Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 477 – Flaming Stallion

Chapter 477 – Flaming Stallion

Chapter 477 – Flaming Stallion

“Palace Master, the Profound River Palace’s wars.h.i.+p is here!”

Within the Demon King Palace’s imperial palace, a demon suddenly shouted out.

“They are truly fast. All demons, listen to my command! Follow me and meet our enemies! I want to see how the Profound River Palace plans on attacking us, the Demon King Palace!”

With his demonic energy soaring into the sky, Lord Zhanlang’s voice filled the entire Demon King Palace mountain range like a furious clap of thunder. In an instant, demonic energies emerged from all over the place, and numerous strong demons flew out come the mountain range, causing the entire place to be packed with frightening demons. Some of these demons had even transformed into the original forms, and many of them were more than 30 meters tall.

There were at least ten thousand demons on the enemy’s side, and all of them were elite. Even the amount of Combat Soul demons was greater than that of the Profound River Palace. Countless demons filled the entire sky, stretching out more than a few hundred Li. It was a scene of an incredibly gigantic scale.

Roars echoed throughout the skies, causing the sky to vibrate. If any ordinary man was here, just these roars alone would be enough to kill him.

It was easy to imagine that once a war of this scale erupted, blood would definitely flow like rivers, and the Demon King Palace would become an embodiment of h.e.l.l. The situation would be much bloodier than it was on Mount Nether.

The final moment had arrived. The deafening sound of the battle drums erupted from the Profound River Palace’s golden wars.h.i.+p. It was incredibly load, enough to compare with the demons’ roars. Finally, the enormous battles.h.i.+p stopped, and hovered near the Demon King Palace. It turned into a trail of light and disappeared, causing the Profound River Palace’s lineup to be revealed. The four people who led this army was Daoist Profound River, Great Elder, Jiang Chen and Wu Ningzhu.

A look of excitement leaked out from Han Yan and Nangong Wentian’s eyes. A battlefield of this scale was not something they had ever dreamt about. Just the sound of the battle drums and the demons’ roars caused their blood to boil.

For them, being able to partic.i.p.ate in a war of such gigantic scale was incredibly excited. Big Yellow was no longer able to control his emotions, and he was constantly flying back and forth. Seeing this, Han Yan furrowed his brows. He was truly afraid that Big Yellow would suddenly fart. If that happened before the war began, it would be a huge problem.

Fortunately, Big Yellow’s level of self-control was still high.

A brave man should always partic.i.p.ate in a war and smear the heavens with blood. Han Yan and Nangong Wentian had never regretted following Jiang Chen. They knew that by following Jiang Chen, their lives would never be boring, and they would never have to walk the path of cultivation by themselves. If they hadn’t decided to follow Jiang Chen, how could they have been presented with the chance to partic.i.p.ate in such a big war?

This was a war between the ones at the pinnacle of the humans and demons; it was battle of life or death. No one could show any mercy to the opponent of difference species, and the humans had to defend their position and dignity in the Southern Continent.

Lord Zhanlang and Lord Baoju stood at the front of the demon army and looked over at the Profound River Palace’s army.

“Daoist Profound River, I never thought you’d have such great courage! You actually dare launch an attack against the Demon King Palace? I really don’t know where you’ve found your confidence.”

Lord Zhanlang’s eyes rest on Daoist Profound River and said with an ice-cold tone.

“Hmph! Lord Zhanlang, the Demon King Palace’s days are over! Lord Nether has died, and you will follow his footsteps! When the demons decided to fight against the humans; they were destined to be annihilated!”

Daoist Profound River coldly harrumphed. He now had a great amount of confidence, and had no fear of Lord Zhanlang, who was an all-time enemy of his.

When Lord Nether was mentioned, the two Demon Kings were immediately enraged. Lord Baoju nearly instantly shouted out, “Who killed my third brother?! Show yourself!”

Big Yellow’s attention was immediately attracted when Lord Baoju spoke. He couldn’t help but stare at Lord Baoju with a mysterious glow seen s.h.i.+ning through his eyes. Big Yellow spat out his tongue and licked his lips, as if he had just smelled delicious bloodline.

“He is a Flaming Stallion!! d.a.m.n it, this is my lucky day! Little Chen, help me kill this Lord Baoju! Let this master dog drink all his blood and eat his demon soul!”

Big Yellow said. He never tried to cover his voice, allowing Lord Baoju to hear him loud and clear. In an instant, two sharp lights flickered in Lord Baoju’s eyes. A dog just said he wanted to eat his demon soul and drink his blood, this was ridiculous!


Jiang Chen nodded his head. He too had noticed Lord Baoju’s original form. Although the demon soul of a First Grade Combat King would bring him tremendous benefits, these benefits just couldn’t be compared to what Big Yellow would get. Big Yellow was a Dragon Horse, also a part of the horse species. He was a pinnacle existence, like a king among the species. A Flaming Stallion was a rare demon beast, and if Big Yellow could obtain its demon soul and bloodline, the benefits would be tremendous. With Big Yellow’s current cultivation, it would be possible for him to just break through to the Demon King realm straightaway.

The transformation of a Dragon horse’s bloodline was really fast, and no one could ever imagine that. Also, as Big Yellow was an extraordinary existence even among this rare species, even Jiang Chen couldn’t predict when this dog could break through to the next realm.

"Young man, you're the one who killed my third brother."

Lord Baoju looked at Jiang Chen.

“I have no idea who your third brother is, but I did kill a venomous toad.”

Jiang Chen said with an indifferent tone. With a flip of his palm, the Venomous Nether Toad’s demon soul showed up and hovered above his palm. An extremely pure energy was leaking out from it, attracting the souls of everyone who stared at it.


Lord Zhanlang was furious. He and Lord Baoju could easily recognize the demon soul hovering above Jiang Chen's palm; it definitely belonged to Lord Nether, and that could never be faked.

"d.a.m.n it, give me back my third brother's demon soul!"

Lord Baoju shouted out loudly.

Jiang Chen wasn’t moved by the fury of the two Demon Kings. Instead, he actually opened up his mouth and devoured the demon soul.

This scene startled everyone, including Daoist Profound River and the Great Elder. It was really astonis.h.i.+ng to see someone eat the demon soul of a First Grade Demon King like that. Humans and demons were two distinct species, there was a huge difference between their sources. If a human wanted to absorb a demon soul, he would have to carefully get rid of all impurities contained within, and then slowly absorb the pure energy stored inside. That’s why everyone were so startled upon seeing Jiang Chen swallow the demon soul.

However, after Jiang Chen at the demon soul, not only did he not show any signs of discomfort. Instead, his energy started rapidly rising. Since the Dragon Transformation skill had gone through two transformations, its speed of circulation had become much greater. In just a few breaths time, the demon soul of a First Grade Combat King had been completely absorbed. As Jiang Chen had expected, this demon soul had given him another 2,000 Dragon Marks, so he now had a total of 18,000 Dragon Marks. As long as he could form another 2,000 Dragon Marks, he would be able to break through to the Combat King realm.

Therefore, Jiang Chen suddenly gazed at Lord Zhanlang. The energy contained within the demon soul of a First Grade Combat King couldn’t be compared to that of a Second Grade Demon King. Once Jiang Chen obtained Lord Zhanlang’s combat soul, he would have a chance to break through to the Combat King realm.

However, breaking through to the Combat King realm from the Combat Soul realm was a huge leap across a gigantic gap. At that stage, it would be very difficult to form new Dragon Marks. If Jiang Chen obtained Lord Zhanlang’s demon soul, even if he couldn’t break through to the Combat King realm, he should be able to reach the peak of the Late Combat Soul realm. At that point of time, he would have no problem fighting a Third Grade Combat King.

"d.a.m.n it, I'm going to rip you into million pieces!"

Lord Zhanlang was enraged by Jiang Chen’s action. He furiously roared out, “All my fellow demons, listen to my command; kill all these humans!”

Furious roars instantly shook the skies, and energy waves spread across the entire place like violent tsunamis. The entire mountain range was filled with intense killing intent. Countless demons were rus.h.i.+ng toward the humans like a gigantic ocean wave.


Wielding a dazzling sword in his hand, Daoist Profound River forcefully swung it toward the sky, instantly leaving a deep crack in the air. Right after that, the warriors of the Profound River Palace also furiously roared out. In an instant, they met with the demons, and thus, the intense war began.


The entire place instantly turned into a ruthless battlefield. Towering energy waves covered the entire sky, and spatial cracks caused by powerful attacks could be found everywhere. It was a battlefield that stretched out for more than a thousand miles.

The demons came in greater numbers, however, most of them were unable to make any impact, and were simply there to serve as cannon fodder. Although the Profound River Palace came with less warriors, they were all Combat Soul warriors; the elites of the human face. Some were also powerful geniuses similar to Wu Ningzhu, Yan Chenyu, or Han Yan.

Daoist Profound River was the first to engage with the enemy. In the blink of an eye, he and Lord Zhanlang had established a new battlefield. The two all-time enemies were immediately engaged in a fierce fight.

The Great Elder also didn’t wait, and he immediately engaged in a tough battle with Lord Baoju. Now, everyone were engaged in their own battle, and only Jiang Chen was left without any opponent.

Jiang Chen helplessly smiled when faced with this situation. Initially, he planned to immediately attack and kill both Lord Zhanlang and Lord Baoju, and bring this was to a quick end. However, he didn’t expect Daoist Profound River and the Great Elder to be so hot tempered. Before he could even do anything, they had already rushed to the enemies. In the end, he was left with no opponent to fight against; all alone.

Since this was the case, Jiang Chen simply relaxed. He could take this opportunity to check out Lord Zhanlang’s strength. Lord Zhanlang was an extremely powerful existence even among all demons. A human of the same rank was hardly its match. Perhaps Daoist Profound River was going to be suppressed by it.

With Jiang Chen’s previous cultivation base, killing Lord Zhanlang would be much more difficult than killed the Old Great Emperor. However, after absorbing Lord Nether’s combat soul, Jiang Chen’s strength had reached new heights. Thus, killing Lord Zhanlang would be but a piece of cake to him.


On the other side, Lord Baoju let out a ground-shaking cry. He had actually transformed back into his original form! It was a Golden Warhorse that was more than 30 meters tall, and he looked really magnificent. Just a casual movement from Lord Baoju could easily cause gigantic air to erupt from around its body.

The energy of Lord Baoju was too powerful. A sharp horn suddenly appeared on top of its head, and a bright beam was instantly shot out from it. The Great Elder was knocked far away from where he stood.


The Great Elder opened his mouth and spat out a mouthful of blood. Although he was a First Grade Combat King, when compared to an existence like Lord Baoju, the difference between them was instantly seen. Lord Baoju was a demon of a powerful species, and he had a really powerful body, making it hard for those at the same level as itself to be a match for it.

“Haha, old fool, you’re no match for me! I’ll let you witness how mighty I am!”

Lord Baoju burst into laughter as he once more charged toward the Great Elder.