Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 518 – Tan Lang’s Miserable Condition

Chapter 518 – Tan Lang’s Miserable Condition

Chapter 518 – Tan Lang’s Miserable Condition

For any ordinary cultivator, the Freezing h.e.l.l Jail’s cold wind was no doubt deadly. However, that wasn’t the case for Jiang Chen. Firstly, he possessed really powerful Yang energy, and the Dragon Transformation skill filled him with vigor and vitality. So, he had no reason to fear the cold wind. Although the cold wind here was intense, it still wasn’t equal to the wind in the world of glaciers located in the Island of Ice. Secondly, Jiang Chen didn’t need to mind the corrosive effect coming from the cold wind either, because the Dragon Transformation skill allowed him to absorb nearly anything in the world. He could even absorb Lord Nether’s deadly poison, let alone this cold wind.

With a shook, Jiang Chen stabilized his body. Looking around, he discovered he had come to another s.p.a.ce. It was an extremely gloomy s.p.a.ce, and fog was lingering around all over the place.


The roars of various demons entered his ears from various directions. Looking ahead, Jiang Chen saw numerous cages hovering within this huge s.p.a.ce. He had no idea what material was used to make these cages, but they looked extremely st.u.r.dy. Each cage contained a prisoner, some of them being powerful demons. Many of them were seen covered in blood, and their auras were weak. They were clearly approaching the end of their lives, as the cold wind had started corroding the bodies of these demons.

Jiang Chen wore a calm expression and showed no emotions, then strode forward. His first step was to find further. As he moved further, he was able to view these demons within the cages clearer. He found several dozens of demons, and the weakest were Second Grade Demon Kings, the strongest being a Fifth Grade Demon King. There might even be stronger existence in this place, but they weren’t kept here

When he saw all these demons, Jiang Chen couldn’t help but lick his lips. For time, these powerful Demon Kings were the best tonics for his cultivation. If he could absorb the demon souls of these Demon Kings, he could at least break through to the Third Grade Combat King realm.

As the s.p.a.ce within the Freezing h.e.l.l Jail was extremely huge, it was not an easy task to find Tan Lang amongst so many cages. However, after putting the Great Soul Derivation skill to use, he quickly found Tan Lang’s aura, and immediately began striding in that direction.

“Graa! Little man! I can tell that you’re part of the Asura Palace by your clothes. Why are you here? What kind of severe crimes have you committed? Hahaha…”

When Jiang Chen walked past a Fourth Grade Demon King, the Demon King immediately spoke out. This Demon King was a Mighty Lion (species name), a rare demon species that possessed a powerful innate ability. If Jiang Chen absorbed its demon soul, he would easily be able to obtain its innate ability.

However, when Jiang Chen absorbed demon souls, he would usually only absorb the energy contained within, and selectively give up on the innate abilities. Unless he found an incredibly powerful innate ability, Jiang Chen wouldn’t bother absorbing it. The True Dragon skills he possessed were extremely frightening, and with the combat skills he had from his previous life, he naturally wouldn’t give a single thought to the innate abilities of those ordinary demon beasts.

Furthermore, Jiang Chen had a feeling that he should focus all his effort on cultivating those True Dragon combat skills brought to him by the Dragon Transformation skill. The Dragon Transformation skill was a mysterious and divine skill, so nothing could go wrong by cultivating the combat skills that came from it

“So, you can still laugh even after being trapped in this place. It looks like you have a pretty strong mentality.”

Jiang Chen mockingly said to the Demon King. He could tell with a single look that this Demon King had been trapped in this place for very long, causing its state of mind to nearly collapse. So, upon seeing a newcomer, it couldn’t help but want to tease him.

“You b.a.s.t.a.r.d! Let me tell you this; you will never be able to leave the Freezing h.e.l.l Jail! In here, only death is guaranteed. I can see that you possess strong Yang energy, and that you’re full of vigor and vitality. Why don’t you let me eat you? Once I’ve regained my energy, I’ll find a way to leave this place. It’s much better than both of us dying in this s.h.i.+tty place.”

The Demon King finally revealed its intentions. It stuck out its tongue, and treated Jiang Chen as its delicious prey.

"Thinking of eating me? I will eat you in a moment."

After leaving behind his words, Jiang Chen strode away without turning his head back. He had decided to absorb all the demon souls locked up in this place. For him, this was an excellent opportunity.

Walking like the lightest feather, Jiang Chen ignored the cold wind lingering around his body. Soon, he arrived at a cage. A young man was seen lying motionlessly inside of the cage. His head dangling by his neck, and his entire body covered in blood. One couldn’t even tell what color his s.h.i.+rt originally had.

The young man looked paralyzed, and he was lying there like a dead man, completely motionless. Although Jiang Chen stood next to the cage, this young man didn’t show any signs of having noticed him. If one could look closer, he would see that this young man’s legs were violently trembling, but it seemed that he had lost his strength to stand up. As a matter of fact, his legs had been forcefully broken by someone. Right now, the young man was just quietly lying there, allowing the cold wind to corrode his body.

Looking at the miserable state of this young man, raging fury erupted from Jiang Chen’s eyes. He had seen all of Tan Lang’s wounds, and they were extremely severe; bringing him to a life-threatening situation. If he was left alone here, Tan Lang would die in less than three days.

Tan Lang had currently lost all his ability to resist. His Yuan energy had been sucked dry, and he was like an arrow at the end of its flight. With injuries like these, even if he was rescued from this place, without healing him with some divine medication, his cultivation base would be incredibly difficult to restore.

Jiang Chen was truly angry right now. Right at this very moment, his hatred toward the Asura Palace had reached new heights. After learning of Zhuang Fan’s miserable encounter, he had only turned his nose down on Xiao Nanfeng alone. But now, he really believed that the Asura Palace no longer deserved to exist. It was a heartless sect, and there was no point in allowing it to continue existing. No matter what, Tan Lang was a genius disciple of the Asura Palace, and even if he had committed the crime, this punishment had gone too far, as this was the most serious punishment given to the worst enemies of the Asura Palace. Not only had Tan Lang been locked up in the Freezing h.e.l.l Jail, he had also been devastatingly tortured.

"Brother Tan."

Jiang Chen called out with a soft voice. Tan Lang’s body trembled, and he slowed raised his head. His hear was disheveled, his face was extremely pale, and he looked incredibly weak right now, as if he was about to die at any second.

"You, who are you?"

Tan Lang asked with a weak voice. According to his memory, he didn’t know this man. Actually, this wasn’t strange at all. Although Tan Lang and Zhang Yang were both disciple of the Asura Palace, there was a huge difference between their cultivation base and position, causing them to never meet before. So, Tan Lang didn’t know about Zhang Yang.

Jiang Chen pointed his finger like a sword and shot a pure Yuan energy into Tan Lang’s body. At the same time, he unleashed a golden barrier and covered Tan Lang’s body with it. After that, he said, “It’s me, I’m Jiang Chen.”

As if Jiang Chen’s name could bring him energy, Tan Lang’s eyes went wide, and his face became expressive. He stared at this strange with a look of disbelief, and thought that the face of this man did not belong to Jiang Chen. However, the voice was indeed Jiang Chen’s voice.

"Brother Jiang, you… how did you come into this place?"

Tan Lang was astonished. He tried to stand up, but he remembered that his legs had been broken by someone. His movement affected his injuries, causing a painful expression to emerge on his face.

“You have suffered because of me. So, it wouldn’t make sense if I didn’t come here to rescue you.”

Jiang Chen smiled.

“Brother Jiang, you better find a way out of here quickly. This place is not a good place. I’m a cripple now, and even if you saved me from here, I would still be a cripple. Don’t involve yourself in this. I know you’re capable, and since you have a way to come here, you’ll definitely have a way to leave as well. I don’t want to get you in trouble. You saved my life in the Southern Continent, and it is now time for me to pay my life back to you.”

Tan Lang said.

Jiang Chen was stunned. He thought Tan Lang would burst with joy upon realizing that Jiang Chen had come here to rescue him. However, not only did Tan Lang not show any excitement, he actually showed worry for Jiang Chen’s safety. This was a sign of a trustworthy man, which instantly warmed Jiang Chen’s heart. With this alone, he felt that sneaking into the Asura Palace to rescue Tan Lang was worth it.

Right at this moment, a crack suddenly erupted in the Freezing h.e.l.l Jail’s s.p.a.ce, and a man was revealed not far away from Jiang Chen. This man was none other than the Eighth Tyc.o.o.n, Ling Yi.

“Both of you are dying, is there anything you can still talk about?”

Ling Yi said while laughing grimly.

“Ling Yi, when I die and become a ghost, I, Tan Lang will never let you go!”

Upon seeing Ling Yi, those words emerged through Tan Lang’s tightly clenched teeth. A murderous hatred leaked out from his eyes. Not once in his life had he hated someone so much; Ling Yi was the first.

"All your injuries were caused by him."

Jiang Chen’s face turned cold. From the look in Tan Lang’s eyes and his tone, Jiang Chen had guessed the truth.

“Hmph. Save your breath. Zhang Yang, you should feel honored that I didn’t kill you on the spot. I’ll give you a chance to live now, as long as you tell me about the legacy you found yesterday, I will spare your life.”

Ling Yi coldly harrumphed.

"Fine, I'll tell you."

Jiang Chen smiled.

"Are you serious?"

Ling Yi was delighted. Initially, he thought he would have to go through much trouble in order to obtain the legacy Zhang Yang had found. However, this guy unexpected compromised by himself. This was the best result he could expect.

“Open your eyes and take a good look, this is the legacy I found! I’m not Zhang Yang!”

After saying that, Jiang Chen’s bones and muscles began twisting. In just a few breaths of time, he transformed back into his original look.

"It’s you!"

Seeing the man suddenly transform into Jiang Chen, Ling Yi instantly cried out in shock. He couldn’t help but take a step back, as he never expected Zhang Yang to actually be Jiang Chen. He knew that this young man was incredibly difficult to deal with. However, Ling Yi quickly calmed himself down. He began laughing, then said, “Jiang Chen, not only did you not take the road to heaven, you actually delivered yourself to h.e.l.l where there is no exit. It looks like you and Tan Lang are really good friends, as you were willing to risk your life to come here and try to rescue him. However, you’re just wasting your time and effort. Today, even if you’re given a pair of wings, I will never let you leave the Asura Palace!”