Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 505 – Kill

Chapter 505 – Kill

Chapter 505 - Kill

Li Hao and Xiu Rui dared not do anything reckless, and that was actually the most accurate decision they had made. In fact, they should feel lucky, as Big Yellow didn’t take this opportunity to attack them.

On the other side, Jiang Chen and Ling Yi were locked down in a fierce fight. The more Ling Yi fought, the more shocked he became. He could hardly imagine how a young man who had just broken through to the Combat King realm could have such formidable combat strength. With his strength, he could get past the blockage of this young man, let alone kill the monk.

“Jiang Chen, I’ll give you one last chance. As long as you leave now, I can write off everything you’ve done before. If not, I’ll have to fight with my real strength!”

Ling Yi roared out. In the following second, a Dharma Wheel appeared in his hand. The wheel was repeatedly spinning and showing off its razor sharp edge, causing it to look extremely frightening. Through the first round of fighting, Ling Yi realized that it would be impossible for him to defeat Jiang Chen with his current strength. However, no matter what, he couldn’t just back down, so he was left with one last option; to use his King Weapon.

“You talk too much trash.”

Jiang Chen completely ignored Ling Yi’s words. Once more, he took the initiative to strike. Using the Azure Dragon’s Five Steps, he took a step toward Ling Yi. Since he had met a strong opponent, he wanted to take this opportunity to have a good fight, so there was no reason for him back down. Also, if he did back down now, the monk would certainly die.

When the Azure Dragon’s Five Steps stepped onto Ling Yi’s Dharma Wheel, Jiang Chen immediately felt a numbing sensation striking his feet, and was knocked away in the following second. However, he wasn’t surprised to see this coming. Ling Yi was a Fourth Grade Combat King, and his King Weapon was much stronger than ordinary King Weapons, that’s why its strength was so powerful. Jiang Chen was only a First Grade Combat King, and although he could fight a Fourth Grade Combat King, it was very difficult to suppress his opponent. Also, he had only taken the first step. If it was the third step, the result against Ling Yi’s Dharma Wheel would certainly be a tie.

In fact, after Jiang Chen broke through to the Combat King realm, he became able to take the fourth step.

"Hmph. You've overestimated your strength."

After knocking Jiang Chen back with one strike, Ling Yi coldly harrumphed, the once again attacked Jiang Chen with his Dharma Wheel. With a sway of his body, Jiang Chen moved gracefully like a swan, yet quickly using the Spatial s.h.i.+ft skill in the most effective way. He didn’t take out his Heavenly Saint Sword, but just kept using the Azure Dragon’s Five Steps.


When Jiang Chen finally took the fourth step, Ling Yi was knocked back. The huge Dharma Wheel was violently trembling, and cracks had even started appearing on it as a result of the enormous force. This truly frightened Ling Yi. When he looked at the damaged Dharma Wheel, a tremendous storm began raging across his mind. Using a combat skill and attacking with pure fleshly strength, Jiang Chen could actually destroy a King Weapon! This was absurd!

Right at this moment, another loud explosive noise was heard from the distance. Soon after, two figures showed up. One of them was Ye Hui from the Invincible Sect, and the other man was naturally a genius from the Invincible Sect as well. However, compared to Ye Hui, he was many times strongest. His overflowing aura was not any weaker than Ling Yi’s.

“Look! The Invincible Sect is here! That man is Ye Wuyou, Ye Hui’s cousin. He is a rare genius of the Invincible Sect, and his overall strength is equal to that of the Eighth Tyc.o.o.n.”

“Ye Wuyou is here, that means another Fourth Grade Combat King has arrived. I’m sure that Jiang Chen won’t be able to stop both of them by himself.”

“It’s getting merrier! The geniuses of the Peerless Sword Faction and Heavenly Devil Palace have yet to show; it’ll be even merrier when they arrive.”


No spectators would complain about a grand event. Thus, excited expressions began emerging on the many faces in the crowd. The mighty warriors of the Asura Palace and Invincible Sect were here, and presumably, the men from the other two major powers would be here soon.

After Ye Wuyou and Ye Hui arrived, they were taken aback by the intense battle between Jiang Chen and Ling Yi.

“It’s him! Why is he fighting against Ling Yi?”

Ye Hui was startled for a moment.

"You know this guy?"

Ye Wuyou rested his eyes on Jiang Chen’s face. The more he looked at this young man, the greater his shock became. This was because he could clearly sense Jiang Chen’s cultivation. This young man was just a First Grade Combat King, but he was able to lock Ling Yi down himself in a fierce fight.

“He is the young man who helped the Asura Palace defeat six Pirate Lords, and later set the Island Master free. He was only a peak Combat Soul warrior at that time, but now he’s a Combat King, and he can even fight equally against Ling Yi! This is unbelievable! Where did this monster come from?”

The shock in Ye Hui’s mind was not any less than the shock in Li Hao and Xiu Rui. When faced with an existence who could break through to the Combat King realm in just a few hours, there was no way they could remain calm.

“Brother Ye, that monk is hiding on that desolate island. This guy is his partner, help me kill him first!”

Ling Yi immediately shouted upon seeing Ye Wuyou.

“Haha, the Eighth Tyc.o.o.n of the Asura Palace can’t even defeat a First Grade Combat King? I can see that you two are having fun right now, so I won’t disturb you. Let me handle that monk for you.”

Ye Wuyou laughed loudly. What a joke, how could he let such a good opportunity slip away? He wouldn’t bother helping Ling Yi fight Jiang Chen, he instead take this opportunity to go ahead and kill that monk and seize his treasure.


With great speed, Ye Wuyou shot toward the desolate island, aiming for the source of those golden rays. However, although he was quick, someone was quicker than him. Jiang Chen who was in the middle of his fight against Ling Yi had blocked Ye Wuyou’s path like a shooting star. With the combination of the Spatial s.h.i.+ft and Nine Phantom Wolves, he could stop whoever he wanted to stop.

"Someone like you should just scram back to where you came from!”

Without saying another word, Jiang Chen kicked toward Ye Wuyou’s face. With quick reflexes, Ye Wuyou forcefully punched out toward Jiang Chen’s incoming kick.

"Get lost!"

Ye Wuyou was really angry, and he immediately followed up the attack with another palm strike, crus.h.i.+ng its way toward Jiang Chen.

Seeing this, Jiang Chen originally intended to counter the attack with his True Dragon Palm, but a bright idea suddenly came into his mind. He allowed Ye Wuyou’s palm to hit him without countering with any powerful attack, just pretending to block the attack with his punch.


Jiang Chen was thrown from the sky onto a desolate island. He was staggering, and nearly fell down to the ground, which made it look like he was in a very bad state. In the distance, Big Yellow was startled upon seeing what happened to Jiang Chen, but a sinister grin quickly emerged on his face.

“Buddy is really cunning.”

Big Yellow was very familiar with Jiang Chen. With Jiang Chen’s current strength, it would be difficult for him to defeat Ye Wuyou, and it was meaningless to keep fighting like this. So, in order to bring a different result, there was only on possible method; the Earth Jail!

Jiang Chen pretended that he had lost this fight in an attempt to lure Ye Wuyou or Ling Yi to kill him on this island. As long as they got close enough to the ground, Jiang Chen would be able to unleash the Earth Jail, and eventually bring them a huge surprise.

"So weak."

Ye Wuyou loftily glared at Jiang Chen with a disdainful expression his face. However, he too lazy to fly down and kill this young man, and thus continued flying toward the island the monk was located on.

Without hesitating, Jiang Chen flew into the sky once again. With great speed, he once again blocked Ye Wuyou’s path, saying, “Want to step onto that desolate island? Not possible unless you defeat me first!”

“Haha, brother Ye, this kid is a big nuisance! I think it would best if you kill him before anything else!”

Ling Yi started laughing. After that, he once again wielded his Dharma Wheel and attacked Jiang Chen.

"I don't need your help! I'll kill him myself!"

Ye Wuyou became angry. He immediately unleashed another palm strike, aiming at Jiang Chen.

Ling Yi and Ye Wuyou’s attacks arrived at the same time. Jiang Chen dared not neglect these attacks. He pretended to be in a flurry, and was pressed by the powerful force, causing him to descend onto the island once again.

“You’re just like an ant to me, who gave you the audacity to try and stop me? Since you don’t cherish your life, I’ll kill you first, then that monk.”

As expected, Ye Wuyou bit the bait. He transformed into a trail of light and shot down from the sky, and landed on the desolate island.


Ye Wuyou’s eyes flickered with cruelty. However, before he could do anything, something strange suddenly occurred. A tremendous force erupted from the ground beneath his feet and transformed into an invisible jail, trapping Ye Wuyou within.


Ye Wuyou cried out in shock. As he was caught unprepared and was pressured by the tremendous force, he nearly fell down to the ground face first. The force came without any prior signs, and he just didn’t have enough time to respond.


Ye Wuyou cried out loud, and a powerful force rushed out from his body, instantly ripping the Earth Jail apart. From the time the Earth Jail’s force fell onto his body, it had only taken him a split second to break it. However, for Jiang Chen, even if he was just given a split second, it was more than enough.

Right when Ye Wuyou broke the jail, Jiang Chen appeared above his head. He moved with miraculous steps, and illusionary dragoons were flas.h.i.+ng around with loud explosive sounds. Jiang Chen immediately took four steps.


As Ye Wuyou had just used all his strength to break the jail, he temporarily lacked the strength to defend against the Azure Dragon’s Five Steps. Thus, after letting out a miserable cry, half of his body was buried into the ground by Jiang Chen’s powerful steps.


Ye Wuyou threw up a mouthful of blood. He was bristled with anger and was furiously roaring out. However, once Jiang Chen gained the upper hand, he would never give his enemy the chance to fight back. So, when Ye Wuyou fell into Jiang Chen’s trap, it also meant that death was inevitable for his enemy. Even if it was a Fourth Grade Combat King, there was no way he could escape this destiny.

The Heavenly Saint Sword appeared and turned into a deadly sword beam above Ye Wuyou’s head. Without hesitating, it instantly chopped down.


A cry of hopelessness came from Ye Wuyou’s mouth. However, it suddenly came to a stop, as his head was sliced in half by Jiang Chen’s sword.


Ling Yi instantly cried out. His eyes went wide, as if he had just seen the craziest scene in his entire life. Fast, it was too fast! From the time when Ye Wuyou landed on the desolate island until he was killed by Jiang Chen, it had only last the time of one breath! When Ling Yi finally reacted, Ye Wuyou was already dead.

“Oh heavens, Ye Wuyou is dead! How can this be possible?!”

“There must be something wrong with my eyes! Ye Wuyou, a Fourth Grade Combat King has just been killed in an instant by that young man! How did he do it?! How come I couldn’t see anything?!”

“So brutal! Ye Wuyou is dead! How can that young man be so strong?!”


Everyone were struck with great shock, and their eyes were opened up wide. If it was Jiang Chen who got killed, n.o.body would feel shocked at all. At most, they would sigh a few times. However, since it was Ye Wuyou who was killed by Jiang Chen, it no doubt brought a tremendous storm to the crowd, and people found it difficult to accept this turn of events.