Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 485 – The Barbarian Earth Bull

Chapter 485 – The Barbarian Earth Bull

Chapter 485 - The Barbarian Earth Bull

Bam! Bam!

It was a clear and boundless sky. Suddenly, two explosive sounds echoed throughout the air, and following that, two figures were shot out from a different spatial dimension like two cannonb.a.l.l.s. One was throw to the ground, while the other right onto a tree, causing the tree to turn to explode.


The sound of someone coughing rung through the air as Jiang Chen climbed out from the deep crater. Big Yellow kicked away a tree log on his body while cursing under his breath. After the duo raised their heads to look at their surroundings, not only did they not feel depressed toward their unsightly states, but they were instead excited.

“Haha… so it wasn’t a tunnel fracture, but an exit!”

Jiang Chen heartily laughed out. Initially, he thought it was a tunnel fracture, and that he had been dragged into spatial turbulence. But, unexpectedly, it was actually an exit! Thinking back to that moment, he still felt somewhat scared.

“d.a.m.n it, this master dog almost s.h.i.+t because of that!”

Big Yellow spat out and said, also feeling lucky that he hadn’t been dragged into spatial turbulence. If not, he would’ve been trapped in there forever.

“Let’s find out where this place is.”

Big Yellow’s eyes scanned the surrounding, but he could only see that they were surrounded by tall mountains, dried vines and weeds. There were also some gigantic trees that stood dozens of meters tall. They were obviously in the middle of a big mountain range. The Saint Origin realm contained boundless lands, so a mountain range like this could be found everywhere.

The mountain range didn’t look much different from those in the Eastern Continent, the only difference was the natural Yuan energy they felt. It was at least ten times thicker compared to the Eastern Continent. For those in the Eastern Continent, an ordinary mountain range like this would definitely be a sacred place for cultivation.

“The natural Yuan energy here is at least ten times denser than in the Eastern Continent. If my guess is correct, we’re at the boundary of the Divine Continent. In order for us to arrive at the real Divine Continent, we still have a long way to go. With our speed, it should at most take us another two or three days.”

Jiang Chen said.

“Just two or three days. It’s much better than being dragged into spatial turbulence!”

Big Yellow said with a smile. They had traveled through the spatial tunnel for one day, and had almost reached the Divine Continent. Although he and Jiang Chen were thrown out of the spatial tunnel before arriving at their supposed destination, they currently weren’t far away from the Divine Continent.

"d.a.m.n it, our group was split."

Big Yellow gloomily said. Imaginably, perhaps Han Yan and the other two would immediately arrive at the Divine Continent, while the two of them would have to set off again from this mountain range, and fly to the Divine Continent.

“Don’t worry. With their strength, they should be able to protect themselves in the Divine Continent, as Elder Sister Ning is a Combat King now. We should make haste, we’ll find a way to group up with them once we arrive at the Divine Continent.”

After saying that, Jiang Chen locked down on the Divine Continent’s direction, then started progressing together with Big Yellow.

When the duo arrived at a forest, an ice-cold beam suddenly emerged from a random direction. It was coming toward them with incredible speed and an ice-cold killing intent. It clearly wanted to kill Big Yellow.

Big Yellow’s mood had been gloomy ever since they were thrown out from the spatial tunnel, and now someone wanted to try and attack them. He couldn’t control his emotions any longer; using his dog head, he simply rammed into the ice-cold beam, shattering with a loud explosive sound.


This dog seems pretty strong!

An evil laughter was heard. Like ghosts, two figures suddenly appeared in front of Jiang Chen and Big Yellow, preventing them from moving further. These two figures both had a tall and bulky body, and a pair of goat horns.

“Just two Goat Demons, Late Combat Soul Goat Demons.”

Big Yellow rolled his eyes. The Divine Continent was undeniably a place the Eastern Continent could not compare with in any way. They had simply b.u.mped into two Late Combat Soul demons at such a remote place. If these two demons were in the Eastern Continent, they would easily be able to stand at the pinnacle.

“Elder brother, this youngster has a very vigorous Yang energy! If I can eat him, I’ll obtain tremendous benefits!”

One of the Goat Demons spat out its tongue and locked its lips as it started straight at Jiang Chen’s face.

"Hehe, this dog is not bad either."

Another Goat Demon grinned at Big Yellow.

“Two little goats, before this master dog truly gets p.i.s.sed off, you better kneel down and kowtow! If this master dog is satisfied, perhaps I’ll spare your lives.”

Big Yellow said in an arrogant manner.

His words instantly caused the Goat Demons to burst out into laughter. Both of them were very confident in their own strength, and if they attacked together, it would be hard for them to find anyone who could beat them under the Combat King realm.


Big Yellow coldly harrumphed as a powerful aura suddenly erupted from his body, suppressing those two Goat Demons like a raging ocean wave.

Sensing this formidable aura, the faces of the two Goat Demons instantly changed. Both of them simultaneously cried out in shock, “Demon King!”

Sweat immediately broke out all over their bodies, as if they were just two tiny mice in front of a ferocious cat. Without hesitating, they immediately kneeled down.

"Please spare our lives, Demon King! We have eyes but failed to see Mount Tai!"

The two Goat Demons repeatedly kowtowed and felt a strong desire to slap their own faces. They had actually sought trouble with a Demon King! They never expected that a random dog they found was actually a Demon King! They could only blame their bad luck.

"Let me ask you, how far is this place from the Divine Continent?"

Jiang Chen asked.

The two Goat Demons quickly turned to Jiang Chen. Although this young man wasn’t a Combat King, he was followed by a true Demon King. Hence, they dared not neglect him. Instead, Jiang Chen’s quest made them feel relieved, because as long as they could provide a good answer and behave well, they lives might be spared. If not, after provoking a Demon King, neither of them would be spared.

“Young master, we’re at the border of the Divine Continent. If you’re going to the Divine Continent, it will just take you two or three days to get there. However, with Lord Demon King here, it’ll be much faster if you just use Spatial Jump.”

One of the Goat Demons said.

Jiang Chen nodded his head. It was as he had estimated.

“You two, chop off one of your arms, then get the h.e.l.l out of here.”

Jiang Chen waved his arm and said. He had no interest in killing two goats.


The Goat Demons cried out in shock, then turned their glances to Big Yellow. They were obviously only scared of Big Yellow, who was a Demon King, and not really afraid of this young human.

"What are you looking at? Do you want me to bite off your heads?"

Big Yellow glared back at them.

The two Goat Demons were struck with great terror. Without hesitating, the chopped off one of their arms and scurried away. These two demons had really bad luck today. Not only were they unable to find anything during their hunt, they had even lost one of their arms. Luckily, they were still able to keep their lives, though.

“It’s so easy to find two Combat Soul demons in this mountain range. Perhaps there are some amazing natural resources here. It would be nice if we find some during our path.”

Jiang Chen said. Then, the duo continued their journey.

After Jiang Chen and Big Yellow left, the two Goat Demons returned to the same place and picked up their arms.

“Elder brother, we’re truly unfortunate today to have offended a Demon King.”

The youngest goat said.

“Hmph! We have to get revenge for this! Let’s go seek help from Master Barbarian Earth Bull; let him kill that human and dog! If we can drink that dog’s blood, we might be able to compensate for the loss of our arms!”

The oldest goat said.

After flying for about an hour, Jiang Chen and Big Yellow found some natural resources. However, they weren’t extraordinary or rare; they were not worth Jiang Chen’s effort.

Suddenly, the ground started shaking. Strong wind blew into their faces, and a formidable aura could suddenly be felt.

"It's a Demon King."

Sensing this aura, not only was Jiang Chen not afraid, he excited instead. In fact, he had been looking forward to meeting a Demon King, as absorbing a Demon King’s demon soul would bring him great help in his pursuit of the Combat King realm.


All of a sudden, a bright light flashed before them, and a figure as tall as a tower was revealed, blocking Jiang Chen and Big Yellow’s path. This guy had a bull’s head and a human body, and it only had a single horn on top of its head, which shone in an earth-yellow color.

"Barbarian Earth Bull."

With one look, Jiang Chen recognized the original form of this bull demon, causing the excitement on his face to grow even stronger. He never expected to encounter a beat that possessed a very powerful innate ability.

After the Barbarian Earth Bull revealed itself, another two figures appeared beside it. They were the two Goat Demons who had lost their arms. This needed no explanation, they had obviously found someone to help them get revenge.

“Master Barbarian Bull, here they are!”

One of the Goat Demons angrily pointed his remaining arm at Jiang Chen and Big Yellow.

“Alright, I’ll get revenge for you.”

After saying that, the Barbarian Earth Bull simply threw a punch toward Big Yellow. Although both of them were First Grade Demon Kings, he was very confident in himself. Furthermore, in its mind, only the dog could pose some threat to it. As for the human, it could simply ignore him.

“You’re seeking death!”

Big Yellow was immediately enraged. As he had just broken through to the Demon King realm, his confidence was extremely high. Further, he possessed the supreme Dragon Horse bloodline, so how could he take this bull demon seriously? Thus, he countered the punch with his powerful head.


Big Yellow’s head collided with the bull’s hoof, producing an explosive sounds and a large amount of sparks. The Barbarian Earth Bull felt as if its fist had punch solid rock, as the backlash caused its arm to feel numb, and forced him to take a couple of steps back before finally stabilizing its body. On the other side, Big Yellow was portraying a look of satisfaction, as nothing had happened to him at all.

"This dog is really strong!"

Shock filled the Barbarian Earth Bull’s eyes. It never thought that a dog could be this powerful.

“Be careful, the Barbarian Earth Bull has an innate ability that can restrain its enemy, causing the enemy to feel a tremendous pressure.”

Jiang Chen reminded. After that, with a sway of his body, he moved further back and folded his arms, portraying the image of a bystander.