Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 504 – Fighting Against a Fourth Grade Combat King

Chapter 504 – Fighting Against a Fourth Grade Combat King

Chapter 504 - Fighting Against a Fourth Grade Combat King

Everyone felt strange about this, wondering what the background of this young man was. At the beginning, he stood together with the Asura Palace in the fight against the Heavenhawk Island Master. But now, he had actually switched teams, and was helping that monk against the Asura Palace. Which side did he really belong to?

The crowd was left speechless, as no one knew why this young man suddenly switched sides and was helping that monk, even going as far as to offend the Asura Palace for him. No, it wasn’t just the Asura Palace, the other three major powers were also hunting that monk, it was just that they had yet to arrive at this place.

Many people were thinking similar thoughts. Although this young man possessed extraordinary talent and incredible skills, it seemed that his brain was not functioning properly. Even if he really wanted to help, he should at least be able to understand how big the gap between him and his enemy was. His enemy was clearly a Fourth Grade Combat King, so poking his head out to help the monk at this moment was no different from courting death.

“Kid, what did you just say? You want to help that monk? Are you honestly seeking death?”

Li Hao immediately scolded Jiang Chen. He was left speechless the last time when Jiang Chen humiliated him, but everything was different now. With Ling Yi present at the scene, he had no fear of Jiang Chen.

“You have no idea who you’re facing. This is the Eighth Tyc.o.o.n of the Asura Palace, how dare you stand against him? I really don’t know where you’ve found your courage. Our Tyc.o.o.n has forgiven you for setting the Heavenhawk Island Master free, however, not only do you not feel grateful for this, you still want to get involved. It looks like you’re tired of living in this world.”

Xiu Rui also didn’t want to miss this chance to retaliate.

“Hmph! Jiang Chen, I can pretend that I never heard your words. Now, as long as you scram from my sight, I promise I won’t kill you.”

Ling Yi coldly harrumphed and said to Jiang Chen.

“I’m sorry. I, Jiang Chen am actually reluctant to have an unpleasant relations.h.i.+p with Tyc.o.o.n and the Asura Palace. As long as Tyc.o.o.n promises me not to cause any trouble for this monk, we will still be friends. What do you think?”

Jiang Chen responded. One way or another, he had decided to help this monk today. At this moment, the monk was at the most critical moment of his absorption of the sarira, and if he was disturbed, he would definitely suffer a backlash, of even a Qi Deviation, which was devastating.

“Where did this kid come from? Why is he poking his nose into the business of others?”

“Sigh… he really is a typical example of a reckless young man. Don’t tell me he thinks that with his strength, he can really fight against the Eighth Tyc.o.o.n of the Asura Palace?”

“None of the Thirteen Tyc.o.o.ns are kind men, and the same goes for this Ling Yi. By not giving this Ling Yi any face, I’m sure that this young man will suffer later on.”

It was a plain eye-sore for all the spectators to see this situation. In their minds, this young white-clothed man was unable to appreciate favors, and didn’t know his own limits.

“Hmph! Where did this reptile come from? How dare you get in my way? I heard you’re capable of killing Second Grade Combat Kings, but don’t think for a moment that you can look down on everything just because of that mere achievement! Today, I, the Eighth Tyc.o.o.n will let you know that there is always someone stronger than you out there.”

Ling Yi coldly harrumphed once more. Without hesitating, he forcefully punched out. The punch forcefully ripped apart the s.p.a.ce as it crushed its way toward Jiang Chen’s head.

The distance between Ling Yi and Jiang Chen was really close, and as Ling Yi was incredibly fast, together with his Four Grade Combat King cultivation, if his target was an ordinary man, no one would be able to withstand this mighty blow, let alone dodge it. With just this punch alone, their head would explode in an instant.

But of course, Jiang Chen was no ordinary man. After breaking through to the Combat King realm, he was able to fight Ling Yi.


Within a split second, Jiang Chen punched out to counter the attack, causing his fist to collide with Ling Yi’s. Right at the center of the collision, the tremendous force caused the s.p.a.ce to explode into a void, sending frightening shockwaves in all directions.


This was a melee exchange, and no fancy techniques were involved. Ling Yi sensed an enormous force coming from Jiang Chen’s punch, forcing him to take a step back before stabilizing his body.

On the opposite side, Jiang Chen’s body could only be seen briefly swaying. Since he was cultivating the Dragon Transformation skill, he body grew stronger with every pa.s.sing second, giving him a nearly indestructible body. When fighting a melee battle, no one would be a match for him.


Ling Yi who wore a lofty expression simply cried out in shock. The way he looked at Jiang Chen had completely changed. He never expected Jiang Chen to really withstand his punch, and not only that, this guy had actually forced him to take a step back. This was truly unbelievable.

Ling Yi rested his eyes on Jiang Chen’s face, and kept examining him up and down. Gradually, his underestimation toward this young man disappeared. He realized that Jiang Chen’s aura was actually that of a First Grade Combat King, and not a Combat Soul warrior like Li Hao and Xiu Rui had told him previously.

“How could this be possible? How did he suddenly become so strong?”

“He has broken through to the Combat King realm! d.a.m.n it, he was just a peak Combat Soul warrior moments ago, how come he broke through to the Combat King realm so quickly?! This is absurd!”

Li Hao and Xiu Rui’s eyes went wide, and they stared at Jiang Chen as if they were looking at a ghost. In just a few hours, this guy had broken through to the Combat King realm from the Late Combat Soul realm. This could no longer be described as groundbreaking news, it was simply frightening.

However, something even more terrifying had just happened right before their eyes. Even though Jiang Chen had become a First Grade Combat King, that didn’t mean he could defeat a Fourth Grade Combat King, as there was a huge gap of three grades between them. This was absurd!

“Oh heavens, this young man is really amazing! When he struck and killed a Second Grade Combat King earlier, I already thought he was very frightening! But now, he’s actually capable of fighting Ling Yi, a Fourth Grade Combat King!”

“If I remember correctly, he was only a peak Combat Soul warrior back on the Heavenhawk Island, but now, he has become a First Grade Combat King! Could he really have done that in just a few hours? Comprehend the Spatial Laws and step into the Combat King realm? How could this be possible?”

“Extraordinary! What a monster, no wonder he has the guts to stand in the way of Ling Yi! He actually has the strength to do so!”


Everyone were shocked by what they saw. As the saying went; an expert could always show his might with just the simplest move. Although Jiang Chen and Ling Yi had only exchanged one attack in a very short amount of time, the result was obvious to all. In the fight just now, Jiang Chen had clearly gained the upper hand.

"Jiang Chen, do you really want to stop me?"

Ling Yi asked with an angry expression.

"Don't tell me I'm not qualified."

Jiang Chen replied with a cold sneer. Since he couldn’t avoid this fight, there wasn’t much to say. If they wanted a fight; just fight!

“Alright. Don’t think you can defeat me just by gaining a little bit of an upper hand in our fight just now. I’ll let you know how huge the gap between a First Grade Combat King and a Fourth Grade Combat King is!”

Ling Yi unleashed his energy, emitting powerful waves from his body, causing the surround s.p.a.ce to violently fluctuate. His red hair was fluttering in the strong wind, and he was portraying an extremely tyrannical air.

"Firmament Hand!"

Ling Yi suddenly let out a raging roar and unleashed a skill called the Firmament Hand. It was an extremely dazzling, huge golden hand, and it carried a powerful spatial force, and it was shrouding toward Jiang Chen’s head.

It was a mighty strike, and it perfectly carried the incredible force of a Fourth Grade Combat King. Ling Yi was no ordinary Fourth Grade Combat King. As one of the 13 Tyc.o.o.ns, he was a man with extraordinary talent, and it was hard for him to find an equal opponent in the same grade as himself.

Faced with this terrifying Firmament Hand, no signs of fear could be found on Jiang Chen’s face. While maintaining the same indifferent expression, he waved his hand and countered the attack with his True Dragon Palm, causing it to collide with the Firmament Hand.


The s.p.a.ce shook violently, and right at the center of the collision, the air was torn into a small crack, causing spatial storms to leak out from the crack. This caused the hearts of those who watched the scene to s.h.i.+ver.

Firmament Hand vs. True Dragon Palm. It was a tie.

A powerful fighting intent surged out from Jiang Chen. As he had just broken through to the Combat King realm, he was filled with vigorous spirit. Now that he had to fight a Fourth Grade Combat King, his combat strength was completely ignited.

"Nine Solar Fingers!"

Jiang Chen shouted, becoming the first to strike as he unleashed a frightening finger skill. At this point, the true frightening ability of the Nine Solar Fingers had finally shown up. With his current strength, he could instantly unleash eight huge golden fingers toward Ling Yi.

Ling Yi’s expression instantly changed. Jiang Chen’s mighty performance had gone beyond his imagination. Without hesitating, he stretched both hands into the air and began drawing; unleas.h.i.+ng a mysterious seal, sending it toward the Nine Solar Fingers.

Subsequently, an intense battle erupted between two men. The Eighth Tyc.o.o.n was incomparable to any ordinary humans, and he had an array of incredible skills. On the other side, Jiang Chen was not any weaker, as both of them were locked up in a tough fight, where neither seemed to be able to defeat the other with ease.

Many people were shocked. In the eyes of these people, although both men were locked up in a tough fight, it was in fact Jiang Chen that showed them a frightening ability. Jiang Chen was after all just a First Grade Combat King, and he had just broken through to this realm not long ago. It was imaginable, if Jiang Chen was at the same grade as Ling Yi, perhaps Ling Yi would be unable to withstand even a single strike from Jiang Chen, and instantly die right when the battle began.

“This is really terrifying! Where did this guy come from? He is definitely not from any of the four major powers!”

“It’s impossible for a genius like this to not be known by many, and ordinary clans would never be able to cultivate such an amazing genius. Could he be from one of the superpowers in the Xuan Region?”

“It looks like it’ll be impossible for Ling Yi to break through Jiang Chen’s blockage and kill that monk. However, the warriors from the other three major powers will soon be here, and at that point of time, that monk is still going to meet his end.”


No one were able to remain calm. A scene like this had shaken their world. However, for these ordinary cultivators, being able to personally witness a high-level battle like this was something really satisfying.

“d.a.m.n it, how come he suddenly became so strong?!”

Li Hao said while gritting his teeth.

“Jiang Chen is now tied down by the Tyc.o.o.n. Let’s go fight that monk together. That monk is currently absorbing the treasure, so he must be lacking the energy to strike back. As long as we kill that monk, the treasure will be ours. This is our main objective for coming here.”

Xiu Rui’s eyes flickered. On the surface, they were here to kill that monk and avenge the disciples of the Asura Palace, but underneath, they were actually here for that treasure.

Li Hao felt that Xiu Rui’s words made sense. However, before he agreed with the suggestion, he was able to see a big yellow dog staring fiercely at them, causing him to shudder.

“I think it would be best if we gave up on that idea. Look at that dog, that dog is not to be trifled with.”

Li Hao said.

Xiu Rui turned around and saw Big Yellow as well, and he felt like a huge bucket of cold water had just been poured onto his head. He had yet to forget, this dog was able to fight against the Heavenhawk Island Master equally. So, with their strength, if they flew toward the island where the monk was located, there was no way they could be a match for this big yellow dog. It would truly be a sad event if they were killed by his bite.