Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 506 – The Monk Emerges

Chapter 506 – The Monk Emerges

Chapter 506 - The Monk Emerges

Ye Wuyou had died. Although this mighty genius from the Invincible Sect had just made his debut, he had instantly been killed by Jiang Chen. No doubt, this was truly ironic. An unsightly expression emerged on Ye Hui’s face, as well as fear. His cousin was a Fourth Grade Combat King, and he never dreamt that Ye Wuyou would one day die in this Chaotic Ocean, killed by a young man who was just a First Grade Combat King.

“How did this happen? He killed Ye Wuyou! How can he be so strong?”

"How did he do it?"

Li Hao and Xiu Rui’s faces had both turned extremely pale. What just happened made them feel as if they were dreaming, especially Li Hao. Not long before this, when he met Jiang Chen for the first time, he hadn’t even bothered giving Jiang Chen a second look, and only treated him as an ordinary helper invited by Tan Lang.

"What a pity."

On the desolate island, when looking at Ye Wuyou who had been sliced in half, Jiang Chen inwardly felt pity. A Fourth Grade Combat King; a mighty genius of the Invincible Sect, this guy must have had a huge amount of treasures. But unfortunately, those treasures had all vanished following Ye Wuyou’s death. Jiang Chen had no confidence in taking control of Ye Wuyou’s Qi Sea before killing him, robbing him of his treasures.

With his First Grade Combat King cultivation, he had killed this Fourth Grade Combat King using a brilliant strategy and sneak attack, but he had no chance to control Ye Wuyou’s Qi Sea.

After that, Jiang Chen raised his head and threw his glance at Ling Yi in the sky, who now wore an unsightly expression. Then, with a loud voice he said, “Tyc.o.o.n of the Asura Palace, did you see what just happened? This is the consequence of your actions. I suggest you get the h.e.l.l outta here.”

Jiang Chen’s provocation caused Ling Yi’s expression to become even more unsightly. At the same time, an angry look emerged on his face. He was a man with great status; the Asura Palace’s Eighth Tyc.o.o.n! No matter where he went, he would be the most respectable person. Not once in his life had someone humiliated him like this.

“Jiang Chen, don’t think you can defeat me after killing Ye Wuyou! One way or another, I’m going to kill that monk today!”

After saying that, Ling Yi once again started flying toward the desolate island where the monk was located. He had seen how Jiang Chen killed Ye Wuyou. Jiang Chen had borrowed the Earth’s Force, catching Ye Wuyou unprepared. Indeed, the ability to borrow Earth’s Force was really strong, and Ling Yi dared not underestimate it. However, since he had learned Jiang Chen’s tactic now, he wouldn’t act like an idiot and try to kill Jiang Chen on the ground. As long as they were fighting in the sky, Jiang Chen’s sneak attack was completely useless.


Jiang Chen coldly harrumphed. His body swayed, and he shot into the sky once more, blocking Ling Yi’s path. Since Ling Yi now knew about the secrets of the Earth Jail, it looked like they only way left to fight him was face to face. No matter what, he had to protect the monk.

Therefore, an intense battle once again erupted between the two men.

A few minutes later, another two groups arrived. Two were from the Peerless Sword Faction, while the other two were from the Heavenly Devil Palace. One of the men from either group had previously been at the Heavenhawk Island, and they were here to lead the way. The other was a mighty warrior; both of them being Four Grade Combat Kings.

“Look! That’s Ruan Xiong from the Peerless Sword Faction, and Tu Ran from the Heavenly Devil Palace! Both of those men are really strong!”

“Ruan Xiong and Tu Ran are Fourth Grade Combat Kings, and no ordinary geniuses can compare with them.”

The arrival of Ruan Xiong and Tu Ran once again brought a great storm to the scene. Their purpose for coming here was clear. First, kill the monk and avenge their fallen fellow disciples; second, seize the treasure from the monk.

After Ruan Xiong and Tu Ran arrived, they immediately saw Jiang Chen and Ling Yi who were enveloped in a fierce fight. Upon learning who Jiang Chen was from some random spectators, they were struck with great shock as well. After that, they spotted Ye Wuyou’s dead body on one of the desolate islands.

“That’s Ye Wuyou from the Invincible Sect! He was killed? Who did that?”

Ruan Xiong was greatly alarmed.

“That Jiang Chen did it! He used a dirty trick and ambushed my cousin!”

Words spewed out through Ye Hui’s tightly clenched teeth. After that, he continued explaining what happened just now in detail.

“Where did this Jiang Chen come from? And how is he so strong?”

Tu Ran was astonished.

“This guy actually dares to stand against the four major powers, he is really seeking death.”

Ruan Xiong said.

“You two! Since you’re here, why are you still standing there without doing anything?! Let’s kill this guy first! Or else, none of us can get close to that monk!”

Ling Yi who was in the middle of fighting Jiang Chen shouted at Ruan Xiong and Tu Ran.

The two men looked at each other and nodded their heads at the same time. They could tell how frightening Jiang Chen was after learning that Ye Wuyou had been killed by him in an instant. Not only was he a man with overpowering strength, he also possessed incredible speed. If he really wanted to protect the monk, it would be really difficult for others to get close to the monk. That was unless they all teamed up and killed Jiang Chen first.

Both men unleashed their energy, then turned into two beams of light and shot toward Jiang Chen. Now, Jiang Chen had to fight three Fourth Grade Combat Kings by himself. No matter how strong he was, the situation was incredibly bad for him right now.


At this moment, Big Yellow finally made his move. This dog was definitely an existence that no one could afford to ignore. Although he was unable to defeat Fourth Grade Combat Kings, he could still cause them some trouble with his speed.

A dragon horn was partly visible on top of Big Yellow’s head, and lightning bolts could be seen flickering around it. It was a sign that he was ready to strike at any time.


A pair of illuminating wings spread out on Big Yellow’s back. In a split second, he blocked Ruan Xiong’s path.

“Where the h.e.l.l did this dog come from? Get lost!”

Without saying anything else, Ruan Xiong immediately waved his hand and slapped toward Big Yellow.

“Kaka, call me grandfather and I’ll leave!”

Big Yellow joyfully laughed out. A never before seen halo emerged from his head as he slammed into Ruan Xiong.


Big Yellow was no match for Ruan Xiong’s attack, and was thus slapped away. However, as his body was incredibly strong, he was like an undefeatable c.o.c.kroach. After being slapped away, he simply turned around and charged toward Ruan Xiong once more.

On the other side, following the moment where Tu Ran joined the fight against Jiang Chen, Jiang Chen was instantly brought to a disadvantageous position. Wielding the Heavenly Saint Sword in one hand, and moving with the Spatial s.h.i.+ft skill, he repeatedly dashed between Ling Yi and Tu Ran. The situation looked extremely dangerous. However, for those with a pair of discerning eyes, they noticed that even with the combined force of the two men, it was not easy for them to defeat Jiang Chen.

The battle was becoming fiercer by the minute. Jiang Chen and Big Yellow had teamed up to fight against three Fourth Grade Combat Kings. It was a chaotic scene. However, as the battle progressed, both of them were in a bad situation, which didn’t seem promising.

“Let’s go, we’ll team up and enter that desolate island. Let’s kill that monk together first. As for the treasure, we’ll talking about it later.”

Ye Hui suggested to Xiu Rui and the other. He was furiously gritting his teeth. His cousin had been killed, and it was a huge loss for the Invincible Sect. Although he was unable to kill Jiang Chen, he could still kill that monk. By that, he would be able to vent the hatred brewing within his mind. In his eyes, Jiang Chen and the monk were part of the same team.

“Fine. Although that monk is a Third Grade Combat King, he is at the most critical moment of his absorption of the treasures. Once he is distracted by us, he will definitely suffer from Qi Deviation.”

Xiu Rui said in a cold manner.

In an instant, the five men came to an agreement. They immediately began flying toward the desolate island. At this moment, Jiang Chen and Big Yellow had no time or energy to spare toward the monk’s wellbeing. Thus, they could only helplessly look on as these five men stepped onto the desolate island.

But suddenly, a shrill hawk cry could be heard from nearby. Soon after, everyone could see a black Combat Hawk appeared from thin air, instantly blocking Li Hao, Xiu Rui and the few others’ path. He didn’t care much about Ye Hui and the other two men, but rather, his eyes flickered with a ruthless expression as he stared at Li Hao and Xiu Rui.

"Heavenhawk Island Master!"

Li Hao and Xiu Rui both cried out in shock. They never thought they would meet the Heavenhawk Island Master at this place. When they sensed the cold killing intent being emitted from the Heavenhawk Island Master, their hearts were filled with fear. When they remembered the resentment between the Island Master and their Great Tyc.o.o.n, as long as they weren’t idiots, they would know why he had appeared at this moment.

He was a man who left life and death out of consideration, and had dedicated his entire life to revenge. As long as he had the opportunity to kill the men from the Asura Palace, he would appear without any hesitation.

“Geniuses from the Asura Palace, it’s time for you to die!”

Without saying another word, Zhuang Fan raised the saber in his hand and slashed at Li Hao. He had actually been hiding for quite some time, and had witnessed the entire battle. His opinion of Jiang Chen changed completely after seeing his fight against Ling Yi. Now, as an opportunity had arrived, he immediately revealed himself and wanted to kill both Li Hao and Xiu Rui.


There was no way Li Hao could be a match for Zhuang Fan, who was currently enraged. Also, he was caught by surprise, one of his arms were instantly sliced off, causing him to cry out in pain.

The situation instantly became even livelier. The arrival of Zhuang Fan was like a catalyst, causing the conflict to rise to a higher level. A few groups of men were fighting each other, some for different reasons. This truly brought a chaotic scene that could hardly be seen during normal days.

Jiang Chen was fighting Ling Yi and Tu Ran, Big Yellow was locked down in a fierce fight with Ruan Xiong, and Zhuang Fan had dragged Ling Yi and Xiu Rui into a battle. If nothing out of the ordinary happened, the two of them would soon be killed by Zhuang Fan.

On the other side, Ye Hui and the other two men had finally stepped onto the desolate island where the monk was located, and they were quickly able to find the monk. Right now, the monk was hovering in mid-air cross-legged, and golden Sanskrit were floating around his body, causing him to look like Buddha.

“Haha! Monk, it’s time to face your death!”

Ye Huo let out a loud laughter, and was the first one to charge toward the monk. At this very moment, the once tightly shut eyes of the monk suddenly opened up. Two golden beams shot out from his eyes, causing the s.p.a.ce to vibrate.

At the same time, the monk’s Kasaya trembled, as he forcefully struck his palm toward Ye Hui.


Ye Huo who was on course to attack suddenly cried out in shock, as when he sensed the force carried in the monk’s palm, a shadow of death was instantly cast over his head. This was because, to his terror, this monk was no longer a Third Grade Combat King, but a Fourth Grade.

Unfortunately, Ye Huo was left with no time to think any further about this matter. The irresistible force of this palm strike collided with his body, instantly shattering him into thousands of pieces; turning him into a clump of blood mist. He disappeared from the sky above the desolate island.

“Amitabha. Mister, you’re being reckless.”

The monk placed both palms together in front of his chest. After that, he swiftly stood up, then completely unleashed his energy of a Fourth Grade Combat King. The vase Buddhist aura instantly covered the entire desolate island. Although he was just a Fourth Grade Combat King, his aura was equal to that of a Fifth Grade Combat King. When Ye Hui attacked just now, the monk had just finished absorbing the sarira. Of course, he didn’t manage to absorb it completely, he was only able to truly absorb a small part of it, allowing him to break through to the Fourth Grade Combat King realm. As Ye Hui was only a First Grade Combat King, there was no way he could be a match for this monk. Thus, he was miserably killed on the spot.