Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 515 – Completely Insane

Chapter 515 – Completely Insane

Chapter 515 - Completely Insane

In that instant, the audience burst into an uproar. With a near dumbstruck expression, everyone blankly stared at the fighting stage, feeling as if they were dreaming.


w.a.n.g Yuan’s head fell down from the sky and hit his shoulder, pus.h.i.+ng his body to the ground. It was a b.l.o.o.d.y and brutal scene. The fresh blood quickly smeared the fighting stage, blanketing it with a crimson layer.

At this moment, everyone felt it difficult to breathe. The dramatic scene was not something these people had expected, and none of them even thought this would be possible. Who could have thought that Zhang Yang was actually so strong, enough to kill w.a.n.g Yuan with a single strike, not even giving his opponent a chance to react.

“Oh heavens, what did I just see? Is it w.a.n.g Yuan who got killed? Killed by a single strike without even the chance to defend against it? What kind of encounter did this Zhang Yang b.u.mp into? Why did he suddenly become so strong?”

“So savage! w.a.n.g Yuan who was ranked number one in the outer circle has just been killed! In order to fight for the first place in the compet.i.tion, he spent an entire year preparing. In the end, he was killed in a miserable manner without even getting to unleash a single strike. This is too dramatic! I know Zhang Yan, he is a timid guy, a man with mediocre talent, and his cultivation base was stuck at the Mid Divine Core realm for two years, and I heard he was still a Mid Divine Core warrior yesterday, where he was supposed to be on guard duty. How come he could have such a tremendous transformation in just one day? This is bizarre!”

“Zhang Yang suddenly turned into someone who shows no respect to anyone, arrogant and conceited! Furthermore, he’s too ferocious, as if he has turned into someone else. But what shocks me the most is that he actually has the strength to kill w.a.n.g Yuan now.”


No one were able to remain calm. The number one genius of the outer circle, w.a.n.g Yuan, had just been instantly killed by a single strike, and it happened right after Elder Yuan finished speaking. This didn’t mean w.a.n.g Yuan was weak, as the t.i.tle of number one genius of the outer circle wasn’t just for show. It only meant that Zhang Yang was too strong!

"Who's next?"

Jiang Chen waved his sword and turned his glance over toward those geniuses of the outer circle.

These geniuses who usually puffed themselves up with pride instantly gasped. Jiang Chen’s provoking glance frightened them, causing them to take a few steps back. Although they felt a strong desire to beat this arrogant guy to death, even w.a.n.g Yuan was killed within seconds. So, if they really fought him, the results wouldn’t be much better.


All three Sect Elders had their eyes went wide, only now they managed to pull themselves out from the shocking emotion. They couldn't believe what just happened, and felt like this was the first time they knew this Zhang Yang.

“Zhang Yang, today is the outer circle compet.i.tion! Who gave you the audacity to kill a fellow disciple?! You have committed a crime deserving of a myriad deaths!”

Elder Yuan scolded loudly.

“Old fool, who do you think you are? Why gave you the audacity to talk like that to me? We had agreed to a death match, and the only reason he died is his poor strength. With my, Zhang Yang’s talent, I will become the number one genius of the Asura Palace in the future, and all 13 Tyc.o.o.ns will become my stepping stones! If you three old fools dare disrespect me, I’ll trample you to death straightaway! Let me give you a chance right now; immediately announce me as the champion of this compet.i.tion, then kneel down and kowtow to me. Once I, Zhang Yang have made my way to the top of the world, I’ll reward you handsomely. Otherwise, you’ll soon suffer!”

Jiang Chen was incredibly arrogant. He pointed his sword at the three elders and spoke loudly. Even he himself nearly burst out into laughter because of what he just said. Although being an arrogant man required strength as a foundation, he was just behaving like an idiot right now. However, this was the result Jiang Chen wanted.

The crowd once again burst into an uproar, and a tremendous storm was brought into the entire square. Although they felt Zhang Yang was previously extremely arrogant, they had still underestimated his arrogance. This guy wasn’t a normal human any longer, he was a lunatic! Even when the Great Tyc.o.o.n Xiao Nanfeng made his first debut, he dared not behave so arrogantly. However, this guy was just a Late Divine Core warrior. Even if he really seized the champion spot in the compet.i.tion, he couldn’t make the elders kneel down in front of him, let alone claim all 13 Tyc.o.o.ns to be his steeping stones.

The 13 Tyc.o.o.ns were after all the symbol of the Asura Palace; the representatives of the Asura Palace’s supreme status. No one dared to defame them. No matter how much of a genius Zhang Yang was, with such an arrogant and treacherous att.i.tude, he would have to suffer the sect’s punishment.

"What a treacherous brat! I will personally punish you!"

Elder Yuan was set ablaze with fury, and completely unleashed the aura of a Combat Soul warrior. With a sway of his body, he leapt onto the fighting stage where Jiang Chen stood.

"You b.a.s.t.a.r.d! I'll put an end to your pathetic life right now!"

Elder Yuan had never been so angry before, especially when dealing with an outer circle disciple.

“Old fool, do you really think you can kill me? You think too highly of yourself.”

Without saying anything, Jiang Chen swung the Heavenly Saint Sword forward. In an instant, Elder Yuan who was emanating his powerful aura was trapped by an invisible force, preventing him from moving even a bit.

A horrifying scene was revealed to everyone. Jiang Chen’s formidable sword sliced Elder Yuan in half. His blood and internal organs splattered across the entire fighting stage. It was a savage scene that caused the hearts of those watching to tremble.

"So weak."

Faced with Elder Yuan’s dead body, Jiang Chen spat out.

Once again, the audience was struck by a violent storm. No one could believe what they had just witnessed. Zhang Yang, a Late Divine Core disciple, had just killed an Early Combat Soul Elder with a single strike. This literally turned their common sense upside down. If not for the fact that they had witnessed it with their own eyes, they never would have been able to believe it.

"He... he killed Elder Yuan!"

“Heavens! He is a lunatic! He slaughtered an Elder during the outer circle compet.i.tion! This is insane! This matter is going to escalate into a high level very soon! He has committed a serious crime, and will most likely be thrown into the Freezing h.e.l.l Jail!”

“Insane! He really killed an Elder! That means he completely ignores the authority of the Asura Palace! I really don’t understand why he would want to do this… He is indeed a genius, as he can kill a Combat Soul Elder with just his Divine Core cultivation. With that, the Asura Palace would definitely give him a serious amount of attention. However, why does he behave so arrogantly, and even killed an Elder? He has just buried his own promising future.”


The Asura Palace had existed for many, many years. However, this was the first time in their history that a disciple had killed his fellow disciple and Elder on the day of the compet.i.tion. Although the Asura Palace had quite a number of arrogant disciples, none of them dared to kill an Elder unless they had lost the will to live in this world.

“Elder Yuan!”

The two remaining Elders cried out in shock together. Initially, they thought that with Elder Yuan’s personality, Zhang Yang would definitely be killed on the spot. They never thought he would die like this.

“Zhang Yang! Who gave you the audacity to kill an Elder?! You are a treacherous guy, you deserve ten thousand deaths for your crime!”

With a loud voice and a stern expression, the Elder who announced the outer circle compet.i.tion’s reward shouted at Jiang Chen. Outrageous! This was absolutely outrageous!