Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 514 – Draw the Sword and Kill

Chapter 514 – Draw the Sword and Kill

Chapter 514 - Draw the Sword and Kill

Many people were unable to bear what he said. Putting aside the cultivation of this guy, just his words alone were enough to draw a lot of hatred onto him. Just by making a simple speech, Jiang Chen had successfully drawn the attention of everyone; catapulted himself into the limelight before the compet.i.tion could officially begin.

The people in the crowd immediately looked at Jiang Chen’s face. Since Zhang Yang was a timid man by nature, and had a mediocre cultivation base, he wasn’t an existence known by many outer circle disciples. So to speak, many people had never heard of Zhang Yang before the recent events yesterday.

"So this guy is that Zhang Yang. Why is he so arrogant?"

“I agree, just take a look at his lofty face! He was lucky enough to increase his cultivation a stage higher, and with that, he wants to take first place in the outer circle compet.i.tion? Who does he think he is? Does he really think he’s invincible just because he defeated Luo Song? What a fool!”

“Quiet! He is an extremely ruthless man, and since he has the audacity to fight for the first place in the outer circle, he will definitely be greeted by miserable consequences. None of the top ten geniuses are someone he can trifle with. If this Zhang Yang really offends them, all that awaits him would be death.”


The noise of discussion filled the air, but most of the disciples dared not talk loudly. After all, Zhang Yang had crippled Luo Song with an extremely ruthless method, and since these disciples’ cultivation bases couldn’t measure up to Lu Song, no one dared say anything that might provoke this vicious man. Otherwise, if he became angry and crippled them, it would be really unfortunate.

Ignoring the crowd, Jiang Chen strode further toward them. When he approached the ocean of people, with an arrogant tone he said, “Move aside! Make way for your grandpa!”

f.u.c.k, so incredibly arrogant!

Many people felt an impulse to give this arrogant guy a severe beating, but eventually refrained themselves from the impulse. Some Late Divine Core geniuses were staring at Jiang Chen as well, hostility leaking out from their eyes. However, they didn’t do anything either. Firstly, they had to conserve their energy for the upcoming compet.i.tion, and secondly, they did fear this man who could cripple Luo Song with a single kick.

As for those strong top ten guy, they were all men with lofty att.i.tudes. Naturally, they would be the last to show up. For example, men like w.a.n.g Yuan and Tian Liang, who were the strongest geniuses in the outer circle, they would be the focus of the compet.i.tion, and men like them would only show up at the last moment.

Dozens of minutes later, three old men with powerful auras stepped through the air and landed themselves on a tall stage located in the center of the square. They were all Early Combat Soul warriors, and they were the elders who managed the outer circle.

Upon the arrival of three elders, the scene became quiet. Everyone knew that the arrival of these three elders indicated that the compet.i.tion was going to start.

Right at the moment when these three elders arrived, numerous formidable figures started flying in from all directions, and soon landed at the front of the crowd. All of these figures belonged to young man, and they all wore the same prideful expressions on their faces. Although they couldn’t be compared with those Combat Soul inner disciples, or Combat Soul core disciples, they were the elites in this outer circle.

All these men had their names on the rank of the outer circle, and they all possessed extraordinary talent, and were the most popular candidates for the outer circle compet.i.tion. The arrival of these men instantly attracted blazing glances from the crowd. At the same time, many people had their eyes rested on Jiang Chen’s face as well. However, no one could see anything about Zhang Yang that allowed him to fight against these elites.

“Before the compet.i.tion beings, I, the elder have one thing to tell you. This year’s compet.i.tion is different from the last, as the disciple who gets first place will be given the chance to meet with the Palace Chief. The disciple will receive enlightenment from the Palace Chief himself, and this is an extremely rare opportunity. Even I, the sect’s elder am not qualified to receive such a reward.”

The elder who stood in the middle said with a loud voice. When he mentioned the reward for the disciple who gets first place, the eyes of those geniuses who were ranked the strongest immediately lit up. Being able to receive enlightenment from the Palace Chief; a Combat Emperor! That was a great honor.

“As long as you are an outer circle disciple of the Asura Palace, regardless of your cultivation base, you are qualified to partic.i.p.ate in the compet.i.tion. Now, let me emphasize on this; the fighting stages in front of you are not for life or death fights, and no one is allowed to kill his opponent. Unless both agrees to a death match beforehand, where both can freely carry out the fight according to the rules of the life or death fighting stage. Alright, I’ll now let Elder Yuan explain the rules of the compet.i.tion.”

The same Elder said loudly once more.

Elder Yuan who stood next to him took a step forward, but right before he could say a word, a rather disharmonious voice interrupted him.

“I think the rules of this compet.i.tion needs some changes.”

It was none other than Jiang Chen who spoke. He didn’t have time to lose to those long, winding rules of the compet.i.tion, and he didn’t have time to partic.i.p.ate in this outer circle compet.i.tion either. He had to let everything go according to his plan.


Jiang Chen leapt onto one of the fighting stages. After glancing at his surroundings once, he said with a loud voice, “The first place of this year compet.i.tion belongs to me, Zhang Yang. Those who refuses to accept this can come here and challenge me! This is the rules of this year’s compet.i.tion. If none of you have the courage to challenge me, I’ll take the first place now, while the rest of you can fight for the second place according to the rules.”

His words instantly brought a tremendous storm to the entire square. Many people simply yelled out in shock. Even the three elders were enraged. As elders who were in charge of the outer circle, Jiang Chen’s behavior was no doubt incredibly disrespectful to them. To them, it was a provocation to their position and status.

“f.u.c.k, this b.a.s.t.a.r.d is too arrogant! He has no respect for anyone! There are so many outer circle geniuses here, but he shown no respect to any one of them!”

“This is outrageous, this guy is crazy! He actually wants to challenge the entire outer circle all by himself! He just doesn’t know the meaning of death!”

“Let daddy here teach him a lesson! I’ll rip his arrogant face into pieces!”


No one could bear it any longer. Those geniuses of the outer circle couldn’t stand this bulls.h.i.+t any longer. When they threw their glances onto the arrogant guy who was standing on top of the stage, no one seemed able to recognize this guy. A guy whose name had never been heard of before challenging all the disciples… No, he was actually letting others challenge him! This was absurd!

"Who is that rascal?"

Elder Yuan asked with a cold voice.

“He is Zhang Yang, originally some n.o.body. However, it seems he found something unique yesterday, which allowed him to break through to the Late Divine Core realm. After that, he became extremely arrogant and claimed he wanted to seize first place in the outer circle compet.i.tion.”

Another Elder told him. As yesterday’s commotion had attracted many people’s attention, even he was informed about the incident.

“Hmph! The outer circle compet.i.tion has been conducted for many years, and not once has its order been disturbed by a disciple! No matter how much of a genius he is, since he doesn’t show anyone any respect, we, the Asura Palace don’t want a disciple like this!”

Elder Yuan said with a cold voice. After that, he turned to Jiang Chen and said with a loud voice, “Zhang Yang, the outer circle compet.i.tion’s rules can’t be changed. You have disturbed the order of the compet.i.tion, thus, I will deprive you of your qualification to partic.i.p.ate in the compet.i.tion, and you’ll have to receive punishment from me. Now, get your a.s.s down from there!”

“All disciples of the Asura Palace are qualified to partic.i.p.ate in the compet.i.tion; you have no right to deprive me of my qualifications. My purpose is to save time. No matter what, I’ll get first place one way or another. You can let all the other disciples admit defeat. With that, I’ll be the champion of this compet.i.tion. After that, you guys can follow the boring rules and continue with the compet.i.tion.”

Jiang Chen responded with a loud voice, showing absolutely no respect to Elder Yuan. He was going all out right now. Yesterday, the people had learned how arrogant this guy was, but they never expected his arrogance to reach such a level, as he didn’t even show any respect to a Combat Soul Elder.


Elder Yuan was enraged, and he shouted out angrily, “You’re extremely conceited, and you show no respect for elders! As punishment, I will personally cripple you today!”

"Hold on."

Right when Elder Yuan was about to strike, a voice rang through the air. It came from one of the genius disciples, and his name was w.a.n.g Yuan, the man who was seen as the strongest in the outer circle.

“Since this guy wants first place, why don’t we give him a chance? I really want to see who dares to fight for first place with me, w.a.n.g Yuan!”

After saying that, w.a.n.g Yuan leapt onto the fighting stage and stood opposite of Jiang Chen.

“Senior disciple w.a.n.g Yuan, kill him! Get revenge for Luo Song!”

“Don’t kill him! Just destroy his Qi Sea and let him live the life of a dead!”

“He is an unbridled man, there is no point in him keeping his life!”


Jiang Chen’s behavior had no doubt aroused public indignation. However, he was actually smiling right now, and wasn’t show any signs of taking this to heart. This was in fact the result he was looking for, including the fight between him and the number one ranked genius.

“So, you’re Zhang Yang. Do you hear them? All of them are asking me to kill you. It looks like you’re hated by everyone.”

w.a.n.g Yuan said.

“Is that so? Do you want to kill me? Then, let’s have a death match.”

Jiang Chen said with a smile on his face.

Jiang Chen’s words stunned w.a.n.g Yuan. He never expected this. Not only did this lunatic not show any fear when facing him, he actually suggested a death match. This was a typical example of someone who had no clue what death or danger was.

"Why? Are you scared?"

Jiang Chen ridiculed his opponent.

“What a joke! I’ll never be scared of you. Since you’re asking for death, don’t blame me for going too far.”

w.a.n.g Yuan laughed out. He turned to the three elders and said with a crystal clear voice, “Elders, I suppose you heard what he just said. This arrogant guys wants a death match with me.”

“Fine, I give you permission. Let the death match begin!”

Elder Yuan immediately agreed. In his mind, with w.a.n.g Yuan’s overall combat strength, he was probably even stronger than himself, an Early Combat Soul Elder. So, it should be a piece of cake for w.a.n.g Yuan to kill this arrogant Zhang Yang.

But unfortunately, right after Elder Yuan finished speaking, Jiang Chen moved. A dazzling sword appeared in his hand, and in the blink of an eye, it arrived in front of w.a.n.g Yuan’s face.


A ray flashed through the air. w.a.n.g Yuan didn’t even have the chance to respond, and his head was sliced off with a single strike. His head was sent flying high up into the air, and his blood was spraying out of his neck like a water fountain nearly 6 meters into the air. The crimson fresh blood left a magnificent yet miserable scene in the air.