Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 516 – Ferociously Killing

Chapter 516 – Ferociously Killing

Chapter 516 - Ferociously Killing

Both elders were extremely furious. Their voices were loud, and their expressions were stern. However, neither of them had the courage to stand out and attack Jiang Chen. No matter how outrageous he was, he had shown them his mighty strength. Even Elder Yuan had been killed with a single strike, and they weren’t even as strong as Elder Yuan. This Zhang Yang was also obviously a lunatic, and he killed without even blinking his eyes. If they stood out right now, perhaps they would have to face the same consequences as Elder Yuan.


Jiang Chen coldly harrumphed. Ignoring the angry expressions of the elders, he moved onto the fighting stage where both of them were standing. He pointed his sword at the two elders then shouted, “You two, kneel down now!”


The eyes of the two elders went wide, and thought there was something wrong with their ears. This lunatic was asking them to kneel down in front of so many people? This was extremely heaven-defying! As a disciple of the outer circle, during the outer circle compet.i.tion, he had just asked two elders to kneel down in front of everyone? What did this guy actually want to do?

“b.a.s.t.a.r.d! Zhang Yang, are you trying to revolt?!”

The Elder’s eyes became bloodshot. This was a plain humiliation! As elders who managed the outer circle, they had not once had to suffer such an insult.

“Hmph! Sooner or later, I, Zhang Yang will become the man who dominates all Thirteen Tyc.o.o.ns! So, it is only right and natural for you to kneel down before me! Do it quickly, otherwise, I’ll kill both of you.”

Jiang Chen was being so arrogant that even he himself was almost unable to recognize himself. An ice-cold glow was flickering at the tip of the Heavenly Saint Sword, and judging from his posture, if the two elders refused to kneel down, he would really kill both of them in an instant.

“What does this guy really want?”

“Insane, he has really become insane! He is asking the elders to kneel down!”

“Does he really think he is invincible? This place is the Asura Palace! There are many people who can suppress him with ease!”

The spectators were left speechless. This lunatic had really become nonsensical; no one were able to predict what he would do next. Asking the elders to kneel down, claiming that he was going to suppress all Thirteen Tyc.o.o.ns, just these two statements alone could put him in an everlasting perdition.

“d.a.m.n it, you’re revolting!”

One of the two elders could no longer take it. He was a man with a prestigious status; a mighty Combat Soul warrior, an Elder who managed the outer circle! If he really kneeled down before an outer circle disciple, he would lose all his face, and there would be no way for him to stay in the Asura Palace any longer.

“Since you refuse to kneel down before me, you should just go die.”

With soaring killing intent, Jiang Chen had completely transformed into a lunatic. With a swing of his Heavenly Saint Sword, he unleashed a web of sword energies that instantly covered the Elder. Captivated by the web of sword, the Elder realized he was completely trapped and unable to move even a pit, let alone put up any counter measurements.

Puchi... Argh...

Following a miserable shriek, the Elder was sliced in half by Jiang Chen. He died on the spot, just like was happened to Elder Yuan. It was a savage yet miserable scene.

Seeing this, the spectators couldn’t help but gasp in shock. The way they looked at Jiang Chen had once again changed completely. The ferocious approach of this man made them boil with anger. Since the beginning until now, he had killed three men without holding back. One of those three was the number one genius of the outer circle, and the other two were elders in charge of the outer circle compet.i.tion.

Because of Jiang Chen, the yearly most important outer circle compet.i.tion had become completely stirred up. The current situation prevented it from continuing, as no one could predict what kind of turmoil this lunatic would bring. In the minds of these people, this man had gone completely insane, and he had most like suffered from Qi Deviation during cultivation, which accidentally brought him onto the path of a devil.

“And you, it’s too late for you to kneel down. I previously gave you a chance, so, you can die with him now.”

Jiang Chen swung the sword in his hand into the last Elder, who seemed stunned. Jiang Chen was a genuine Combat King, although he had hidden it from others. Of course, even if he wasn’t a Combat King, but instead just a Late Divine Core warrior, he could still easily kill an Early Combat Soul warrior with the Heavenly Saint Sword.


As expected, the last Elder followed the steps of the previous two elders; sliced in half.

Four corpses laid on two separate fighting stages, and fresh blood was flowing out from them. Even their internal organs were scattered across the stage. It was an extremely savage scene. Jiang Chen stood on the fighting stage like a demon king, showing no signs of discomfort toward the miserable scene surrounding him.

“Hahaha… Daddy here is the number one warrior underneath the heavens! If any of the cowards here dares challenge me, come!”

Jiang Chen heartily laughed out as he swept his eyes across the disciples standing beneath the fighting stage.

“Lunatic, this guy is a complete lunatic! Quickly, go and get help from the inner circle! Otherwise, there is no way we can settle this madness!”

“He has killed all three elders, go get help immediately! We have to capture this guy, he is too savage and ferocious, and might kill all of us soon! No one from the outer circle is able to stop him!”

“Someone has gone to get help, I’m sure some powerful warriors will soon arrive and put him down!”


The spectators couldn’t help but keep backing off, as no one dared to stay too close to this lunatic. They were waiting for help from the inner circle.

Not long after that, four powerful figures flew in from the direction of the inner circle, and landed in the square. They were all young man; geniuses and elites of the inner circle. Three of them were Mid Combat Soul warriors, and the last was a Late Combat Soul warrior. Compared to the three elders who were killed by Jiang Chen, they were much stronger.

“Look, it’s senior disciple Song Liangdong, a powerful Late Combat Soul warrior, and superior genius of the inner circle! The other three are also Mid Combat Soul warriors! That Zhang Yang is finished this time!”

“Good, perfect! Kill that lunatic! There will never be any peaceful days if we keep this lunatic in the Asura Palace!”


The arrival of help brought joyful emotions to all outer circle disciples. Since even a mighty Late Combat Soul warrior had arrived, and since Zhang Yang was just merely a Late Divine Core warrior, there was no way he could put up a fight against them. His death was inevitable.

After Song Liangdong and the other three men arrived, they immediately saw the scene on the fighting stage, causing their expressions to instantly change. They were all inner circle geniuses who originally came from the outer circle, so they personally knew these three elders, and they were pretty familiar with w.a.n.g Yuan as well. They never expected to see all these four men dead. Not only that, they never expected to see someone with the courage to kill elders during the outer circle compet.i.tion. This was the first time something like this had happened in the Asura Palace’s history, and it was simply a heaven-defying incident.

"Zhang Yang, are you the one who did all this?"

Song Liangdong couldn’t believe what he had just seen. Although he didn’t know Zhang Yang, he was able to call out his name. Someone had obviously told him about what happened here. However, the man had only told him that there was a violent man in the outer circle who had killed the strongest disciple of the outer circle, w.a.n.g Yuan, as well as one Elder. However, when Song Liangdong arrived, he realized it wasn’t just two men, but four men who had been killed by Zhang Yang.

“Who are you, and who gave you the audacity to mind my, Zhang Yang’s business?! I’m the number one genius of the Asura Palace, if you four kneel down before me right now, I’ll spare you from death! Otherwise, you’ll have to face the same consequence as them!”

Jiang Chen pointed his sword at Song Liangdong and the other three men. It looked like he was going to carry out his arrogant act to the end.

Many people once again rolled their eyes. They could finally confirm that Zhang Yang had gone insane. No normal human would do something like this, and he had even asked the geniuses from the inner circle to kneel down. If this wasn’t a sign of his madness, what would it be?

“d.a.m.n it, why is there such a reckless fool in the outer circle? Senior disciple Song, let me kill him.”

One of the Mid Combat Soul disciples was unable to bear it. With a sway of his body, he leapt onto the fighting stage. Without saying another word, he struck out with his palm, unleas.h.i.+ng a huge, bright palm from the sky above, aimed toward Jiang Chen’s face.

Jiang Chen’s brows twitched, then he countered with a palm strike of his own. Two huge, dazzling palms instantly collided together. The tremendous force pushed Jiang Chen to the edge of the fighting stage. His body was trembling violently, and he nearly fell down from the stage.

“You’re merely an ant at the Divine Core realm, you should feel proud that you managed to stay alive after taking a strike from me. Next, you’ll die.”

The inner circle disciple said with an extremely cold voice.

Zhang Yang was finally subdued by someone; causing many to sigh out in relief. Previously, they were still worried that even the inner circle disciples would fail to bring this Zhang Yang under control, which would just be absurd. But fortunately, they had just worried too much.

“Is that so? If you kneel down before me now, I’ll spare your life. I don’t mind telling you this; I, Zhang Yang found a tremendous legacy, which allowed me to break through with ease. Now, I’ll show you me breaking through to the Combat Soul realm!”

Jiang Chen shouted as his raging aura burst out from his body. In just a very short amount of time, he broke through to the Combat Soul realm, and finally stopped at the peak of the Early Combat Soul realm.


Many people cried out in shock at the same time, while others nearly had their jaws drop to the ground; their eyes nearly popped out from their sockets. Jiang Chen had let them witness the birth of a miracle, as he had just broken through to the Combat Soul realm from the Divine Core realm in front of them, as easily as slicing through b.u.t.ter.

While the spectators were still bewildered by what just happened, Jiang Chen moved once again. He charged forward like a sudden clap of thunder and arrived in front of the inner circle disciple in the blink of an eye. He raised his sword high up into the air and swung it down from top to bottom, slicing yet another person in half.

The audience burst into an uproar once again. Now, everyone felt as if they were suffocating, While many of them feared this Zhang Yang, some were actually envious of him. They were wondering what kind of legacy he had found, which allowed him to break through two stages in a single day, even crossing the big gap between the Divine Core and Combat Soul realm. If not for the fact that they had personally witnessed it, no one would have believed it to be real.


Song Liangdong furiously roared out. He finally moved, shooting himself toward Jiang Chen to launch an attack.

Two ice-cold beams leaked out from Jiang Chen’s eyes. Killing intent was bursting out from his body as he turned into a trail of light and shot toward his opponent. Today, his sole purpose was to wreak havoc; the more the better. He wanted to lure those mighty warriors who were qualified to open up the Freezing h.e.l.l Jail to him, as that was the only chance for him to enter.

Jiang Chen wasn’t scared that any powerful warriors would kill him in an instant. Humans were after all greedy by nature. Him continuously leveling up had definitely attracted the attention of many, and he believed that many people would be interested in the ‘legacy’ he had found yesterday, and that didn’t exclude those 13 Tyc.o.o.ns. At that point of time, as long as they wanted to know about his secret, they would keep him alive, and the Freezing h.e.l.l Jail was the perfect place to place him.