Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 536 – Visitor from the Great Leiyin Temple

Chapter 536 – Visitor from the Great Leiyin Temple

Chapter 536 - Visitor from the Great Leiyin Temple

Upon thinking about Tan Lang, Jiang Chen immediately took out the Heavenly Saint Sword. Within the sword’s inner s.p.a.ce, Tan Lang was sitting with legs crossed; immersed in a state of cultivation. Lightning was vaguely flickering around his body, making him look somewhat mysterious. It looked like Tan Lang did not waste his time during this period, and wasn’t driven by boredom, as he was restlessly healing himself.

"Tan Lang, come out."

Jiang Chen sent his divine sense to Tan Lang. At the same time, he opened up the Heavenly Saint Sword’s inner s.p.a.ce. Tan Lang opened his eyes when he heard Jiang Chen’s call, the came out from the inner s.p.a.ce. When he saw that Jiang Chen was still alive, and sensed his formidable aura, a look of surprise emerged on his face. After Jiang Chen entered a deep coma, the Heavenly Saint Sword’s inner s.p.a.ce had been completely isolated from the outside world. Tan Lang had no idea what was happening outside. The last thing he remembered was when Jiang Chen faced Heavenly Tribulation, and three powerful men a.s.saulting him at the same time. It was a hopeless situation, but judging from the current scene, it seemed that nothing had happened to Jiang Chen.

"Jiang Chen, you're alright! This is fantastic!"

Tan Lang said, his tone filled with joy. Soon after, he noticed the scenery surrounding him. There were two monks, one young and one old. He didn’t know who the old monk was, but he remembered the young monk. That very day in the Chaotic Ocean, it was this guy who took away the treasure and slaughtered the geniuses of the four major powers. It was a savage monk, truly worthy of being called the strongest Pirate Lord in the Chaotic Ocean.

“Let me introduce you. This is Tyrant, you’ve met him before. You can just call him monk. This is Great Master Ran Feng, Tyrant’s master. We’re now in the Western Region…”

Jiang Chen introduced Tyrant and Great Master Ran Feng to Tan Lang. After that, using his divine sense, he explained everything that had happened during this period to Tan Lang. There wasn’t much for him to tell Tan Lang, as Jiang Chen had been in a coma during this period. What he focused on was the relations.h.i.+p between him and Tyrant.

After being told by Jiang Chen what happened, Tan Lang couldn’t help but sigh. When he recalled what happened in the Liang Province, it seemed as if a generation had pa.s.sed by. He never imagined that he would one day befriend the strongest Pirate Lord. As for Great Master Ran Feng, Jiang Chen didn’t tell Tan Lang his current cultivation. With Tan Lang’s abilities, it was natural that he would be unable to sense it. He could only feel that this old monk was a remarkable person; a man too deep to fathom. At least, he was much stronger than Tyrant. Otherwise, how could he be Tyrant’s master?

The remote Western Region; the Kingdom of Buddhism. Tan Lang had never been at this place before. Whenever he thought about his encounters back in the Asura Palace, his emotions would be mixed up, especially when he thought about the torture he suffered in the Freezing h.e.l.l Jail. It simply made him feel awful.

Never in his wildest dreams did he think that he, a disciple of the Asura Palace, would one day become a life and death enemy of his own sect. After listening to Jiang Chen’s story of how he escaped, and taking Jiang Chen’s character into consideration, Tan Lang was almost certain that the scores between Jiang Chen and the Asura Palace would be resolved by death; nothing else.

"Junior greets Great Master Ren Feng."

Tan Lang bowed deeply toward Great Master Ran Feng. As a junior, he had to act politely and respectfully to an eminent monk.

“This little friend is also injured.”

Great Master Ran Feng said after giving Tan Lang an examining look.

“I was badly injured and dying, if not for brother Jiang’s help and lightning energy to temper my body, I would most likely be a dead man right now. I have recovered a lot. At least, I can move around freely. However, it will be really difficult for my cultivation base to recover.”

Tan Lang laughed wryly. To be honest, Tan Lang was happy to be able to stand upright in one peace and talk. The moment he entered the Freezing h.e.l.l Jail, he had given up all hope of staying alive. Now, after spending so much time healing himself in the Heavenly Saint Sword’s inner s.p.a.ce, his broken legs had recovered. However, his internal injuries were very bad, and it would be near impossible for him to fully recover his cultivation base.

“Compared to little friend Jiang and Big Yellow, your injuries are nothing serious. It’s actually very simple for you to recover, all we need is…”

Before Great Master Ran Feng could finish speaking, he suddenly paused and furrowed his brows. After that, with a sway of his body, he instantly disappeared from the hall. This made Tan Lang dumbfounded. This old monk’s cultivation was unfathomable, and he stood right in front of the old monk, but he couldn’t even figure out how the old monk suddenly disappeared, as there were no fluctuation in the hall. With strength like this, perhaps even the Asura Palace Chief would be unable to compare.

"Ran Feng, your old friend is here again."

Right after Great Master Ran Feng disappeared, a vigorous voice a vigorous voice could be heard outside Greenlotus Mountain. Apparently, the reason why Great Master Ran Feng suddenly disappeared was because he sensed that someone was here.

From the voice and aura coming from this man, Jiang Chen could tell that this man’s cultivation base was not any weaker than Great Master Ran Feng’s; also a Ninth Grade Minor Saint.

"He is from the Great Leiyin Temple."

Tyrant said.

“Do the people from the Great Leiyin Temple come here often?”

Jiang Chen asked. Just now, the man said he had come again, so it was obvious that he had come here more than once.

“I heard that the Great Leiyin Temple is a sacred place for Buddhism, and that their strength is beyond speculation, to the point where even those mighty clans of the Divine Continent don’t want to offend them.”

Tan Lang was shocked. The Great Leiyin Temple was a superpower who solely dominated a major region, an existence that stood at the pinnacle of the Divine Continent. It was not something a small power like the Asura Palace could ever compare with.

“Over the years, the Great Leiyin Temple has many times sent their men here to invite my master to jin them, and they also promised many benefits. However, my master rejected them. He has no interest in joining the Great Leiyin Temple, and he only wants to guard this place because it was the place left behind by my Ancestor Master.”

While saying that, Tyrant’s eyes fell upon the statue of Ancestor Greenlotus.

"Let's go and check it out."

Jiang Chen said.

“No, master always sends me away whenever he meets with visitors from the Great Leiyin Temple. Even if we go out now, as long as my master doesn’t want us to know what they’re talking about, we wouldn’t be able to hear anything even if we stood right in front of them.”

Tyrant shook his head and rejected the suggestion.

Jiang Chen furrowed his brows. He once more felt that Great Master Ran Feng’s behavior was strange. The Great Leiyin Temple was the holy land of Buddhism; a supreme existence! So, could they really do something shady? Great Master Ran Feng treated Tyrant like he was his father, and Jiang Chen could feel the extraordinary care and expectations Great Master Ran Feng had for Tyrant. However, when it came to anything related to Ancestor Greenlotus, and the matter between him and the Great Leiyin Temple, Great Master Ran Feng refused to let Tyrant know anything.

Jiang Chen was thinking that there must be a special reason why the Great Leiyin Temple repeatedly came to Greenlotus Mountain to invite Great Master Ran Feng. Otherwise, although a Ninth Grade Minor Saint was precious, the Great Leiyin Temple wouldn’t pay so much attention to him, much less repeatedly invite him.

What Tyrant said was correct. With Great Master Ran Feng and the visitor’s strength, as long as they didn’t want to let anyone hear what they were talking about, Tyrant would hear nothing even if he stood right next to them. However, although Tyrant couldn’t hear what they said, it didn’t mean that Jiang Chen couldn’t. The miraculous abilities brought by the Great Soul Derivation skill were far beyond what anyone could imagine.

Secretly, Jiang Chen circulated the Great Soul Derivation skill and sent out his soul energy. Soundless and undetectable, it covered the entire Greenlotus Mountain. From the feedback of the soul energy, Jiang Chen noticed two monk standing face to face at the peak of the mountain. One of them was Great Master Ran Feng, while the other was a monk wearing a golden kasaya; decorous in appearance, portraying a distinguished image. He also looked to be about as old as Great Master Ran Feng, and his cultivation base was also the same. One could tell he was an eminent monk with just one look.

“Ran Feng, my old friend, it’s been quite some time since we’ve met. You look healthy!”

The visitor teased.

“Yuan Ji, if you’re here for a good chat, I’ll spread my arms and welcome you sincerely. However, if you’re here to advise me to join the Great Leiyin Temple, you should leave now.”

Great Master Ren Feng straightforwardly said.

Great Master Yuan Ji’s expression did not change upon hearing those words. It clearly wasn’t the first time he had been given the cold-shoulder treatment.

“Ran Feng, you’re too stubborn. In the entire Western Region, perhaps you’re the only one with the courage to repeatedly reject the Great Leiyin Temple’s invitation. I’m here with utmost sincerity.”

Yuan Ji said.

“It’s nothing more than offering me a position in the Great Leiyin Temple, a monk will never be interested in that. Let’s stop beating around the bush, as it does not fit the true Buddhist nature. I know why you guys from the Great Leiyin Temple repeatedly invite me; you’re looking for the Sutra left behind by my master.”

Great Master Ren Feng said.

“Ancestor Greenlotus is the sovereign of Buddhism; the pride of Buddhism, and that Sutra is the most powerful Buddhist Sutra. That seal and the cultivation method of those three major seals, they should all belong to the Great Leiyin Temple. If my old friend Ran Feng could contribute the Sutra and the three major seals, we might be able to relive the glory of Buddhism.”

Yuan Ji said.

“My master is not dead yet, and I have no rights to make any decision regarding his belongings, let alone the fact that the Sutra is not with me.”

Ran Feng straightforwardly rejected the suggestion.

“Ran Feng, I suggest you give up your hope. Ancestor Greenlotus has become history, just like the Greatest Saint underneath the heavens all those years ago. No one were able to do anything about it. You’ve placed your hopes on that little monk, but something that even the Great Leiyin Temple failed to accomplish, no matter how amazing that little monk’s talent is, I’m afraid he won’t be able to fulfill your dreams.”

Yuan Ji started sounding impatient. For many years, he had truly tasted the stubbornness of Great Master Ran Feng.

“It’s the Greenlotus Mountain’s matters, we don’t need the Great Leiyin Temple to worry for us.”

Great Master Ran Feng’s tone became aggressive. He had been disturbed by Great Master Yuan Ji for many years, and he had started feeling sick of it.

“Ran Feng, I suggest you give it some good thoughts. Rather than cultivating that little monk, why don’t you rely on the Great Leiyin Temple? As long as you can contribute the Sutra to the Great Leiyin Temple, I’m sure Buddhism will rise once more, and it’s highly possible that we’ll have a second Ancestor Greenlotus. If you want Ancestor Greenlotus to see daylight once more, the Great Leiyin Temple is much more dependable than that little monk.”

After saying that, Yuan Ji stepped into the sky and disappeared without a trace.