Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 479 – The Dust Has Settled

Chapter 479 – The Dust Has Settled

Chapter 479 - The Dust Has Settled

Lord Zhanlang’s piercing scream filled the air, and every single human and demon could hear it loud and clear as his blood rained down from the sky. At this moment, regardless of human or demon; everyone had stopped moving. They stared at this scene with wide eyes, and the once chaotic battlefield instantly became quiet.

High in the sky, Lord Zhanlang’s blood was dripping down from his badly mutilated body. On the other side, Jiang Chen remained floating in the sky, his eyes glowing brightly like a pair of torches. Underneath the eyes of everyone, he moved once more.

His feet trembled, and the third step was taken. With his current strength, three steps were his limits. However, this third step was more than enough for him to kill Lord Zhanlang.


Just like how he had killed the Old Great Emperor, Jiang Chen stomped his foot onto Lord Zhanlang’s head. In an instant, its gigantic wolf head exploded into a huge clump of blood mist. A golden demon soul blasted out from the broken skull, and was grabbed tightly by Jiang Chen. Using the True Thunderous Flame, he destroyed Lord Zhanlang’s remaining consciousness in the demon soul, and placed it into his storage ring.

Lord Zhanlang was dead, he had been killed by Jiang Chen’s incredible step! Since his head had completely shattered, his gigantic body fell down from the sky like a mountain, and fell right onto the mountain range, creating a deep crater.

An uproar immediately rose. Everyone were shocked, and no one were able to remain calm. Killing a First Grade Demon King was completely different from killing a Second Grade Demon King.

Daoist Profound River was left speechless by the tremendous shock, and could barely breathe. As he was also a Second Grade Combat King, he was well aware of his frightening Lord Zhanlang was. However, the skill used by Jiang Chen used now was simply incredible. Daoist Profound River had no doubt that if Jiang Chen used that attack against him, he might only last until the second step.

The Great Elder and the people of the Profound River Palace were all panting for breath. All of them were staring at the white-clothed youngster, their s.h.i.+ning with a pa.s.sionate light.

He was too strong, too freaking incredible! Jiang Chen’s existence had completely turned their common sense upside down, including the demons of the Demon King Palace. No one had ever thought a Combat Soul warrior could be so strong.

No wonder he could attract Heavenly Tribulation while breaking through to the Combat Soul realm. Perhaps only a peerless monster like this could possess such heaven-defying strength.

Although the war had just begun, it had already come to an end. It was meaningless to continue fighting. If those demons didn’t give up fighting, they only consequence awaiting them was death.

Daoist Profound River’s eyes swept across the entire place. He looked at the frightened demons, and with a loud voice he said, “From today onwards, no major demon powers are allowed to exist in the Southern Continent. I’ll spare your lives today. No, get the h.e.l.l out of here.”

Daoist Profound River spared the life of all the remaining demons. The Saint Origin realm was a place shared by all living beings. Thus, humans and demons both had to coexist, and this was the principle of survival. In this calamity, the humans had obtained the final victory; shaping the humans’ position, making them the sole rulers of the Southern Continent. This was more than enough. Killing every single demon was not necessary, it was an act that went against the Heavenly Dao.

No demons dared object to this, and they just scurried away in all directions. Now, the Demon King Palace had vanished from this land. All three Demon Kings had been killed, and the remaining demons were no longer a threat.

The people of the Profound River Palace stormed into the Demon King Palace and took away all their precious treasures, then they set fire to everything in the mountain range, burning all to ashes. Now, everything here had become history.

The war had completely ended, and it was in a fast manner. The humans hadn’t suffered any great losses in this final battle. No one would forget the courageous young man in white who had fought like a G.o.d of War. This young man who had suddenly made his debut, just he alone had killed all of the Demon King Palace’s Demon Kings. So, rather than claiming that the Demon King Palace had been destroyed by the Profound River Palace, it was actually more accurate to say it had been destroyed by Jiang Chen alone.

Together with the Great Elder and over a thousand mighty warriors of the Profound River Palace, Daoist Profound River arrived in front of Jiang Chen. Representing the humans of the Southern Continent, they all bowed deeply toward Jiang Chen.

“Brother Jiang Chen, the humans of the Southern Continent will never forget the kindness you have shown us.”

Daoist Profound Rive said with utmost sincerity and honesty, while all the others showed a deeply grateful expression. They all knew what kind of contribution Jiang Chen had made. Without him, they had no idea how many of them would have died in this war, and it would have been impossible for them to kill Lord Baoju and Lord Zhanlang.

“Palace Chief, please don’t mention it. As a human, I naturally have to contribute.”

Jiang Chen cupped his fist and said. He did mean what he said. Since he had met with this event, there was no way for him to just look away and pretend as is nothing was happening. Also, he had also benefited a lot from this war, as he had gotten one First Grade Demon King demon soul and one Second Grade demon soul. Both brought him tremendous benefits. Jiang Chen would soon go to the Divine Continent, and if he could break through to the Combat King realm before that, it would no doubt improve his strength greatly. Thus, he wouldn’t be too weak when he was at the Divine Continent.

Seeing these people treating Jiang Chen as their hero, the happiest person would definitely be Wu Ningzhu and Yan Chenyu. For Yan Chenyu, her Chen Gege was the best person in her mind. As for Wu Ningzhu, she had her own reasons to be happy. Jiang Chen’s mighty performance had proven her excellent judgment. At the same time, she felt happy that it was Jiang Chen who removed her veil, and not someone else.

“Since the war has ended and the victory belongs to us humans, Brother Jiang Chen, you have to be our guest at the Profound River Palace! Let me perform the duties of a host.”

Daoist Profound River was in a really good mood, and he invited Jiang Chen to be his honorable guest.

“Alright. All of you can return first, I’ll return later.”

After saying that, Jiang Chen turned into a trail of light and flew away.

"Where is Brother Jiang Chen going?"

The Great Elder curiously asked.

"He is looking for a dog."

Nangong Wentian said with a laugh.

The crowd suddenly remembered that there was a mighty big yellow dog who carried the body of Lord Baoju away. If memory served them correct, that big yellow dog had even swallowed Lord Baoju’s demon soul on the spot.


Indeed, Jiang Chen had left them because he wanted to find Big Yellow. This dog had swallowed Lord Baoju’s demon soul, and had drank all of his blood and blood essence. He would surely need some time to digest it all. According to this dog’s habits, perhaps he would simply find a place and enter a deep slumber, and that was really dangerous. So, of course Jiang Chen was worried about him.

About two thousand miles away, Jiang Chen noticed some golden lights coming from a quiet valley. As he was flying at a high alt.i.tude, those golden lights seemed dimmed. However, Jiang Chen could still sense Big Yellow’s aura from those golden lights.

Without hesitating, Jiang Chen descended and landed in the valley. Indeed, he saw Big Yellow lying on a huge rock, sleeping like a baby. However, Big Yellow a very intelligent existence, and he didn’t forget to place an invisible formation around his body before he went to sleep, so his safety was ensured.

Big Yellow’s body was covered with golden lights, forming a huge golden coc.o.o.n around his body. Jiang Chen could clearly sense Big Yellow’s aura continuously rising, and was much stronger than before. His cultivation had reached the peak Mid Combat Soul realm, and he was just a single step away from the Late Combat Soul realm.

“This guy really got a lot of benefits.”

Jiang Chen smiled. It hadn’t been long since Big Yellow swallowed Lord Baoju’s demon soul, and he was now breaking through to the Late Combat Soul realm. It was easy to imagine how much Big Yellow had benefited from Lord Baoju’s demon soul and blood essence.

Jiang Chen predicted that if Big Yellow could stimulate the transformation of his bloodline with the Flaming Stallion’s blood essence, it was highly possible for him to break through to the Demon King realm.

"This place is not suitable for cultivating."

Jiang Chen waved his hand and unleashed a few defense mechanisms, breaking the invisible formation laid down by Big Yellow. After that, he unleashed a gentle light and wrapped it around Big Yellow, then he brought him toward the Nangong Family.

Jiang Chen didn’t go to the Profound River Palace, but chose the Nangong Family that he was more familiar with instead. By doing this, he was actually doing a good deed for the Nangong Family. Although the Nangong Family was considered one of the top powers in the Southern Continent, there was still a huge gap between them and the Profound River Palace. Furthermore, there were more than one superpower similar to the Nangong Family in the Southern Continent.

As Jiang Chen’s fame was currently incredibly good, and all humans of the Southern Continent owed him a great debt of grat.i.tude; his status was now supreme. So, when Jiang Chen didn’t go to the Profound River Palace, and instead went to the Nangong Family, it was like he had told everyone he had a good relations.h.i.+p with them. With that, the Nangong Family’s status would be improved significantly, and the Profound River Palace would pay more attention to them. This could also be considered some sort of compensation for taking away the broken part of the Heavenly Saint Sword.

Another reason was because of Big Yellow. According to Jiang Chen initial plans, once everything here was settled, he would rush back to the Eastern Continent and spend some time with his father. Then, he would continue his journey towards the Divine Continent.

However, things wouldn’t always go according to his plans. Jiang Chen never expected Big Yellow to enter a deep sleep at this moment. Jiang Chen knew that when Big Yellow was sleeping, he was actually in the process of cultivation, attempting to break through to a higher level. Under this situation, he had to find a good environment for Big Yellow, a place where the natural Yuan energy wouldn’t experience any violent fluctuations. If not, it would have negative impact on Big Yellow.

Returning was different from how they arrived here, as there wasn’t any Teleportation Formations, and they had to fly all the way back. It was a long journey that took a lot of time, and if he carried Big Yellow along the way, the fluctuations in the natural Yuan energy would definitely bring a negative impact to Big Yellow. Therefore, Jiang Chen would rather spend some time here and wait for Big Yellow to make his breakthrough before returning to the Eastern Continent.

In any case, the matters in the Eastern Continent had been fully resolved. With Wu Jiu taking care of everything there, he had nothing to worry about. Compared to rus.h.i.+ng back, Big Yellow’s breakthrough was much more important. If he could really break through to the Demon King realm, it would no doubt be something worthy of celebrating.