Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 499 – The Number One Pirate Lord

Chapter 499 – The Number One Pirate Lord

Chapter 499 - The Number One Pirate Lord

Tan Lang was a courageous and upright man. Although he was faced with the fierce compet.i.tion within the Asura Palace, where many of his compet.i.tors were crafty and insidious, Tan Lang was still able to keep his integrity and disposition. Who could have thought that the Great Tyc.o.o.n, a man who always wore a bright smile on his face; the man who claimed the t.i.tle of number one genius of the Asura Palace, was actually just a sanctimonious guy. He was seemingly respectable, but he actually did something so inhumane.

If not for the fact that Zhuang Fan was lucky enough to stay alive, who would have known that Xiao Nanshan had done something like that? The sanctimonious Great Tyc.o.o.n would still be the same lofty hypocrite. Also, it was easy to imagine that Xiao Nanshan had done the same thing to others, only that there were no survivors that time.

Of course, the world of cultivation was governed by the rules of the jungle, and strength was the only standard used to evaluate everything. Xiao Nanshan’s behavior was beneath the contempt of everyone. Even the devil cultivators from the Heavenly Devil Palace who always employed cruel and vicious approaches would be disgusted by his actions. Perhaps only those genuine devils would have done what he had.

However, devils and humans were two distinctly different species. Slaughtering and torturing someone from a different species was completely different from doing it to someone of the same species.

Also, devil cultivators and devils were two different concepts. A devil cultivator was still a human; a human who cultivates a devil’s skill. They were a group of humans who went after short term, but extremely powerful strength, thus becoming devil cultivators; whereas devils were a species by themselves, one hostile toward humans. They belonged to two completely different groups.

“You’re right. Jiang Chen did save our lives, and if not for his help, many of us would have died today; this is a fact.”

Xiu Rui said. However, right after that, he aimed his voice at Jiang Chen and said, “However, Brother Jiang, the Asura Palace has lost three genius disciples in today’s battle. Not only that, many of us are suffering from different degrees of injuries, and yet, you set the Heavenhawk Island Master free. This not only caused us to lose any benefits we might have gotten, it also brought losses to us. Since you’re the helper invited by junior disciple Tan, I think it would be best for you to follow us back to the Asura Palace so that you can answer for what you have done here.”

Xiu Rui’s motive was obvious. Since Jiang Chen had set the Island Master free, he would have to answer for his decision to the Asura Palace.


Too bad, the pushy and overbearing Xiu Rui had picked the wrong target. Right after he finished speaking, a powerful slap hit his face, sending him flying dozens of meters.

And right in front of where Xiu Rui originally stood, a young man dressed in white could be seen steadily hovering. He was Jiang Chen.

“Who do you think you are, and how dare you tell me what to do?”

Jiang Chen said with a cold voice. Previously, he had no favorable impression toward this group of geniuses, and now, after learning about what their Great Tyc.o.o.n had done, Jiang Chen felt even more disgusted at this group. Not only that, he was truly regretting helping them out just now.

Li Hao and the others were struck with great shock. All of them were hovering nearby, but none of them had been able to see how Jiang Chen did it. Even with Xiu Rui’s strength, he was still slapped away by someone with such ease. Jiang Chen’s mightiness sent a s.h.i.+ver down their spines.

“You… you dare slap me?!”

Xiu Rui was burning with fury from embarra.s.sment. He was a man with a prestigious status, but someone had just slapped him in front of so many people. This was a plain insult, and he couldn’t take it.

“If you speak one more word, I will immediately kill you.”

Jiang Chen said with an extremely fierce voice. His ice-cold glance caused Xiu Rui to tremble, as if a bucked full of ice-cold water had just been poured down his back. Without hesitating, he shut his mouth. He had a feeling that Jiang Chen’s glance was no joke; he could see endless slaughtering coming from the eyes. When faced with this young man, he felt as if he was but an ant, and the young man could kill him with just a simple pinch.


Right at this moment, a loud rumbling sound could be heard from the Heavenhawk Island. After that, the entire island began shaking, as if there was a tremendous earthquake.

“What’s going on? Why is the Heavenhawk Island suddenly shaking so violently?”

“Is the island going to be destroyed?”


The crowd was shocked as they switched their attention to the Heavenhawk Island. The island’s movement was getting more intense, as if it was going to explode at any time.


Suddenly, another loud rumbling sound rang throughout the air. After that, everyone could see a golden beam shoot out from the island. It was a dazzling beam that was more than 300 meters tall, and it had the diameter of a water bucket. Indistinctly, the crowd could see symbols flas.h.i.+ng throughout the entire beam.

“A treasure is emerging!”

Big Yellow’s eyes instantly lit up. This dog was a top talent when it came to sensing treasures, but he had been unable to sense anything before this. This only meant that the treasure had hidden itself very deep. No wonder Zhuang Fan had never discovered it although he had occupied the Heavenhawk Island for years.

“What a pure aura, it must be an extremely rare treasure! I never thought that a good treasure would be hidden in this Heavenhawk Island, and it even emerged right after the Island Master left!”

“Haha, today’s trip has been really valuable! Not only did I witness a great battle, I actually got the chance to witness the emergence of a good treasure! I wonder what kind of treasure it is.”

“It must be something good! If not, it wouldn’t be causing so much noise!”


Everyone were shocked as the Heavenhawk Island once more became the center of attention. Judging from the aura emitted from this golden beam alone, the emerging treasure was not something ordinary.

"Sanskrit! This object originates from Buddhism!"

Jiang Chen’s eyes lit up. While others might not be able to tell, he could easily recognize it with just a single look. The symbols flas.h.i.+ng on the golden beam were actually Sanskrit. This also meant that the emerging treasure most likely originated from Buddhism.

There were eight major regions in the Divine Continent, and the smallest region was called the Western Region, which was of course located at the west of the Divine Continent. It was a remote place, and the entire region was only as big as the Liang Province. Compared to the other seven regions, it was extremely small. However, no one dared underestimate the Western Region, because it was the heart of Buddhism. Although Buddhism had gradually decayed over the recent years, no one could ignore their influences. The Buddhist culture was rich, extensive and profound, and the beings there rarely left the Western Region, as they had their own historical roots in that place.

Even Jiang Chen never expected to see a Buddhist item in the Heavenhawk Island. Judging from its aura, it was not an ordinary item.

“Haha, what a lucky day! This treasure belongs to us, the Invincible Sect! No one is allowed to interfere!”

Ye Hui joyfully laughed out. Seven to eight Combat King geniuses of the Invincible Sect came out and positioned themselves near the Heavenhawk Island, looking determined to get this treasure.

“Hmph! You guys from the Invincible Sect think you’re the leaders of the Liang Province? This treasure is an object with a righteous aura! We, the Peerless Sword Faction possess the most unparalleled sword skills underneath the heavens; upright and righteous! So, this treasure naturally belongs to us, the Peerless Sword Faction!”

A cold snort rang through the air. Another group of seven to eight geniuses walked out from the crowd, all of them wearing white clothes and carrying sword on their backs. They were from the Peerless Sword Faction.

“Hehe, the people who have seen it are naturally ent.i.tled to the treasure. The Invincible Sect and Peerless Sword Faction’s names aren’t carved onto this treasure. So, we, the Heavenly Devil Palace would like to fight for it as well. In my opinion, we should just let our strength do the talking!”

An evil laughter echoed throughout the scene. Following that, a few geniuses of the Heavenly Devil Palace walked out from the crowd, all of them wearing black clothes. When faced with such a treasure, no one would be willing to let it slip away in front of their eyes.

“Hmph! The Heavenly Devil Palace is just a bunch of evil men! You’re cultivating the devils’ skills; diabolic and malicious! This treasure is emitting a righteous aura, and it’s not something you devil cultivators should touch! We, the Asura Palace defeated the Heavenhawk Island Master, so this iland now naturally belongs to the Asura Palace! With that, the treasures found on this island also belong to the Asura Palace! I suggest that all of you leave quickly!”

Li Hao coldly harrumphed. At the same time, the geniuses of the Asura Palace marched forward. They had failed to kill the Heavenhawk Island Master today, and had lost three disciples. If they just returned like this, they would lose all their face. However, if they could find and bring back this treasure, regardless of keeping it or submitting it to the Asura Palace, the benefits would be endless.

At this moment, a tremendous storm was brewing. Geniuses from all four major powers had started fighting each other. When faced with this unknown treasure, none were willing to let it go, and everyone wanted it for themselves. Also, as all four major powers had dominated the Liang Province for many years, conflicts had repeatedly risen between them, and neither was willing to give in to the other. Especially these geniuses, the fights were even fiercer.

“d.a.m.n it, all geniuses of the four major powers have come out. There is no place here for us any longer.”

“If there’s no place for us, we’ll just act as spectators. Just wait, I’m that fierce fights will soon break out. This treasure is no ordinary object, and none of these four major powers will want to let it go, especially the Asura Palace. They have suffered some losses today, thus, in order to compensate for their losses, they won’t let go off this perfect opportunity.”

“However, I was thinking; if they’re really going to fight for that treasure, with their strength, could they defeat that young white-clothed man?”


The crowd start discussing the current events. When a battle involving Combat Kings erupted, they could only stand aside and watch, not daring to stand too close. The situation was clear; the unknown treasure was going to reveal itself, and a fierce fight would erupt between the geniuses of all four major powers, deciding who would get to take the treasure.

However, most people still rested their eyes on that white-clothed youngster. This youngster was obviously the strongest man present, and if he wanted to fight for the treasure, perhaps none of these geniuses would be a match for him.

The undercurrent was surging. Everyone were waiting for the treasure to reveal itself. Once it did, the battles would begin.


Right at this very moment, a calm voice was heard from afar. Right after that, a golden beam could be seen shooting across the sky, and soon arriving above the Heavenhawk Island. It was a monk wearing a golden Kasaya.

This monk looked to be in his mid-twenties; a very young man. He had a strong and st.u.r.dy body, and a fair complexion.

The monk held one of his palms straight up in front of his chest. He wore a solemn expression, portraying a sacred image.

Seeing this monk, Jiang Chen furrowed his brows. This little monk must be here for the treasure.

“Where did this monk come from?!”

Ye Hui couldn’t help but shout out loud.

“To all the misters here, this treasure belongs to me. I suggest you all scram right now.”

The monk said. Although his voice was soft, his words were extremely domineering. Right when he arrived, he immediately asked everyone to scram. Furthermore, when he talked, he still wore the same solemn expression, while portraying the image of an eminent monk.

“What the f.u.c.k! Where did this stinking monk come from? Does he not know how to talk properly?”

A person couldn’t help but curse.

“Right, that’s him! He’s the number one Pirate Lord of the Chaotic Ocean! I’ve seen him fighting with others before!”

A person cried out in shock, as he recognized this monk.