Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 486 – Earth Jail

Chapter 486 – Earth Jail

Chapter 486 - Earth Jail

A faint smile was apparent on Jiang Chen’s face. He had no intentions of joining this fight. Although the Barbarian Earth Bull was a formidable opponent, it was no match for Big Yellow. Jiang Chen had complete confidence in this.

The blood flowing in Big Yellow’s body was that of a Divine Beast, and it was far more supreme than that of any ordinary demon. Now that Big Yellow was a First Grade Demon King, he was capable of killing Second Grade Demon Kings.

Holding his prideful head up high, Big Yellow stared at the Barbarian Earth Bull with a look of despise. He never took this opponent seriously. For him, it was merely the first target he wanted to kill after breaking through to the Demon King realm.

The look of despise and ridicule in Big Yellow’s eyes had no doubt provoked the Barbarian Earth Bull. The bull let out a furious roar, then its palm suddenly transformed into a huge golden hoof that shone with multiple layers of mysterious lights. When Big Yellow thought that this Barbarian Earth Bull was going to attack him with that big hoof, it actually slammed it into the ground in a forceful manner.


A huge crater was produced by this powerful slam. The ground started quaking, and cracks started stretching all across the place.

Big Yellow was startled. He was prepared to counter the Barbarian Earth Bull’s hoof with his head, but unexpectedly, not only had it not attacked him, it had chosen to hit the ground instead. Wasn’t this simply just wasting energy?

But in the following moment, Big Yellow realized he had made a big mistake.

All of a sudden, a tremendous force burst out from the ground underneath him and turned into a restrictive force that covered Big Yellow’s body, forming an invisible jail trapping him within.


Big Yellow cried out in shock. He was taken by surprise as his body was being dragged towards the ground. He could feel an enormous force pulling his body toward the ground. Not only that, he could also feel a tremendous pressure coming from all directions; the pressure of Earth! He wave like a being tightly trapped in jail, unable to move even a little bit.

Earth Jail, the innate ability of the Barbarian Earth Bull, also called Earthbound. When it was used, it could borrow Earth’s Power, and could easily catch the enemy by surprise. Big Yellow was an obvious example to this. Even with his incredible reflexes, he had been unable to sense the force coming from the earth. It had all happened so suddenly, and this force was tremendous. Thus, he pressed against the ground and trapped within.

It was a frightening ability. It an ordinary man had been in Big Yellow’s position, perhaps his body would have instantly been crushed by the pressure. And, even if he did survive, he would still have to face death when the Barbarian Earth Bull came rus.h.i.+ng in with its powerful hooves.

Of course, Big Yellow was no ordinary existence. If not for the fact that he had no knowledge regarding the Barbarian Earth Bull, he never would have given it an opportunity to attack him.

“You actually dare look down on me?! You’re just seeking death!”

The Barbarian Earth Bull burst into laughed. Then, it turned into a bright beam and charged toward Big Yellow. Its iron hoof was pointed at Big Yellow’s head, and it looked like it had the intention of crus.h.i.+ng Big Yellow’s head.


Big Yellow was furious, really furious. He was an existence who possessed the Dragon Horse bloodline, a n.o.ble and prestigious existence. However, a d.a.m.n bull had just thrown him to the ground. This made him feel as if he had lost a lot of face.

A golden object slowly appeared on Big Yellow’s forehead. It was actually a horn covered with Dragon Marks! It was a short horn only the size of a human thumb, and it was clearly far from fully grown.

Lightning sparks could be seen flickering out from the dragon horn, and a frightening aura began emitting from it. Jiang Chen felt surprised upon seeing it. He knew that this had to be the innate ability Big Yellow awakened upon breaking through to the Demon King realm, but as it had yet to mature, its power wasn’t really that great.

A bright beam shot out from Big Yellow’s dragon horn. Like a razor-sharp sword, it instantly caused a crack to appear on the Earth Jail. Then, the Earth Jail was broken, and the restrictive force immediately disappeared.

Big Yellow jumped up from the ground and charged toward the Barbarian Earth Bull, pointing his dragon horn at its iron hoof.


When the two of them collided, a loud explosive sound was heard, and following that came a ‘puchi’ sound, as the Barbarian Earth Bull’s iron hoof had been penetrated by the dragon horn, causing its blood to burst out from its wound. Big Yellow’s head was extremely powerful, and with the addition of the dragon horn, it almost became indestructible.

According to Jiang Chen’s estimation, the more Big Yellow grew, the more mature this innate ability would become. Once it reached a more mature stage, he wouldn’t need to use it to launch a physical attack, but could instead use it to shoot out a frightening power, immediately sending his enemy to h.e.l.l.

The Barbarian Earth Bull let out a shrill and miserable cry as its bulky body was sent flying backwards. It wasn’t flying by itself, but was flying because Big Yellow had knocked it back.

“f.u.c.k you! How dare you trap this master dog?! This master dog will let you know what true misery is!”

Big Yellow furiously jumped onto the Barbarian Earth Bull’s body. At this moment, the Barbarian Earth Bull was motionlessly lying on the ground, allowing Big Yellow to torture it without being able to do anything.


Big Yellow’s teeth were incredibly strong, and he could use them to eat those hard demon souls as if they were candy, let alone others. Thus, the Barbarian Earth Bull’s horn was bitten off by Big Yellow.


With this, the Barbarian Earth Bull’s screams became even louder, and nearly shook the entire mountain range. The horn was its root, and once it was bitten off, the Barbarian Earth Bull was like a balloon with all its air squeezed out.

"No, this is impossible!"

The Barbarian Earth Bull kept yelling out in disbelief. It couldn’t understand at all how this dog could be so powerful. The Earth Jail had never failed it before, and even when facing an existence that was one grade higher than itself, it could still cause severe damage to the opponent with this sneaky trick. But today, this dog had actually broken its Earth Jail in such an easy manner.

The Goat Demons who stood at the side were terrified. This Barbarian Earth Bull was the absolute king of this mountain range, and it had dominated this place for a long period of time. They thought this Barbarian Earth Bull would definitely be able to help them get revenge, but they never thought that this dog was actually so frightening, to the point where even the Barbarian Earth Bull was no match for it. Their seemingly clever decision turned out to be the worst decision. If the Barbarian Earth Bull was killed, the two of them would definitely be next. And this time, they would lose more than one arm.

Big Yellow stepped onto the Barbarian Earth Bull’s head, pressing it against the ground.

"Spare my life! Spare my life!"

The Barbarian Earth Bull was begging for its life.

“Spare your life? Puh! If this master dog was captured by you, would you spare this master dog? So, you thought you had a powerful hoof? I’ll allow you to taste the power of mine!”

Big Yellow was extremely fierce and brutal, and he would never spare this Barbarian Earth Bull who had caused him to lose face. With tremendous force, he forcefully stamped down on the Barbarian Earth Bull’s head, causing it to explode like a balloon. Then, a demon soul emerged.

When Big Yellow opened his mouth up wide and prepared to swallow the demon soul, someone moved faster than him. A big palm grabbed onto the demon soul tightly before Big Yellow could do anything.

“Buddy, that’s daddy’s war trophy! Give it back to daddy!”

Big Yellow viciously bared his teeth at Jiang Chen. Only Jiang Chen would dare rob his belongings.

“Hehe, it’s a big waste for you to use it. Why don’t you give it to me?”

Jiang Chen said with a smile. He really wanted this Barbarian Earth Bull’s innate ability, as the Earth Jail was an excellent ability for sneak attacks. Jiang Chen was cultivating the Dragon Transformation skill, so he could absorb any bloodline underneath the heavens, as well as the innate ability of any demon, including this Earth Jail.

Big Yellow was furious to the point of blowing smoke out from his nose. However, he couldn’t do anything to Jiang Chen, This guy had after all robbed his treasures many times, and Big Yellow had already gotten used to it.

“You two b.a.s.t.a.r.ds who don’t know the true meaning of death! We just spared your lives, but not only did you not thank us, you actually plotted to get me killed?!”

Big Yellow opened his eyes widely and glared at the two Goat Demons. It looked like he was going to vent his depression of having his treasure robbed by Jiang Chen on these two unlucky fellows.

Plop! Plop!

Once again, the two Goat Demons kneeled down and kowtowed repeatedly, “Master Demon King, pleas spare our lives! We will never do it again!”

This time, the Goat Demons were truly telling the truth. If they were given another chance, they would never cause any trouble for this dog again, as it was simply an act of seeking death.

“Only now do you feel regret. However, it is too late!”

Big Yellow suddenly leapt forward. With two bites, the two Goat Demons no longer had any heads. He had swallowed them whole together with their demon souls. After that, he no longer felt as gloomy as before.


Jiang Chen gave Big Yellow a thumbs up. Big Yellow was indeed frightening. If an ordinary First Grade Demon King was here, they would definitely suffer from the Barbarian Earth Bull’s sneaky Earth Jail attack. Only an abnormal being like Big Yellow could break the Earth Jail like that, and turn defeat into victory.

“Of course, don’t you know who this Master Dog is? d.a.m.n it, that bull’s ability is truly strong, even I was put down to the ground by it.”

Although Big Yellow’s expression was still very arrogant, he had to admit that the Barbarian Earth Bull’s ability was frightening. It was an innate ability that utilized Earth’s Power, and it was simply a skill designed for sneak attacks.

“This is truly an unexpected gain. Let’s leave this place and find a quiet place. I need to absorb the Barbarian Earth Bull’s demon soul, and make the Earth Jail innate ability mine.”

Jiang Chen said.

"You're a d.a.m.n abnormal monster!"

Big Yellow speechlessly glared at Jiang Chen. He had for a long time known that Jiang Chen was cultivating an amazing skill that allowed him to absorb any bloodline and innate ability. But still, he couldn’t help but feel depressed, because an ability like that could no longer be described as abnormal.

As an intense battle had just taken place here, the loud sounds of battle had traveled to places far away, so it wouldn’t take long before other demons were attracted to this place. Jiang Chen was afraid of those demons, but since he wanted to absorb the Barbarian Earth Bull’s demon soul, he really needed a quiet place. After all, absorbing this demon soul would be different from absorbing others, as his main objective was to absorb the innate ability within, and not the energy.

In order to fully absorb an innate ability, even though the Dragon Transformation skill was an incredible skill, it would still need some time so that it could perfectly merge the innate ability into Jiang Chen’s bloodline, allowing him to freely use it.