Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 534 – Suspended Animation

Chapter 534 – Suspended Animation

Chapter 534 - Suspended Animation

“Don’t mention it, little friend. You’ve saved my disciple’s life, and I would never put my hands in my sleeves and look on. Furthermore, I didn’t actually provide much help. It was that strong will of yours as well as that mysterious power that made you awaken, you should be congratulated.”

Great Master Ran Feng said with a smile. Jiang Chen had a very good first impression of this Great Master Ran Feng. This wasn’t just because the old monk had helped save his life, but also because this monk didn’t behave arrogantly, even though he was a Ninth Grade Minor Saint. In the Divine Continent, a Saint was a supreme existence; a person who truly stood at the pinnacle. Let alone a Ninth Grade Minor Saint, even a First Grade Minor Saint would be respected no matter where he went. Without exception, all these existences were arrogant.

Judging from this alone, Great Master Ran Feng was a true eminent monk. No ordinary people could compare with his state of mind.

“Brother Jiang, it’s good that you have finally recovered. However, Big Yellow isn’t as lucky as you.”

While saying that, Tyrant moved his glance over to Big Yellow who was still lying on the floor.

"Big Yellow!"

Jiang Chen cried out in shock. Only now did he remember Big Yellow. When they were at the mountain range near the border of the Liang Province, Big Yellow had stood out at the very last moment to defend against the three powerful warriors from the Asura Palace, and had suffered from a severe backlash. Jiang Chen could still clearly remember Big Yellow falling down from the sky, not looking good.

Jiang Chen turned around and saw Big Yellow lying quietly on the floor. Numerous Sanskrit were still hovering around his body, but Big Yellow had fallen into deep sleep. If this was in the past, Jiang Chen would be really happy to see Big Yellow sleeping, because for this dog, sleeping also meant cultivation, and whenever he slept, he would always break through to a higher realm.

However, when he stared at Big Yellow quietly lying on the floor, Jiang Chen didn’t feel happy at all. He quickly squatted down next to Big Yellow, then sent out his soul energy with the help of the Great Soul Derivation Skill, sending it into Big Yellow’s body to examine his condition from top to bottom.

In fact, Big Yellow’s injuries weren’t very severe. All his internal organs were still intact, but his blood was extremely calm. It seemed he had lost too much of his blood essence, causing his vitality to become extremely weak, as if it was going to disappear at any time. All of this was caused by the backlash of forcefully using a forbidden technique and the broken sword. It was the most frightening backlash, and it had put Big Yellow into a deep suspended animation.

On the face of it, Big Yellow had died, as his vitality was extremely weak, but he was still alive. However, this kind of suspended animation was extremely terrifying, because if he was left in such a state for too long and didn’t awaken, he would eventually die for real, and would never come back to life again.

“This dog possesses the bloodline of a Divine Beast, but he unfortunately suffered a severe backlash, and was placed in suspended animation. It’s a tricky situation, and all I can do to help is use the Lotus Sutra. However, judging from the results so far, it doesn’t seem like the Lotus Sutra has brought any positive results. His bloodline needs to be awakened, unlike your situation, where your soul needed to awaken.”

Great Master Ren Feng said.

“You’re right. What we needed to do now is revive him from his false death state. As long as we can revive his Divine Beast bloodline, everything else should be easy to handle.”

Jiang Chen nodded his head. Compared to Great Master Ran Feng, he had a clearer picture of Big Yellow’s condition.

After that, Jiang Chen clenched his fingers into the shape of a sword and shot out a razor sharp golden beam from his fingertips, aiming it at his arm and sliced through it. A large cut was made, and blood instantly burst out from the wound. Throughout the entire process, Jiang Chen ever frown a little.

Without hesitating, he sent the blood dripping out from his wound into Big Yellow’s mouth. The fresh blood turned into a straight line, like a stream of running water and flowed into Big Yellow’s mouth at a steady pace.

"Brother Jiang, what are you doing?"

Tyrant was stunned by Jiang Chen’s action. Jiang Chen had just recovered, but he was giving away his blood. It wasn’t something good for Jiang Chen.

“Little friend, your blood contains pure Yang energy, and you’ve just gone through Heavenly Tribulation, making it a holy medicine. You’re trying to use your own blood to awaken his bloodline. Little friend, you’re a man with a true nature. However, you’re a human, and he is a demon. Although your blood would help him somewhat, I don’t think the results will be significant.”

Great Master Ran Feng said. His eyes were full of approval as he looked at Jiang Chen. In order to save a demon, Jiang Chen didn’t give it a second thought, and straightaway gave away his own blood. This showed that Jiang Chen was a man of true nature; a man who cherished his friends.h.i.+p. It was really nice that his disciple was able to befriend a genius like this.

“As long as this can provide even the slightest bit of help to him, I don’t mind giving all my blood.”

Jiang Chen’s expression still remained indifferent. He knew better than Great Master Ran Feng how to saw Big Yellow. As the greatest Saint underneath the heavens, no Ninth Grade Minor Saint could compare with his knowledge and experience.

Jiang Chen was also clear about his own blood. He could clearly feel that his blood had changed after the latest transformation, and that it would definitely help Big Yellow’s Dragon Horse bloodline.

After letting Big Yellow absorb some of his blood, Jiang Chen took out a pill and fed it to Big Yellow. When the pill entered Big Yellow’s body, it instantly transformed into numerous streams of energy and began flowing through Big Yellow’s entire body. The energy was so strong that anybody could sense it from outside.

“Little friend, what kind of pill is that? Why have even I never seen it before?”

Great Master Ran Feng couldn’t hold his astonishment, and thus asked. With his experience, it was rare for him to encounter something unknown. He had never seen any pills that resembled the one Jiang Chen just fed to Big Yellow.

Great Master Ran Feng could clearly sense the rarity and strength of the pill, and it also contained the aura of Nine Solar Holy Water; emanating the purest Yang energy.

“This is a Nine Solar Lightning Dragon Pill. I concocted it while facing Heavenly Tribulation. I suppose great master has heard of it before. Using my blood and this pill, I’m sure I can make Big Yellow leave his state of suspended animation. Although he won’t awaken any time soon, I can guarantee that no accidents will befall him.”

In order for Big Yellow’s bloodline to awaken, the blood essence of some special demon, such as the Flaming Stallion was needed. However, before finding such a demon, Jiang Chen needed to stabilize Big Yellow’s condition. The Lotus Sutra alone was far from sufficient.

“What?! Nine Solar Lightning-Dragon Pill?!”

Great Master Ran Feng cried out in shock upon hearing the name of the pill, unable to remain calm. He stared at Jiang Chen with eyes wide open; his eminent monk image completely gone. All that remained on his face was a startled expression.

Tyrant was stunned as well. This was the first time he had seen his master react so hugely toward something, and nearly lose all manner. Tyrant had never heard about the Nine Solar Lightning-Dragon Pill before, but judging from its name, it must be an extraordinary pill. Otherwise, his matter wouldn’t have reacted in such a manner.

“That’s right, the Nine Solar Lightning-Dragon Pill.”

Jiang Chen nodded his head. He had no reason to lie to Great Master Ran Feng.

“Heavens, that’s a pill that only exists in legends! I never thought it could really be concocted, and not only that, it was concocted by a Combat King! If this pill is revealed to the public, I’m sure every single person in the Divine Continent will lose their minds and fight for it.”

Great Master Ran Feng was really excited, he felt as if his life was well worth living up to this point due to the fact that he could witness a sacred pill such as the Nine Solar Lightning-Dragon Pill.