Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 500 – A Shameless Monk

Chapter 500 – A Shameless Monk

Chapter 500 - A Shameless Monk

The man’s words brought a tremendous storm to the crowd. Everyone immediately turned their heads toward the monk wearing the Kasaya. What they saw was a monk with a majestic bearing; refined and cultured, and judging from the way he looked, no one were able to view him as the number one Pirate Lord.

As a matter of fact, very few people knew about this number one Pirate Lord. Who could have thought that the number one Pirate Lord was actually an extremely young monk? Rumors said that the number one Pirate Lord had been in the Chaotic Ocean for quite some time, but aside from having his name heard by many, he had never shown himself in public, and had never robbed others like the other six Pirate Lords did. However, with the emergence of this rare treasure, this monk had finally revealed himself. Could he also be attracted by the treasure?

Realizing that this monk was the number one Pirate Lord, the geniuses of all four major powers were struck with fear. However, when faced with such a valuable treasure, none of them were willing to back off. If they really scurried away just becase a monk told them to do so, not only would they feel ashamed of themselves, they would also put the face of the four major powers to shame.

“Monk, let me give you a suggestion. You better not get involved in this; you can’t afford to offend any of the four major powers.”

Ye Hui said.

The monk raised his head and looked at Ye Hui with an indifferent expression. He then put his palms together and showed the look of an eminent monk, “Amitabha. Mister, did you fart just now? It was so loud and stinky! I have no idea what kind of birds these ‘four major powers’ are, but this treasure really belongs to me. Let me give you a suggestion; scram back to where you came from.”

The monk said with the same calm and indifferent tone, carrying an undertone of an eminent monk pa.s.sing on his knowledge. However, his words nearly caused many people to cough out a mouthful of blood. Many people felt a strong desire to just fly up and slap his face. Even Jiang Chen felt a desire to kick this monk’s face.

“f.u.c.k, where did this monk come from? He has such a nasty mouth!”

“He looks like an eminent monk, but he’s incredibly cheap! Every word he said made me feel angry!”

“What a cheap monk! He does indeed have the characteristics of a Pirate Lord! This is areal example of sanctimonious hypocrite!”


Everyone nearly fainted. No one were able to stand the way this monk talked.

“Wakaka! This monk isn’t bad! This master dog likes him!”

Big Yellow joyfully laughed out. If he had a chance to communicate with this monk, the two of them would definitely make a perfect team.

“You stinky monk! Who do you think you are?! You’re all alone, how dare you tell all geniuses of the four major powers to scram? You’re courting death!”

Someone shouted out loudly. The geniuses of the four major powers all showed angry expressions. This was the first time they had been insulted by a monk. With their prestigious statuses, there was no way they could accept it. Furthermore, in their minds, although this monk was the number one Pirate Lord, he was at most just a Second Grade Combat King. Now, with more than thirty geniuses from the four major powers present at the scene, and each of them being a formidable warrior, if they grouped together and fought him, defeating him would just be a piece of cake. Thus, they didn’t take this monk seriously.

“Mister, your words are incorrect. Firstly, I don’t stink. Secondly, I’m not seeking death. The heavens care for every living being, and I keep giving you advice in hopes that all of you can repent before it’s too late. If not, you might just die here. All of you should be grateful.”

The monk said with a serious expression.

“Pu… This monk is f.u.c.king funny!”

Big Yellow chuckled uncontrollably.

“This monk is obviously here for the Buddhist treasure. I’m guessing the reason why he came to the Chaotic Ocean is because of this treasure. However, he couldn’t find its exact location, that’s why he has been hiding, patiently waiting for the treasure to reveal itself. However, why did this guy want number one Pirate Lord t.i.tle? Don’t tell me he is ostentatious?”

Jiang Chen threw out his guess.

“This monk’s mouth is truly filthy, but I do think he’s very strong.”

Big Yellow whispered to Jiang Chen.

“Not only strong. He is a Third Grade Combat King, so he can easily kill these geniuses as if they were some silly dogs… oh, I’m not referring to you… he can kill them easily as if they were a bunch of chickens.”

Jiang Chen said.

“The Buddhist path is very compa.s.sionate, and as the saying that it’s better to save one life than to build a seven-story tall paG.o.da, although this monk has a very filthy mouth, I don’t think he will take the lives of these people so lightly.”

Big Yellow said.

“The treasure is soon going to reveal itself, so why do you guys still not scram? Do you really want to wait here and face death later on?”

The monk told the crowd upon seeing that the golden beam was trembling even more violently.

“d.a.m.n monk! Shut your mouth and get the h.e.l.l outta here! If you still don’t want to go, don’t blame us for being aggressive!”

A genius from the Invincible Sect shouted at the monk.

“It looks like I was too polite when speaking just now. Mister, since you’ve just scolded a monk, you’re obviously trash. Trash is a disaster, and disaster like you will bring damage to many people. As Buddha has taught us, it’s better to save one life than it is to build a seven-story tall paG.o.da. If I kill you, I will save the lives of many in the future.”

“b.a.s.t.a.r.d, stinky monk! Do you really dare kill me?!”

The genius grit his teeth tightly, and nearly leapt onto the monk in order to tear his mouth to pieces.

“Mister, I can tell from your expression that you’ve very angry. Anger comes from your inner self, and it looks like your inner self is suffering from pain right now. Since that is the case, let this monk release you from your inner purgatory and send you to Nirvana, then you’ll be eternally free of pain.”

Right after the monk finished saying that, he immediately disappeared from where he stood. In just a split second, the monk reappeared in front of the genius. One of his fingers shone with a golden light as the monk touched the center of the Invincible Sect genius’s brows. The finger penetrated the genius’s head, and blood burst out from the wound. The genius died on the spot.


With a sway of his body, the monk returned to where he originally stood. He clasped both palms together and said, “Amitabha! The heavens care for every single being! What a sin!”


Many people started cursing. Could this monk be any more shameless? He just killed a man, and he still pretended to be a compa.s.sionate man. Truly shameless!

While sighing out because of the monk’s shameless behavior, many people were also shocked by his strength. The monk had launched a sudden attack just now, and it was incredibly fast. Not only was the victim unable to respond, even the people next to the victim showed no response. They only felt a wind blow by, then their fellow disciple was dead. From the beginning until the end, the guy didn’t even make a single sound. A First Grade Combat King genius had been killed, just like that. This wasn’t because the man who just died was too useless, but instead, the monk was too frightening.

Now, no one dared underestimate this monk any longer. The monk’s eminent appearance caused fear and respectful emotions to emerge in those among the crowds. This monk truly deserve to be called the strongest Pirate Lord, he didn’t even blink his eyes when killing someone. All that merciful Buddhist teachings, it was just bulls.h.i.+t to him. He never took it seriously.

“f.u.c.k, is this guy a real monk?!”

Big Yellow couldn’t help but roll his eyes. He had just told Jiang Chen that this monk wouldn’t kill anyone, but in just the blink of an eye, a genius had been killed by this monk.


Jiang Chen smiled.

“This monk is a Third Grade Combat King, and he’s very strong. So, are we still going to fight for the treasure?”

Big Yellow looked at Jiang Chen and asked.

“Of course we will! We’ll fish for fish in the turbid waters.”

Jiang Chen’s lips curled up into a smile. It wasn’t his style to let a treasure slip away in front of his eyes.


Right at this moment, another loud explosive sound could be heard from the Heavenhawk Island. The golden beam suddenly shattered, revealing a fist-sized golden bead hovering in the sky. The bead was sending forth a pure Buddhistic Yang aura. Its surface was fully covered with Sanskrit, giving it a mystical touch. Just the energy ripples leaking out from it was more than enough to make one’s heart tremble.

Although the people present had little understanding when it came to Buddhism, and thus couldn’t recognize the item, it didn’t stop them from realizing that it was an extremely rare treasure.

“What is that thing? Even this master dog is unable to recognize it.”

Big Yellow was shocked.

“It’s a sarira, what remains of a Buddhist after pa.s.sing away while seated in a cross-legged position. Judging from its aura, it must be the sarira of a Third Grade Minor Saint Buddhist. It is indeed a good treasure, it’s no wonder this monk spent so much time waiting for it here.”

Jiang Chen was surprised. When an eminent monk of the Buddhist path pa.s.ses away, there is a high possibility for that monk to leave behind a sarira. A sarira is like a demon’s demon soul, and it actually contains a human’s combat soul. The sarira contains a very pure Buddhistic energy, and it mighty contain the mighty skills of that Buddhist monk.

"Get it!"

Someone suddenly shouted out. The geniuses of the four major powers moved at the same time, rus.h.i.+ng toward the sarira. Noticing this situation, although the monk’s expression was still calm, two bright beams were leaking out from his eyes.

“Since you guys keep adhering to your foolishness without awakening, I’ll help you set your souls free from your inner purgatories!”

The monk moved. He took a step forward, waved his hand and unleashed a sheet of golden rays. The golden rays instantly transformed into a gigantic ferocious looking Buddha seal. The Buddha seal then charged toward the group.


Like a tremendous mountain, the aggressive and gigantic Buddha seal crushed four geniuses, instantly killing them. Their bodies exploded from the tremendous force, making the scene very b.l.o.o.d.y. This monk didn’t look like someone who followed the Buddhistic teachings at all. Instead, he was like a brutal killer. Once he struck, he was at least a few hundred times crueler than those devil cultivators.

"Fudo Seal!"

Jiang Chen was about to join the fight for the treasure, but when he saw the Buddha seal, his face was immediately covered with shocked. He immediately stopped moving, then shouted at Big Yellow and Tan Lang, “Big Yellow, Brother Tan, stop!”

"What the f.u.c.k! Why?!"

Big Yellow was already ready to fight, so being asked to stop fighting for the treasure made him feel depressed. Even if he wasn’t strong enough to beat this Third Grade Combat King monk, with his incredible speed, as well as Jiang Chen’s help, they would still have a chance at obtaining the sarira.

“We’ll give up this time. Let the monk have the sarira.”

When Jiang Chen saw the Fudo Seal, he immediately changed his mind. He pulled both Big Yellow and Tan Lang aside, asking them to stop as well.


In the sky above the Heavenhawk Island, the monk was fighting in a mighty, yet frightening manner. He unleashed the huge Buddha seal once again, killing another four geniuses. After that, the monk continued launching attacks, killing a few more men and causing huge losses to all four major powers.

"Amitabha! I have sinned."

The monk clasped both palms together and said. However, no signs of regret could be seen on his face. After the first round of battle, all the remaining geniuses were looking at the monk as if they were looking at a ghost, and no one had the courage to attack him anymore.