Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 478 – Killing another Demon King

Chapter 478 – Killing another Demon King

Chapter 478 - Killing another Demon King

The Great Elder turned pale with fright. He never expected Lord Baoju to be so powerful. His demonic energy soared into the sky, and his body was seemingly invulnerable, as well as his innate abilities, although the Great Elder himself was a First Grade Combat King, he was absolutely not a match for this formidable foe. When Lord Baoju brutally launched another attack, the Great Elder hastily took out his King Weapon. However, he was still pale with fright.

Conceivably, Lord Baoju’s next attack would definitely injure the Great Elder even more. Of course, as a Combat King, it was extremely difficult to actually kill the Great Elder. However, if they kept fighting like this, he would sooner or later be finished.

"It’s time for me to move."

Standing in the distance, Jiang Chen casually exercised his body. Then, with a sway of his body and a weird way of moving, he instantly dashed toward Lord Baoju. Within a split second, he arrived in front of Lord Baoju, the Great Elder floating right behind him.

Seeing that Jiang Chen had made his move, the Great Elder finally sighed out in relief. Although this young man was only a Late Combat Soul warrior, he had killed Lord Nether, who was even more difficult to deal with than Lord Baoju. Also, according to what Xu Danian told him, Jiang Chen had also killed a Second Grade Combat King in the Eastern Continent.


With tremendous force, Jiang Chen punched out toward Lord Baoju. His fist was fully covered with dragon scales, and it shone in a golden glow as collided with the attack unleashed by Lord Baoju.

When the dragon scales appeared on his fist, it was a sign that he was attacking with the True Dragon Palm. All of the 18,000 Dragon Marks in his body were vibrating, giving Jiang Chen enough for to easily rip a hole in s.p.a.ce.

Although Lord Baoju was indeed very formidable, there was no way he could be compared with Jiang Chen. With just one punch, his bulky body was sent flying by Jiang Chen.


Lord Baoju let out a sad and miserable cry. A huge amount of blood burst out from his mouth, and one of his front legs had been broken by Jiang Chen’s punch. Blood was dripping down from his leg, and even his bone was exposed.

Lord Baoju’s body was extremely powerful, especially his hoof. In fact, it could be used as an indestructible weapon. However, now, a human had actually destroyed it with his fist. No one would believe it if they hadn’t witnessed it themselves.

"So strong!"

The Great Elder was shocked by what he just witnessed, even crying out in shock. His eyes went wide in disbelief. He had personally experienced Lord Baoju’s mighty strength, but Jiang Chen had just severely injured him with but a single punch. The Great Elder was wondering just how much strength the body of this young man contained, as even a First Grade Demon King was no match for him. Could this young man truly be capable of killing a Second Grade Combat King?

However, it wasn’t the Great Elder who was the most shocked, but Lord Baoju. Fury started seeping out from the eyes of the injured Lord Baoju. His eyes widened as he stared at this young man who had killed his third brother, a storm raging within his mind.

“Lord Baoju, I thought you threatened to kill me just now?”

Jiang Chen said in a loud voice. With a sway of his body, he once again leapt toward Lord Baoju. He stretched his arm forward and unleashed a frightening blood-red dragon claw. The True Dragon Palm came cras.h.i.+ng down from the sky and crashed into Lord Baoju’s body.

Lord Baoju tried to defend as best as he could, but there was no way he could withstand this powerful attack. Thus, half of his body was badly mutilated by Jiang Chen. The battle between these two mighty existences was completely not on equal grounds, and Lord Baoju could only be slaughtered.

"d.a.m.n it, don't waste it!"

Big Yellow was charging back and forth within the enemy army, but when he saw Lord Baoju nearly getting ripped apart by Jiang Chen, he immediately turned into a beam and rushed over. With incredible speed, he devoured all the blood that had burst out from Lord Baoju’s body.

"Haha, this is delicious..."

Big Yellow joyfully laughed out as he devoured the blood that was flowing out from Lord Baoju’s body.

"Second brother!"

On the other side, a furious roar was heard from Lord Zhanlang. He quickly ditched Daoist Profound River and rushed toward Jiang Chen. Meanwhile, Daoist Profound River had long been prepared for this moment, and he would give Lord Zhanlang any chance to escape. He jumped out and blocked Lord Zhanlang, saying, “Lord Zhanlang, your opponent is me!”

A dazzling smile emerged onto Daoist Profound River’s face. He had finally witnessed Jiang Chen’s true strength. A young man who could easily kill Lord Baoju; it looked like the Profound River Palace would come out victorious today. With the help of Jiang Chen, a frightening existence, the Demon King Palace suddenly became as fragile as a piece of gla.s.s.

"Get lost!"

Lord Zhanlang was furious. Without hesitating, he transformed into his original form, revealing an extremely majestic golden Combat Wolf that shone brightly. He opened his mouth and spat out a flaming beam toward Daoist Profound River.

Realizing that Lord Zhanlang was now furious, Daoist Profound River dared not neglect. In an instant, he took out a long spear and used it against the flaming beam.

On the other side, Lord Baoju kept letting out miserable cries. He had been badly injured, and under Jiang Chen’s formidable attacks, he was now like an arrow at the end of its flight. Even Big Yellow could easily beat him as he was now.

With bright eyes, Big Yellow flew circles around Lord Baoju. Finally, using his head, he forcefully rammed into Lord Baoju’s head.


Big Yellow had an extremely solid head, and it could even be compared with a mighty weapon. Anyone who had been knocked down by him would wholeheartedly agree. As Lord Baoju had lost all ability to defend himself, even if he had the body of a Demon King, there was no way his head could be a match for Big Yellow’s frightening head.

With this slam, Lord Baoju’s head was instantly ripped open. With great speed, after Lord Baoju’s head was split apart, Big Yellow opened his mouth wide and pulled the demon soul out.

Big Yellow was even more fierce and frightening than Jiang Chen was. Not only did he devour Lord Baoju’s demon soul with one bite, he also carried away Lord Baoju’s gigantic body and left the place.

“You guys continue; daddy here is going to enjoy his meal.”

After saying that, Big Yellow turned into a golden beam and disappeared from the battlefield. This dog had obtained tremendous benefits today; unimaginable ones, and he had to find a place to properly digest what he had gotten.

The effect Lord Baoju had for Big Yellow was incredible. Even Jiang Chen was unable to imagine what kind of transformation Big Yellow would experience after fully absorbing Lord Baoju’s demon soul and blood essence. Perhaps he’d be able to just break straight through to the Demon King realm.


Right at this moment, Daoist Profound River was knocked away a few hundred meters by Lord Zhanlang’s attack. An unsightly expression emerged on his face. Indeed, a human could hardly obtain any advantages when fight against a demon of the same level, unless it was someone as abnormal as Jiang Chen.

Jiang Chen turned his gaze to Lord Zhanlang, his body br.i.m.m.i.n.g with fighting intent. He couldn’t get Lord Baoju’s demon soul, so there was no way he would let go of Lord Zhanlang’s combat soul as well.

Using his Spatial s.h.i.+ft skill, Jiang Chen turned into a trail of light and reappeared in front of Lord Zhanlang.

Fury instantly emerged from Lord Zhanlang’s eyes, “d.a.m.n human, you’ve killed my second brother and third brother! You have to pay with your life!”

Lord Zhanlang was enraged. Lord Baoju and Lord Nether had both been killed by this young man, so he was unable to suppress raging fury in his heart. He had to kill this young man in order to vent his resentment. Not only that, after he killed this young man, he also wanted to destroy the entire Profound River Palace and send all the humans who appeared here today to h.e.l.l.

A layer of golden armor emerged onto Lord Zhanlang’s body, and numerous golden beams shot into all directions. With just the slightest movement, he was able to rip s.p.a.ce apart. Without hesitating, he initiated the attack and forcefully clashed toward Jiang Chen.

“Azure Dragon’s Five Steps!”

Jiang Chen suddenly roared out and countered with Azure Dragon’s Five Steps. He used this skill to kill the Old Great Emperor. Although the Old Great Emperor couldn’t compare with Lord Zhanlang in terms of strength, but as Jiang Chen had formed another 2,000 Dragon Marks, this gap between them had been compensated for.

Therefore, there was not much different between fighting Lord Zhanlang now or the Old Great Emperor then.


Jiang Chen was too fast. With the first step, his body stepped onto Lord Zhanlang’s body, colliding with him face to face.

The contained within this step was not something any ordinary men could imagine. A huge hole was instantly formed in s.p.a.ce as Lord Zhanlang’s attack was shattered by Jiang Chen’s foot. All the golden beams were destroyed, and cracks could be seen on Lord Zhanlang’s golden armor. Lord Zhanlang let out a furious roar as his gigantic body was uncontrollably forced back.

"He is so strong!"

Daoist Profound River was shocked by what he saw, and felt as if he could hardly breathe. Before personally witnessing how Jiang Chen fought, he could never have imagined how frightening Jiang Chen would be. Not only had he killed Lord Baoju with ease, he could even force back the Second Grade Demon King, Lord Zhanlang! And, he was only a Late Combat Soul warrior! The existence of this young man was truly a defiance against the heavens!

Jiang Chen’s actions had attracted the attention of many people. Lord Baoju was dead, and Lord Zhanlang was being forced back by him. This brought great excitement to all the humans.

On the opposite side, the demons’ morale had hit rock bottom. Another Demon King had been killed, and the most formidable Palace Master was no match for this young man. No one knew how this young man could be so frightening, and that caused them to lose all hope for victory. Thus, their fighting intent diminished significantly.


Ignoring Lord Zhanlang’s shock, Jiang Chen coldly harrumphed. Once he had the advantage, he would never stop. In an instant, he took the second step.

It was an incredibly terrifying True Dragon Skill. Every step he took would pull down the sky and sink the earth.

After Jiang Chen took the second step, he simply disappeared. In the follow second, he reappeared above Lord Zhanlang’s huge body.


Without missing, the step forcefully trampled upon Lord Zhanlang’s body, forcing Lord Zhanlang to let out a miserable cry that echoed throughout the entire mountain. To everyone’s surprise, Lord Zhanlang’s golden armor shattered into pieces, and countless stream of blood emerged from his body like fountains.

Lord Zhanlang was shaking violently. He was badly mutilated, as if all his skin had been peeled off.