Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 531 – Transformation of the Dragon Transformation Skill, Nirvanic Rebirth!

Chapter 531 – Transformation of the Dragon Transformation Skill, Nirvanic Rebirth!

Chapter 531 – Transformation of the Dragon Transformation Skill, Nirvanic Rebirth!

The soul was currently being cleansed. For any cultivator, it was an extremely rare experience. Buddhist Sutras were profound and powerful, and the Lotus Sutra was one of the miraculous Sutras. It didn’t possess any offensive power, and it was strictly used to help others. The results it brought became greater depending on the cultivation base of the person using it.

Jiang Chen’s soul was entirely submerged in a Kingdom of Buddhism like this. It was a true paradise; no slaughter, no bloodshed; the entire place was filled with brightness, entirely freeing one’s soul from worries.

The old monk was still inside the palace, carefully watching any change that happened to Jiang Chen. Tyrant was there as well, not only because he was worried about Jiang Chen’s condition, but also because he could learn the essence of this Lotus Sutra. Although it wouldn’t be able to bring any benefits to his cultivation base, it could bring a transformation to his mental state, and this was something very important. The mental state was very important to a cultivator, and following the improvement of their cultivation base, the importance became much more obvious.

Perfect silence prevailed in the Greenlotus Mountain. It seemed like this place was always like this, and had not once been lively before. Peaceful any lonely; the old monk guarded this place, living a near secluded life. This place was a peaceful paradise, and as long as one lived here, he would always feel tranquil and indifferent.

Within the palace, the golden Sanskrit was still hovering in the air, filling the s.p.a.ce with a bright golden light. Big Yellow seemed to be sleeping even more peacefully, as his tightly furrowed brows had become relaxed upon hearing the Lotus Sutra. Jiang Chen also had a look of joy on his face.

In the blink of an eye, three days pa.s.sed. Counting the time from when Tyrant left the Xuan Region, ten days had pa.s.sed. Jiang Chen and Big Yellow had both been sleeping for ten days, and this was the longest they had ever slept. They were lying in this place, aloof from the world.

However, they couldn’t keep on like this forever, even though they had yet to show any signs of waking up.


Right at this moment, a buzzing sound could suddenly been heard from Tyrant. Numerous golden glows transformed into countless vortexes and appeared above Tyrant’s head. Meanwhile, the strength of his aura started rising. In the blink of an eye, he broke through to the Fifth Grade Combat King realm.

The old monk’s eyes lit up as he witnessed the transformation. A look of praise leaked out from his eyes, “This is the credit of the sarira. This kid’s luck is quite good, the sarira has once again improved his physique, which will allow him to easily break through to the Combat Emperor realm without any issues.”

The old monk had a pair of sharp eyes, so he was able to see even the smallest changes in Tyrant. The reason why Tyrant could cultivate so quickly was the sarira. After absorbing the sarira, although he didn’t break through several realms at once, it made breaking through much easier and relaxing. With the sarira residing in his body, it could be said that Tyrant was progressing at every second, and that he would stand at new heights every new day. Just like now, because of the impact of the Lotus Sutra, he broke straight through to the Fifth Grade Combat King realm. And, it was far from being the end, as Tyrant’s cultivation base would improve with each pa.s.sing day, and it was highly possible that he would break through to the Sixth Grade Combat King realm in just a few days.

“Master, this Lotus Sutra is truly amazing, it enlightened me deeply about the path of Buddhism. Master, what other remarkable techniques and Sutras do you know? Why don’t you teach them to your disciple?”

Tyrant showed the old monk a rather crafty smile.

“Hmph. There are plenty of things I haven’t taught you yet. However, the time isn’t right yet, as you are still too weak. Teaching you those skills would bring you nothing good.”

The old monk glared snappishly at Tyrant. Tyrant spat out his tongue in response. However, he knew that everything his master did was for his own good.

Another three days pa.s.sed. After thirteen days of deadly silence, Jiang Chen finally showed some progress. With the help of the Lotus Sutra, Jiang Chen’s Great Soul Derivation skill had started circulating by itself, and because Jiang Chen’s soul was already strong, his sleeping soul finally woke up.

Jiang Chen’s soul left the incorporeal Buddhist Kingdom and woke up in his own body. In that instant, the golden Sanskrit that was hovering around Jiang Chen’s body shattered, as if they had just been hit by a tremendous force.

"Master, what is going on?"

A look of worry emerged on Tyrant’s face.

“Haha, this man’s soul is too strong. Initially, I thought that even with the Lotus Sutra’s help, it would take at least two months for his soul to awaken. But unexpectedly, it only took him six days, and he has awakened by himself. This is amazing, he’s truly worthy of being the abnormal monster attracted Heavenly Tribulation.”

The old monk joyfully laughed out, unable to help but praise Jiang Chen. Even with his vast knowledge and experience, he had never seen someone so abnormally talented like Jiang Chen.

“Does this mean that brother Jiang will soon awaken?”

A look of excitement emerged on Tyrant’s face.

“Of course not. His soul has awakened, meaning that he won’t die this time. It will still take time for him to recover from his injuries. As for how long it’ll take, that’s really hard to tell. According to his injuries, perhaps it’ll take at least half a year. However, he’s a man with extraordinary talent, and can’t be judged by normal standards. Perhaps the duration will be greatly shortened.”

The old monk had initially estimated that it would take two months for Jiang Chen’s soul to awaken, but it had only taken Jiang Chen six days. Therefore, as for how long it would take Jiang Chen to fully recover, the old monk had lost his confidence to give a resolute answer. An abnormal monster like Jiang Chen could never be judged by normal standards.

After Jiang Chen’s soul awakened, the old monk felt an even stronger sense of familiarity from him, especially from his soul. Suddenly, the old monk’s expression changed slightly.

“This guy’s name is Jiang Chen, and his name was also Jiang Chen… could it be? No, impossible, this is absolutely impossible! The greatest Saint underneath the heavens pa.s.sed away on the Saint Cliff a hundred years ago, and his body was completely destroyed, all that remains is his legend! It looks like I’m overthinking this. This young man is a genius who gives me a feeling of the greatest Saint underneath the heavens, that’s why I find him so familiar.”

The old monk shook his head. The Greatest Saint underneath the heavens had long ago vanished in the course of history, and it was impossible for him to still exist in this world. And, if he really was still alive, there was no way he could remain unheard of for over a hundred years. Also, this young genius in front of him was only a Combat King, the gap between him and the greatest Saint was not just small. It just happened that both men had the same name, as there were plenty of people named Jiang Chen.

Upon recalling this greatest Saint underneath the heavens, the old monk couldn’t help but feel mixed emotions. Many years ago, when he was still following his master, the old monk had once met the greatest Saint. He was deeply overwhelmed by the bearing of the greatest Saint.

Of course, the old monk would never know the truth. Thus young man lying in front of him was the reincarnation of the Greatest Saint underneath the heavens. The feeling of familiarity that came from Jiang Chen’s soul was all because of this.

After Jiang Chen’s soul awakened, aside from the Great Soul Derivation skill, the most crucial Dragon Transformation skill started working by itself as well. Not only that, the Nine Solar Lightning-Dragon Pill that had been acc.u.mulated in his body had started taking effect.


Buzzing sounds could be heard from Jiang Chen’s body. Previously, he had nearly lost all the blood in his body, but now, following the circulation of the Dragon Transformation skill, treads of crimson blood essence started appearing in Jiang Chen’s Qi Sea. The Dragon Transformation skill was indeed a miraculous skill, it was as if it wasn’t just a skill by itself, but a rare sentient treasure.

This tiny tread of blood essence came from the Dragon Transformation skill. Although it was an incorporeal skill, not only was it able to teach True Dragon skills to Jiang Chen, it was able to provide him blood essence. This was really mystical.


Following the appearance of this blood essence, a powerful energy instantly burst out from it. Soon after, this tread of blood essence began swimming around in Jiang Chen’s body, while the Dragon Transformation skill continued circulating at top speed. Jiang Chen’s misfortune had become a blessing in disguise, because his Dragon Transformation skill had once again begun to evolve.


Like real dragons, the Dragon Marks in his Qi Sea roared out at the same time. Wherever the blood essence pa.s.sed, the blood in Jiang Chen’s body would be replaced. New blood was being generated at a steady pace, while the injuries within his body were recovering at incredible speed. All the shattered internal organs had also started regenerating by themselves.

The tremendous energy leaking out from Jiang Chen’s body nearly brought down the roof of the palace. Countless incorporeal, blood red shadows of dragons could be seen lingering around Jiang Chen’s body, as if they were protecting their master.

Staring with astonishment, both the old monk and Tyrant were dumbstruck by what they were witnessing.

“Heavens! What is happening inside his body? Why is there such a mystical scene? Those shadow dragons look like real dragons!”

Although the old monk’s experience and knowledge was vast, he had never seen anything like this before.

“Brother Jiang is a true dragon among all mortals. Looks like the severe injury is a blessing disguised as misfortune.”

Tyrant's eyes flickered. He was very happy for Jiang Chen.

“I’m guessing he’s cultivating some kind of really frightening skill. Let me see what exactly is happening within his body.”

The old monk was completely stunned. He quickly sent out his divine sense and tried sending it into Jiang Chen’s body, but to his extreme shock, right when his divine sense entered Jiang Chen’s body, it was instantly knocked back by a powerful force.

The old monk's body shook, and his face turned pale.

"Master, what happened?"

Tyrant worriedly asked.

“There is an unknown force in his body that’s blocking my divine sense. If I didn’t pull it out just in time, perhaps the force would have shattered my divine sense. I could feel that it was a very ancient force, as if it was a living being from the ancient era. This is truly frightening.”

The old monk was still in a state of shock. Although he was a Ninth Grade Minor Saint, the aura inside Jiang Chen’s body felt like it came from the ancient era. It was extremely powerful, sacred and supreme; causing anyone who sensed it to feel like bowing down in front of him.

It was a sacred existence, and no one was allowed to challenge it.

Jiang Chen was still lying on the palace’s ground. More and more shadow dragons appeared over his body. A tremendous change was happening inside his body. All his internal organs were constantly being regenerated, while all his injuries were being healed at an incredible speed.

The Dragon Transformation skill had once again transformed. It had changed every single drop of blood inside Jiang Chen’s body, making him full of vitality once again. Not only that, following the transformation of the Dragon Transformation skill, another message appeared in Jiang Chen’s mind.

【Five Elements Combat Dragon Seal】,it was another powerful True Dragon Skill!