Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 533 – Fourth Grade Combat King

Chapter 533 – Fourth Grade Combat King

Chapter 533 - Fourth Grade Combat King

Jiang Chen’s condition had completely stabilized. Not only that, he had once again gone through an extremely important transformation. Meanwhile, there were still Sanskrit from the Lotus Sutra hovering around Big Yellow’s body, but he was showing no signs of being about to wake up. He had suffered badly from the backlashes, and it would be extremely difficult for him to fully recover. After all, unlike Jiang Chen, he didn’t have the Dragon Transformation skill to help him out. Although the Dragon Horse bloodline was mystical as well, it was also in a state of deep sleep.

“Master, since brother Jiang has recovered, and he is showing signs of vigorous vitality, why hasn’t he woken up yet?”

Tyrant asked.

“He has obtained huge benefits from the transformation, and I think he’s in the middle of digesting it. I believe it won’t take long for him to fully wake up.”

The old monk nodded his head with a smile. He no longer worried about Jiang Chen’s condition. An abnormal genius like this wouldn’t die so easily. He was a man with a great destiny, and his future achievements would be limitless.

The old monk had a pair of sharp eyes that allowed him to derive an accurate conclusion. Although he had no idea what kind of heaven-defying skill Jiang Chen was cultivating, Jiang Chen’s current condition was extremely good.

Just like what the old monk had said, Jiang Chen was currently digesting what he was given this time. Currently, the energy inside his body was in a mess. The lightning energy acc.u.mulated in his body from the Heavenly Tribulation, the brand new energy brought by the evolution of the Dragon Transformation skill, the energy that came from the Nine Solar Lightning-Dragon Pills, it would take some time for Jiang Chen to completely digest all these energies.

In the blink of an eye, half a month had pa.s.sed. At this point of time, Jiang Chen had completely vanished from the Liang Province, and he had been completely silent for two whole months. During these two months, not only had Jiang Chen’s name been spoken of in every single corner of the Liang Province, even the entire Xuan Region had heard his name. All those superpowers in the Xuan Region had learned about this young abnormal genius who attracted Heavenly Tribulation. There were even some superpowers who were trying to contact Jiang Chen in order to recruit him. However, Jiang Chen had truly disappeared from everyone’s sights. Many people were guessing that he was dead, and pitied the fall of this peerless genius. If a man like that was still alive, he would definitely become a big shot in the future.

Meanwhile, Jiang Chen who was located at the remote Western Region suddenly opened his eyes. He moved and sat straight up. His eyes were as dazzling as the brightest stars, and two bright beams shot out like the sharpest blade, instantly ripping apart s.p.a.ce.

Jiang Chen didn’t pay any attention to his surroundings. He threw his head back and roared into the sky. The roar sounded like a heaven-shaking dragon’s cry, shaking the minds of all those who heard it. After that, an extremely powerful energy surged within Jiang Chen’s body and shot out in all directions.

What Jiang Chen wanted to do now was break through to the next realm. The Dragon Transformation skill had given him a new life. Such a transformation had brought him tremendous benefits. At this point of time, the energy acc.u.mulated within his body had completely erupted, and was pus.h.i.+ng its way crazily like numerous wild beasts inside his body. Jiang Chen had to settle these raging energies as soon as possible.

The Dragon Transformation skill was circulating at top speed, and it was twice as fast as it was before the third transformation. Under the Dragon Transformation skill’s high-speed circulation, those energies started turning into countless new Dragon Marks. In just a couple of minutes, 1,900 brand new Dragon Marks had formed. Together with the original Dragon Marks in his body, he now had a total of 24,000 Dragon Marks in his body, and that the amount required for him to break through to the Third Grade Combat King realm.

At the same time, the huge amount of Mortal and Earth Yuan Pills started burning like they cost nothing, as Jiang Chen had started absorbing them straightaway. The process of cultivating the Dragon Transformation skill was a process with endless consumption, and he would never have enough energy pills to consume. The amount of Yuan energy pills required for Jiang Chen to break through to the Third Grade Combat King realm was equal to the amount it took for an ordinary cultivator to break through to the Ninth Grade Combat King realm from the Eight Grade Combat King realm, or perhaps even more than that. The difference between them was just huge.

[TL: Just going to call those pills Mortal/Earth/Heaven/Saint Yuan Pills instead of Restoration in the future.]

But fortunately, Jiang Chen’s fortune was quite good. He still had a lot of Yuan pills in his possession. Also, he had robbed quite a lot of pills when he was in the Chaotic Ocean, so he had no worries about the amount of pills required for breaking through.

"He has broken through to the Third Grade Combat King realm!"

Tyrant cried out in shock. When he first met Jiang Chen two months ago, Jiang Chen had just broken through to the First Grade Combat King realm. Only two months had pa.s.sed, and Jiang Chen had just broken through to the Third Grade Combat King realm. Also, judging from Jiang Chen’s momentum, it seemed that he would just stop there.

“Keep watching, he’s going to break through to the Fourth Grade Combat King realm.”

The old monk's eyes flickered.

“Breaking through to the Fourth Grade Combat King realm from the Third Grade is much more difficult than going from the Second Grade to the Third Grade. I wonder if brother Jiang can do it.”

Tyrant stared at Jiang Chen without blinking his eyes. The Combat King realm was divided into nine grades, and there was a gap after every third gap. So, the gap between the Third Grade and the Fourth Grade was much bigger than the gap between the second and third.

But for Jiang Chen, this was nothing he needed to worry about. The formidable Heavenly Tribulation, the Dragon Transformation skill’s transformation, the Nine Solar Lightning-Dragon Pill, all these were more than enough to let Jiang Chen successfully break through to the Fourth Grade Combat King realm.


The energy inside his Qi Sea was rolling around like the fiercest tsunami, and new Dragon Marks were continuously forming. In just ten minutes, another 2,000 Dragon Marks were formed. Jiang Chen suddenly let out a shout, causing the remaining Yuan energy pills inside his Qi Sea to start burning crazily. Throughout the path of cultivation, every single breakthrough would be supported by a large amount of energy pills. Just like Tyrant had said, it was much more difficult to break through to the Fourth Grade Combat King realm, as the amount of energy required was much greater compared to the amount needed to break through to the Third Grade Combat King realm from the Second Grade.

After reaching the Combat King realm, Mortal Yuan Pills were no longer sufficient. No matter how many of them were burned, they just did not help at all. And for Jiang Chen, even Earth Yuan Pills weren’t that good; only Heavenly Yuan Pills could come in handy.

However, Heavenly Yuan Pills were extremely precious. Even an ordinary Combat King wouldn’t have too many of them. Only those Seventh Grade Combat Kings and above would use Heavenly Yuan Pills as base supply. Although Jiang Chen had robbed many people, he only had a limited amount of Heavenly Restoration Pills right now. That’s why he was mostly consuming Earth Yuan Pills.

Countless energy pills were being consumed, as Jiang Chen was like a bottomless hole. His Qi Sea was at least ten times bigger than that of cultivators the same level as him. If Tyrant and the old monk knew about his frightening rate of consumption, they would definitely be shocked. Jiang Chen was simply the king of consumption; a genuine bottomless hole. No cultivator could withstand the horrifying consumption of his.

Jiang Chen’s aura began rising to new heights as he broke through to the Fourth Grade Combat King realm. He was now many times stronger than before.

"Fourth Grade Combat King, so quick!"

Tyrant gasped in surprise. This was the man who broke through at the fastest pace he had ever seen. Jiang Chen never gave Tyrant a chance to mentally prepare himself.

The old monk was still faring better than Tyrant, but he was still obviously shocked.

However, it had yet to end. After Jiang Chen broke through to the Fourth Grade Combat King realm, his aura didn’t stop rising. The remaining energy was still being used to form new Dragon Marks. Jiang Chen had also absorbed all those demon souls he obtained in the Freezing h.e.l.l Jail. However, at his current level, absorbing those low-grade demon souls could no longer bring him good results.

Half an hour later, Jiang Chen’s aura finally came to a stop; reaching the peak of the Fourth Grade Combat King realm. He now had a total of 17,500 Dragon Marks in his body, and only needed 500 more to break through to the Fifth Grade Combat King realm.

Realizing that Jiang Chen had finally stopped, the old monk and Tyrant sighed out in relief simultaneously. If Jiang Chen kept pus.h.i.+ng forth and broke through to the Fifth Grade Combat King realm in one go, perhaps both of them would have fainted on the spot. No matter how much of an abnormal genius Jiang Chen was, having such grand results was too much for them to accept. Since when was breaking through to a higher grade so easy? For all ordinary cultivators, even geniuses who possessed extraordinary talent, moving up a single grade in one or two years was already an amazing result. Breaking through to the Fourth Grade Combat King realm from the First Grade in just two months like Jiang Chen had done, it was truly something that could make people’s jaw drop in awe.

Jiang Chen was rather satisfied with his condition after breaking through to the peak Fourth Grade Combat King realm. However, he was now facing new troubles; he was running low on Yuan energy pills. According to his estimations, he had enough to support him until the Fifth Grade Combat King realm, then he would be completely broke. As the Dragon Transformation skill required an enormous amount of energy, he couldn’t proceed further without the support of much Yuan energy.

“Looks like I need to find a way to obtain some Heavenly Yuan Pills.”

Jiang Chen inwardly said. No matter what, the more Yuan energy pills he had, the better. This wasn’t something he could neglect. What he needed next was Heavenly Yuan Pills, as Mortal Yuan Pills were completely useless to him, while Earth Yuan Pills were barely sufficient.

After everything went back to normal, Jiang Chen let out a long sigh then slowly opened his eyes. When he opened his eyes, two bald heads were revealed to him; one old and one young. He didn’t know the old monk, however, his eyes still landed on the old monk after his eyes opened. This was because his senses allowed him to see that this old monk was a Ninth Grade Minor Saint.

"Brother Jiang, you're awake!"

Tyrant happily said. It hadn’t been easy, as he had waited for this moment for two months.

"Who is this?"

Jiang Chen felt he needed to know something. He had been sleeping for a long time, so he knew nothing about what was going on in the outside world.

“Brother Jiang, we’re at Greenlotus Mountain in the Western Region. This is my master, Great Master Ran Feng. It’s my master who woke your soul using the Lotus Sutra, that’s why you could recover in such a short amount of time.”

Tyrant introduced his Master to Jiang Chen at once.

Jiang Chen was startled for a brief moment. He never thought Tyrant would bring him to the Western Region. It looked like it was Tyrant who saved him and Big Yellow that day. The Western Region was the most important land for Buddhism, and Jiang Chen never knew Tyrant had such a strong master.

Jiang Chen dared not show neglecft. No matter what, this old monk had saved his life. He quickly stood up from the ground, placed his palms together and said, “Thank you, Great Master, for saving my life. Jiang Chen can never thank you enough for your kindness.”