Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 507 – A Clean Sweep

Chapter 507 – A Clean Sweep

Chapter 507 - A Clean Sweep

The other two men from the Peerless Sword Faction and Heavenly Devil Palace had prepared to strike together with Ye Hui, but in that split second, both of them had been frightened to the point where they souls nearly fled their bodies. They had previously tasted how fierce this monk was, and now, Ye Hui, a genius who was about as strong as them, was instantly turned into a blood mist by this monk. If they still poked their noses into this, the consequences wouldn’t be promising.

Without giving it a second thought, both men immediately turned around and ran, scared that if they were any slower, they would be killed on the spot.

“Amitabha. Since both misters are here, please don’t leave in such a hurry. I need to send you to nirvana and release your souls from purgatory.”

The monk said with a gentle voice. However, that voice frightened the two men immensely. The monk was indeed a ferocious guy. He resolutely attacked them, unleas.h.i.+ng two Buddhist seals at once. In the blink of an eye, the seals caught up with both geniuses.


Two miserable screams ran throughout the air, and both men followed the footsteps of Ye Hui. Even though they had tried their hardest to block the attack, there was no was they could withstand this monk’s frightening strike. As a result of them, both of them exploded into thousands of pieces.

At the same time, after Heavenhawk Island Master killed Li Hao, he held onto Xiu Rui tightly with his hand. Paying no attention to how this genius was struggling, he forcefully penetrated his sharp claws into Xiu Rui’s skill. Xiu Rui’s eyes were filled with fear as his life slowly faded away. Soon, he was left motionless.


The Heavenhawk Island Master cruelly threw Xiu Rui’s body far away, then he laughed out in satisfaction. His only purpose for living was revenge. Thus, he could only feel the meaning of his life whenever he killed those from the Asura Palace.

In the blink of an eye, all First Grade Combat King disciples of the four major powers were killed. Ye Wuyou from the Invincible Sect was dead, and now, even Ye Hui had been mercilessly killed by the monk. Although losing two Combat Kings was a matter of losing face for the Invincible Sect, it was an inestimable loss for the Ye Family.

“Haha, the monk has finally emerged from seclusion! Looks like he has become stronger as well. Will he attack us as well?”

Big Yellow joyfully laughed out. However, at the same time, he felt a little bit of worry. He was worried that the monk had no clue what was going on, and would simply just kill everyone on the spot without finding out who was the enemy, and who was friendly.

A smile emerged on Jiang Chen’s face. He didn’t share Big Yellow’s worries. Buddhists’ meditation skill was the most amazing amongst all. Even though the monk was absorbing the sarira in seclusion, he still had a clear grasp of what was going on in the outside world.


Taking a step forward, the monk flew out of the desolate island. Hovering in the sky, he glanced at the Heavenhawk Island Master. After that, he rested his eyes on top of Jiang Chen and Big Yellow. A grateful expression was visible within his eyes.

Just as Jiang Chen had thought, even though the monk was absorbing the sarira in seclusion, he still had a clear grasp of what was going on in the outside world. It was an extremely dangerous situation for him, and if not for the fact that Jiang Chen had stood out and blocked all the warriors from the four major powers, the consequences he would have to face would be devastating.

The monk had no idea why Jiang Chen wanted to help him. However, he took great note of this kindness.

“You stinky monk! Are you just going to stand there and watch?! This master dog can’t hold on much longer!”

Big Yellow shouted at the monk.

“Brother dog, do not worry, this poor monk is here to help.”

After saying that, the monk unleashed a beam toward Ruan Xiong; a golden beam that carried numerous symbols. In just the blink of an eye, it had arrived in front of Ruan Xiong.

“Fourth Grade Combat King, this monk is strong!”

Ruan Xiong’s expression change. He was told that this monk was only a Third Grade Combat King, so he knew that he could kill this monk with ease. However, he never expected that the monk could break through to the Four Grade Combat King realm in such a short amount of time. Thinking about it further, it must be the result of that treasure. This caused the greed in his mind to grow stronger.

Ruan Xiong did not dare underestimate this attack. He quickly took out his combat weapon and slashed it at the incoming beam.

The earth was trembling and the mountains were shaking; s.p.a.ce was ripped apart by this tremendous force. Ruan Xiong felt as if he had just crashed into a gigantic mountain. The tremendous force violently shook the combat weapon, causing him to nearly lose grasp of it. His Qi and Blood was in a mess, causing him to feel extremely bad.

"d.a.m.n it, this monk is amazing!"

Big Yellow’s eyes lit up. With his discerning eyes, he could easily see the gap between Ruan Xiong and the monk. Although both men were at the same level, they were definitely not on the same spot. This monk could easily fight against those Fifth Grade Combat King geniuses.

Ruan Xiong was greatly frightened. After sensing the monk’s frightening strength, without hesitating, he sliced through the air with his weapon, creating a huge spatial crack. With a sway of his body, he disappeared into the spatial crack. Apparently, as he realized that he would not be able to defeat this monk, he chose to run away.

However, the monk would never allow him to run away. Before the spatial crack closed up, the monk jumped into it as well.

Bam, bam, bam…

Some explosive sounds could be heard from various places in the air. In the following second, two figures dashed out from the void. It was the monk, and a b.l.o.o.d.y body that was carried in his hand. The body belonged to none other than Ruan Xiong.

“Oh heavens! This monk is too fierce! He has killed Ruan Xiong!”

“This is terrifying, really terrifying! Why are there so many abnormal people here?! He just killed a Fourth Grade Combat King!”

“All the warriors who came from the Invincible Sect and Peerless Sword Faction are now dead, there are no survivors! This matter is getting worse by the minute! This has become much stronger now, perhaps even Ling Yi and Tu Ran will be unable to escape from his slaughter.”


No one could remain calm. The monk was too fierce. With the help of Jiang Chen, who was another abnormal geniuses, today was truly an unlucky day for those geniuses of the four major powers.

"Amitabha! I have sinned."

The monk appeared to be reciting something at Ruan Xiong’s dead body in his hand. After that, he just casually threw away Ruan Xiong’s body.

Many people felt like throwing up a mouthful of blood. This shameless monk was really cheap, he was plainly a tyrant who killed without blinking his eyes, but still wanted to pretend that he was an eminent monk who had compa.s.sion for all mankind.

When Ling Yi and Tu Ran saw how unstoppable the monk was, although they were currently fighting Jiang Chen, they chose to run away like Ruan Xiong. The two ripped apart the s.p.a.ce at the same time, and disappeared in the blink of an eye.

"Trying to run?!"

Jiang Chen and the monk shouted out nearly at the same time. A sword wave was emitted from the Heavenly Saint Sword, bringing Jiang Chen into the void to chase after Ling Yi.

On the other side, the monk behaved even more fiercely. He unleashed the Fudo Seal straight into the void. With this strike, the s.p.a.ce nearly collapsed.


A miserable cry could be heard from the void. A leg covered in blood was brought out by the Fudo Seal, but Tu Ran was nowhere to be found. As a man from a devil power, Tu Ran possessed excellent abilities when it came to escape. However, although he managed to escape death, he had lost one of his legs to the monk. So, he was basically crippled.


Jiang Chen jumped out from the void while holding an arm; Ling Yi’s arm. As Ling Yi was running away in panic, he had lost his sense of direction. Jiang Chen would never let this golden opportunity slip away, so at the final moment, he sliced off one of Ling Yi’s arms with his Heavenly Saint Sword. However, no matter what, Ling Yi was a genius at the Fourth Grade Combat King realm, and that allowed him to eventually run away. If not for the fact that Ling Yi was greatly frightened by the monk and had placed all his attention on running away, there was no way the current Jiang Chen could hurt him.