Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 530 – Lotus Sutra

Chapter 530 – Lotus Sutra

Chapter 530 - Lotus Sutra

The old monk was struck with astonishment. No man could have such pure lightning energy in his body, except for those born with lightning physiques, or those geniuses who were cultivating lightning skills. However, such a person’s lightning energy would quiet down while in a dying state, making it impossible for outsiders to sense it. However, the lightning energy he sensed in Jiang Chen’s body was extremely pure, and it contained a pure Yang characteristic at the same time. Also, it was stored within Jiang Chen’s body and could be easily sensed, and was not purposely being controlled by Jiang Chen.

This was truly mysterious. How could a dying man have such strong lightning energy within his body?

Of course, Jiang Chen wasn’t someone who could be compared with those geniuses who had a lightning physique. He had just faced Heavenly Tribulation, absorbing a vast amount of lightning energy. Not only that, he had also consumed a Nine Solar Lightning-Dragon Pill, and it was this pill that was working in his body right now. So, even though Jiang Chen had lost his consciousness and was now in a dying state, the pure lightning energy was still circulating within his body.

“Master, he just faced Heavenly Tribulation not long before this. The lightning energy within his body must have been absorbed during that process. Also, most of his injuries were caused by the Heavenly Tribulation, and he was attacked by a Ninth Grade Combat King shortly after. It really is a miracle that he is still alive right now.”

Tyrant said.

“What?! Did you just say he faced Heavenly Tribulation not long before this? Are you telling me attracted Heavenly Tribulation at the Combat King realm?”

For the first time, the old monk cried out in shock. As an eminent monk, he rarely experienced such strong emotional fluctuations. The calm and steady old monk had forgotten when he last became so agitated. This was the first time he had seen a genius who could attract Heavenly Tribulation at the Combat King realm. So, just couldn’t control his emotions.

At his current level, he was well aware of how frightening Heavenly Tribulation was, and he knew the source of it. By attracting Heavenly Tribulation at the Combat King realm, it proved that this young man possessed monstrous talent, far beyond what ordinary geniuses could ever compare with.

However, there was another thing that amazed this old monk. Not only had Jiang Chen faced Heavenly Tribulation, he was also attacked by a Ninth Grade Combat King, and he survived all of this. Although he looked no different from a dead man at the moment, the old monk could still tell that this young man was a live, and that a mysterious force was supporting him.

“That’s right, brother Jiang is an amazing man. He was able to kill Fourth Grade Combat Kings when he was a First Grade Combat King. He is a man your disciple can only look up to. Also, he used the Heavenly Tribulation to destroy the Freezing h.e.l.l Jail, a place that belongs to a powerful sect in the Liang Province. Your disciple really admires him, so master, please save his life. This is your disciple’s only reason for coming back this time.”

Ever since he had been born, aside from his own master, this was the first time Tyrant had been so concerned about the life and safety of another man.

"Alright, let me have a look."

The old monk was agitated. He squatted down again and began to carefully examine Jiang Chen’s injuries. He couldn’t ignore a peerless genius who could attract Heavenly Tribulation, and he was really happy that his disciple could befriend such a genius.

The old monk was a Ninth Grade Minor Saint. It was just like Tyrant had said earlier; a man like this could go anywhere he pleased. He was a true Buddhist, and thus, his knowledge and judgment were far beyond that of any ordinary man.

After the old monk examined Jiang Chen’s injuries, he couldn’t help but furrow his brows, “His injuries are very severe. All his internal organs are destroyed, and even his soul is in deep coma. If it was any other ordinary man, an injury like this would have resulted in death long ago. However, there is an energy that is continuously circulating inside his body. I’m guessing he must have consumed some kind of life-saving pill before entering a coma. Not only that, it seems that there is another mysterious, yet subtle force supporting him. It’s a really miraculous and mysterious force, even your master can’t tell what it is.”

"Master, can he be saved?"

Tyrant asked impatiently.

“I’m not so certain about whether or not we can save him. Under normal circ.u.mstances, such injuries would definitely kill almost any person in this world. It is a miracle that he’s still showing signs of life. This man has a very strong will, and as he has consumed some kind of powerful pill, it provides treatement to his injuries. There is nothing much your master can do. No matter what, your master will try to help him with the Lotus Sutra, and hope I can wake his soul from slumber. As long as his soul awakens, I believe he will regain consciousness by himself.”

The old monk said.

His words immediately brought an excited expression to Tyrant’s face. He was well aware of his master’s strength. Since his master was a true Buddhist, an eminent monk; a man who never tells lies, and never brags. Since his master said Jiang Chen could be cured, Tyrant believe it with his whole heart.

“However, with such severe injuries, everything will still depend on himself. He has a strong will, a monstrous talent and an extremely strong physique, and I can tell that his will to stay alive is strong. Although your baster can help him with the Lotus Sutra, in the end, it all goes back to himself.”

For some unknown reason, the more he looked at this young man, the more he felt as if they had met somewhere before. However, he just couldn’t recall when or where, and he could even confirm that he had never met this young man before. It was a truly curious feeling.

“Master, can you also look at Big Yellow? In order to save Jiang Chen, he used a forbidden technique to forcefully increase his cultivation base by two stages, then used his blood essence to control a mysterious broken sword which seemed really amazing. His actions gave your disciple an opportunity to save both of them. He suffered a tremendous backlash, and is severely injured as well.”

Tyrant said.

After listening to what Tyrant told him, an amazed yet puzzled look could be seen in the old monk’s eyes. Normally, those techniques used to temporarily increase ones cultivation base were all forbidden techniques, and no one would use it unless it was a critical moment. However, a secret technique like this was rare, and extremely precious, and techniques that could forcefully increase the cultivation base by two realm were even rarer. However, this dog actually knew a technique like that. It seemed he had an amazing background as well.

The old monk’s eyes landed on Big Yellow’s body. Slowly, he stretched out his s.h.i.+ning arm and placed it on top of Big Yellow’s forehead.

In the following second, the old monk’s expression changed dramatically, “He possesses a rare and vigorous Divine Beast bloodline. Your master once met a real Divine Beast, a Qilin, and its blood like was just as vigorous as this dog’s. However, I’m sure this dog’s bloodline isn’t that of a Qilin, but your master is unable to tell what kind of Divine Beast this dog it. However, it’s no doubt a really powerful bloodline, and his future achievements will be limitless. No wonder he could use such a forbidden technique.”

The old monk could no longer remain calm. The man and dog brought back by his disciple were extremely monstrous, and the dog was an existence that possessed a complete Divine Beast bloodline. It was truly frightening.

"Indeed, Big Yellow is a mystical being."

Tyrant nodded his head. He had no doubts about this, as he had witnessed it with his own eyes.

“You said he used a broken sword to repel two First Grade Combat Emperors and a Ninth Grade Combat King? Where is that broken sword? Can your master have a look?”

The old monk was shocked yet curious. He knew the difference between a Combat King and a Combat Emperor, and even though Big Yellow was genuine Divine Beast, it was impossible for him to fight against a Combat Emperor as a mere Third Grade Demon King, and even repel them. The only possible explanation was that broken sword. It must be a mystical weapon; a truly rare treasure.

“The broken sword belongs to Big Yellow. However, as the situation was really pressing, I’m afraid it now is in the hands of the Asura Palace.”

Tyrant said.

The old monk felt it was a pity. Although he wasn’t a man completely indifferent to worldly temptations, he wasn’t a greedy man either; just curious. However, he also knew that some treasures could only be used by Divine Beasts, while no other beings could even activate the treasure. So, although the broken sword was in the hands of the Asura Palace, it would be no different than sc.r.a.p metal to them.

After that, the old monk started to pay close attention to Big Yellow’s injury. Upon completion of his inspection, he couldn’t help but furrow his brows. The man and dog in front of him were both severely injured. The backlash was extremely severe, and although his vital signs were distinct, and looked to be much better than Jiang Chen, it would still be very difficult for Big Yellow to completely awaken.

“The Divine Beast bloodline is extremely powerful, so this dog won’t die. Even if your master doesn’t help him, he will most like awaken by relying on his bloodline. Perhaps he’ll activate an even stronger ability of his bloodline. The injury is not necessarily a disaster for this dog, and there’s a high possibility that it’s a great opportunity for him. However, your master isn’t sure how long this dog is going to slumber.”

Although the old monk was a Ninth Grade Minor Saint, he had been studying the path of Buddhism throughout his entire life, so he didn’t know much about other things, and he even lacked sufficient knowledge regarding Divine Beasts. That’s why there wasn’t much he could do to help Big Yellow. However, the result of his diagnosis still made Tyrant feel relaxed. At least, Jiang Chen and Big Yellow wouldn’t die.

“Your master will now use the Lotus Sutra to help both of them. The Lotus Sutra is a sacred Buddhist Sutra. It represents holiness and dignity, and can be used to help cleanse a man’s soul. I’ll use this sutra to a.s.sist Jiang Chen in the awakening of his soul. The rest will be up to himself.”

This was the only thing the old monk could do as things stood.

The old monk closed his eyes and began chanting. Countless runes started emerging from his mouth. Each runes was a Sanskrit that carried the quintessence of Buddhism; it was a mystical scene. The runes fell onto Jiang Chen and Big Yellow’s body, completely covering them up and making them look like two huge golden coc.o.o.ns.

Tyrant sat straight on the other side, his palms put together devoutly and attentively as he worked on comprehending the philosophy behind the Lotus Sutra. For him, every time he listened to his master’s lecture, he would always benefit greatly.

A serene atmosphere prevailed in the palace, and only Buddhist glows were lingering around. The old monk stopped after he finished chanting the Lotus Sutra. However, all those Sanskrit were still hovering in the air; floating around Jiang Chen and Big Yellow’s bodies.

Within Jiang Chen’s subconscious mind, he felt his slumbering soul floating into a kingdom full of golden rays. There were eminent monks and Buddhists everywhere, and he even saw Sovereign Bodhisattva. It was a kingdom of Buddhism; sacred and peaceful, a place in harmony with the rest of the world. His soul was being cleansed within this sacred kingdom.