Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 487 – Dogs Also Have to Pay?

Chapter 487 – Dogs Also Have to Pay?

Chapter 487 – Dogs Also Have to Pay?

Within a quiet and secluded mountain valley, Jiang Chen sat on top of a big rock with his legs crossed, and he had entered a perfect state of cultivation. Not far away, Big Yellow was walking back and forth, murmuring to himself along the way. Obviously, he wasn’t happy to have to act as Jiang Chen’s guardian once again.

“d.a.m.n kid, not only did he rob my war trophy, he also made this master dog stand guard!”

Big Yellow kept complaining about Jiang Chen. However, although he spoke like that, he still stood guard in a responsible and diligent manner.

About twenty minutes later, Jiang Chen woke up from his state of cultivation. His aura had once again become stronger. Not only had he successfully absorbed the Earth Jail innate ability from the Barbarian Earth Bull’s demon soul, he had also formed another 400 Dragon Marks. With that, he now had a total of 19,400 Dragon Marks in his body, and only needed 600 more to reach the Combat King realm.

Although it was just 600 Dragon Marks, which seemed little, it wasn’t easy to achieve. Dragon Marks became more difficult to form as he progressed further on the path of cultivation, especially when at the edge of breaking through; the energy required to form each new Dragon Mark was so much more than the previous one.

However, Jiang Chen didn’t really mind this. With his current strength, he was able to kill Second Grade Combat Kings with ease. He could even fight a Third Grade Combat King without much problems. And, once he broke through to the Combat King realm, Jiang Chen was confident he could kill Third Grade Combat Kings and fight Fourth Grade Combat Kings. This was the incredible strength brought to him by the Dragon Transformation skill.

"How is it?"

Big Yellow rushed over to Jiang Chen’s front and asked.

"I feel great!"

Jiang Chen stuck out his tongue and licked his lips. After obtaining the Earth Jail innate ability, he had no doubt acquired another powerful hidden trick.

“Can you use the Earth Jail innate ability?”

Big Yellow continued asking.

"Of course!"

After saying that, Jiang Chen suddenly stomped the ground. In an instant, a force shot out from beneath the ground and fell onto Big Yellow’s body. With a miserable cry, Big Yellow staggered and was nearly thrown onto the ground once again. If not for Jiang Chen retracting the force before that happened, Big Yellow would certainly have to relive the previous tragedy.

"d.a.m.n you, don't you ever do that to me again!"

Big Yellow bared his teeth at Jiang Chen. However, at the same time, a look of excitement flickered within his eyes. He could clearly feel that Jiang Chen’s Earth Jail was much more powerful than the Barbarian Earth Bull’s Earth Jail.

Big Yellow had to admit that Jiang Chen was an abnormal monster. Not only was he able to absorb the bloodline of other demons, he could actually use them with even more power than the original owner of the innate ability. What’s even more depressing was that Jiang Chen only needed twenty minutes to fully absorb an innate ability and turn it into his own. This situation could not be described with the word frightening.

“Using this Earth Jail for a sneak attack is beneficial in every way, but an ability like this does have its weakness.”

Jiang Chen explained, “As this ability utilizes the Earth’s Power, it also means that it only works when the enemy is on the ground. If we’re fighting in the air, this ability is completely useless.”

Every single ability had their own pros and cons, including the Earth Jail. Its weakness was also pretty obvious, especially when at the Combat King realm. Battles at this level would usually occur in the air, because if they fought on the ground, the destruction would simply be too tremendous.

A weakness like this also meant that the Earth Jail could only be used for launching sneak attacks; while the enemy wasn’t prepared at all. However, no matter what, it was a pretty good hidden skill.

Jiang Chen had obtained quite an amazing benefit from the Barbarian Earth Bull. The duo continued their journey and flew toward the Divine Continent. With their incredible speed, it only took them one day to leave the mountain range and arrive at the border of the Divine Continent.

"Finally, I'm back again."

While hovering in the air, Jiang Chen spread his arms and closed his eyes. He took a deep breath, inhaling the air of this place. It had been one hundred years, and he had been longing to return to this place.

"What, back again?"

Big Yellow was startled as he turned to Jiang Chen and asked.

“Cough… nothing. Don’t you think that the Divine Continent’s natural Yuan energy is very dense?”

Jiang Chen lightly coughed a few times. He knew he had said something he shouldn’t have said, and quickly changed the topic.

“Indeed, the natural Yuan energy here is really dense. Although we’re only at the border, I can feel that it is at least fifteen times denser here than in the Eastern Continent.”

Big Yellow nodded his head and let out a sigh filled with mixed emotions. They were only at the most remote border of the Divine Continent right now, and if they arrived at the heart of the Divine Continent, the natural Yuan energy would be at least one hundred times denser than in the Eastern Continent.

“I think there’s a human city no far away from us. Let’s go there and look for some news, see if we can meet with Brother Yan and the others.”

After saying that, Jiang Chen started flying forwards.

“Buddy, you look like you’re very familiar with the Divine Continent.”

Big Yellow said in a curious manner.

“I found a map of the Divine Continent once, that’s why I have some understanding about its regions. However, that’s all I know.”

Jiang Chen casually shrugged his shoulders.

"A map of the Divine Continent? So, where are we now?"

Big Yellow asked.

“We’re at the border of the Divine Continent, and I’m guessing we’re in the Profound Region.”

One hundred years ago, after cutting open the entrance to the Realm of Immortals, causing the Principles of the Immortal Realm to leak into this world, it had brought a tremendous impact to the powers of the Divine Continent, and all the people he knew had experience a great transformation as well. However, the regions should still be the same.

“Quickly, explain to this master dog how the regions of the Divine Continent are divided!”

Big Yellow impatiently asked. They had finally arrived at the boundless lands of the Divine Continent, and he felt really excited.

“There are eight major forbidden areas in the Divine Continent, and each are located in different regions. The Divine Continent is divided into eight major regions according to these eight forbidden areas. The Profound Region is the weakest territory amongst all eight, but although it is the weakest, it’s still ten times bigger than the Eastern Continent. In the Profound Region, there are a total of eighteen provinces, each province bigger than any of those in the Eastern Continent. A small place like the Qi Province can’t be compared with those in this land. Also, within ever single province here, there are numerous powers of all sizes.”

Jiang Chen briefly explained how the regions of the Divine Continent was divided to Big Yellow.

Although Big Yellow had been prepared for this, he still felt shocked upon hearing Jiang Chen’s explanation. The Divine Continent was extremely big, and it was no wonder that it was the heart of the entire Saint Origin realm. Eight major regions, and the Profound Region was just the weakest among them all. However, although it was the weakest, it was still ten times bigger than the Eastern Continent. Let alone the 18 provinces within, there were also countless aquatic territories, mountain ranges, and all kinds of races. This was indeed a magnificent world.

Compared to the Divine Continent, the Eastern Continent was just a tiny area.

“So I’m guessing we’re in one of the Profound Region’s provinces? Which province is this?”

Big Yellow continued asking.

“I have no idea about this. Let’s find a place where we can meet with other people. We’ll know the answer after asking around.”

Jiang Chen smiled. In his previous life, this Profound Region was just a small place for him, and he rarely came to this remote are. Although he could tell that this place was within the Profound Region, he had no idea what province they were currently at.

Soon after, a vague image of a city emerged in Jiang Chen and Big Yellow’s sight. Although it was still far away, they could already sense the magnificence of the city.

“It’s just a city at the most remote region, but it’s so huge! This is amazing!”

Big Yellow said, full of emotions.

"Let's go and take a look at the city."

Jiang Chen impatiently sped up.

Around noon, the sun was pouring its heat on top of the people’s heads. Crowds of people were traveling around the city. Some were trade caravans, some were rogue cultivators. Looking ahead, Combat Soul warriors could be seen everywhere, and Divine Core warriors were as many as the hairs on an ox.

A Combat Soul warrior was a supreme existence who stood on top of the Eastern Continent, and no matter where one went, one would receive unprecedented welcome and respect. However, in this place, they were just like ordinary townsfolk, as if there was nothing special about them.

A towering and grand city entrance was in sight. It didn’t have a door, and a huge golden plate seen hanging on top of the entrance. Two exquisite words were craved onto this plate, [Hongyue City]

Hongyue had the meaning of a city prosperous for ten thousand years and heard by many. Even Jiang Chen was amazed by the excellent name of the city.

A few guards were stationed on both sides of the entrance, calling people to pay the entrance fee.

"Hurry up! One Earth Restoration Pill per entry!"

The leading guard called out with a loud voice.

“d.a.m.n it, the Hongyue City Lord is so unkind! He has increased the entry fee to one Earth Restoration Pill!”

“Don’t complain about it. We have to carry out our business in this city, so we have no choice but to pay. It’s only one Earth Restoration Pill, we can still afford it.”

“It would be nice if we could find a place to stay in the city. With that, we would no longer have to pay the entrance fee.”

“Stop dreaming! The cost of staying in Hongyue City is too expensive! There is no way we can afford to stay here!”


Many people were whispering amongst themselves, as they felt that the entrance fee was too expensive. However, as a trade hub, many power had to come to Hongyue City to carry out their business. Thus, they had no choice but to pay the hefty price.

“Hehe, I’m sure the City Lord is filthy rich after from obtaining his wealth like this. Why don’t we sneak into this City Lord’s mansion and steal something? Kaka…”

Big Yellow started laughing in a vicious manner as his eyes lit up. Before he had even stepped into the city, had already started planning his evil plot against the City Lord Mansion. Jiang Chen helplessly shook his head. Bringing this dog with him was like bringing a heap of trouble. If he had to find the being most capable of causing trouble, Big Yellow would definitely be the number one candidate.

However, Big Yellow’s words were actually quite tempting for Jiang Chen. By collecting one Earth Restoration Pill from every single person who entered the city, a tremendous wealth would acc.u.mulate over the years.

Although Jiang Chen had brought a huge amount of Mortal and Earth Restoration Pills from the Martial Saint Dynasty when he left, and he wasn’t lacking in resources, the Dragon Transformation skill would consume a huge amount of resources with every step of progress taken. Hence, he would never say no to more Earth Restoration Pills. And, it would be even better if he could have some Heaven Restoration Pills.

“You two, two Earth Restoration Pills.”

The guard shouted at Jiang Chen and Big Yellow.

"A dog has to pay as well?"

Jiang Chen rolled his eyes.