Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 473 – Bloodstained Mount Nether (2)

Chapter 473 – Bloodstained Mount Nether (2)

Chapter 473 - Bloodstained Mount Nether (2)


Jiang Chen roared out. He turned into a trail of light as he short toward Lord Nether. Wu Ningzhu and the others unleashed their powerful energies and flew toward the army of demons. All of these people were extremely strong; they were all frightening existences.

With incredible speed, Jiang Chen arrived in front of Lord Nether. He waved his hand and threw out a bright beam which crushed its way toward Lord Nether.

“Hmph! A puny Combat Soul warrior, how dare you fight with me?! You are overestimating yourself!”

Lord Nether coldly harrumphed. He suddenly stretched his sharp claw forward and shattered Jiang Chen’s bright beam. Not only that, the claw continued its way and grabbed toward Jiang Chen. At this moment, Jiang Chen suddenly became about three times faster than before, and swiftly dodged Lord Nether’s attack like a stealthy ghost. When Lord Nether finally realized this, Jiang Chen had already arrived on top of the huge cage.


Unleas.h.i.+ng the True Dragon Palm, Jiang Chen forcefully tore the huge cage apart. Jiang Chen’s target wasn’t actually Lord Nether, primarily, but these geniuses of the human race. As the cage had been covered with Lord Nether’s special energy, no ordinary man could break it. However, it was piece of cake for Jiang Chen.

"Attack! Kill all these demons!"

The geniuses who were now free furiously cried out, and their eyes turned red. The immediately pounced toward the army of demons. Each of these now freed geniuses were the elites of the younger generation, and they all possessed incredible strength. However, as they had been imprisoned by Lord Nether, they had no way to show their mighty strength. Now that Jiang Chen freed them, they were going to vent all the anger that had built up during these few days on these foul demons.

After being imprisoned for so many days, these geniuses had suffered all kinds of humiliation and torture. It wasn’t difficult to imagine what kind of hatred they felt toward these demons. One way or another, they had to vent their anger, and there was no doubt that the best way to do so was kill these demons.

Not only this, these genius had been facing what they thought to be certain death, and many of them had prepared to die. Thus, their minds were filled with despair. When they were released, it was like they had just gone through a life and death experience. A man who had just been brought back to life would attack without any thought regarding his own safety; he would possess unimaginable strength! Thus, it was easy to imagine how much damage these people would be able to inflict upon the demons.

After the young man in black clothes was freed, he didn’t recklessly attack those demons like the others, but instead turned his eyes to Jiang Chen. His eyes shone brightly, as he never expected to see such an amazing genius in the Southern Continent.

As Jiang Chen was fighting Lord Nether, he didn't notice this young man in black.

The young man turned around, and with a sway of his body, he too dashed toward the demon army. His energy was extremely powerful, and he was not any weaker than Wu Ningzhu. A golden barrier appeared around his body, and he went on a rampage amidst the army of demons.

Bang, bang, bang…

Wherever this young man in black arrived, all demons would be crushed into pieces. A Combat Soul demon tried attacking him, but the young man simply punched its head, causing it to explode. He was courageous, resolute, and vicious.


Blood was splas.h.i.+ng in all directions within the army of demons. Painful and miserable screams were constantly sounding out. This b.l.o.o.d.y scene immediately alerted everyone; even Wu Ningzhu and the other looked at this young man in black clothes.

"d.a.m.n it, this guy is incredible, who is he? Why have I never seen him before?"

Nangong Wentian’s eyes widened.

“He is not weaker than me. I’ve never met anyone like this in the Southern Continent. If he really is from the Southern Continent, I should know him.”

Wu Ningzhu was surprised as well.

“Let’s not care about that for now. He is a human, and that means he is one of us. Once this battle ends, we’ll find him and ask all the questions.”

While killing some demons, Nangong Yunfan told them.

On the other side, Jiang Chen who was confronting Lord Nether had finally noticed this young man as well, and he too was taken by surprise. This young man’s strength was on a level similar to that of Wu Ningzhu’s, and he looked to be even stronger than the Crown Prince. However, he didn’t seem to be any older than the Crown Prince. It was really rare for someone to have such a cultivation base at such a young age, and be one step into the Combat King realm.

"You actually can rip apart the cage made by me."

Lord Nether had all his attention focused onto Jiang Chen. The cage made by himself was fully covered with spatial energy, and no Combat Soul warrior should be able to break it. However, this young man in front of him had just done that, causing Lord Nether to think highly of Jiang Chen.

“Ripping that cage apart is nothing much. I will rip you to pieces, toad.”

Jiang Chen casually shrugged his shoulders and said with an indifferent tone.

“Hmph! Young man, don’t talk big! Today, all of you are going to die in this Mount Nether!”

Lord Nether coldly harrumphed. Once again, his energy rose to a new level. He waved his hand, unleas.h.i.+ng countless beams toward Jiang Chen. All these beams shone with a green light and gave of a pungent poisonous smell. Aside from carrying an extremely powerful force, they also carried a deadly poison. If they hit their target, the consequences would be devastating.

Although faced with Lord Nether’s attack, Jiang Chen still behaved as calm and steady as Mount Tai. His fist shone with a golden light, and he simply punched it toward these beams. It was a punch that carried tremendous force, like a mountain. No one really knew how much strength this punch contained.


The surrounding s.p.a.ce was shattered by this punch. The seemingly simple punch had instantly destroyed Lord Nether’s beams. However, the green poison came together and smeared his fist like some bone eating worms, and quickly squeezed themselves into his body. However, the scene Lord Nether expected to see disappointingly didn’t play out; Jiang Chen wasn’t killed by the poison. Although the poison had entered Jiang Chen’s body, it didn’t seem to have any effect against him.


Lord Nether cried out in shock. Attacking with poison was his expertise, and also where most of his confidence came from. As his poison was qualified to bear the name of nether, it simply meant that it was the king of almost all poisons. Let alone a Combat Soul warrior, even if a First Grade Combat King was attacked by his poison without any precaution, it would inflict devastating damage. However, the poison actually didn’t do anything to this young man in front of him. No doubt, this was a huge blow to Lord Nether’s confidence.

“Lord Nether, show me what you got! Don’t say I never gave you a chance.”

Jiang Chen said in a ridiculing tone. In his mind, Lord Nether would inevitably die today. As long as Jiang Chen desired his death, he could easily kill this toad in less than a minute. However, he was in no rush to kill. Not because playing with this toad was something fun, but because he wanted to give those geniuses a chance to vent their anger after being imprisoned and humiliated for so many days.

“I don’t believe you can really compete against a Demon King, and I refuse to believe you can’t be hurt by poison!”

Lord Nether was enraged. His body swayed, and he transformed back into his original form. In an instant, a 30 meter tall appeared and hovered in the sky like a large clump of black clouds. This venomous toad was incredibly ugly, and its body was covered with venomous lumps that shone in a green light. It had a pair of sinister looking eyes that seemed like a gaze from h.e.l.l, and there were few who had the courage to stare right into them. The green spot on its forehead had also become much bigger.


Lord Nether croaked at Jiang Chen. It was an awful and jarring sound. At the same time, layers of light shot out from its mouth. Each layer looked like a razor-sharp scythe, and it sliced through s.p.a.ce as if it was b.u.t.ter.

With unparalleled fighting intent and a pair of iron-like fists that seemed capable of taking on the entire world; Jiang Chen simply attacked the light waves with a simply punch.

On the other side, the battle had reached a climax. Although there was a ma.s.sive amount of demons, not many of them were Combat Soul demons. For Wu Ningzhu, Han Yan, and a few of the other abnormal warriors, those below the Combat Soul realm were nothing. They could take on ten, or even a hundred Combat Soul demons at the same time.

Also, as all the humans were filled with killing intent and were enraged, therefore, even though they were outnumbered, they still made the demons cry out from their formidable attack.

The young man in black kept attacking in all directions like a devil on a rampage. In just a very short amount of time, he had already killed more than 200 demons, as well as a few Combat Soul demon lords.

"b.a.s.t.a.r.d, die now!"

At this moment, a man with a bulky body charged toward this young man dressed in black. This muscular man’s original form was that of a lion, and his cultivation base was really strong. He was also a Late Combat Soul demon, and he was one of the eight guardians of the Demon King Palace.

Out of all eight guardians of the Demon King Palace, Jiang Chen had killed four of them in the Dancing Sun City. Today, another two had followed Lord Nether here, and this lion was one of them.

"Heavenly Dipper Wave!"

The black-clothed youngster roared out as he forcefully punched out. In an instant, a boundless, gigantic wave appeared in the sky and started violently rolling about. Numerous razor sharp energy waves were formed within this huge wave, and they sliced through the air, producing cracking sounds as it violently rolled its way toward the lion guardian.


This young man was really fierce, truly an existence who was one step into the Combat King realm. With just this attack alone, he had knocked the lion away and caused it to let out a miserable scream and spit a mouthful of blood out of its mouth.

The young man didn’t stop there. He once again leapt toward the lion and launched another attack.

At the same moment, another guardian of the Demon King Palace was also being suppressed by Wu Ningzhu. It looked like it wouldn’t take long before she could completely kill it.

It was a horrifying scene! The entire Mount Nether now looked like a place that could only be found in h.e.l.l. Blood and flesh was constantly flying through the air, and miserable screams and cries were constantly sounding out. The humans were in a frenzied state, and some didn’t even pay attention to their own injuries, and some were already badly injured. However, all of them just kept killing the demons, even if that meant their own death.

The battle between Jiang Chen and Lord Nether seemed to have reached its climax as well. It was a gloomy battle for Lord Nether, because no matter what kind of powerful attack he launched, his enemy would easily counter it. What made him even angrier was the fact that his poison couldn’t hurt him, and this young man wasn’t using some kind of method to block this deadly poison either, but actually just absorbed it all. He was truly frightening.

“I refuse to believe I can’t kill a young human! Boy, you’ve really p.i.s.sed me off!”

Lord Nether was completely enraged right now. The green spot on his forehead started expanding and wriggling as if something was going to burst out from it, causing anyone who looked at it to feel disgusted. This was the most venomous part of Lord Nether, and it seemed like this toad was really going to launch its most powerful attack now.