Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 476 – Attacking the Demon King Palace

Chapter 476 – Attacking the Demon King Palace

Chapter 476 - Attacking the Demon King Palace

Although Jiang Chen hadn’t shown himself in front of the public, his fame had spread across the entire Southern Continent. Most people didn’t know his name, and the only reason why the Profound River Palace knew it was because Xu Danian had heard his name from Wu Ningzhu yesterday.

The entire Profound River Palace was really grateful for what Jiang Chen did. No matter what, Jiang Chen had helped them greatly. Without Jiang Chen, they had no idea how they would have to deal with Lord Nether, and the Demon King Palace’s evil plot would most likely have been a big success. It would have been a truly devastating blow to the Profound River Palace.

All three Demon Kings of the Demon King Palace had given the Profound River Palace a tremendous pressure. However, with the death of Lord Nether, this pressure was instantly lifted. Not only that, the Profound River Palace had started to discuss the possibility of a proactive attack; they were going to strike back against the Demon King Palace.

At the same time, it was a whole other scene in the Demon King Palace.

The Demon King Palace was located in an ancient forest within a remote mountain. It was a vast and gloomy mountain range, and powerful demonic energy filled the air. No sunlight could penetrate this thick demonic energy. This place was the heart of the Demon King Palace.

Right now, the Palace Master, Lord Zhanlang, and the Second Palace Master, Lord Baoju were both completely enraged. The two remaining guardians and a few dozen Late Combat Soul demons stood behind them, holding their breath out of fear.

“This is outrageous! That b.a.s.t.a.r.d! Where did that young man come from?! And how could he kill third brother?! I’ve never even heard of him before!”

Lord Zhanlang said, completely furious. He had a tall and robust body, and a golden armor could been covering his body, completely formed from his innate ability. He also had a pair of sharp wolf eyes that shone in a green color, causing him to look very frightening.

“d.a.m.n it, we had a perfect plan! If everything had carried out smoothly, we would have been able to wipe out the Profound River Palace today and rule the entire Southern Continent, making all humans our slaves! Who could have thought that this young man would suddenly emerge and kill our third brother?!”

Lord Baoju was also enraged. He had a tall and robust body that did not seem any weaker than Lord Zhanlang’s body. Lord Baoju’s original form is a Flaming Stallion, the king of all horses; an extremely rare demon.

“Palace Master, according to those demons who managed to escape, the reason why that young man could kill Third Palace Master is because he couldn’t be hurt by his poison. The Third Palace Master’s poison had no effect on him.”

One of the guardians said.

“Even if that is the reason, we can’t underestimate this guy either. He is the young man who attracted Heavenly Tribulation when breaking through to the Combat Soul realm, a true peerless monster! And, with his current Late Combat Soul cultivation, he is able to kill the Third Palace Master. This tells us how formidable his strength is, so we can’t judge him with normal standards.”

Another guardian said. His words boosted the morale of some, while also reducing their own courage. If he had spoken during normal times, both Demon Kings would definitely be p.i.s.sed off. However, not only did they not get angry, they only furrowed their brows. Both of them were well aware of how frightening a Demon King was, and a Combat Soul warrior shouldn’t a match for them regardless of how strong he is. Even if that young man couldn’t be hurt by any poison, it should still have been impossible for him to kill a Demon King. However, the impossible was just what he did. Thus, none of them could underestimate an abnormal monster like this.

“Elder brother, our advantageous position has been lost. Originally, the Profound River Palace only had two Combat Kings; one Second Grade and one First Grade, which matched you and me. However, with the dead of third brother, as well as the appearance of that abnormal young man in the Profound River Palace, their overall strength is now enough to suppress us.”

Lord Baoju said in a worried manner.

“No worries. As demons, our bodies are much stronger than that of humans at the same level. I’m able to suppress that Daoist Profound River, and that Great Elder shouldn’t be a match for you either. As for that young man, I don’t believe a young Combat Soul warrior can be so heaven defying! I’ll kill him personally and avenge third brother!”

Lord Zhanlang’s eyes shone with an insidious look as he spoke in an extremely ice-cold manner.

“The Southern Continent is now in complete chaos, and the final battle between us and the Profound River Palace is inevitable. What should we do next?”

Lord Baoju looked at Lord Zhanlang.

“The humans just had a great victory, raising their morale greatly. And, with the help of that mysterious youngster, I’m sure the Profound River Palace’s confidence has been greatly boosted. Soon, they will launch an attack against our Demon King Palace. So, we’ll just wait right here; wait for them to arrive. Then, we’ll make sure they’ll never return!”

An ice-cold killing intent emerged from Lord Zhanlang’s body, causing the hearts of everyone present to tremble.

Although Lord Nether had been killed by Jiang Chen, the overall strength of the Demon King Palace still couldn’t be underestimated. A Second Grade Demon King, a First Grade Demon King, dozens of Late Combat Soul demons, as well tens of thousands of demons; a power like this could set the entire Southern Continent on fire!

Therefore, judging from the outlook, even with Jiang Chen’s help, it wouldn’t be easy for the Profound River Palace to completely defeat the Demon King Palace. There would definitely be a b.l.o.o.d.y war, and the battlefield would be filled with streams of blood.


On the other side, when Jiang Chen, Wu Ningzhu and the few others arrived at the Profound River Palace, they were greeted by Daoist Profound River, the Great Elder, and the others from the upper echelons. It was the highest standard of the Profound River Palace.”

“Nephew Jiang Chen, if my memory serves me correct, the Palace Chief has never personally welcomed anyone. He’s really giving you a lot of face by welcoming you with such high standards.”

Nangong Yunfan said with a smile. Daoist Profound River was a Second Grade Combat King, a man who stood at the pinnacle of the Southern Continent. No men in the Southern Continent could receive a personal welcome from him, and Jiang Chen was no doubt the first.

When both groups met, without any official introductions, all the people of the Profound River Palace looked at Jiang Chen’s face. None of the people here were idiots, and they all had good senses. Amongst all the people here, only one man stood side by side with Wu Ningzhu; a handsome white-clothed young man. No matter how you looked at him, his bearing or aura, he carried a domineering att.i.tude that was unmatched. Thus, without giving it a second thought, everyone knew that this young man was Jiang Chen.

“Haha, Brother Jiang Chen, welcome to the Profound River Palace!”

Daoist Profound River generously said as he cupped his fist and greeted Jiang Chen.

Jiang Chen quickly returned his greeting, "Palace Chief, thank you for having me here."

“Brother Jiang Chen, you truly have extraordinary talent! With your help, I’m certain we’ll be able to defeat the Demon King Palace. We, the Profound River Palace represent the humans of the Southern Continent to express our grat.i.tude to Brother Jiang Chen.”

Daoist Profound River said.

“You’re welcome, Palace Chief. Elder Sister Ning traveled so far to the Eastern Continent and helped me out. Hence, it’s only natural for me to return her favor.”

Jiang Chen smiled and said.

Hearing his words, it wasn’t until now that these people realized Jiang Chen was from the Eastern Continent. However, after giving it a second thought, they felt that it made sense. If Jiang Chen was from the Southern Continent, with his extraordinary talent, they would surely have heard of him.

Right after that, Daoist Profound River and the Great Elder turned their glances toward Wu Ningzhu, and they couldn’t help but look at her with looks of praise. It seemed like the reason why Jiang Chen was here to offer his help was Wu Ningzhu. Indirectly, Wu Ningzhu had made a huge contribution to the people of the Southern Continent.

“Palace Chief, Great Elder, these are our friends from the Eastern Continent who came here to help. Since Lord Nether is now dead, and the moral of the demons is at the bottom, we should discuss our next move.”

Wu Ningzhu said.

“I have talked about this with the Great Elder, and we’re prepared to follow up on the victory and launch a ma.s.sive attack against the Demon King Palace, fighting Lord Zhanlang to the death. May I know what Brother Jiang Chen thinks about this?”

Daoist Profound River asked Jiang Chen.

“That’s what we should do. We have nothing to worry about when it comes to the Demon King Palace. Let’s take this opportunity where the demons’ morale is at the lowest to launch an all-out attack against them; it’s time to unleash a deadly blow to the Demon King Palace and kill both Demon Kings, and ultimately bring peace back to the Southern Continent.”

Jiang Chen said. If the Profound River Palace didn’t go for a proactive attack at this moment, they would have to be stupid.

“Alright, since Brother Jiang Chen has also agreed with this; let the war against the Demon King Palace begin! Everyone in the Profound River Palace is ready for battle, we can set out at any time.”

Daoist Profound River said. Although this was the first time he had met Jiang Chen, Jiang Chen’s temperament and domineering att.i.tude had convinced him. He truly liked this young man.

Shortly after, the Profound River Palace’s army set out toward the Demon King Palace. Before Jiang Chen had arrived, the Profound River Palace had fully prepared for this. All their Combat Soul warriors were part of the army, and they were about to stand against the Demon King Palace.

The number of Combat Soul warriors on the Profound River Palace’s side far outnumbered what the Martial Saint Dynasty has brought. This was because the Profound River Palace represented all humans in the Southern Continent, and there were also a huge amount of mighty warriors who had volunteered to fight, and with the addition of those Combat Soul warriors rescued by Jiang Chen, the army contained more than a thousand Combat Soul warriors. This was an enormous force, enough to make one’s hair stand on end just by thinking about it.

With incredible speed, a gigantic golden wars.h.i.+p belonging to the Profound River Palace flashed through the sky like a shooting star. More than a thousand Combat Soul warriors stood on top of the wars.h.i.+p. It was an enormous army, so people would be alerted wherever it pa.s.sed through.

“Look, that’s the Profound River Palace’s wars.h.i.+p; they are heading toward the Demon King Palace!”

“Haha, the Profound River Palace is finally going to attack the Demon King Palace, this is great! Once they’ve defeated the Demon King Palace, the demons will be completely doomed!”

“Lord Nether is dead, and the demons’ morale is at the bottom! With the help of that human genius, I’m sure an all-out attack against the Profound River Palace will definitely bring the Demon King Palace down, establis.h.i.+ng a dominant position for us humans!”


All humans became excited. The Profound River Palace had launched an attack, and victory was in sight. Finally, the chaotic situation in the Southern Continent was going to end.

The Demon King Palace had prepared as well. However, the two Demon Kings had not expected the Profound River Palace to act so quickly; it was so fast that they couldn’t do anything but react according to the situation.

The golden wars.h.i.+p forcefully blasted out from the other side of s.p.a.ce. It descended to the sky above the Demon King Palace mountain range, dispersing the thick demonic energy that blanketed the place and let the warm sunlight s.h.i.+ne onto this mountain range for the first time in a very long time.


Sensing the powerful auras arriving, furious roars immediately erupted from all over the mountain range. All the demons became restless, and wild winds started crazily blowing. Powerful energies began pus.h.i.+ng down from the sky; a blood-filled war was about to erupt!