Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 513 – Extremely Arrogant

Chapter 513 – Extremely Arrogant

Chapter 513 - Extremely Arrogant

“Zhang Yang, you’re just like an ant to me! You were trash in the past, and you still are trash now! You dare be disrespectful to me, Luo Song?! I’ll cripple you now and take away you opportunity to partic.i.p.ate in tomorrow’s outer circle compet.i.tion!”

Luo Song furiously said with a loud and stern voice. The Late Divine Core aura that was being emanated from his body was rolling across the scene like a tidal wave, sending the debris of the broken stone table flying in all directions. Upon sensing this powerful aura, many people couldn’t help but take a few steps back. At the same time, the three disciples who stayed in the same courtyard as Zhang Yang all wore gloating expressions, feeling as if their grudge had been vented. Previously, Jiang Chen had scolded them like they were n.o.bodies, and even beaten one of them. Now, with Luo Song wanting to teach him a lesson, their minds were obviously filled with joy.

Luo Song was indeed a man with extraordinary strength. Without hesitating, he punched out toward Jiang Chen’s face. Unfortunately, although he was a powerful man, he only possessed the strength of a Divine Core warrior. Although it made him a rather famous man within the outer circle, compared to Jiang Chen, it was like heaven and earth.

A Late Divine Core clown trying to behave arrogantly in front of a First Grade Combat King, perhaps he was the one looking for trouble.

Jiang Chen was still sitting on his chair cross-legged. Looking at Luo Song who portrayed an imposing image punching out toward him, it was like watching an infant crawling in front of himself. It was incredibly childish.


Right when Lu Song had nearly arrived in front of him, Jiang Chen kicked out toward Luo Song’s stomach with great speed.


Following a miserable scream, Luo Song was sent flying backwards like a kite that had its line cut off. He was thrown onto the ground over 30 meters away, causing a large crater to appear on the ground. While lying on the ground on his stomach, his body that weighed more than 300 Jins was violently trembling, causing him to look like a large turtle.

Luo Song felt as if his internal organs had nearly shattered to pieces, causing him to repeatedly throw up mouthfuls of blood. His abdomen was painfully vibrating, causing him to feel as if he was dying.

“My Qi Sea, no…”

In the following second, Luo Song let out a despairing screech, and all the pain in his body seemed to fade away. This was because, to his shock, his Qi Sea had been destroyed by the kick, and his Yuan energy had started vanis.h.i.+ng like a balloon losing its air. In just a few breaths time, all of it had completely vanished.

In that instant, Luo Song’s heart sunk to the bottom of the abyss; he completely surrendered to despair. His Qi Sea was destroyed, which meant he was now crippled. For a Divine Core warrior, this was worse than death. Imaginable, from now onwards, his world would be cast into a permanent darkness, as the Asura Palace would never cultivate a cripple.

All the spectators gasped in shock, and they repeatedly looked over at Jiang Chen who was still sitting in his chair as if nothing had happened. They felt as if their whole world was now spinning; as if they were dreaming. How could a man go through such a huge transformation in such a short amount of time?

“Oh heavens! He has become so strong! How could this be possible?!”

“Impossible, this is absurd! He was still a Mid Divine Core warrior when he left in the morning! I used to fight with him, and he couldn’t even defeat me! Even if he has broken through to the Late Divine Core realm, I don’t believe he could become so strong! Senior disciple Luo Song is a mighty warrior who has been famous for a long time, however, he couldn’t even withstand a single strike from Zhang Yang?!”


n.o.body could remain calm. Indeed, a scene like this was not something people could easily accept.

“Hmph! Since you were disrespectful to me, having your Qi Sea destroyed is just a petty punishment. You d.a.m.n fat pig, you’re now a cripple, and you’re even worth of licking daddy’s toe!”

Jiang Chen said in a cold and arrogant manner, not showing any modesty in his words. His behaviors was like attracting hatred in plain sight, causing everyone underneath the heavens to hate him. This was, in fact, the result Jiang Chen was looking for. He wanted everyone in this place to hate him; wanted everyone to feel that kill him was the lightest punishment they could bring to him.

“What?! He destroyed Luo Song’s Qi Sea?!”

“d.a.m.n it! This Zhang Yang has really gone too far! No matter what, we’re all fellow disciples, and there weren’t any life or death grudges between them, so why did he resort to such violent means? Luo Song is finished now that his Qi Sea is destroyed!”

“Why did this man suddenly become so cruel and merciless? If I remember correctly, he and Luo Song didn’t even know each other before this, and yet, he still destroyed Luo Song’s Qi Sea! Luo Song is done fore, this is extremely cruel!”


The people present couldn’t help but feel mixed emotions. Many people even showed expressions of fear as they looked at Jiang Chen. The previous cowardly Zhang Yang that existed in the minds of many had now turned into an extremely arrogant malefic. Now, many people were thinking the same; perhaps this merciless man will amaze the world in tomorrow’s outer circle compet.i.tion.

“Get this guy out of here. Tell those geniuses that they best withdraw from tomorrow’s compet.i.tion! Otherwise, daddy here won’t be any courteous with them. This fat pig is an example.”

Jiang Chen waved his hand at the crowd, portraying an extremely arrogant image, while showing a face that invited all punches, causing people to feel a strong desire to walk up and punch him.

Since Luo Song had his Qi Sea destroyed by a single kick, no one dared to continue staying in this place. If they were unlucky enough to offend this malefic, they would be unable to withstand the consequences. A disciple who had a rather good disciple carried him up and left. Luo Song’s mind was completely blank, and his eyes looked distracted. He felt that there was no way he could live through the rest of his life any longer. He was now a cripple. Initially, he thought he could get himself a pretty good ranking in tomorrow’ compet.i.tion, but now, everything had turned into a mere fantasy; his dream had burst like a bubble. While his mind was filled with hatred toward Jiang Chen, he also felt regret for being impulsive and offending this malefic today.

In the blink of an eye, all the spectators dispersed in an uproar. Those few disciples who stayed in the same courtyard as Zhang Yang left as well. They would rather sleep on the street than stay with an unreasonable lunatic, and they wouldn’t be able to guarantee their lives if they continued staying here.

After the last person left, a solemn expression emerged on Jiang Chen’s face. What happened today was all part of his place. However, the real show would begin tomorrow. He couldn’t afford to let anything go wrong. Otherwise, he couldn’t be able to complete his plan smoothly. The Bone Transforming Technique could only last for three days, and he had to enter the Freezing h.e.l.l Jail as soon as possible and rescue Tan Lang.

“Brother Tan, just hold on for one more day. I’ll save you from this place tomorrow.”

Jiang Chen said with a voice only he could hear.

On the same night, the temperature of the outer circle turmoil had once again heated up. The incident of Luo Song being crippled had brought an uproar to the entire outer circle. Many people were really angry about this matter, thinking that Zhang Yang had gone too far. Although fighting amongst disciples was a normal thing in the Asura Palace, it was the first time someone had destroyed another disciple’s Qi Sea. Under normal circ.u.mstances, if they had a life or death grudge, they could always fight on the life or death battle stage, or even privately settle their grudge outside the Asura Palace. Thus, not once had a disciple crippled another fellow disciple in such an unrestrained and reckless manner.

“b.a.s.t.a.r.d! Is that guy a lunatic?! Does he really think he can act so lawlessly just because he’s a bit strong?!”

“This is ridiculous! I’m going to teach him a good lesson when we meet on the fighting stage tomorrow!”

“Tomorrow, I’ll cripple him in front of everyone and allow him to taste the feeling of becoming a cripple; do to him what he did to Luo Song!”


Many geniuses were furious about this matter, even the top ten geniuses of the outer circle had commented on this, saying they would teach Zhang Yang a good lesson during tomorrow’s compet.i.tion, making sure he would pay a heavy price for what he had done.

Early morning in the next day, the outer circle of the Asura Palace had become lively. Many outer circle disciples arrived at the gigantic square located in the outer circle. As one of the major sects of the Liang Province, the Asura Palace had a large army of disciples. In fact, they had more than a few thousand Divine Core outer circle disciples. The size of thise was not something the Eastern Continent could compare with.

This was a land with extremely dense natural Yuan energy, and that together with the impact of the natural laws, the const.i.tution of cultivators since they were born was different from the const.i.tutions of those in the Eastern Continent. A Divine Core warriors was rare there, but in this place, they could be found anywhere along the street, and they didn’t even possess any prestigious status.

Bam, bam, bam…

The sound of drums being beaten rung through the air. The square was fully packed with people, and everyone disciple was wearing looks of excitement on their faces. In total, there were nine fighting stage built in the square, and the compet.i.tion would be carried out on these fighting stages.

“The yearly compet.i.tion is finally here again! It’s a shame I still couldn’t show any extraordinary talents today.”

“The man who gets first place in this compet.i.tion will receive enlightenment from the Palace Chief, helping him break through to the Combat Soul realm, as our Palace Chief is a mighty Combat Emperor! Who do you guys think will win first place this year?”

“I’m guessing it’ll be senior disciple w.a.n.g Yuan. He is already a step into the Combat Soul realm, and he’s worthy of being called the number one outer circle genius. Furthermore, he has been preparing for this compet.i.tion, and is determined to get first place.”

“Not necessarily, senior disciple Tian Liang isn’t any weaker than senior disciple w.a.n.g Yuan. Not long before this, I heard they’re both going to fight each other in this compet.i.tion; fight for the number one position.”

“Don’t forget about that Zhang Yang! I’m really curious about what kind of great legacy he has found, as it helped him break through to the Late Divine Core realm yesterday. After that, he immediately crippled Luo Song, who is also a Late Divine Core warrior. I heard he destroyed Luo Song’s Qi Sea with a single kick. So, although he’s an arrogant guy, his strength is formidable.”

“That b.a.s.t.a.r.d! He’s too ruthless! Those top ten senior disciple said that if they b.u.mped into Zhang Yang in the compet.i.tion, they would definitely teach him a good lesson! If that Zhang Yang really dares to stop onto the fighting stage today, perhaps he’ll never get the chance to step down!”


Before the compet.i.tion officially begun, everyone were chatting amongst each other. Their conversations circled around the important disciples of the compet.i.tion. Of course, these top ranked outer circle disciples were definitely the targets of their conversations. Furthermore, Zhang Yang was also a big topic amongst these guys; the coward no one had ever taken seriously.

“Hmph! Today’s first place will be mine! Those who dares fight me, Zhang Yang, will have to face their death!”

Right at this moment, an extremely arrogant voice could be heard from the back of the crowd. Then, everyone could see Zhang Yang appearing in the square. He looked completely calm and collected as he raised his prideful head up high, looking down on everyone present.