, but instead made a promise. In this world, there weren’t many people who could obtain such a promise from Jiang Chen.

Upon hearing Jiang Chen’s words, an agitated look emerged on Great Master Ran Feng’s face. He felt really excited. With his sharp eyes, he was certain that this young man in front of him would definitely achieve extraordinary things in the future. If he was able to obtain Jiang Chen’s help, then he would have a bigger chance at fulfilling his dream.

“Being able to receive such words from our little friend, this old monk feels content.”

Great Master Ran Feng responded with a smile. With his Nine Grade Minor Saint cultivation, it was uncommon to speak so politely to a mere Fourth Grade Combat King. However, what Great Master Ran Feng saw was Jiang Chen’s future.

"Tyrant, thank you for saving me."

Jiang Chen patted Tyrant on his shoulder. Although he had fainted that day, he could guess what had happened. Big Yellow withstood the attacks of the three powerful warriors, but without Tyrant, he and Big Yellow would most likely be in the hands of the Asura Palace at this time.

“I don’t want to take any credit in this, all credit should go to Big Yellow. It was he who sensed the Heavenly Tribulation that day and brought me to you. Also, that guy accurately found the location of where you were, and with that mysterious sword of his, he actually took on and withstood those three powerful warriors from the Asura Palace for a short time, giving me the chance to save both of you. It’s a shame we had to leave that mysterious broken sword behind. I’m guessing it’s in the hands of the Asura Palace now.”

Tyrant told Jiang Chen what happened that day.

Jiang Chen wasn’t surprised to hear that Big Yellow was able to accurately find the location where he was facing Heavenly Tribulation. Big Yellow was a miraculous being, and no matter what he did, Jiang Chen would not be surprised. Jiang Chen also knew about the broken sword. He and Big Yellow found it in the Whirling Sun City, and Big Yellow had treated it like the most precious treasure; not even letting Jiang Chen peek at it. When they were fighting Lord Bloodmoon, Big Yellow had used the broken sword to deal with the Blood Banner. Now, he even used it to trap Combat Emperors.

“Hmph! Asura Palace, I’ll resolve our score sooner or later. Big Yellow’s treasure is not something you can possess!”

Jiang Chen coldly harrumphed as killing intent began leaking out from his eyes. It was destined for Jiang Chen and the Asura Palace to have a life and death relations.h.i.+p. He had to seek revenge for Big Yellow, and he also had to retrieve that broken sword no matter what, as it belonged to Big Yellow.

Jiang Chen also had a feeling that except for Big Yellow, no one could use that broken sword. Even he, the greatest Saint underneath the heavens was unable to tell what kind of treasure that sword was, so it would be borderline impossible for anyone else to try and use it.

“Oh right, while I was escaping their hunt, I b.u.mped into the Sixth Tyc.o.o.n, as well as two other geniuses from the Invincible Sect and Peerless Sword Faction. I killed all of them, redeeming some interest for you. Hehe.”

Tyrant smiled.

"Excellent job!"

Jiang Chen stretched his hand and touched Tyrant’s bald head. After pa.s.sing through trials of life and death, and because of Ancestor Greenlotus, their relations.h.i.+p now was quite good.

“Oh right, did you manage to save Tan Lang from the Asura Palace?”

Tyrant suddenly though of Tan Lang.

“d.a.m.n it, I completely forgot about him!”

Jiang Chen rolled his eyes. After staying inside of the Heavenly Saint Sword for so long, Tan Lang must have been driven crazy by boredom.