Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 474 – Strengthening the Morale of Humans

Chapter 474 – Strengthening the Morale of Humans

Chapter 474 – Strengthening the Morale of Humans

The green spot was the heart of Lord Nether’s poison, and every single drop of poison in his body came from there. Thus, the poison store in there was the true king of all poisons; the one that could frighten both ghosts and G.o.ds.

Gua, gua...

Lord Nether kept croaking. When the green spot finally expanded to a decent size, it simply cracked from the middle, and then suddenly!

[TL: Imagine the green spot as some kind of cyst.]


The crack looked like a third eye, and a green beam shot out from it like a fountain. With amazing speed, it quickly approached Jiang Chen’s face. This green beam was made up from a greenish slime, and it smelled bad. It could even corrode the surround air, causing cracking sounds to be heard as it flew toward Jiang Chen.

This was Lord Nether’s most powerful offensive skill, and it could be called its innate ability. Aside from containing a very strong poison, it also carried powerful offensive strength. If someone was. .h.i.t by hit, that man would almost certainly die. Even a formidable Combat King couldn’t withstanding this powerful venom.

"Perfect! True Thunderous Flame!"

Jiang Chen shouted. He waved his hand, unleas.h.i.+ng a flaming dragon. This flame was the combination of his True Dragon Flame and True Thunder Flame, and it was capable of burning anything underneath the heavens. It was also the natural predator of all evil. When the flaming dragon emerged, it immediately covered the venom, causing it to produce cracking sounds.

Originally, the green venomous beam contained a very powerful offensive strength. It was after all Lord Nether, a Demon King’s most powerful attack. However, Jiang Chen’s flame was even stronger, and it immediately caused the green venomous beam to disperse. Not only that; all the impurities contained within the venom was instantly destroyed by the flame.

Jiang Chen stretched his arm forward and grabbed the poison. After that, he simply opened his mouth and swallowed it.


Lord Nether felt as if something was stuck in his throat, and felt like the whole sky was spinning after seeing what Jiang Chen just did. His heart filled with shock, extreme shock! The guy in front of him actually extracted his poison and swallowed it, just like that! How could this be possible?!

The extracted poison was actually the source of Lord Nether’s deadly venom, and it was incredibly powerful. Even a poisonous creature who carried an equally deadly poison would be unable to absorb it. However, Jiang Chen simply just swallowed it, and he was showing no signs of being uncomfortable.

After launching such a powerful attack, Lord Nether clearly looked weaker, and his energy was no longer as strong as it previously was.

“Enough playing around. Lord Nether, it’s time for you to die.”

Jiang Chen unleashed his Azure Dragon’s Five Steps and stepped forward. In the blink of an eye, he arrived above Lord Nether and forcefully trampled upon his back.



Accompanied by a miserable scream, Lord Nether’s 30 meter tall body was blasted into pieces by Jiang Chen’s foot; causing a huge amount of blood and flesh to pour down from the sky. With just a single strike, the formidable Lord Nether was left with nothing but a head. However, he had yet to die, and he was miserably crying out.

With powerful killing intent, Jiang Chen pointed his finger forward like a sword. In an instant, a golden beam shot out from the tip of his finger and cut through Lord Nether’s skill, breaking the metal-like skull in half. After that, a green fist-sized demon soul flew out from Lord Nether’s skull.

Although Lord Nether was now dead, his demon soul still had its own consciousness. After it left his skull, it immediately started flying in a random direction, hoping to retreat. However, as a demon soul unfortunately had no way of attacking, there was no way it could escape from Jiang Chen. What Jiang Chen wanted the most in this battle was this demon soul¬.

Jiang Chen stretched his arm forward and grabbed the demon soul. Under the scorching heat of the True Dragon Flame and True Thunder Flame, the demon soul was quickly being purified. Jiang Chen flipped his palm and placed it into his storage ring. He didn’t absorb it straightaway.

“Awesome, nephew Jiang Chen is really fierce! Lord Nether’s deadly poison actually couldn’t harm him a bit!”

After Nangong Yunfan witnessed Jiang Chen killing Lord Nether, he couldn’t help but sigh.

"Kaka, this guy is getting stronger and stronger!"

Big Yellow excitedly laughed out. Han Yan and Nangong Wentian were both smiling as well. The stronger Jiang Chen became, the happier they would be.

Lord Nether had been killed. At this moment, everyone were looking at Jiang Chen; staring at this white-clothed youngster hovering in the sky, especially those human geniuses. Every single one of them stared at him with mouths wide open in shock. Unlike Wu Ningzhu and those from the Nangong Family, they had never seen Jiang Chen kill a Combat King, and that’s why they were deeply shaken.

Aside from feeling shocked, they also felt a strong sense of grat.i.tude. Since Jiang Chen had ripped apart the cage and released them, they also felt thankful.

“I don’t think he is from the Southern Continent, he is the helper brought here by the Holy Maiden. He is truly amazing!”

“He is truly a man who has attracted Heavenly Tribulation when breaking through to the Combat Soul realm! The ability of a peerless monster is not something that we ordinary people can ever begin to imagine! Being able to kill a Demon King while just a Combat Soul warrior, my horizons have truly expanded today!”

“Excellent! Lord Nether is now dead, and both guardians have been killed by the Holy Maiden and that young man! It’s a truly great loss for the Demon King Palace, it looks like the victory belongs to us humans!”


All the geniuses were so excited they could hardly speak. Lord Nether was finally dead, and it was an overwhelming victory for the humans today. Now that a Demon King and two guardians had died, even though there were still plenty of demons in Mount Nether, they were no longer a threat, as none of them could withstand these formidable warriors.

“Ahh! The Third Palace Master has died, we have to flee!”

“Both guardians are dead as well! We can’t defeat them, these people are too strong!”


The death of Lord Nether was a huge blow to these demons. In just a brief moment, all the demons who had yet to die quickly disbanded; they all fled for their lives, leaving Mount Nether in panic. They were afraid that if they slowed down even just a bit, they would be killed by these ferocious humans.

"Attack! Kill all of them!"

When the humans saw the demons starting to retreat, it was as if they had been injected with some stimulants, and they immediately began hunting them down. Their main targets were the demon lords (combat soul) of the Demon King Palace. The more they killed, the weaker their enemy would become.

The intense battle continued for another dozen minutes before the chaotic battlefield became quiet. Throughout the entire Mount Nether, there was no longer a single living demon. Those who could run were all gone, and those who couldn’t had all been killed. Demon corpses piled up like several small hills, and the pungent smell of blood filled the air, causing those who smelled it to feel like vomiting. The humans were all covered in blood; some of it their own, some of it from demons. Every single one of them had joyful smiles on their faces. None of them had thought this would happen. Not only had they survived what they thought would be certain death for them, they had also killed many demons! Even Lord Nether and two of the guardians were dead! The result of this was would definitely strengthen the morale of all humans in the Southern Continent!