Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 532 – Dragon Scale

Chapter 532 – Dragon Scale

Chapter 532 - Dragon Scale

Every time the Dragon Transformation skill transformed, it would always bring Jiang Chen a powerful True Dragon combat skill. The first time, it brought the True Dragon Palm and True Dragon Flame. The second time, it was the Azure Dragon’s Five Steps, and currently, the third time, the Five Elements Combat Dragon Seal, and each skill was stronger than the previous. The Five Elements Combat Dragon Seal could be considered a supreme True Dragon combat skill, because the transformation Jiang Chen experienced this time was completely different from the previous two times. This time, he could considered to have been completely reborn. The blood essence that came from the Dragon Transformation skill had once again modified his body, as it exchanged every single drop of blood in his body, making his physique even more monstrous.

This was a perfect example of a blessing coming disguised as a misfortune. Since he had reincarnated to this world, Jiang Chen was destined to become a man with a great future. No matter where he went, no matter what situation he faced, he would always be blessed by fortune. Thus, even inevitable death had turned into a tremendous blessing for him. Without this disaster, it would have taken the Dragon Transformation skill ages to transform for the third time.

After cultivating the Dragon Transformation skill for such a long time, Jiang Chen had truly began to understand this divine skill, and had gained complete acceptance from the skill itself. It was a skill that came with its own sentience; mysterious and unpredictable. Even Jiang Chen himself couldn’t predict what the future development of the Dragon Transformation skill would be, and he couldn’t imagine what realm he would be able to reach with the Dragon Transformation skill. However, there was one thing he was certain of, and that was whenever the Dragon Transformation skill transformed, its circulation would become much faster, and it would eventually bring more benefits to Jiang Chen. Each evolution would make the engagement between it and Jiang Chen more perfect. Just like this time, blood essence had come straight out of the skill itself. This was something unprecedented, and it could be considered a miracle.

It was difficult to imagine what kind of tremendous benefits the Dragon Transformation skill would bring to Jiang Chen after the fourth, fifth, or even further transformations down the road. Meanwhile, more secrets would appear within the Dragon Transformation skill after each transformation.

The Five Elements Combat Dragon Seal, as its name implied, this powerful combat skill was related to the five elements. The Five Elements Combat Dragon seal was comprised of five combat skills; the Golden Dragon Seal, Azure Dragon Seal, Water Dragon Seal, Fire Dragon Seal, and the Earth Dragon Seal.

Each seal was interconnected with the Five Elements, and the mutual promotion and restraint between the five elements made the strength of this combat skill unstoppable, so much stronger than the True Dragon Palm. As for the actual strength of this combat skill, it would be directly affected by the five elements that Jiang Chen found, meaning that this combat skill wasn’t easy to master. The Five Elements Combat Dragon Seal was different from the True Dragon Palm and Azure Dragon’s Five Steps. The True Dragon Palm and Azure Dragon’s Five Steps were both printed directly into Jiang Chen’s mind, and he was able to use them straightaway, and they would become more powerful following the strength of his cultivation base. However, this wasn’t the case for the Five Elements Combat Dragon Seal. Jiang Chen was only provided the cultivation method of this combat skill, so he had to work on his own to cultivate this skill.

During the next few days, Jiang Chen had yet to awaken. However, his aura was becoming stronger and stronger, while the dragon shadows lingering around his body became denser. Dragon roars had been echoing throughout the Greenlotus Mountain, as if countless dragons from the ancient era had really descended onto this tiny mountain.

From the first day since Jiang Chen entered the state of transformation, the old monk and Tyrant had been staring at him without blinking their eyes. The shock on their faces grew stronger with each pa.s.sing day, as they couldn’t believe that a man could undergo such a tremendous transformation.

“Master, Jiang Chen’s blood is extremely vigorous, it’s giving me an impression that he is not a human, but a real Heavenly Dragon.”

Tyrant was extremely shocked. How could a man emit such a pure and sacred aura, and possess such extremely powerful Qi and Blood that went beyond any normal human being. If he wasn’t seeing this himself, he wouldn’t have believed it to be real.

“Frightening, this is truly frightening. Could he be the reincarnation of an ancient True Dragon? That’s impossible, I can clearly sense a human aura in his body. I’m guessing he’s cultivating some king of special skill. However, does such a frightening skill really exist in this world?”

The old monk was completely stunned. Even with his experience, he was unable to accept what was happening in front of his own eyes. However, as Jiang Chen was a special man who could even attract Heavenly Tribulation, it seemed like nothing was impossible when it came to him. In fact, the old monk was really happy. He had decided to maintain a good relations.h.i.+p with this abnormal genius. For his lifelong goal; for Tyrant’s future path, and the responsibility Tyrant had to bear, if this young man could help him out, he believed that his dreams would come true one day.

Jiang Chen’s transformation was becoming more and more obvious, and it had been going on for more than a whole month, but he had yet to show any signs of waking up. However, his vitality had become extremely vigorous; his body was br.i.m.m.i.n.g with energy, and all his internal organs had completely recovered. His eyebrows seemed like a pair of razor sharp sword, and even though he was lying there quietly, he was portraying an imposing imagine, making all those who looked at him feel like bowing their heads.


During the following days, some transformations started happening on Jiang Chen’s body once again. Numerous blood red scales emerged on his chest, then his arms, and then his legs. Eventually, many blood red scales could be seen on Jiang Chen’s body. These scales were glowing with a blood-like glaze, and they looked mystical and st.u.r.dy. However, what really shocked the old monk and Tyrant was that these scales weren’t something like an armor, or something formed by his Yuan energy, they had truly grown from inside Jiang Chen’s body, as if they were all connected to Jiang Chen’s flash and blood.

"Master, what are these?"

Tyrant was once again struck with great shock. During this month, Tyrant had been progressing every single day. With the help of the sarira, his cultivation base had reached the peak of the Fifth Grade Combat King realm, and was just one step away from the Sixth Grade. In fact, he could break through at any time. This was the frightening benefits brought by a sarira, and was also the thing that made Tyrant so amazing. He didn’t really need to do anything, and his cultivation would just increase significantly every single day. A situation like this would truly make people envious.

“Dragon scales! Oh heavens, there are dragon scales growing on his body! He really is a monster! My disciple, let me tell you this. The Saint Origin realm is just a single plane in this universe, a small world amongst thousands of other parallel worlds. Once upon a time, this plane was completely isolated, and the Great Saint realm was the highest realm that could be reached. It had been like this until one hundred years ago, when the Greatest Saint underneath the heavens used his sword to cut open the gates to the Immortal Realm, opening up a path for all the Saints in the Saint Origin realm. During the past one hundred years, many Great Saints with strong foundations left this realm to venture into the other realms. A supreme existence like a True Dragon would never exist in the Saint Origin realm. I’m guessing that the skill Jiang Chen is currently cultivating is strong related to those True Dragons. This is truly frightening, if news about this spreads out, I have no idea how many mighty powerhouses will be alerted, and Jiang Chen will definitely become the center of attention. Those families with ancient legacies, those super powerful sects and clans of the Divine Continent, all of them will focus on Jiang Chen. If that really happens, Jiang Chen will be in great danger.”

The old monk could no longer keep his calm, because he had finally recognized the transformation of Jiang Chen. Although there were many cultivation and combat skills that bored the name of the dragon, and some which even allowed the cultivator to transform into a dragon, even powerful Flood Dragons, none of those were genuine Heavenly Dragons. However, the dragon scales that appeared on Jiang Chen’s body were genuine dragon scales! If this was known by others, it would definitely cause a mighty commotion.

“Indeed, brother Jiang is a man full of mysteries. I hope master can keep this secret for brother Jiang.”

Tyrant placed his palms together devoutly and said to the old monk.

"Of course I will."

The old monk said in a solemn manner. He knew that the storm brought by a heaven-defying cultivation skill would be unimaginable. Also, he could see further than Tyrant, so he wanted to befriend Jiang Chen, so of course he had to keep this secret for Jiang Chen.

Jiang Chen had gone through a huge transformation. When the dragon scales growing on his body reached a certain number, they stopped growing further. These dragon scales didn’t fully cover his body, there weren’t any scales from his neck to the top of his head, and they were absent from some other parts of his body as well. This was because Jiang Chen’s cultivation had yet to reach the required level. Since the beginning, it could be said that he had to form 100,000 Dragon Marks in order to hit the peak, and only then could he transform into a dragon and soar through the heavens.

One hundred thousand marks! Currently, Jiang Chen only had slightly over 22,000 Dragon Marks. There was still a long way to go before reaching the goal. Furthermore, the more Jiang Chen came to understand the Dragon Transformation skill, the more he felt the unusual ability of this skill. He had a feeling that even if he finally formed 100,000 Dragon Marks, he would still be far from reaching the peak of the Dragon Transformation skill. The skill was far more mystical than he could ever have imagined, and it seemed that the secret hidden in this skill was not a common one either.

43 days had pa.s.sed since Jiang Chen entered a coma. During these days, the Asura Palace had been searching everywhere for Jiang Chen and the monk. They had nearly searched through every single inch of the entire Liang Province, as well as a few neighboring provinces. The other three major powers of the Liang Province were also searching for the men. However, it was as if Jiang Chen and the monk had completely vanished from this world, as no one could find any traces of them.

The news about the destruction of the Freezing h.e.l.l Jail were also heard by many. A man capable of attracting Heavenly Tribulation at the Combat King realm stunned many people, and Jiang Chen’s name thus started spreading across the entire Xuan Region like a wild forest fire. Many people from different provinces had heard about this man, Jiang Chen, who had attracted Heavenly Tribulation. No one could remain calm upon hearing the news, there were even some major powers of the Xuan Province who had started placing their attention on Jiang Chen.

Many people were guessing that Jiang Chen must have died by now. According to someone who had witnessed what happened that day, both Combat Emperors as well as the Great Tyc.o.o.n from the Asura Palace had attacked Jiang Chen together, knocking him, who had been badly injured by the Heavenly Tribulation down from the sky. That’s the reason why many people thought Jiang Chen was now dead.

Some other people had different opinions, and thought that Jiang Chen was still alive. An abnormal monster who could attract Heavenly Tribulation would not be killed so easily. However, regardless of whether or not he was still alive, he had become really famous. Perhaps he set the record for fastest rise to fame. His name was first heard by all in the Chaotic Ocean, then the entire Liang Province, and then eventually, the entire Xuan Region.

While everyone in the Xuan Region were talking about Jiang Chen, the man was still in deep sleep in the remote Western Region. Within the palace on Greenlotus Mountain, the dragon shadows hovering around Jiang Chen’s body had disappeared, and the dragon scales on his body had also disappeared. The entire palace had returned to its original peace. Quietly motionlessly, Jiang Chen was still lying on the ground. He looked just like any ordinary human. He had yet to awaken, but his vitality had become extremely vigorous.