Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 498 – You're Free To Go

Chapter 498 – You're Free To Go

Chapter 498 - You're Free To Go

Jiang Chen’s words and his indifferent look nearly caused Li Hao to throw up a mouthful of blood. He was a genius of the Asura Palace, and not once had anyone dared to tell him to scram in front of so many people. This was an insult to his dignity.

“If you don’t want to scram, stop pointing your fingers at me. You’re not qualified.”

Jiang Chen continued speaking with an ice-cold voice, paying no attention to Li Hao. Killing the Island Master was not up to him, and Li Hao was not qualified to tell him what to do. Compared to Li Hao, Jiang Chen liked the Island Master more.

Putting aside what kind of resentment existed between the Island Master and the Asura Palace, just his fearlessness when facing death made him worthy of Jiang Chen’s admiration.

Li Hao’s expression was extremely unsightly, but he dared not speak any more words. After all, not only was Jiang Chen very powerful, he treated his enemies with extremely fierce approaches. If Li Hao really provoked Jiang Chen, he might get himself into deep trouble.

“I thought this young man was the Asura Palace’s helper, so why does he give no face to the geniuses of the Asura Palace?”

“Can’t you tell that this young man was only invited by Tan Lang? A mighty warrior like this is naturally proud and arrogant. Also, he isn’t from the Asura Palace, so he obviously can’t accept Li Hao pointing his finger at him.”

“He’s so young, and yet so incredible strong. Normally, we should’ve heard of name, but I’ve never seen him before.”


All the spectators were discussing amongst themselves. With today’s battle, everyone’s attention would be focused on this young man in white who had suddenly appeared out of nowhere. In other words, after today’s battle, the name of this young man would definitely be known by everyone in the Chaotic Ocean.

When the Island Master saw Jiang Chen scolding Li Hao, he couldn’t help but feel startled. He thought this young man was one of the genius disciples of the Asura Palace, but judging from the current situation, it seemed he was wrong. Thus, he felt less hateful toward Jiang Chen.

“Speak, tell me what’s hiding in your mind. With that, you can be at peace when you die.”

Jiang Chen said.

The Island Master looked at Jiang Chen’s face without blinking his eyes. After some moments, he finally let out a long sigh. He tilted his head backwards and looked into the boundless sky; a tear flowing down his face. His eyes looked miserable, as if he had sunk into the abyss of his memories.

“My name is Zhuang Fan. Originally, I wasn’t a demon, but a human.”

With a calm and stable voice, Zhuang Fan spoke.

His words brought a tremendous storm to the crowd. In the minds of all these outsides, Zhuang Fan was a Combat Hawk, a genuine demon. But now, he had personally admitted that he was originally a human. This was simply unbelievable.

Humans and demons were two distinct species. Although demons could transform into human shape upon cultivating to a certain level, their bloodline was still that of a demon. However, this Zhuang Fan’s bloodline had transformed, turning him into a demon. This could no longer be described as bizarre, it was simply news that were capable of setting the entire world on fire. Many people eagerly wished to know how he could achieve that.

“I, Zhuang Fan am a human from Qing City. I had a wife and a son, and I lived an ordinary yet happy life. However, everything was destroyed in one day. Three years ago, that b.a.s.t.a.r.d Xiao Nanshan arrived at Qing City. He was obsessed with my wife’s beauty, and evil intentions were birthed in his mind. One day, that b.a.s.t.a.r.d intruded my house, and he raped my wiped! I witnessed it all with my own eyes! ARHHHH.....”

Zhuang Fan suddenly let out a heartbreaking cry and began pulling his hair with both hands. His eyes had turned extremely red, and he was struck with despair. The story stunned many people. No one could have thought that Zhuang Fan had experienced such a miserable event. Witnessing his wife being raped in front of his very eyes without being able to do anything about it, for any man, a situation like this was a devastating blow.

“That b.a.s.t.a.r.d Xiao Nanshan is a powerful man, and I was no match for him. When he was done, in order to protect his reputation, he killed me wife and son! He is worse than beast! My son was only three years old! THREE YEARS OLD…”

When he mentioned his three years old son, Zhuang Fan furiously roared out once more. It was really difficult to imagine what kind of suffering he had gone through, even Jiang Chen was touched. On the other side, Big Yellow had started cursing. Of course, he was cursing at that Xiao Nanshan, a human worse than a beast.

“Impossible! Zhuang Fan, you’re uttering rubbis.h.!.+ Don’t you dare try to defame our Great Tyc.o.o.n!”

Xiu Rui immediately shouted.

“That’s right! You’re making a baseless accusation! The Great Tyc.o.o.n is the number one genius of the Asura Palace! With his status and strength, he can get any kind of woman he wants! He would never rape your wife!”

Li Hao joined in to defend the Great Tyc.o.o.n as well.

Jiang Chen finally realized that Xiao Nanshan was the Great Tyc.o.o.n, the strong Tyc.o.o.n. It was no wonder that Zhuang Fan hated the Asura Palace so much.

"Shut up!"

Jiang Chen shouted at the people from the Asura Palace. The ice-cold look in his eyes carried some fury as well. He firmly believed that Zhuang Fan spoke the truth. A man can easily tell a lie, but it was hard to conceal his true expression. Without an immense amount of hatred, no one would go through near endless pain to transform himself into a demon. There was indeed a secret method that allowed one to transform into a demon and gain a powerful cultivation in a short amount of time. However, the price one would have to pay for that was unimaginable.

"Go on."

Jiang Chen told Zhuang Fan.

“The heavens answered my prayers. That b.a.s.t.a.r.d thought I was dead, but I wasn’t. I woke up three days later, and when I saw the bodies of my wife and son, I felt a strong desire to die. I buried their bodies on a cliff, so that they could stay together without being disturbed by anyone. Furious, I wanted revenge. However, my enemy was the head of all Thirteen Tyc.o.o.ns, and my wife and son had already died, so there was no more meaning to my life. In the end, I jumped off the cliff.”

Zhuang Fan was immersed in his miserable memory as he continued, “I was thrown into an icy pond. Not only did I not die, I found a secret skill. Together with this secret skill was a drop of a Combat Hawk’s blood essence. This skill allowed me to transform into a demon, and it brought me incredible strength. However, at the same time, I was forced to pay a heavy price. I only had four more years to live, but even so, I accepted it with all my heart and soul. As long as I can get revenge, I am willing to pay any price. In the end, I transformed into how I currently look, and came to the Chaotic Ocean. But unfortunately, in the end, even after transforming into this, my strength is still far inferior to that of that b.a.s.t.a.r.d Xiao Nanshan. Three years have pa.s.sed, but I am only a Second Grade Demon King, and my dreams of revenge are too far away.”

“So, you s.h.i.+fted your resentment onto the Asura Palace as a whole, thinking that even if you couldn’t kill Xiao Nanshan, you could at least kill some of the geniuses of the Asura Palace.”

Jiang Chen said. Now, the root of this matter had become clear.

“That’s right. After I killed the 13th Tyc.o.o.n, I knew that the Asura Palace would definitely not forgive me. Thus, I invited a few of the other Pirate Lords and promised I would give them everything I owned, as well as the secret skill. The plan was that once we killed all these geniuses, they would leave this place with all the treasures they’ve found across the years and never come back.”

Zhuang Fan continued his confession. This was the conditions he had promised to the other five Pirate Lords. Among these six Pirate Lords, three were human, and they showed a great interest in the secret skill that allowed Zhuang Fan to transform into a demon and obtain an incredible cultivation base. As for the other two demons, they were obviously interested in learning more about the secret skill. Thus, they too agreed to help, thinking that they would leave this place after completing this mission.

But unfortunately, when their fruits of labor was nearly matured, a young man dressed in white suddenly appeared and destroyed everything.

“What a pitiful man. The Great Tyc.o.o.n is such a beast, this is truly disappointing.”

“That’s right. His wife and son were killed, and the strength he obtained from exchanging his life couldn’t help him get revenge. He truly is pitiful.”

“The Great Tyc.o.o.n is a beast in human form. From today onwards, his great reputation will completely collapse.”


Many people were filled with righteous rage, mourning for Zhuang Fan’s miserable experience.

“Come! Kill me now! I can finally reunite with my wife and son.”

Zhuang Fan raised his head up high. After everything he had experienced, he no longer feared death.

"You're free now."

Jiang Chen put away the Heavenly Saint Sword and told Zhuang Fan.


Zhuang Fan’s expression went blank, and he stared at Jiang Chen with disbelief. He though there was something wrong with his ears. This young man was letting him go? How could this be possible?

“You can leave now. You still have one more year to get revenge; don’t give up.”

Jiang Chen said with an indifferent tone.

“No, you can’t let this guy go! He has killed many of our disciples, and even defamed our Great Tyc.o.o.n!”

Xiu Rui shouted. Realizing that Jiang Chen was allowing Zhuang Fan to go free, the expressions of all the disciples changed as well. They were here to kill Zhuang Fan, and if Jiang Chen set him free, it meant that they would have to return with empty hands.


Big Yellow barked, then moved his big body in front of Xiu Rui. Xiu Rui was taken aback, and couldn’t help but retreat a few steps. After witnessing this dog’s frightening strength, he dared not underestimate him.

“All of you better shut your f.u.c.king mouths! None of the Thirteen Tyc.o.o.ns are good men, and neither are you!”

Big Yellow was furious, and nearly decided to take justice for Zhuang Fan.

No one had scolded these geniuses like this before, let alone a dog. They were all enraged, but none of them dared speak a word.

"Are you really letting me go?"

Zhuang Fan couldn’t believe it, and he kept staring at Jiang Chen.


Jiang Chen responded with a calm voice. Zhuang Fan cupped his fist toward Jian Chen and disappeared without a trace. He only had one year left, and he would not give up even at the last minute.

Staring at where Zhuang Fan disappeared, Jiang Chen couldn’t help but let out a sigh filled with mixed emotions. This was a how a man should be. There were some things one absolutely must do. Jiang Chen knew that his hatred and fury toward Xiao Nanshan was the only thing that kept Zhuang Fan alive.

“Tan Lang, when we return, I’ll see how you’re going to answer for all this.”

Li Hao turned to Tan Lang and said. In his opinion, since Jiang Chen was invited by Tan Lang, Tan Lang would have to bear the responsibility of letting Zhuang Fan go.

“Answer your bulls.h.i.+t! Li Hao, don’t be ungrateful! Zhuang Fan is a Second Grade Demon King, and none of you are a match for him! If not for Jiang Chen, do you still think you’d be alive to talk to me like this?! You’re a bunch of ungrateful fools!”

Tan Lang was furious. To him, this group of people was a typical example of ungrateful fools. As for the fact that Jiang Chen set Zhuang Fan free, it perfectly matched Jiang Chen’s style of handling matters. Furthermore, after listening to Zhuang Fan’s story, Tan Lang was filled with pent up anger as well.