Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 488 – This Dog Is Not To Be Trifled With!

Chapter 488 – This Dog Is Not To Be Trifled With!

Chapter 488 - This Dog Is Not To Be Trifled With!

Jiang Chen was not a stingy man, and he could easily afford to pay one Earth Restoration Pill. However, he just couldn’t stand the guard asking an entrance fee for a dog.

Seeing that a young man had the audacity to doubt his words, the guard was immediately angered, In Hongyue City, no one had ever challenged the entrance fee set by the City Lord Mansion. This young man was simply seeking death.

However, before the guard could say anything, Big Yellow immediately protested. He furiously barked out, then yelled at Jiang Chen, “What’s wrong with a dog?! Why can’t a dog pay the entrance fee?! Pay him quickly! Also, pay him twice the amount; show him the prestigious status of this master dog!”

Jiang Chen nearly vomited blood upon hearing what Big Yellow said. All the people around instantly turned their glances over, and some were even pointing their fingers at Big Yellow, thinking that this dog was an idiot.

“Is there something wrong with this dog’s brain? His master wanted to save one Earth Restoration Pills for him, but not only did he refuse, he actually wants to pay double? What an idiot.”

“Ah, I truly pity this young man for being the master of that dog, not knowing that his pet is, in fact, a fool. However, his preference is pretty weird as well, he actually took a dog as his pet.”


“d.a.m.n dog, is there something wrong with your brain?”

Jiang Chen forcefully pressed his palm against Big Yellow’s head.

“Get lost! You’re the one with something wrong in your brain! Quickly, pay the guard! Remember, pay double for this master dog! If not, I won’t be going anywhere!”

Big Yellow simply laid on the ground and acted like a scoundrel. It seemed like he would only get up after Jiang Chen paid two Earth Restoration Pills for him. This scene made the crowd shake their heads.

However, the guard actually had a smile on his face. He found this big yellow dog to be really pleasing to his eyes. He was more than happy when someone wanted to pay more than the entrance fee, as he would be able to keep the extra for himself. Thus, he really wished he could meet more people like Big Yellow, who was such an idiot.

"Hurry up! Don't delay us!"

Someone at the back kept urging impatiently.

“Young man, quickly pay the entrance fee, don’t waste other people’s time here.”

The guard stretched his arm toward Jiang Chen.

“Here’s five. Three for me, two for that dog.”

Jiang Chen casually waved his hand, tossing five Earth Restoration Pills to the guard. After that, he placed his arms behind his back and walked through the entrance. The guard grabbed all the Earth Restoration Pills with a dazzling smile on his face.

Many people at the back were struck dumb by what they just saw. It looked like that dog wasn’t the only idiot, even his master was a fool. Like master like pet. Although they could enter the city by just paying two Earth Restoration Pills, he had insisted on paying five. He seemed like a rich spoiled brat to the crowed.

With a smile on his face, the guard placed three of the Earth Restoration Pills into his own storage ring. However, at this moment, Jiang Chen who had just left suddenly returned.

“May I ask something? Which province of the Profound Region does Hongyue City belong to?”

Jiang Chen asked.

"Liang Province."

The guard replied to Jiang Chen’s question with a big smile. These guards always treated someone rich like this differently, let alone this guy who had just given him extra income.

The duo walked down the street of Hongyue City. It was a wide street, and the ground was made from smooth, light green rocks. It was so wide that ten chariots could travel side by side without it feeling tight.

All sorts of shops could be found along the street. Some were selling pills, some were selling demon souls, and some were selling combat weapon. But of course, the quality of these items was just common, and was not good enough to enter the sights of Jiang Chen and Big Yellow.

Aside from these items that were traded among cultivators, there were many selling food as well. Although cultivators could absorb natural Yuan energy and cleanse their bodies, thus not needing to eat any food, they still enjoyed eating. In many places, delicious delicacies would easily become popular and sought by many.

For someone like Big Yellow, the attraction of food was tremendous. One could easily tell this from the saliva he left along his way.

Suddenly, Big Yellow disappeared from where he was. Jiang Chen turned around and could instantly see that Big Yellow had already arrived in front of a food stall. The owner of the stall was calling out with a loud voice, “Roasted lamb! Demon Wuji Lamb! Exclusive recipe! A delicacy you must try!”

The owner suddenly saw a big yellow dog appearing in front of his stall, and the eyes of the dog were staring at the freshly roasted lamb, while his saliva was nearly dripping onto the surface of the stall.

"Shoo, shoo…. Where did this dog come from? Do you believe daddy won’t roast you into a dog delicacy?”

The owner glared at Big Yellow furiously.

Big Yellow wasn’t bothered by the owner. With incredible speed, he dashed in front of the roasted lamb, opened his mouth, and bit onto it. When the owner finally realized it, Big Yellow and the roasted lamb had both disappeared.

"b.a.s.t.a.r.d! d.a.m.n dog!"

The owner was enraged. An energy wave erupted from his body as he retrieved his combat weapon. It looked like he was about to chase after Big Yellow and rip him into pieces. However, a young man came up to his stall and casually tossed to Earth Restoration Pills to him and said, “I’m sorry, I’ll pay for that roasted lamb.”

After saying that, the young man chased after the dog while murmuring, “d.a.m.n dog, can’t you just save me some trouble?”

When Jiang Chen finally caught up with Big Yellow, the roasted lamb had been completely devoured by Big Yellow. Without showing any courtesy, Jiang Chen instantly pinched Big Yellow’s ear, “Why can’t you just behave a little bit? d.a.m.n it, we’ve just arrived, and we need to stay low… would you die from doing that?”

“Ruff! Buddy, let go of this master dog’s ear!”

Big Yellow bared his teeth at Jiang Chen.

“d.a.m.n dog, you have to promise daddy not to rob those street foods! This is really shameful!”

Jiang Chen kept pinching Big Yellow’s ear. If Big Yellow wanted to rob someone’s treasure, not only would Jiang Chen not stop him, he would even give him a helping hand. However, this fellow actually went ahead and robbed food. This was truly shameful, and if they were chased by someone because of this, it would be even more shameful.

“No way! The food here is really delicious, and it’s all demon beast meat! It’s very chewy and tasty, daddy has to eat it!”

Big Yellow protested.

“I’ll bring you to the best restaurant in Hongyue City later, alright?”

Jiang Chen said.


Big Yellow’s eyes lit up.

"Of course!"

Under normal circ.u.mstances, the busiest place would be a restaurant, where people from all walks of life could be found. It would be the perfect place to gather information. Since they had just arrived at Hongyue City, they really needed more information about this place.

Also, Jiang Chen felt that he too needed to eat something to cure hi hunger. Taking this opportunity to have a big feast should bring him to a good mood.

“Excellent, you’re a guy with a good heart!”

Big Yellow nodded his head and praised Jiang Chen.

On their way, Big Yellow still behaved in a mischievous manner.

"Hey! Beautiful woman! How are you?"

“Hey, you’re such a good-looking girl, are you interested in being this master dog’s love? This master dog can take you as my disciple and teach you a mighty skill!”

“Hey, you with the rat eyes! What are you looking at?! If you keep looking at me, I will dig your eyes out and crush them! Have you never seen such a handsome, mighty dog before?!”

“Beautiful girl, are you interested in talking about your life with this master dog?”


Big Yellow kept showing his arrogant and prideful character along the way, teasing all the girls that pa.s.sed by him, and attracting a lot of hatred. If glares could kill, perhaps Big Yellow would only be left with a piece of skin by now.


Jiang Chen really wished he could leave a huge footmark on Big Yellow’s face. Before the pedestrians could truly erupt with anger, Jiang Chen pulled Big Yellow by the ear, turned into a trail of light and disappeared from the street.

Bringing this dog along was truly the same as purposely seeking trouble.

With incredible speed, Jiang Chen quickly arrived at the heart of Hongyue City. In front of him was the busiest street of the city. Right at the center of the street stood a three floor tall golden building. Under the reflection of the sunlight, it shone with a n.o.ble and luxurious color.

The outer surface of the building was fully made from pure gold. Although gold wasn’t valuable to cultivators, using pure gold to build a building was still considered wasteful.

The name of the building matched its appearance, ‘The Golden Tower’. Just the name alone was enough to give the tower a luxurious aura. However, what made it truly stand out was a few smaller words written underneath its name, ‘The Best Restaurant in Hongyue City’.

“The best restaurant in Hongyue City, I’m sure it’s a high-cla.s.s restaurant. Let’s go, we’ll eat here.”

Big Yellow spat out his tongue and licked his lips. He had an extremely sensitive nose, so perhaps he had already smelled the fragrance coming from the restaurant, as his big tail was already wagging.

"Let's go, we'll have a big feast today."

Jiang Chen smiled. As he was filthy rich, let alone dining in this restaurant, he could easily but the entire restaurant.

"Welcome! Be our guest!"

A young man dressed like a servant came out. When Jiang Chen looked at this servant, he could see that the servant was a Divine Core warrior. A Divine Core servant, this was the Divine Continent, not a place the Eastern Continent could ever compare with.

Before Jiang Chen could say anything, Big Yellow had already stretched his neck forward and began pus.h.i.+ng his way in. However, the servant stopped him, “Hey hey hey, the Golden Tower is a prestigious place, a dog is not allowed in here.”

"What did you just say?!"

Big Yellow immediately jumped up. This dog would never allow anyone to look down on him.

“I said, dogs are not allowed in here!”

The servant’s att.i.tude was firm. He turned to Jiang Chen and said, “Young master, please follow the rules, this is a high-cla.s.s venue.”

“You can choose to throw him out. However, let me give you a friendly reminder; this dog is not to be trifled with!”

After looking at the servant with a pitying look, Jiang Chen strode into the Golden Tower. After he pa.s.sed through the entrance, he immediately heard a loud sound behind him. He saw that the servant was knocked into the restaurant from outside, and was followed by a muscular big yellow dog. Big Yellow leapt onto the servant’s body and bared his teeth at him, “I dare you to repeat what you said just now!”

“No, no… Master dog, please, come in!”

The servant’s body was trembling with great fear, and he quickly nodded his head. As a servant of the Golden Tower, his judgment and senses were good. By now, no matter how ignorant he was, he finally realized that this dog was not to be trifled with. Looking at how this dog behaved, if he still said no, this dog would definitely bite his head off.