Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 508 – I’ll Take Revenge for You

Chapter 508 – I’ll Take Revenge for You

Chapter 508 – I’ll Take Revenge for You

The entire scene was completely silent. No one dared breathe out loudly, as when they recalled what happened just a moment ago, a feeling of horror would surge up in their minds. It was frightening, extremely frightening.

All four major powers had suffered greatly today. When they were fighting for the treasure not long before this, many of their geniuses had been killed or wounded. Now, even two Fourth Grade Combat Kings had fallen, while Tu Ran and Ling Yi who had just escaped were severely injured. One had lost his arm, and the other had lost his leg. With the injuries caused by the Fudo Seal and Heavenly Saint Sword, even though they managed to stay alive, their cultivation bases would be greatly affected in the future.

“To all misters here, since you’re all still here, do you want this poor monk to set your souls free from purgatory?”

The monk turned around. Hearing what he said, all the bystanders instantly fled in all direction, each faster than the other. In just the blink of an eye, everyone had disappeared from the scene. d.a.m.n it, who would dare accept the way that monk set their souls free from purgatory?

After a moment of chaos, peace had once again returned to these desolate islands. The monk’s eyes finally landed upon Jiang Chen’s face. When he sensed Jiang Chen’s real cultivation base, he was incredibly shocked. Although he was busy absorbing the sarira, he was still aware of everything going on in the outside world; how Jiang Chen fought Ling Yi, how Ye Wuyou was killed by Jiang Chen; he knew everything.

Even though the monk was a prideful man, he had to admit that Jiang Chen was the biggest genius he had ever seen. Although the monk could also kill those Fourth Grade Combat King geniuses, he himself was also a Fourth Grade Combat King. However, Jiang Chen was just a mere First Grade Combat King. If Jiang Chen was a Fourth Grade like him, perhaps he would be able to kill those Sixth Grade, or even Seventh Grade Combat Kings.


The monk arrived in front of Jiang Chen. With a serious expression he said, “Mister, thank you for helping me. This poor monk is really grateful for the kindness you have shown.”

The monk said with utmost sincerity. He was well aware of the situation. It was an extremely dangerous situation for him, and if Jiang Chen hadn’t stood out to help him, he would have had to face devastating consequences.

“It looks like you have partly absorbed the sarira, bringing you to the Fourth Grade Combat King realm. Congratulations.”

Jiang Chen said with a smile on his face.

“You know about sariras?”

The monk felt surprised. The Buddhist Sect of the Western Region rarely interacted with other major regions, and they were decaying with each pa.s.sing day. Ordinary eminent monks could never leave behind a sarira, so aside from this from the Buddhist Sect, no ordinary men could recognize a sarira. Although there were many geniuses from the four major powers who were fighting for this relic, they only thought it was a rare treasure, and none of them were able to recognize what it was. However, this young man had told him the name of this ‘treasure’, surprising the monk.

“A long time ago, I received some guidance from a patriarch of the Buddhist Sect, so I do have some kind of connection with Buddhism, which allowed me to recognize this sarira. It’s a sarira from a Third Grade Minor Saint, and it will no doubt bring you tremendous benefits. With just this sarira alone, you’ll have the possibility of breaking through to the Combat Emperor realm. Of course, it will take you some time, however, the benefits this sarira brings you is far beyond this. You’re cultivating orthodox Buddhist skills, and your body possesses the source of Buddhism, and this sarira will make that become even purer; improving your potential from your very roots. It is a marvelous treasure with endless benefits.”

Wearing a smile on his face, Jiang Chen explained. There was nothing he did not know underneath the heavens.

Jiang Chen’s words instantly stunned the monk. The way he looked at Jiang Chen had changed once again. There was no way he could remain calm, because even he didn’t know so much about this sarira. Originally, he used a Buddhist prediction skill and predicted that the sarira would emerge somewhere in the Chaotic Ocean, and that eventually brought him to this place. Although he had finally obtained the sarira, all he could sense was the pure energy contained within, but he never knew it was the sarira of a Third Grade Minor Saint. Or, put it this way, this was the first time the monk had seen a sarira, and all he knew about sariras was what he had been told by someone else. If not, he wouldn’t have recklessly tried to absorb the sarira in this place, which nearly brought him a devastating disaster.

“Mister, you’re truly a man of miracles. This poor monk will never forget the kindness of saving my life today.”

The monk bowed slightly toward Jiang Chen. He felt that this young man was full of mysteries.

“Don’t take it to heart, eminent monk. I, Jiang Chen travel the world with one principle; I do things according to my own liking. I’ve told you just now, I have some sort of connection with the Buddhist Sect. Since you were in trouble, I obviously had to offer my help.”

Jiang Chen said with a smile.

“Brother Jiang, don’t call me eminent monk. My Buddhist t.i.tle is Tyrant.”

For the first time, the monk Tyrant mentioned his t.i.tle.

Big Yellow who had been keeping quiet at the side instantly burst out into laughter. Without hesitating, he immediately teased, “d.a.m.n it, I thought the Buddhist path teaches you to keep a low profile? Shouldn’t your t.i.tle be something like Wu Neng or Wu Jing? Perhaps even Wu Se or Wu Wei? Why did you give yourself such a domineering t.i.tle?”

[TL: Wu Neng = Ability Enlightenment; Wu Jing = Clarity Enlightenment; Wu Se = Colorless; Wu Wei = Tasteless.]

Jiang Chen had mixed feelings as well. Why did this monk call himself Tyrant? He should’ve just called himself a bully. In any case, his behavior could never be related to that of an eminent monk. So, calling him a bully was rather suitable.

“This t.i.tle was given by my master. I was very naughty when I was a child, and always caused trouble. That’s why my master gave me such an overbearing t.i.tle. Thank you, master!”

The monk grinned, revealing an innocent smile on his face. Just by looking at his face right now, it was really difficult to relate him to a monk who slaughtered like it was nothing.

“You have a good master. However, don’t you guys think it’s a bit inappropriate for us to chitchat here?”

Big Yellow said.

“Brother dog is right. We can’t stay here any longer. Those four major powers will not forgive us for this matter easily. We need to find a safe place, follow me.”

After saying that, Tyrant turned around and began flying. At this moment, the Zhuang Fan who was currently in the distance flew up to them and stopped right in front of them.

"You can follow us for now."

Jiang Chen told Zhuang Fan. He truly pitied Zhuang Fan’s misfortune, and Zhuang Fan had basically nowhere to go. That’s why he wanted to follow them. He wanted to borrow Jiang Chen’s strength to get revenge.

"Thank you."

After Jiang Chen allowed him to follow along, a joyful expression emerged on Zhuang Fan’s face.

After flying a huge circle around a secret place in the Chaotic Ocean, Tyrant was still unable to find a suitable place to stay. The Chaotic Ocean wasn’t that big of an area, so it was really difficult to hide from the radar of the four major powers.

But if they chose to leave the Chaotic Ocean, there wouldn’t be any places they could go either, as the entire Liang Province was ruled by the four major powers. Compared to that, the Chaotic Ocean was a… chaotic place, and the four major powers weren’t in control of that region. Thus, it was relatively easier to hide.

“Guys, in my opinion, I think we can just go to the Heavenhawk Island.”

Zhuang Fan suggested.

Zhuang Fan’s suggestion caused Jiang Chen’s eyes to flicker. Without hesitating, he agreed to the suggestion, saying, “Zhuang Fan is right. Usually, the most dangerous place is also the safest. The turmoil started on this Heavenhawk Island, and who will think that we’re actually hiding on the island?”

“That’s right. I still have a few trusted subordinates on the island, and they can help us keep an eye on the situation.”

Zhuang Fan said.

The group instantly came to an agreement, then began flying toward Heavenhawk Island.

With their ability, it was extremely easy to enter Heavenhawk Island without being noticed by anyone.

Within a courtyard located on Heavenhawk Island, Zhuang Fan kneeled down in front of Jiang Chen and kowtowed a few times.

“I thought you were the master of this Heavenhawk Island, so why are you kowtowing to Brother Jiang?”

Tyrant curiously asked. He hadn’t arrived at this place until the sarira’s aura attracted him here, so he was unaware of what had happened before this.

“Young master, I beg you to get vengeance for Zhuang Fan. Zhuang Fan can only live for another year, and I’m willing to do anything for young master.”

Zhuang Fan begged with utmost sincerity.

Using his divine sense, Jiang Chen told Tyrant what happened to Zhuang Fan. After learning what happened to him, Tyrant furiously said, “f.u.c.k! That Xiao Nanfeng is worse than a beast! This poor monk really wishes to set his soul free from purgatory!”

Jiang Chen and Big Yellow couldn’t help but roll their eyes. Could this monk take some care of his image? No matter what, you’re outwardly a monk! By saying ‘f.u.c.k’, are you just bringing shame to Buddhism?

“Zhuang Fan, I, Jiang Chen don’t offer my help easily. But this time, I have decided to help you. I promise you, I will kill Xiao Nanfeng within a year, and let you die in peace.”

Jiang Chen said. After what happened today, the relations.h.i.+p between he and the Asura Palace could no longer be mollified. When they met again in the future, it would be a battle of life and death, same for this Great Tyc.o.o.n. That’s why Jiang Chen resolutely promised Zhuang Fan.

As Zhuang Fan had cultivated a secret demonic skill, he only had one year of life left. But for Jiang Chen, this wasn’t a problem. Putting aside all the methods he had, just the Sacred Heavenly Demon skill, if he gave it to Zhuang Fan, not only could it help prolong his life, it could also bring him endless potential, allowing him to achieve unimaginable things in the future.

However, Jiang Chen didn’t give it to him. It wasn’t that Jiang Chen was a stingy man, but it was rather because it was unnecessary. Making a man live a longer life did not mean helping him. For Zhuang Fan, a longer life would only mean more suffering; life hurt more than death for him.

If not for his grudge keeping him alive, Zhuang Fan would have followed his wife and son’s footsteps three years ago, and wouldn’t have lived such a miserable life these past three years. He was waiting for revenge; once Xiao Nanfeng was dead, his grudge would be vented, which meant his lifelong dream would be achieved. After that, continuing to live in this world would be meaningless for him.

“Thank you, young master. If we can kill Xiao Nanfeng within a year, I, Zhuang Fan can die without any regrets.”

Zhuang Fan’s face was filled with agitated emotions. Although this young man in front of him was just a First Grade Combat King, and killing the powerful Xiao Nanfeng within a year seemed harder than stepping into heaven, Zhuang Fan had no doubts. He firmly believed that Jiang Chen could accomplish this seemingly impossible task.

Days before, Zhuang Fan would have never believed this man. But today, after witnessing how frightening Jiang Chen was, he was fully confident in Jiang Chen. A Combat King who wasn’t even twenty years old, this alone proved how abnormally talented Jiang Chen was. A man who could break through to the Combat King realm in a few hours; an existence who could kill Fourth Grade Combat Kings as a mere First Grade Combat King, all of this made him believe that Jiang Chen could bring him justice. At least, Jiang Chen had a higher chance of doing so than himself.