Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 512 – Arrogant and Domineering

Chapter 512 – Arrogant and Domineering

Chapter 512 - Arrogant and Domineering

w.a.n.g Zhan and the other two disciples were trembling in fear, as they felt pain flare up in their cheeks where Jiang Chen had landed his slap. All three of them stared at Zhang Yang in front of them, feeling that he had changed into a completely different man. He was far from the Zhang Yang they were familiar with.

Jiang Chen turned around and walked up the mountain without looking back, and soon disappeared without a trace. Following the information provided by Zhang Yang, he quickly found the courtyard where Zhang Yang was staying. There were a total of six rooms in this courtyard, and they were all occupied by different disciples. Outer circle disciples who had yet to break through to the Combat Soul realm wouldn’t have their own courtyards.

It was late in the afternoon. Most of the disciples had returned to their staying place. Thre men were sitting around a stone table within the courtyard, chatting with exultation. They were clearly talking about tomorrow’s outer circle compet.i.tion.

When the three of them saw Zhang Yang returning, one of them asked, “Zhang Yang, I though you were on guard duty today? Why are you back so quickly?”

Raising his head, Jiang Chen looked at the disciple with a cold gaze, then said with a rather rude att.i.tude, “Daddy here came back earlier because of a bad mood, what does that have to do with you?”

The f.u.c.k? Did this guy just eat some gunpowder?

The tree men were startled for a brief moment, but they were shortly afterward struck by anger. Although they were staying in the same courtyard, the compet.i.tion between them, open and secret, had never ceased for a minute; they all wanted to stop on top of each other. Zhang Yang’s position in this courtyard wasn’t high at all.

Even throughout the entire outer circle, Zhang Yang was only considered an extremely ordinary disciple. Because of his cowardly nature, people always liked to bully him.

“f.u.c.k You Zhang Yang, have you just eaten some gunpowder?! Daddy here was talking to you nicely, so you better not be a fool and reject my good intentions! Who do you think you are?!”

The disciple who asked Jiang Chen the question became extremely angry. He suddenly stood up from his chair and strode up to Jiang Chen, pointed his finger at his nose and cursed.


Without saying another word, Jiang Chen stretched out his arm and slapped the disciple. Leaving him no time to react, the disciple was sent away spinning. Jiang Chen was obviously holding back his strength. Otherwise, this slap alone would be more than enough to kill this disciple.


The disciple landed on top of a stone table not far away, crus.h.i.+ng it into pieces, then spat out a mouthful of blood.


The other two disciples cried out in shock. They stared at Jiang Chen with eyes wide open, their faces filled with astonishment. To their surprise, the extremely ordinary Zhang Yang had just attacked someone, and with a single slap, he had sent a Mid Divine Core warrior flying. If they hadn’t witnessed this themselves, they wouldn’t have believed it to be true.


Jiang Chen coldly harrumphed and purposely emanated his aura. Upon sensing the Late Divine Core aura, the expression of these two men changed dramatically. At the same time, the disciple who was knocked away by the slap stood back up, and was planning to scold Jiang Chen. However, when he sensed Jiang Chen’s aura, his face turned pale with fright, and dared not speak another word.

The strong would always be respected; this timeless tradition would apply no matter where one went. The biggest a sect was, the more intense the internal compet.i.tion would be. Thus, the stronger you were, the more respect you would earn. On the opposite, if you were weak, you would only get stepped on and bullied by others.

“You… you’ve broken through to the Late Divine Core realm!”

A disciple said with a trembling voice, extremely shocked. After all, before Zhang Yang left in the morning, he was still a Mid Divine Core warrior. However, just by standing guard for a mere day, he had broken through. This was unbelievable!

Most importantly, even if Zhang Yang had broken through to the Late Divine Core realm, why was there such a huge difference in his character? This Zhang Yang looked really strange to them, as if he had changed into a completely different person.

“Now you know.”

Jiang Chen glared at the three disciple, then strode over to a chair placed next to the broken stone table, then sat down with his legs crossed. Then, he told the three disciples, “I want you three to bring publicity to me, your father. Tell everyone that I, Zhang Yang am going after first place in the outer circle compet.i.tion. If anyone meets me on the fighting stage tomorrow, they better admit defeat as soon as possible. If not, I’ll kill them on the spot.”

What? Going after for first place in the outer circle compet.i.tion?

The three men were once again stunned by what they heard, and for a moment, none of them could comprehend the true meaning behind Jiang Chen’s words.

“What are you waiting for?! Waiting for me to punch you?!”

Jiang Chen shouted, causing the three to shudder. Without any hesitation, they immediately turned around and left the courtyard.

Looking at the back of the trio, a gruesome smile emerged on Jiang Chen’s face. This was his first step in rescuing Tan Lang. Next, he had to find a way to enter the Freezing h.e.l.l Jail, and the outer circle compet.i.tion was the perfect opportunity for him.

“d.a.m.n it, why did that Zhang Yang suddenly become so strong?”

“He’s so arrogant! I never knew he was a guy like that! That b.a.s.t.a.r.d, he always acted like a yes-man and was as cowardly as a mouse! But now, he has actually broken through to the Late Divine Core realm! It’s just like the saying, ‘every dog has its day!’ And, he really is aiming for the first place in the outer circle compet.i.tion! Perhaps he’ll be killed without knowing how it happened.”

“Since he wants us to help him with his publicity, let’s do it for him! In the outer circle, even the top ten genius disciples wouldn’t dare say anything like that. Tomorrow, I’m certain those geniuses will teach him a good lesson!”


Words emerged through the trio’s clenched teeth after they left. It was a depressing day for them, they never thought they would suffer like this before. Furthermore, it was because of Zhang Yang.

Just an hour later, the news about Zhang Yang having broken through to the Late Divine Core realm, and his boastful words of going after the first place in tomorrow’s outer circle compet.i.tion swept across the entire outer circle. The outer circle compet.i.tion was a major event for the outer circle, and since it was happening tomorrow, many disciples who were traveling outside had returned. Especially those real geniuses, who had prepared to fight for a good position in the compet.i.tion.

Not only did the trio excitedly do exactly as Jiang Chen told them to, they even spiced it up, describing how arrogant that Zhang Yang was, and how he never put any of those geniuses in his eyes. He even ‘said’ that those who met him on the stage would have to kneel down and kowtow to him before he would let them leave the stage.

Those geniuses were p.i.s.sed off by this arrogant statement, especially those were already half a step into the Combat Soul realm, as they weren’t someone those ordinary Late Combat Soul warrior could ever compare with, let alone Zhang Yang who was just a mere common disciple that no one have heard of before. So, no real genius would put him in their eyes.

“d.a.m.n it, who is that Zhang Yang? Why have I not heard of his name before? He actually dares make such an arrogant statement? I am going to teach him a lesson right now, I want him to lose the opportunity to partic.i.p.ate in tomorrow’s compet.i.tion!”

A hot-tempered, rather famous disciple of the outer circle couldn’t take it, and decided to cause some trouble for Zhang Yang.

“This Zhang Yang is really crazy, is there something wrong with his brain? Even if he is lucky enough to break through to the Late Divine Core realm, he shouldn’t have made such an arrogant statement! Isn’t that just an act of seeking death?”

“I know this Zhang Yang, he is an extremely cowardly man, and his talent is ordinary. It’s rather surprising that he was able to break through to the Late Divine Core realm. However, how could he speak such boastful words? He was too reckless this time!”

“Here is merely a guy who has just broken through to the Divine Core realm, and he wants to get first place in the outer circle compet.i.tion? What about those top ten outer circle disciples who are just a single stop from the Combat Soul realm? Who does he think they are?”

“He is dead for sure. No one can save him this time.”


A storm swept across the entire outer circle in an instant. The outer circle compet.i.tion would take place tomorrow, and today should supposedly have been a calm and peaceful day. However, they was no way anyone could remain calm, because a reckless guy was courting death!

It was now dark, and the moon had begun s.h.i.+ning its rays down upon earth. Jiang Chen was leisurely sitting alone within the courtyard. His eyes looked deep, and no one could tell what he was thinking about right now. He was in the heart of the lions’ den, but he still behaved calmly. Throughout the entire world, perhaps only Jiang Chen alone could behave like this.

“Which one of you are Zhang Yang? Move your a.s.s out here right now!”

A loud voice was suddenly heard outside the courtyard. After that, many people ran into the courtyard. Most of these people were here to watch a show, as the real main cast was a fat guy who stood at the front of the group. The fat guy had a greasy face, and he weighed more than 300 Jin. He had a strong cultivation base… well, strong amongst the outer circle; a Late Divine Core warrior. Not only that, he was a man who had been in the Late Divine Core realm for quite some time, so his foundation was quite strong.

“So, you’re the Zhang Yang who is tired of staying alive.”

The fat guy said right after he saw Jiang Chen.

“Who forgot to lock up his pig? The pig has now come to daddy’s place and is breathing out with its bad breath. Why are you all still just standing there after meeting your grandpa Zhang Yang? Do you believe I won’t break your legs right now?”

Jiang Chen gazed at the fat guy and spoke with an indifferent tone.

His words startled the fat guy, and stunned every single disciple who had come here for a show. Even the trio who had helped Jiang Chen gain publicity were once again stunned. They knew that this Zhang Yang was arrogant, but they never expected his arrogance to reach such a level.

“Arrogant, so f.u.c.king arrogant! Previously, I didn’t believe what other said about him, but I believe now!”

“Is there something wrong with this guy’s brain? I thought he just broke through to the Late Divine Core realm, so why is he so arrogant?”

“A typical example of someone with no respect for anyone, he doesn’t even show any respect to senior disciple Luo Song, and scolded him as a pig! This is a huge taboo for senior disciple Luo Song!”


Many people felt a desire to leave a shoe mark on Jiang Chen’s face, and none of them were able to think of a reason why Zhang Yang had become so arrogant. Could it be that he had been maintaining a low profile for too long, and when he suddenly broke through to the Late Divine Core realm, he felt that his day was here and wanted to show off his mighty? However, what was the difference between this and committing suicide? As the old saying went, “ask for no trouble and trouble won’t kill you’, in the minds of these outer circle disciples, Zhang Yang was a typical example of someone asking for trouble.


Luo Song furiously roared out. His eyes went wider than the eyes of a camel, and judging from the way he looked right now, it seemed like he was going to eat Zhang Yang alive. Luo Yong was considered famous in the outer circle, and anyone who b.u.mped into would have to politely greet him as senior disciple. Yet, this b.a.s.t.a.r.d in front of him had just merely broken through to the Late Divine Core realm, so how dared he disrespect Lu Song? Not only that, he actually referred to Luo Song as a pig! He just couldn’t stand this at all!