Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 517 – Freezing Hell Jail

Chapter 517 – Freezing Hell Jail

Chapter 517 - Freezing h.e.l.l Jail

A loud explosive sound rang through the air as Jiang Chen’s sword destroyed Song Liangdong’s palm strike. However, it didn’t stop there, as it continued its way and impaled Song Liangdong’s palm within a split second. A fierce and trenchant sword energy burst out from the sword, and, under the eyes of everyone, Song Liangdong’s palm exploded; turning into a blood mist.


Song Liangdong let out a miserable shriek as his palm exploded. However, his shock was greater than his pain. Even if this guy was able to continuously level up, he appeared to just be an Early Combat Soul warrior, whereas Song Liangdong himself was a mighty Late Combat Soul warrior. So, why couldn’t Song Liangdong withstand even a single strike from this guy, and was severely wounded in an instant? The strength of this guy had reached a level beyond anyone’s imagination.


Showing no mercy, Jiang Chen swung his sword with incredible speed, ferociously slicing through Song Liangdong’s neck. Song Liangdong could only feel a s.h.i.+vering sensation from his neck, and didn’t even have the time to respond. His head was sliced off from his neck, just like how w.a.n.g Yuan had been killed. Neither of them felt any pain before dying.


Song Liangdong’s headless body feel down to the ground. After twitching a few times, it stopped moving.

A pandemonium broke out in the entire square, and some nearly fainted on the spot, as they had just witnessed a scene that wouldn’t even appear in their wildest dreams. That lunatic had just killed Song Liangdong! No one had any idea how strong this guy was. Even if he had found himself a heaven-defying legacy; even if he had become an Early Combat Soul warrior, that didn’t mean he should be able to kill the inner circle genius, Song Liangdong.

Also, what kind of legacy had this lunatic discovered? It caused people to become envious of him.

“He killed senior disciple Song! But, he’s only an Early Combat Soul warrior, how can he be so incredibly strong?”

“So extremely fierce! What exactly does that guy want? Even if he wants to prove himself, there is no need to kill so many people. If he didn’t kill anyone, with his performance today, I’m certain the Asura Palace would have put a lot of attention on him. With that, he might even have become a Tyc.o.o.n in the future. But now, there’s no hope for that.”

“There is no easy way out for him now. Zhang Yang has gone insane. I believe that underneath the heavens, there’s only those he can’t kill, but none he doesn’t dare kill. This matter has escalated to a very serious level. Perhaps only those core disciples are able to subdue him now. If any of the 13 Tyc.o.o.ns come here, he will be met with certain death.”


Everyone present were in shock, as this was such a terrifying scene. No one expected this Zhang Yang to rise up in such a quick manner. Of course, no one were thinking that this wasn’t the real Zhang Yang. The real Zhang Yang was no asleep within a storage ring located in Jiang Chen’s Qi Sea.

“I’ll ask a Tyc.o.o.n to come here and deal with him.”

A Mid Combat Soul warrior who came here with Song Liangdong said with an unsightly expression on his face. Without hesitating, he left the scene and went looking for a Tyc.o.o.n. Song Liangdong had been killed, instilling great fear in them as they face Jiang Chen. They didn’t have enough courage to stay here any longer, let alone attack him.

"I'll go with you."

Another man who was trembling with fear as well said. He wasn’t willing to stay here for even one more second. He immediately followed after the first man, and began flying toward the inner area of the Asura Palace.

"You, stay here!"

Jiang Chen shouted as he forcefully swung his sword. A miserable cry rang through the air as the inner circle disciple was killed. The other disciple simply let out a helpless cry, then hastily bolted away, scared that Jiang Chen would attack him from behind. Of course, Jiang Chen had no intentions of killing this man; he had to let him go get help.

There more than a few thousand dumbfounded disciples in the square. All of them were wearing the same terrified expressions as they repeatedly backed off, trying their best to keep a safe distance from this lunatic who had gone on a rampage.

Jiang Chen disdainfully gazed at these outer circle disciples. He had lost his interest in these people. He had done everything according to his plan. With his actions, the upper echelons of the Asura Palace would definitely not let him off easily. Also, he gave them an impression that the legacy he had found was extremely powerful, so those guys wouldn’t kill him straightaway. So, what awaited him could only be the Freezing h.e.l.l Jail.

Only by personally entering the Freezing h.e.l.l Jail would have have a chance to save Tan Lang.

Not long after, the disciple who ran away from the scene returned, but not alone. A formidable guy came with him. This guy only had one arm, and his face carried a ruthless expression. Jiang Chen was able to recognize this guy with just a single look; he was the man he had fought in the Chaotic Ocean, the Eighth Tyc.o.o.n – Ling Yi!

Jiang Chen never expected to see such a big-shot right away. With great speed, he put away the sword in his hand. As Ling Yi’s arm had been sliced off by the Heavenly Saint Sword, it wouldn’t be good if he saw ‘Zhang Yang’ carrying the same sword.

“Look! That’s senior disciple Ling Yi, the Eighth Tyc.o.o.n! Zhang Yang is completely doomed this time, senior disciple Ling Yi is a Fourth Grade Combat King!”

“It’s a shame that senior disciple Ling Yi’s arm was chopped off by someone. I heard that an amazing young man appeared in the Chaotic Ocean, his name is Jiang Chen, and he’s with that stinky monk. Now, all four major powers are hunting both of them.”

“That Jiang Chen is utterly detestable, how dare he stand against the Asura Palace? It will only bring him death! Although senior disciple Ling Yi has lost one of his arms, his Combat King cultivation isn’t something any ordinary man can compare with. No matter how strong this Zhang Yang is, he was no match for the Eighth Tyc.o.o.n.”


When the audience realized that it was the Eighth Tyc.o.o.n who had come to help, they couldn’t help but feel excited. In their minds, the 13 Tyc.o.o.ns were the most respectful existences, and also their idols.

After Ling Yi arrived, he immediately saw the miserable scene presented on the fighting stage. Fury instantly burst out from his eyes as he turned to Jiang Chen who stood on the fighting stake, looking calm and relaxed.

“Senior disciple Ling, that’s him, he’s that Zhang Yang! He has killed many people!”

The inner circle disciple said. His voice trembled whenever he thought of Jiang Chen’s savage and ferocious approaches.

“Early Combat Soul warrior, but has the ability to kill Late Combat Soul warriors. Not only that, you were only on a Mid Divine Core warrior yesterday. Now, tell me, what kind of legacy have you found? I might give you a quick death if you tell me.”

Ling Yi said while portraying a domineering image. He showed a look saying that he did not take Jiang Chen seriously at all. Just as Jiang Chen had expected, Ling Yi was greatly interested in the legacy Zhang Yang found. Being able to bring such a tremendous transformation to a person, allowing him to break through to stages in one day, and bring tremendous improvements to his combat strength, it could only be a heaven-defying legacy. In the minds of many people here, Zhang Yang must have found a supreme treasure, which explained his dramatic transformation.

Ling Yi naturally wanted to get hold of the legacy Zhang Yang had found. Because he had lost one arm, as long as there was a chance to regrow his arm, he would never ignore it.

“Haha, Ling Yi, who do you think you are? Who gave you the audacity to talk to me, a genius? Let me tell you this; sooner or later, I’ll be dominating all of you 13 Tyc.o.o.ns. Now, if you kneel down before me, once I make my way to the top of the world, I will definitely reward you handsomely. However, if you try to stand against me, these dead bodies will be your example.”

Jiang Chen joyfully laughed out, then told Ling Yi with a loud voice.

Hearing this, Ling Yi was instantly startled. He thought that Zhang Yang would kneel down and beg for forgiveness upon meeting him, but instead, not only was this guy not afraid of him, the words that came out from his mouth were hundreds of times more arrogant than Ling Yi. Was there something wrong with this guy’s brain? Or did he really think that he could fight against a Fourth Grade Combat King with his pathetic Early Combat Soul cultivation base?

The spectators nearly fainted once again. They totally believed that Zhang Yang had gone insane after finding the legacy. After all, no sane person would ask the Eighth Tyc.o.o.n to kneel down. This was simply an act of courting death.

“You just have no idea what death or danger means!”

Ling Yi was really angry. He stretched his arm forward and made a grabbing gesture, unleas.h.i.+ng a bright palm that turned into a large cage and instantly trapped Zhang Yang within. No matter how much Zhang Yang tried to attack it, there was no way he could break it. Seeing this situation, all the outer circle disciples sighed out in relief. This guy was luckily not so heaven-defying that he was able to fight a Combat King.

"You lunatic! I can kill you right now!"

Ling Yi said with a loud voice.

“Haha, do it! Kill me now! If you don’t kill me now, I will sooner or later become much stronger, and at that point of time, you will die!”

Jiang Chen burst into laughter and showed no signs of fear as he faced Ling Yi’s suppression.

“You’re dreaming! For the crimes you have committed, killing you straightaway would be too light! I’ll throw you in the Freezing h.e.l.l Jail, where you’ll slowly be tormented until you die!”

Ling Yi said with a loud voice.

His words brought great joy to Jiang Chen, and he couldn’t help but sigh out in relief. As expected, Ling Yi had no intentions of killing him straightaway, but instead wanted to throw him into the Freezing h.e.l.l Jail and torture him until finding out what legacy he had found. This fit exactly as Jiang Chen had planned.

“Perfect, throwing him into the Freezing h.e.l.l Jail! He’ll never see the sunlight again, and will be slowly tormented until he dies!”

“That’s right, just killing him is too light of a punishment! We must let him suffer all the tortures of the Freezing h.e.l.l Jail!”


Upon hearing Ling Yi’s announcement of punishment for Zhang Yang, joyful cheers instantly burst out from the spectators. Everyone feared and hated this lunatic, but no matter how strong he was, once he was put into the Freezing h.e.l.l Jail, all that would await him was certain death. Although no one here had seen the Freezing h.e.l.l Jail before, they knew every single frightening legend regarding it.

Ling Yi stretched his arm forward and performed another grabbing gesture, immediately ripping apart the s.p.a.ce in front of him and revealing a black doorway. Even from afar, one could easily feel the ice-cold air leaking out from behind the doorway, bringing a chill down their spines.

After that, Ling Yi pulled Jiang Chen up from a distance and threw him into the door. The 13 Tyc.o.o.ns were all given supreme authority, and they could open the doorway to the Freezing h.e.l.l Jail at will.

Jiang Chen didn’t resist once throughout the entire process. In just the blink of an eye, he had entered the Freezing h.e.l.l Jail.

The surrounding scene had suddenly changed. Extremely cold wind invaded him from all directions, causing Jiang Chen’s to shudder. Jiang Chen also found out about something, not only was the air here extremely cold, it was corrosive as well. In order to repel the cold air, he would have to unleash his Yuan energy. However, this cold wind could even corrode his Yuan energy. It was no wonder why everyone was so scared of this Freezing h.e.l.l Jail. No matter how strong a person was, his Yuan energy would eventually deplete because of the corrosion, and at that point of time, he would be greeted by death.