Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 497 – Scram!

Chapter 497 – Scram!

Chapter 497 - Scram!

Every single person present was stupefied. No one could have thought that this young man who appeared out of nowhere was so powerful, even to the point that a Second Grade Combat King is no match for him.

The people from the Asura Palace were the most shocked ones. When they turned to Tan Lang, they noticed that he too seemed shocked. It looked like even Tan Lang didn’t expect the helper he invited to be so awesome.

Two of the six Pirate Lords had been killed, and it didn’t seem that the Second Grade Combat King would be able to escape from death either, unless he handed over all his treasures. However, even if he did so, it also depended on if Jiang Chen would honor his words and spare his life. What seemed like a guaranteed victory had instantly collapsed, causing the Heavenhawk Island Master to furiously roar out. He waved the saber in his hand and once more attacked Jiang Chen.

"Big Yellow, stop him."

Jiang Chen didn’t even take a look at the Island Master, he just casually gave out his order.

Hearing his words, Big Yellow’s eyes instantly lit up. With a sway of his large body, a light flickered above his head and he charged toward the Island Master. Although he was just a First Grade Demon King, he had an extremely powerful bloodline, giving him more than enough strength to fight a Second Grade Demon King.


When Big Yellow’s head collided with the Island Master’s King Weapon, a metal clanging noise was produced, and a large amount of sparks were sent in all directions. Shockingly, the big yellow dog wasn’t hurt at all.


The Island Master cried out on shock and was unable to remain calm any longer. He was a Second Grade Demon King, and he had swung his King Weapon with all his strength. Yet, he was unable to hurt a dog’s head. This was completely absurd!

“d.a.m.n, this dog is so amazing! He’s just a First Grade Demon King, but he is able to fight against a Second Grade Demon King!”

“The key is that this dog’s head is too powerful! It’s able to confront a King Weapon without getting hurt! If I hadn’t seen this myself, I wouldn’t have believed it at all!”

“This is absurd! This dog’s weapon is actually his head! I never expected the two helpers invited by Tan Lang to be so incredible! The six Pirate Lords of the Chaotic Ocean are doomed this time!”


Everyone were shocked. Not only was this young man incredibly powerful, even his dog possessed a tremendous amount of strength. This was a scene that no one could accept with ease.

"Die for me now!"

The Island Master had yet to give up, and he repeatedly attacked Big Yellow. He had spent a lot of time preparing for today, and yet, everything was going to fail. He was unwilling to accept this fact.

“Kaka, this master dog feels delighted from looking at how you’re burning with rage! However, if you want to kill this master dog… Fat chance!”

Big Yellow joyfully laughed out as he moved his tremendous body at an incredible speed, sending out tremendous energy waves. He had locked himself down in a fight with the Island Master in a fierce fight, and it seemed that neither would be able to defeat the other with ease.

On the other said, with the Heavenly Saint Sword, Jiang Chen had cut a wound on the Second Grade Combat King’s neck, causing blood to burst out from the wound.

“I’ll… I’ll give you all my treasures! But you have to promise not to kill me!”

The Second Grade Combat King had nearly died from fright. Now, even the Island Master was unable to save his life. The only way he could survive was to hand over all his treasures.

With a thought in his mind, all the treasures stored in his body were taken out. A huge amount of pills, natural resources, a few combat skill scrolls, and a few King Weapons. He was truly loaded with treasures.

A smile emerged on Jiang Chen’s face. Without hesitating, he took all the treasures and stored them into his storage ring. The crowd had witnessed the entire process, and their minds were filled with envy and jealousy. Robbing a Pirate Lord, just thinking about it would make one’s heart race. Most importantly, those treasures were too tempting.

The Second Grade Combat King’s body was violently trembling, and sweat was dripping down his forehead, while sharp pains were coming from his wounds. He was waiting for Jiang Chen’s amnesty.

"Perfect. You can go now, I won’t kill you."

Jiang Chen put away the Heavenly Saint Sword. He really let the pirate go.

The Second Grade Combat King was startled for a brief moment, but joy quickly crept up on his face. Without hesitating, he turned around and disappeared without a trace, scared that Jiang Chen would go back on his words if he moved just a little bit slower.

For a Second Grade Combat King, even with both arms amputated, he could still live a good life. At least, a life much better than that of a Combat Soul warrior. He could still earn back his fortune and treasures, but if he lost his life, that would be the end.

The once chaotic and noisy battlefield was no dead silent. Everyone were looking at the young man dressed in white. There were only three Pirate Lords left, and it was easy to imagine that their ending would be no better than that of the others.

Aside from the Island Master, the two remaining Pirate Lords turned pale with fright. The regret they felt now had reached the maximum. If they knew that this was going to happen, they would have never gotten themselves involved with this matter. Now, not only would they not get anything good, they might even have to forfeit their lives here.

This young man in front of them was too strong, even a Second Grade Combat King was no match for him, let alone the two of them. Perhaps they would face the same ending as those two Pirate Lords who were previously killed.

One of these two Pirate Lords was human, and the other was a demon. Both were First Grade Combat/Demon Kings.

The First Grade Combat King took a deep breath, then came up to Jiang Chen and said, “I’m willing to hand over all my treasures. Can you spare my life?”

He took the initiative to beg for forgiveness. In fact, this was a wise decision. The current situation was clear; their plot had failed, and no one present were match for this young man.

"En, you're very clever. I promise, I won't kill you."

Jiang Chen smiled. He only wanted money. As for the lives of these Pirate Lords, they had nothing to do with him. In any case, this guy posed no threat to Jiang Chen. As for the saying ‘eliminate evil and encourage the good’, Jiang Chen was no hero. The Chaotic Ocean was a chaotic place, and if you killed a Pirate Lord, a second one would appear to take his place.

The Pirate Lord was extremely excited after hearing that. Without hesitating, he took out all his treasures. Jiang Chen accepted the treasures with an ease of mind, then he let the Pirate Lord leave.

“Tan Lang, why did your friend set those Pirate Lords free? This isn’t appropriate.”

Li Hao said. He didn’t speak directly to Jiang Chen, but instead asked Tan Lang. In his mind, all these pirates were their targets today. Now, with them dominating the advantageous position, they were supposed to kill them all at once. However, Jiang Chen actually set them free, and this didn’t make any sense.

"Why? Are you doubting my friend?"

Tan Lang gazed coldly at Li Hao. Although he had only known Jiang Chen for a very short period of time, he could tell that Jiang Chen was a man with an arbitrary mentality; a man who did things based on his own free mind. If Li Hao and the others think that they can point their fingers at Jiang Chen just because they were disciples of the Asura Palace, it would be a huge mistake.


Li Hao was exasperated, but he couldn’t do anything. After witnessing Jiang Chen’s frightening ability, he just didn’t have the courage to point his finger at Jiang Chen.

Seeing that Jiang Chen really set that First Grade Combat King free, the last First Grade Demon King hastily came up to Jiang Chen.

"Save your breath, I have to kill you."

Not allowing the demon beast to say a word, Jiang Chen spoke first. At the same time, he stretched his arm forward and poked it through the First Grade Demon King’s Qi Sea, then took out all his treasures.

The First Grade Demon King was stunned. He looked at Jiang Chen’s face with great amounts of shock, murmuring, “Wh… why…”

He had absolutely no clue why this happened. This young man had set one pirate free just now, so why did he kill him so suddenly? It wasn’t just him, no one at the scene could begin to imagine what this young man was thinking.

“This guy really has a weird temper. His decision on who to kill is entirely arbitrary!”

Some were astonished by Jiang Chen’s actions, and inwardly felt sympathy for this First Grade Demon King.

Ignoring the demon’s question, Jiang Chen destroyed his head with a punch and took out his demon soul. This demon soul was the reason why Jiang Chen killed this demon. He had only obtained one First Grade Demon King demon soul so far, and that wasn’t enough for him to break through to the Combat King realm. Now, by obtaining the second one, it was a completely different story. He had completely confidence that he could break through to the next realm soon.

“Brother Jiang, we have to kill this Island Master no matter what. His head is extremely valuable.”

Tan Lang told Jiang Chen.

Jiang Chen nodded his head then turned his eyes to the Island Master. At this moment, the fight between Big Yellow and the Island Master had come to a stop.

"Haha... I'll never give up on this!"

The Heavenhawk Island Master crazily laughed out, and a ruthless look flickered within his eyes. His body was boiling with killing intent. Even at this last minute, he had yet to give up. With a sway of his body, he disappeared from where he stood, and in the following second, he appeared beside another disciple.

At this most critical moment, not only did the Heavenhawk Island Master not try to flee for his life, he actually tried to kill one more disciple. It seemed that his hatred toward the Asura Palace was incredibly huge.


The disciple was caught completely defenseless, and his body was instantly sliced in half by the Island Master. After doing that, the Island Master crazily charged toward another genius. However, these geniuses were experienced, and they wouldn’t allow the Island Master a second chance. They immediately grouped together and fought him.

At this moment, Jiang Chen moved. With incredible speed, he arrived in front of the Island Master. With a swing of his sword, Jiang Chen knocked the saber out of the Island Master’s hand, and now controlled his fate.


The Island Master laughed loudly into the sky, and tears could be seen flas.h.i.+ng within his eyes. A strong unreconciled emotion could be sensed from his laughter. However, he knew that he was done for. This young man in front of him was too strong, and there was no way he could be his match.

"My wife, my son… I'm useless! I can't get revenge for you…"

The Island Master burst out into tears and furiously roared into the sky.

Jiang Chen was touched. There must be something really hurting this man’s state of mind, otherwise he wouldn’t be crying like this. At this point, he could easily sense the regret, unwillingness and helplessness the Island Master was feeling

"Come on! Kill me now! Let this end here!"

The Island Master shouted at Jiang Chen. When faced with death, he showed no fear on his face. Instead, an expression of one finally about to be freed emerged on his face. Apparently, every day was like torture for this man.

"Tell me, what kind of resentments do you have with the Asura Palace?"

Jiang Chen asked.

“Kill me if you will. The losers are always in the wrong. Being defeated by you, I have no complaints.”

The Island Master replied with a loud voice.

“Kill him! If you don’t, we will!”

Li Hao said with a voice filled with killing intent. He felt a strong desire to just rush forward and kill the Island Master. As long as he could get the Island Master’s head, he would become the new 13th Tyc.o.o.n.

Jiang Chen’s eyes became cold. He turned to Li Hao, and with an indifferent tone he said, “Scram!”