Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 472 – Bloodstained Mount Nether (1)

Chapter 472 – Bloodstained Mount Nether (1)

Chapter 472 – Bloodstained Mount Nether (1)

Over three hundred geniuses of the human race had been imprisoned like slaves. They looked gloomy. Some of them were covered in cuts and bruises, and some were on the brink of death; it was a miserable scene. If one paid enough attention, he would noticed a man in black clothes standing at the front. This man looked to be in his early twenties, but he had a Late Combat Soul cultivation base, which was comparable to Wu Ningzhu. No one knew when such a formidable genius had appeared in the Southern Continent, perhaps not even the Profound River Palace.

Many wounds were visible on the body of this young man, there was even a b.l.o.o.d.y scar on his face. However, his eyes looked calm as a peaceful lake; no signs of panic could be seen on his face. Just this temperament alone made it so that few could compare with him.

Of course, at this moment, no one really noticed this young man in black, including Jiang Chen.

The three hundred meter tall platform seemed as tall as the skies. Apparently, Lord Nether was planning on executing all these geniuses on this tall platform, and it use it to stimulate the spirit of the demons, while at the same time, dealing a heavy blow to the humans.


The demons’ roars resounded throughout Mount Nether. They were so loud that even those who were far away from this place could clearly hear the ferocious roars of these demons. Lord Nether had long ago announced today’s purpose to the public. The geniuses imprisoned on this tall platform were just like bait; the Demon King Palace was trying to attract the mighty warriors of the Profound River Palace.

There were at least ten thousand demons here; a gigantic and devastating army. If humans truly showed up, there would definitely be a b.l.o.o.d.y war.


Suddenly, a roar that shook both heaven and earth resounded. When this roar was made, all the other demons immediately stopped roaring, and the entire Mount Nether became quiet once more. After that, Jiang Chen and the others saw a black beam shoot out from the center of Mount Nether, and a man in black clothes flew out from where the roar came from and hovered in the sky. He had a pair of toad’s eyes, and he was gazing coldly at the human geniuses in the cage. He carried a bloodthirsty aura.

An indistinct spatial force was being emitted from this man, clearly showing that he was a Demon King existence. On his forehead, there was a spot that shone in a green color. He also had a huge stomach. All of this signified that his original form was that of a toad.

"What an ugly man."

Yan Chenyu couldn't help but say.

“He is Lord Nether, and his original form is that of a Venomous Nether Toad. His body is full of poison, and no one can afford to touch him. Brother Jiang Chen, if you’re going to fight him, you must pay attention to that green spot on his forehead. That’s the part with his strongest venom.”

Nangong Yunfan said.

After Lord Nether appeared, Mount Nether began shaking once again. Numerous powerful figures flew up in the sky. All these figures had a human figure, but at the same time, they had some unique features. Some had faces fully covered with scales, some had horns on top of their heads. They were all transformed from their demon forms.

Most of these demons possessed a powerful cultivation base, and every single one of them was a Combat Soul demon. Behind them was a large army of Divine Core demons. Not only that, roars could still be heard from all over Mount Origin; echoing across the sky above the entire mountain range.”

"What’s the situation like?"

Lord Nether asked.

A guy with a pair of black wings came forward, cupped his fist and said, “Third Palace Master, we haven’t found any traces of humans within a thousand miles circ.u.mference, and it doesn’t seem like the Profound River Palace has sent any warriors here.”

The guy said. He was the person responsible for gathering information. However, he had been unable to discover Jiang Chen and his group. In fact, with the presence of Jiang Chen and Big Yellow, it was extremely easy for them to hide, and no ordinary person would be able to notice where they were hiding.

"Hmph! The Profound River Palace is really patient."

Lord Nether coldly harrumphed, then turned his ice-cold glance over to the cage.

“Do you see this? All of you are the so called geniuses of the human race, and many of you are from the Profound River Palace. However, in the eyes of the Profound River Palace, you are nothing, and they don’t care for your lives! Do you feel sad? Disappointed?”

Lord Nether said in a sarcastic manner.

“Haha, you’re just a toad. Kill us if you will. The Profound River Palace will sooner or later get revenge for us.”

A man in his late twenties said with a loud voice. His injuries were the most severe amongst those in the cage, and he had a pretty strong cultivation base. At his young age, he was already an Early Combat Soul warrior. A prideful look could be seen on his face; even when facing death, he didn’t frown.

"You’re seeking death."

Lord Nether’s face became cold. He hoped his mouth and spat out a green cloud. The green cloud flew toward the young man’s head like a sharp blade, and it pa.s.sed straight into the head of this young man.



The green cloud was one of the strongest poisons underneath the heavens. Even though this young man had a firm and strong att.i.tude, he couldn’t help but let out a heart-wrenching cry. In almost an instant, the green cloud covered his entire body; from top to toe, corroding the young man and turning him into something that resembled a burnt charcoal. It was a scene that made everyone’s hair stand up.

Some people who stood the closest to this young man were struck with great fear, and their bodies began trembling.


Wu Ningzhu was enraged upon seeing this. With a sway of her body, she immediately shot herself toward Lord Nether. The genius who was killed by Lord Nether just now was one of the Profound River Palace’s geniuses. Thus, Wu Ningzhu couldn’t remain indifferent after seeing Lord Nether slaughter him. If she still didn’t do anything, more people would be slaughtered by this foul toad.

"Let's go!"

Jiang Chen shouted. He was the first one to fly out after Wu Ningzhu. In a split second, he had already flown past Wu Ningzhu. Big Yellow was also incredibly fast, and he was following closely behind. Behind them were the people from the Nangong Family. The group soon after arrived and stood opposite of Lord Nether.

"You stinking toad, let these men go!"

Wu Ningzhu shouted at Lord Nether.

All these demons were startled by the sudden appearance of this group. Even Lord Nether was caught by surprise, especially the demon who just said that he couldn’t find any traces of humans with a thousand mile circ.u.mference; an unsightly expression emerged onto his face. These humans had apparently been hiding in Mount Nether, and he wasn’t able to notice any traces of them.

No matter what, Lord Nether didn’t blame that demon, because even with his Demon King cultivation base, he had also failed to notice that there were humans hiding in Mount Nether.

However, when he sensed the cultivation base of Wu Ningzhu and the other humans, he immediately became relaxed.

“I’m guessing you are the Holy Maiden of the Profound River Palace, your appearance is truly magnificent, just as I expected. Wait, I never thought there was an equally beautiful girl? Since when did the Southern Continent have such a pretty girl? And why have I, Lord Nether never been informed of this before?”

Lord Nether stared at Wu Ningzhu with a l.u.s.tful look in his eyes. When he saw Yan Chenyu, his eyes immediately lit up. Wu Ningzhu was the prettiest girl in the Southern Continent, and he had never expected to meet another peerless beauty who was equal to Wu Ningzhu. This caused the l.u.s.tful Lord Nether to feel really excited.

“Lord Nether, you, a Palace Master, how could you use such despicable methods?! Do you not care about your face?!”

Wu Ningzhu said in a cold manner.

When the geniuses who were imprisoned in the cage saw the Holy Maiden, their despair was immediately reduced. However, when they found out that Wu Ningzhu had only brought a few men with her, it was instead replaced by worry for her.

“Jiejie, Wu Ningzhu, I never expected the Profound River Palace to actually send you here, and you only brought these few men with you? Clearly, you’re just here to seek death! However, if you promise to be my woman, I’ll spare your life.”

Lord Nether said while sneering.

“Since you said that, you will die.”

Jiang Chen said with an indifferent voice.

No one had noticed him before he talked, but when he did, Lord Nether immediately threw his glance toward Jiang Chen. Two green beams shot out from Lord Nether’s eyes, and in the blink of an eye, they appeared before Jiang Chen face. These beams were obviously venomous as well, and was not something that a Combat Soul warrior could withstand.


Wu Ningzhu quickly warned. However, Jiang Chen didn’t seem to panic. He could even maintain the same smile on his face. With great speed, he stretched his arm forward and caught both green beams. After that, he opened his palm and revealed two green lights that were dancing around like two tiny snakes.

This caused Lord Nether’s expression to change. He stared at this young man he had never met before with disbelief in his eyes. He clearly knew how strong his venom was, and no one had ever dared to touch it with their hands, let alone put them in his palm as if it was some toy.

"Is this all you got? And you're being so arrogant? Such an idiot."

Jiang Chen kept talking with the same indifferent tone. He casually shook his palm, then the two green beams simply entered his body through his palm. After absorbing this poison, Jiang Chen still looked normal.


Lord Nether cried out in shock, and he was unable to remain calm. A young Combat Soul warrior had just absorbed his deadly poison, and nothing had happened! This was completely absurd!

Not only Lord Nether, even Wu Ningzhu and those from the Nangong Family were staring at Jiang Chen with shock. They knew Jiang Chen was very formidable, but they never thought he would be unaffected by such deadly. If he really was like how Big Yellow had describe; invincible against poison, then Jiang Chen could be considered Lord Nether’s natural predator. Lord Nether’s strongest advantage was his deadly poison, and if it was taken away, then Lord Nether was nothing compared to Jiang Chen.

"Who are you?"

Lord Nether asked.

“I am the guy who attracted Heavenly Tribulation when breaking through to the Combat Soul realm, the same person who kill those four guardians. So, now you should know who I am.”

Jiang Chen revealed his ident.i.ty.

"What? It’s you!"

Lord Nether once again cried out in shock. However, a sinister expression quickly emerged onto his face. “Excellent! You’re really brave to show yourself here, because you’re just seeking your own death! Since the Profound River Palace doesn’t dare send any Combat Kings here to rescue your people, I will kill all of you today, as well as these few hundred geniuses! Then, I’ll bring your Holy Maiden away! This will be a huge blow to the Profound River Palace, and I’ll be able to bring the fame of the Demon King Palace to greater heights!”

With towering killing intent, Lord Nether unleashed a black mist that carried a strong pungent smell, and made it float in the sky above the entire mountain range. At the same time, more than ten thousand demons began furiously roaring. Every single one of them were emitting intense killing intent and wanted to kill Jiang Chen.